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新东方英语900句 Lesson 28:bankCore Sentences1. How would you like to deposit your money?2. I'd like to open a savings account with this bank.3. How can I go about it?4. The minimums depoist for desposit account is fifty yuan.5. What's the interest rate?6. It's one point two percent per year.7. How can I close my checking account now?8. I want to withdraw my balance.9. You need fill out the withdraw slip.10. How do you want you money?11. An one hundred yuan notes, please.12. May I have this check cleared?13. How much do you want to exchange?14. I have eight thousands Hongkong dollars, and I want to change them for Euros.15. What's the exchange rate today?16. I'd like to have the one hundred yuan bill broken up.Dialog ExercisesNumber one, Exchange MoneyA. Good afternoon.B. Good afternoon, I want to change some dollars into Renmingbi.What is the exchange rate for today?A. It's Renmingbi eight hundred twenty-seven yuan against US one hundred dollars.B. I want to change for two thousands yuan.A. In notes or checks?B. Cash.A. Please show me your passport and fill out this memo.B. There, I've gotten them finished, and this is my passport.A. All right, what denomination do you want?B. I don't care, any kind of denominations are ok.A. Here you are. Have a nice day.B. Thank you.Number two, Open an accountA. Good morning, Mam, may I help you?B. Yes, please. I'd like to open a savings account. Will you tell me how to do it?A. Sure, Mam. We have now two kinds of savings account for our customers. Namely the current deposit account and the fixed deposit account. What kind would you like to open?B. Could you tell me the difference between the two?A. Yes, of course. The interest rate is higher for fixed account, but you cannot draw cash from the deposit before the maturity date, or you won't owned the interest as planned. B. Then I'd open a current deposit account.A. Please fill in this slip and go to account number four for services. your real name, please.B. Thank you very much.A. You are welcome. /200604/5873。

新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson39:DESCRIBING PEOPLE AND OBJECTS描绘人和物571. What does he look like? 他长得什么样?572. He’s kind of tall and thin. 他有点高,有点瘦。573. He has a long nose. 他的鼻子很长。574. He always wears funny#61557; ties. 他总是系着滑稽的领带。575. What does it look like? 它看起来什么样?576. It’s just a dark blue wool cap. 那只是一顶深蓝色的羊毛帽子。577. My brother is a thin man. 我弟弟是个瘦子。578 I live in a brick house. 我住在砖房里。579. The car is very fast. 这车很快。580. This bus is very old. 这辆公共汽车很旧了。581. Have you seen a yellow hat around here? 你在这附近看过一顶黄色帽子吗?582. I want the small kitten with the orange stripes#61558;. 我想要这只有桔黄色条纹的小猫。583. Can you give me a description#61559; of the person? 你能给我描述一下这个人吗?584. She has a round face and large eyes. 她有一张圆圆的脸蛋,大大的眼睛。585. The soup was full of many different#61560; vegetables#61561; 这汤中有许多不同的蔬菜。【生词解读】1. funny adj.有趣的;滑稽可笑的;爱开玩笑的 2. stripe n.条纹;斑纹;线条 3. description n.描写;叙述;形容4. different adj.不同的5. vegetable n.蔬菜;青菜 /200708/17052。

