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长沙/星沙最好的人流手术星沙县去人民医院做人流多少钱长沙/星沙微微无痛人流术医院 French payments processing group Ingenico has struck an alliance with China’s Alipay that will enable Chinese tourists visiting Europe to pay for goods and services using the platform’s popular e-wallet.法国付处理集团Ingenico与中国的付宝(Alipay)达成了合作关系,这将让前往欧洲的中国游客使用后者颇受欢迎的电子钱包为商品与务付款。The Paris-based payments software and terminals producer said the partnership would allow thousands of European merchants — from supermarkets and big retailers to restaurants and bars — to accept payments in-store via the Alipay app.这家位于巴黎的付软件与终端制造商表示,这一合作将允许成千上万的欧洲商家——从超市和大型零售商到饭店和酒吧——接受顾客使用付宝app完成店内付款。But while many of the estimated 12.5m Chinese tourists who visited Europe last year use the Alipay app back home, they have so far had to use cash or alternative payments methods when visiting Paris, Rome or other European destinations.但是,尽管去年大约1250名赴欧中国游客中的许多人在国内使用付宝app,但迄今为止,他们前往巴黎、罗马或欧洲其他目的地时,只能使用现金或其他付手段。“Payment becomes a friction for business so we are removing this friction by allowing the retailers to capture sales to the Chinese tourist population,” Jacques Behr, Ingenico’s executive vice-president for Europe and Africa, told the Financial Times.“付成了业务的阻力,所以我们将允许零售商实现对中国游客的销售,从而消除这种阻力,”Ingenico负责欧洲和非洲业务的执行副总裁雅克#8226;贝尔(Jacques Behr)对英国《金融时报》表示。Ingenico, which provides in-store and online payments facilities throughout the world, aly allows merchants to accept transactions with other e-wallet apps such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.在全世界范围内提供店内和在线付设备的Ingenico,已经允许商户接受使用Apple Pay 和Android Pay 等其他电子钱包app 完成交易。But it said the alliance with Alipay would “provide acquirers and respective retailers in Europe with a complete online and in-store payment solution, tailored to the Chinese outbound travellers coming to Europe”.但是,Ingenico表示,与付宝达成的合作将“向欧洲的采购商和不同的零售商提供一种完整的线上和店内付解决方案,此方案是针对中国前往欧洲的游客定制的。”Douglas Feagin, senior vice-president at Ant Financial, said: “One of our key missions is providing the ability for our customers to purchase goods and services around the world as they travel, and Europe is a major destination for Chinese tourists”.蚂蚁金(Ant Financial)的高级副总裁道格拉斯#8226;费根(Douglas Feagin)表示:“我们的关键使命之一,是在我们的客户出行时,为他们提供在全球各地购买商品与务的能力,而欧洲是中国游客的一个主要目的地。”Alipay must negotiate with banks and other acquiring agents before the app can be used in-store but both companies estimated that Alipay would be fully operational in Europe within a few months.付宝必须先与和其他采购商协商好,才能在店内完成付。但这两家公司估计,几个月内,付宝就将在欧洲具备完全的运营能力。Alipay’s ambitions in Europe are part of a wider international push: this year, it collaborated with Uber, allowing people with Alipay to use it to pay for rides using Uber’s car-hailing app.周四宣布的Ingenico与付宝的合作,也允许欧洲网上零售商接受通过付宝电子钱包达成的付。此外,这也将允许付宝接受欧洲客户在“全球速卖通”(AliExpress)等其运营的不同线上集市购买商品时通过万事达卡(MasterCard)、Visa卡和其他卡完成的付。 /201608/461531The American Way: Marriage美国人的婚姻方式 [1] "I do." To Americans those two words carry great meaning. They can even change your life. Especially if you say them at your own wedding. Making wedding vows is like signing a contract. Now Americans don't really think marriage is a business deal. But marriage is serious business. [2] It all begins with engagement. Traditionally, a young man asks the father of his sweetheart for permission to marry her. If the father agrees, the man later proposes to her. Often he tries to surprise her by "popping the question" in a romantic way. Sometimes the couple just decides together that the time is right to get married. The man usually gives his fiancée a diamond