By World War I, doctors realize there#39;s a link between bacteria and disease一战时期 医生们已经意识到 细菌和疾病之间存在某些联系but can#39;t stop infection sping.但仍无法阻止细菌感染The tried and tested cure:cut away tissue,他们不断尝试各种疗法:切除细胞组织Dowse it in an antiseptic, carbolic acid.把伤处浸泡在无菌的石碳酸中A deadly trade-off.这是艰难的权衡The acid disinfects wounds,酸类可以消毒伤口but also attacks white blood cells,但会损害白血球the body#39;s natural defense against bacteria.而它正是人体抵御细菌的天然屏障Imagine being at the side of a soldier想象一下一个士兵with a small flesh wound, easily treatable,受了新伤 随意处理and yet watching the gangrene climb up the leg.但随后坏疽会爬满整条腿Most did not survive very survivable wounds,多数人都是死于一些看似无碍的轻伤because of the resulting infections.随之而来的感染则是死因Face to face with the enemy.与敌人面对面He knows bacteria are killing millions.他知晓细菌是杀死数百万人的元凶Now he begins a 10-year battle to stop them.因而他开始了十年的持久对抗战I was consumed by a desire to discover,after all this struggling,在挣扎之后 我渴望继续探索something which will kill those microbes.找寻对抗这些细菌的方法 Article/201605/443889。

栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451740。

When I think about life, I think about so many different things当我思考生活时,我想到许多不同的因素that can factor into winning the day, winning the year, winning the game.影响着今天的胜利,今年的胜利,整个人生这场比赛的胜利。The five rules that I live by are confidence.我赖以生存的五条规则就是自信。Honestly, I think self-esteem and confidence is the ultimate drug in society老实说,我认为自尊和自信是社会的终极良药,and keeps most of us away from losing scenarios.并且让我们大多数人远离失败。Positive vibes only is a huge one for me.只有积极的氛围对我有巨大作用。It#39;s not ;Positive vibes;, it#39;s ;Positive vibes only.;不是“积极氛围”,而是“只有积极氛围”。And that#39;s because too many people are keeping people around them that are bringing them down.那是因为太多人身边围着的都是消极的人。They#39;re allowing negative energy to dictate their outcome.他们允许负能量来配他们的结果。and I really believe that people have to cut out negative vibes in their environment.我真的觉得人们应该远离环境中的消极气氛。Strengths over weaknesses is a big one for me. I preach this all the time.优点比缺点更重要。我一直宣传这个观点。Triple down on what you#39;re good at.强化你的优点。The world#39;s gonna tell you to fix this, you#39;re not as good at that.世界将会告诉你哪里需要弥补,哪些做得不够好。I just don#39;t believe in that.我只是不认可这一点。Figure out what you#39;re best at and keep crafting that craft.弄清楚你最擅长的是什么,并一直精益求精。Do it over and over and over. Legacy over currency.反复的强化,经过沉淀下来的内在精华要比现在的外在物质重要得多。Understand that in 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now, you#39;re going to care much more about what people thought of you,你要理解20,30,40,50年后,你就会更在意人们对你的看法,what your kids thought of you, what the world thought of you.你孩子对你的看法,世界对你的看法。Did you do it the right away?你要马上做吗?The dollars, the products, the house and the car,金钱、产品、房子和车,whatever, you know, the monetary things that don#39;t matter long term that you#39;re striving for now.从长远来看,你现在为之奋斗的物质方面的东西都不重要。Don#39;t worry about your bank account,不要担心你的存款,worry about how many people show up to your funeral.不要担心多少人会出席你的葬礼,And hustle, my friend. Number 5, hustle.我的朋友,动起来。5号,动起来。If don#39;t work hard, you#39;ve lost.如果你不努力,你就失败了。There#39;s not a single winner on Earth that took it easy.世界上没有一个赢家能轻易成功。There#39;s not a single winner on Earth that didn#39;t hustle 24/7/365.每个赢家都一年365天,每周7天,一天24小时的忙碌着。 Article/201706/515816。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/470044。

英语口语999句 Lesson41[00:03.10]l am vacuuming the floor now and have several shirts to iron. 我正在用真空吸尘器清理地板,还有好几件衬衫要熨。[00:16.27]I will love you until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble. 我将爱你直到海枯石烂。[00:25.38]There is a broken small old gray stone bridge over the river. 河上有一座破烂不堪的、古老的、灰色的小石桥。[00:36.18]No wonder people say that computers are taking over the world. 难怪有人说电子计算机正渐渐接管世界。[00:46.54]The enormous increase of population will create many problems. 巨大的人口增长将产生很多问题。[00:56.62]There's nothing better for you than plenty of water and sleep. 你最好多喝水多休息。[01:05.16]You should always depend on yourself rather than someone else. 你应该是依靠你自己,而不足别人。[01:14.98]I would like to express to all of you here our sincere welcome. 让我向在座诸位致以最真挚的欢迎。’[01:25.14]Many people prefer living in the country to living in the town. 许多人喜欢住在农村而不喜欢住在城市。[01:35.50]Since I'm here, I'd like to try a typical dish of this country. 既然来了,我想吃这个国家特有的食物。[01:45.66]Walking up and down the stairs would beat any exercise machine. 上下楼梯可比什么健身器都要好。[01:55.99]Had it not been for the alarm clock she wouldn't have been late. 如果不是因为闹钟不响的话,她就不会迟到了。[02:06.64]How ever you may work hard, the boss will not be fully satisfied. 无论你有多努力,老板总不会完全满意。[02:16.98]If he had not broken his tooth, he would not be in hospital now. 如果他没有把牙齿弄坏,现在就不在医院了。[02:28.03]You might as well throw your money away as spend it in gambling. 你与其把钱花在上,不如把它丢掉的好。[02:39.04]Can you put me in the picture about the World Cup Football Match? 你能给我讲讲关于世界杯足球赛的状况吗?[02:49.74]I'm usually just using the search engines to look up information. 我通常只是用搜索引擎找一些资料。[02:59.67]He goes home early everyday for fear that his wife would be angry. 他每天很早就回家,免得老婆生气。[03:10.11]I regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you employment. 很遗憾地告诉你,我们无法雇用你。[03:20.08]I will continue my learning, though I am tired of learning English. 尽管我很烦英语,我还是要学它。[03:29.84]Li Bai is one of the greatest poets that have ever lived in China. 李白是中国有史以来最伟大的诗人之一。[03:40.35]Many people complain that computers are taking over their jobs. 许多人抱怨说计算机正在接管人的工作。[03:50.76]The cupboards in her kitchen were full of things she did not need. 她厨房的橱柜中放满了她不需要的东西。[04:00.48]What be said did not annoy me much, for I knew he did not mean it. 我并不在乎他所说的,我知道他不是那个意思。[04:11.89]He asked me some personal questions, but I would never answer them. 他问了我几个个人问题,我根本不愿回答。 /200810/54425。

Twitch, I have a I want to show you.推奇 我想给你看个视频I think you#39;re going to enjoy it very much. It#39;s not a cat .我猜你一定会喜欢的 这不是一个猫猫的视频It is a totally different than a cat , it#39;s a raccoon.绝对不是一个猫猫的视频啦 这是只浣熊And this raccoon, first of all I love raccoons.这只小浣熊 首先呢 我是很喜欢浣熊的I know people are scared of them and you should be,我知道人们都怕着他们 你应该也怕cuz they can be vicious but they#39;re cute as can be and smart as can be. This is a raccoon.因为你怕他们会攻击你 但其实他们又聪明又伶俐 就是这只小浣熊It found some cotton candy, and as raccoons do, they always wash their food first.和其他浣熊一样 他发现了一些棉花糖 他们总会先把食物洗一洗He#39;s got some, he#39;s so excited and then, what?所以 他拿着棉花糖 他好兴奋的 可是然后 什么?It was there. What happened? It was just right there.