ring as a symbol of their engagement. They may be engaged for weeks, months or even years. As the big day approaches, bridal showers and bachelor's parties provide many useful gifts. Today many couples also receive counseling during engagement. This prepares them for the challenges of married life. [3] At last it's time for the wedding. Although most weddings follow long-held traditions, there's still room for American individualism. For example, the usual place for a wedding is in a church. But some people get married outdoors in a scenic spot. A few even have the ceremony while sky-diving or riding on horseback! The couple may invite hundreds of people or just a few close friends. They choose their own style of colors, decorations and music during the ceremony. But some things rarely change. The bride usually wears a beautiful, long white wedding dress. She traditionally wears "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue". The groom wears a formal suit or tuxedo. Several close friends participate in the ceremony as attendants, including the best man and the maid of honor [4] As the ceremony begins, the groom and his attendants stand with the minister, facing the audience. Music signals the entrance of the bride's attendants, followed by the beautiful bride. Nervously, the young couple repeats their vows. Traditionally, they promise to love each other "for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health". But sometimes the couple has composed their own vows. They give each other a gold ring to symbolize their marriage commitment. Finally the minister announces the big moment: "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride!" [5] At the wedding reception, the bride and groom greet their guests. Then they cut the wedding cake and feed each other a bite. Guests mingle while enjoying cake, punch and other treats. Later the bride throws her bouquet of flowers to a group of single girls. Tradition says that the one who catches the bouquet will be the next to marry. During the reception, playful friends "decorate" the couple's car with tissue paper, tin cans and a "Just Married" sign. When the reception is over, the newlyweds run to their "decorated" car and speed off. Many couples take a honeymoon, a one- to two-week vacation trip, to celebrate their new marriage. [6] Almost every culture has rituals to signal a change in one's life. Marriage is one of the most basic life changes for people of all cultures. So it's no surprise to find many traditions about getting married... even in America. Yet each couple follows the traditions in a way that is uniquely their own. [1]“我愿意。”这句话对美国人来说包含深远的意义。它甚至可以改变一个人的生活,特别是如果你在自己的婚礼上说出这句话。发出结婚誓言就如同签订契约一般。虽然今天美国人并不真正认为婚姻是一宗商业交易,但婚姻确实是件严肃的事。 [2]一切从订婚开始。在传统上,年轻男子先要请求女朋友的父亲允许自己娶她。如果女方的父亲答应,然后男方才能向女方求婚。男方时常尝试以罗曼蒂克的方式“蹦出这个问题”,想给女方一个惊喜。有时双方只是一起决定,该是结婚的时候了。男方通常会送给未婚妻一只钻石戒指作为订婚的象征。订婚期可以持续几个星期、几个月,甚至几年。当大喜的日子临近时,双方各自的好友在婚前派对上会赠送许多实用的礼物。今天,许多未婚夫妻在订婚期间还听取咨询意见,以此为应付婚姻生活的挑战作好准备。 [3]最后就该举行婚礼了。虽然大多数的婚礼沿袭长期以来的传统,但是仍有发挥美国人的个性主义的余地。例如,通常举行婚礼的地点是在教堂,但是有些人却在户外的风景点举行婚礼,少数人甚至在跳伞或骑马时举办仪式!新人可以邀请几百个客人,也可以只邀请几个最要好的朋友。婚礼的色调风格、布置和音乐都由他们自己决定。但有些事情很少会变化。新娘通常都穿一件漂亮的长长的白色结婚礼。按传统习惯,新娘的穿着要包括“一点旧的,一点新的,一点借来的和一点蓝色的东西”。新郎则穿着一套正式的西装或无尾晚礼。几位亲密的朋友参与婚礼作为陪伴,包括伴郎和伴娘。 [4]婚礼开始时,新郎和他的陪伴同牧师站在一起,面对着来宾。当音乐响起时,新娘的陪伴入场,后面就跟着美丽的新娘。一对新人紧张地跟着说出他们的誓言。按传统习惯,双方许诺要彼此相爱,“不论情况较好较坏,不论家境是富是穷,不论生病还是健康。”但有时两人也可以编一套自己的誓言。他们互赠金戒指象征婚姻的承诺。最后,牧师宣布重大时刻的到来:“我现在宣布你们成为夫妻。你可以亲吻你的新娘!” [5]在结婚喜宴上,新娘和新郎向宾客表示欢迎。然后他们切开结婚蛋糕并互喂对方一口。来宾们一边享受蛋糕、混合饮料和其他食物,一边相互交谈。之后,新娘将她的花束投向一群单身女孩。相传抓到花束的女孩会成为下一个结婚的人。喜宴期间,爱闹的朋友用薄纸、锡罐和写着“新婚”的标牌来“装饰”新人的小汽车。宴会结束后,新婚的小俩口就跑向他们“被装饰好的”小汽车,迅速地驶走。许多新人会去度蜜月,即一两个星期的度假旅行,以庆祝他们的新婚。 [6]几乎每一种文化都有仪式来标志一个人生活的变化。婚姻对于各种文化的人而言都是最基本的生活变化之一。因此发现关于结婚有许多传统习俗,就不足为奇了……在美国也不例外。然而每对新人都会以自己独持的方式来继承传统。 /200804/34322星沙县上环哪家医院最好的