在那儿 在那儿 发生了什么 它明明就在那里的呀That#39;ll teach him to eat cotton candy for dinner.这大概能教会他们怎么把 棉花糖当做晚饭吃了All right, I have one more for you, and it#39;s not a raccoon.好嘞 我还有一个视频要分享 这不是一只浣熊了This is a totally different, well this is a dog, enjoy.这完全不一样 他是一只 看吧They could have helped out that little dog. That#39;s a shame.他们本来可以帮帮这的 太可惜了I have one more for you it#39;s not a racoon, it#39;s not a dog, it#39;s obviously a?我还有一个视频要给你们看 这不是一只浣熊 不是一只 他明显是一只Cat? Nope. almost here? Nah close. It#39;s a weight lifter. Boy.猫?不对 接近了?啊 接近了 他是个练举重的人 哦 我的天I admire his overconfidence, I loved it. He was standing, he had it.我佩他那么的自信 哦我喜欢 他本来是站着的 他就快成功了Anyway, enough with the s, let#39;s talk about love.不管怎么说 今天的视频就放到这里了 然后我们来谈一谈爱How many of you are on Tinder, be honest, who#39;s on Tinder?你们有多少人再用tinder 说实话 有多少?Look it, good, it took one person, then finally a few other hands went up. More of you are.看看 很好 本来只有一个举手 然后陆续的又举了一些 然后越来越多Tinder is a great way to meet that special someone and to meet hundreds of not so special someones.Tinder是一个很好的方式去结识一些特殊的人 也是结识几百个不那么特殊的人There#39;s a reason why it#39;s popular. It#39;s an Instagram account called Tinder nightmares.所以他才那么火 他是instagram上的一个账户 叫“Tinder噩梦”And these are some I want to share, this is the first one, you know what daddy like?我想给你们分享一下 这是第一个 你知道爸爸什么喜欢吗Well it isn#39;t correct grammar. Here#39;s another one.恩 这语法好像不太对 这是另一个Hi, I can#39;t believe they let me use this app from jail. Here#39;s another one.嗨 我不敢相信 他们竟然同意我在监狱里使用app 还有一个You good looking, You#39;re quite good at putting together a sentence.你长得貌美 你有很好的语言组织能力I me to say you are good looking.我要说 你确实长得貌美Sorry I think I know a little more English than you. So please be quite thank you.抱歉 我知道的英语比你多一些 所以 特别感谢你One more. Did you fall from heaven because let#39;s have sex.再来一个 你从天堂落下来的么 因为 我们一起做爱吧I don#39;t think that#39;s the phrase, right? All right. I am so glad I#39;m married.好像不是这么说的 对吧?好吧 幸好我已经结婚了To see more follow Tinder nightmares on Instagram We#39;ll be back.这是instagram上的”tinder噩梦“ 想要看更多的内容 我们下次见 Article/201706/515664。

Please say hello to Dr. Phil I made it I made it thank you!欢迎菲尔医生 我终于来到这个舞台上了 我做到了 谢谢大家thank you so much! gotta tell you what, Jimmy a squirrel in a top hat is like a donkey in a dress非常感谢 我必须得跟你说 带礼帽的松鼠就像是穿裙子的驴you can take it to the prom but if you tried to make it wear a lipstick you#39;re gonna get kicked你可以带它去舞会,但要是想给它画个口红,你会被踢的go and take a seat if you walk like a turkey and talk like a turkey you can put sunglasses on it找个位子坐吧 如果你走路说话都像个火鸡一样 再给它戴副太阳眼镜put it right on a horn frog and call it a unicorn,but that doesn#39;t mean you#39;re gonna get a bingo am I right?给角蛙戴上然后叫它独角兽,但并不能说明你成功了 我说的对吗?what do you...... what do you doing what is this? what do you doing?你......你在这儿干嘛呢?这什么情况 你要干什么?Oh!don#39;t make a pig out of a peanut Jimmy seriously, what the...what are you doing here?花生是长不出猪来的,吉米 严肃点,你到底来这里干嘛what are you doing here? what do you mean? I mean what are you doing?你在这里干什么?你什么意思?我的意思是你来这里干什么?what is this outfit why he dress like this? where is doctor Phil? it#39;s supposed to be doctor Phil闹的这一出是要干嘛 为什么穿成这样,菲尔医生在哪儿?出场的应该是菲尔医生的I know ,but you said that I can be on the show today when we were in therapy我知道,但是我们今天去做咨询的时候你说我可以上你的节目的Hey listen!I know Marsh is coming on Friday ,and I didn#39;t say i would help you for motive我知道马什周五要来,我也确实说了希望我们能有进展I did not say......No......you would be on the show ,you said I would be on the show-我没说你今天可以上节目-不,你说了No,I said I would try to get you on the show tonight and we have a very very busy night不,我说的是我会尽力让你参加今天的节目 我们的节目时间很紧I have the whole therapy session on tape I have it,I can#39;t show it我有整个咨询过程的录像带 我真的有,也可以放出来给大家看I know what I said that ......that#39;s private我知道我自己说了什么 那是隐私啊let#39;s the audience decide if it#39;s private or not you think it#39;s private?我们让观众来决定这是不是隐私 你们认为这是隐私吗I guess they don#39;t think it#39;s private so,I do wanna show this because eh......我猜他们不认为这是隐私 我想把这个展示给大家 因为呃......I just wanna give you an idea what kind of guy this is,the doctor here and I decided to work our issues out with therapist,yes?我想让大家知道他到底是个什么样的人,我和那儿的医生决定要通过咨询师来解决我们之间的问题,对吧I...... we did......no I thought this was supposed to be private我......-是的 不 我以为这事儿挺隐私的there was a camera crow in the room,how private did you think it was?show the tape,because I want people to see this房间里放着一台摄像机,你觉得这能有多隐私?赶紧放吧,我想让你们看看so,how are you feeling about today?你今天感觉怎么样?you know,I feel nerve......I feel anxious and I feel nervous我感觉有点焦虑,还有点紧张but I also feel......I guess hopeful? you feel open?但是我又感觉......怀抱着希望 你愿意坦诚以对吗?I don#39;t know ,it starts to a hard thing you know,I mean it#39;s a hard thing see,think you are y?我不知道,这是件很困难的事 你知道,事情本身也挺困难的 所以,你准备好了吗?to let this person back to your life?让这个人回到你的生活里I think so,yeah! I think eh,I am willing to give a shot um, you know, to talk let#39;s do it嗯,准备好了,我愿意为之努力 你懂的,积极沟通 好的,那就开始吧hi please come in thank you! Jimmy so what are you hoping to get out of today? how can I help you guys?嗨 请进 谢谢 吉米 你们今天想说些什么呢 我能为你们做些什么um...... he promised me over a decade ago that I was gonna be able to be a guest on the show他十年前承诺我总有一天我会以嘉宾的身份出现在吉米秀的舞台上so,for a decade you#39;ve been waiting?所以你等了十年I......I#39;ve taken over or Jimmy would say he#39;s been nice enough after giving me a room where I can and I wait every night,every night我已经接手了吉米给我的一间在他看来不错的屋子,我可以来了之后在里面等着,每天晚上哦so for a decade,you#39;ve been waiting?have you ever considered not coming any more? but I am scheduled to be on the show所以这十年来你一直在等待,你有考虑过不要继续等待了吗 但是我已经安排好我的行程了you know I mean I......he is scheduled to know listening it#39;s in the listening you have to come-你知道的......-他的行程已经安排好了 已经在行程表里了 你就必须得到no,listen,every night and if you don#39;t go it#39;s mean......you know then and it#39;ll be like a big time......每天晚上的行程都排好了,如果不去的话,好像就变成你的问题了listening ,if it#39;s in the listening,you don#39;t really have a choice you have to go嗯,如果已经安排了行程,那就没有其他选择了,你必须得去and what#39;s your perspective on this?what do you think?你的想法是什么?你怎么看I......I tried to get him on the show I mean we have one hour show every night ok?我一直努力着让他上我的节目 我们的节目每天就一个小时时间we have other guests which he doesn#39;t care about obviously ,and we have a monologue to do,we have a band我们有其他的嘉宾安排 显然他并不是很在意,还有很多独白,还有乐队sometimes we have important commercials to run and it#39;s hard to each......