长沙/星沙治好早泄需要多少钱星沙县治疗内分泌多少钱 The chairman of one of China’s largest internet companies is looking to join the ranks of the technology world’s big philanthropists Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, by donating more than bn to charity. 中国最大互联网企业之一的董事长承诺向慈善事业捐赠逾20亿美元,此举将使他加入高科技领域最大慈善家马克#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)和比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)的行列。 Pony Ma, who is founder and chief executive of Tencent Holdings, plans to cash in 100m company shares to make the donation to the Tencent Foundation, which gives money to healthcare, education and environmental protection in China, the company said yesterday. 腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings)昨日表示,创始人和首席执行官马化腾(Pony Ma)计划捐献1亿股腾讯股票给腾讯基金会(Tencent Foundation)。该基金会将向中国的医疗、教育和环保事业捐赠资金。 Tencent shares in Hong Kong closed up 0.24 per cent at HK5.7, making the donation worth about .1bn. 腾讯H股昨日收涨0.24%,至每股165.7港元,让这笔捐赠的价值达到约21亿美元。 The company operates QQ and WeChat, two of China’s largest online and mobile chatting applications. The Shenzhen-based, Hong Kong-listed group has a market capitalisation of 5bn and owns entertainment and online gaming businesses, as well as a bank and other financial services. 该公司运营着中国两大在线和移动聊天应用QQ和微信(WeChat)。这家总部位于深圳的香港上市集团市值达到1850亿美元,旗下除了和网络游戏业务,还有一家和其他金融务业务。 Mr Ma has a net worth of about bn, according to Forbes but his success has often been overshadowed by Jack Ma of Alibaba, the e-commerce company. The Alibaba founder was reportedly worth more than bn. Alongside his chief financial officer, he said last year that he had set up a fund using share options worth about 2 per cent of the company’s equity, or about bn at the time of the announcement. 根据《福布斯》(Forbes)的统计,马化腾的财富净值约为200亿美元。不过,他的成功经常笼罩在电子商务公司阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的创始人马云(Jack Ma)的阴影之下。马云的财富净值据报道超过220亿美元。去年,马云曾表示已和他的首席财务官一道,用相当于阿里巴巴约2%股本的股票期权设立了基金,消息公布时这一捐赠价值约为30亿美元。 The Tencent chairman said in a statement: “After 10 years of exploration and participation in philanthropic activities, I increasingly feel a better way to continue giving back to the society is to do it over a longer term and in a more organised way.” 马化腾在一份声明中表示:“通过十年的公益实践和探索,日益感到需要一个更长远、更高效的系统规划和架构,以善用财富回馈社会。” Tencent said its foundation, which was established in 2007 and co-operates with other charities in China, was set to become one of the biggest charitable funds in the world. 腾讯表示,其基金会将成为全球最大的慈善基金之一。该基金会成立于2007年,与中国其他多家慈善机构存在合作关系。 /201604/438362星沙妇女外阴瘙痒白带异常

星沙 腋臭这早莎朗·斯通的原话: Sharon Stone made a not so smart statement while on the red carpet in Cannes. She was asked if she had heard about the disaster that hit China recently, and her answer was: "Of course I have. Well you know at first I thought I'm not happy with the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans….and I've been concerned with should we have the Olympics because they're not being nice to the Dalai Lama who's a good friend of mine. And then all this earthquake and stuff happened and I thought, 'Is that Karma, when you're not nice and the bad things happen to you?'" Well that's one way of looking at things, Sharon. Although, we don't think most people agree with that way of thinking. She tried redeeming her comment afterwards but you can't take what you said back. Dear Ms. Sharon Stone,This is writing from an ordinary Chinese actor, who took part in the Festival for his film “Half Water Half Blaze” in Canna. I was extraordinary scandalized at your “Nemesis” saying about Wenchuan earthquake happened in our country several days ago.Wenchuan earthquake brings the vastness disastrousness to all Chinese people. There are thousands of life got killed in a minute, and millions of people become destitute and homeless. It’s such a very unusual tragedy even in the whole world. People of disaster areas get huge support, encourage and reinforcement from people all over the world with feeling and conscience.There’re many people in China who likes you and your films, they do respect you as well. But your saying about Wenchuan earthquake really hurts those people extraordinarily, not only Chinese but also Americans who care and support people of disaster areas.However, whatever your extreme and unwisdom saying comes from, there’s one thing we can be quite sure enough that you are devoid of humanity. There’re something else besides your grace and exquisite acting skill on the silver screen, and your beautiful face, that is your venomed and vanished conscience heart.I condemn you strongly on behalf of all Chinese actors and actress who were in Canna. Also we require you to take your irresponsible and extreme saying back, meanwhile make apology to all Chinese people.Huinan ZhaoMay 26, 2008cannes尊敬的莎朗斯通女士:我是中国的一位普通演员,本次因为自己参演的电影《一半是海水\一半是火焰》展映来到戛纳,在这里我非常震惊的听到您有关我国汶川大地震的“报应”言论。汶川大地震已经给中国人民带来了异常惨重的损失,数万生命转瞬即逝,百万群众流离失所。如此惨重的灾难,在全世界范围内都是极为罕见。全球华人,全世界有良知和悲悯之心的人们都给予了灾区人民巨大的持、鼓励、援助。作为一位有着世界影响力的影坛明星,许多中国人都异常的喜爱您的电影,并给予您本人应有的尊重和敬意。但是您关于我国汶川大地震的“报应”言论,却极大的伤害了我们,更加刺痛了所有为灾区奉献爱心的人民,其中也包括美国人民。由此我得出结论,不论您的言论从何而来,因何而来,在人的立场上,您缺乏基本的人性关爱。在您优雅,精湛的银幕表演下面,有着非常恶毒,几近泯灭天良的本质。对此我代表在戛纳的所有华人演员对您和您的言论进行最强烈的谴责,并要求您收回那些不负责人的言论,同时向中国人民致歉。赵会南2008年5月26日 戛纳 /200805/40452 Meitu, the Chinese company behind that viral selfie app that may or may not take all your personal information, just released the M8 and upgraded Meitu T8.美图,这家公司有一款火到爆的自拍APP(这个APP可能也可能没有获取你的所有个人信息),它可能也可能没有获取你的所有个人信息;它刚刚发布了(新手机)M8,并且升级了T8.The company’s phones are known for letting its users take the most extra selfies, as seen on Ashley’s review here, where she says it gave her “baby skin.”这款手机会让用户体会到非凡的自拍体验。用户阿什利说该手机让她拥有了“婴儿般的肌肤”And it’s definitely equipped to do so — the Meitu M8’s front-facing camera is a 12-megapixel Sony camera, with a 21-megapixel Sony rear-facing camera. It also has a 5.2-inch display, 4GB of RAM, a Helio X20 processor, and a 3,000mAh battery.美图M8配置有索尼前置1200万像素摄像头,以及索尼后置2100万像素摄像头,5.2寸屏幕,内存4G,采用Helio X20处理器,以及3000毫安电池。But let’s get to the real reason why we’re here. Meitu knows the audience for these selfie phones, and it’s the people who appreciate good design.让我们来看看美图的优势在哪里。作为自拍手机大军中的一员美图为那些喜欢设计感的群众所熟知。That includes me and Chinese superstar Angelababy, who’s helping launch the Sailor Moon Pretty Soldier Edition of the phone.美图的粉丝中,包括我还有中国明星女演员杨颖(Angelababy),她也参与此次限量版水兵月手机的面世。Based on the explosive response to this phone, I hope Meitu decides to release this phone in the US as well. Meitu’s also releasing the phone in other colors like blue, red, white, pink, and a special Hello Kitty Edition of the phone:现在这款手机反响热烈,我个人强烈建议在美国也发行。美图发行的手机有其他颜色,蓝色、红色、白色、粉色,还有凯蒂猫版。The phones will go on sale this Friday at noon on the official website for ¥2999 (around 5), and only 10,000 units will be available.水兵月限量版手机本周五中午在官网开售,售价在2999元人名币(约合435美金),库存只有10000台。 /201705/509198长沙/华夏医院治疗早泄多少钱长沙/华夏切包皮黑色缝合线是不是会吸收的



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