有时候还有很重要的商业广告要播 所以有时候很难......eh,you know,listen,I understand his point view,but he hasn#39;t understand my point view,what do you think his point view is?-听着,我理解他的想法,但是他貌似并不了解我 那你以为他的想法是什么he thinks the world revolves around him he thinks he is the only celebrity in California他以为世界是围着他转的 他以为他是加利福尼亚唯一的名人I mean.....you think it#39;s been unreasonable yeah, I do ,I do I mean it-我是说......-你觉得他有点不可理喻 嗯嗯,是的 我的意思是......See that thing is totally getting turned around. This is what he does,and what he does so well,he likes talks to talk right?他完全在颠倒是非 这就是他做的,做的真漂亮,他喜欢说段子and now,he makes me think I#39;m crazy现在他弄的好像是我疯了一样it#39;s all about him,that#39;s the thing what you imagine feels like to be him every day?-说来说去都是他,事情就是这样 你有想过成为他是一种什么样的感觉吗I imagine it would suck to be him, I mean first of all,look at him那感觉太糟了 首先,看看他you know, I mean he is any trying to be a movie star and...... what does that mean? what?我的意思是 他竟然想当一个电影明星 并且......那是什么意思?什么?look at him,I am just looking at his face and looking at his body,it#39;s not a movie star face and not a movie star body你看看他,看他的长相和身材,既没有能当电影明星的脸蛋,也没有当明星的身材so now,I am I understand he is trying are you understanding?所以现在,我......我能理解他一直在努力尝试 你能理解吗fine,he is just...... It#39;s not...... he...... is verbally abusive to me and couches it as truth嗯,他......但是就是不是......他一直用言语辱骂我 弄的好像还跟真的一样you know,what am I supposed to do?when you wanted to buy that zoo,what did I tell you?-我要怎么做呢 -当你要买那家动物园的时候,我是怎么跟你说的the zoo was for both of us the zoo was supposed to be something beautiful it wasn#39;t for both of us我买那家动物园都是为了我们俩 那座动物园应该是很美好的东西 那不是为了我们it was for both of us,you never even showed up就是为了我们,你都没有现身过I don#39;t like animals that much you didn#39;t even give it a chance-我不是很喜欢动物 你都不愿意给我们一个机会you didn#39;t......you didn#39;t even try you never even saw the zoo你都没有尝试过 甚至你都没有去看一眼what are you hoping to accomplish by buying the zoo?买了动物园之后你们打算怎么做呢I just want to build something with him and share and nurture it and watch it grow我只想和他一起共同建造一些东西 共同分享,照顾它们,看着它们成长and those animals were just...... that was our chance那些动物是......那是我们的机会ok,but no,I live,you know,at the show and dressing room and you know,-好吧 我每天呆在化妆室里 你知道的I#39;m excited about coming out every night想到能够从那里出去走到舞台上就兴奋不已is there something that you feel particularly angry at with Matt?你有没有因为什么事对马特特别生气呢I am angry that he is angry, I do my best to get him on the show every night我生气是因为他在生我的气,我一直都在尽我最大的努力让他上我的节目and he is so s......I mean he is so spoiled for those attach to him但是他......我是说他被身边的那些人给惯坏了I know that ,I know what goes on on the Hollywood sets ok?我知道的,我知道在好莱坞的那一套好吗he#39;s in his trailer he#39;s got the, you know,star around the door他有专门的房车 车门上挂满星星but that#39;s not how it is here,I mean this is my show and he thinks it#39;s his show但是那一套在我这里行不通,这是我的地盘,但他还以为这是他的舞台it was that one time I took the ...over and...busted the ratings wide open曾经有一次这的确是我的舞台 我掌控了舞台,收视率放肆飙升say more about that no,no say more about that,why would I want to say more about that?这个多说一点吧 不,别说了,为什么还要说呢that was a difficult thing for me that was a felony,I was kidnapped really? I was held against my will这是我来说太痛苦了 那是重罪,我被绑架了 真的吗 是的,违背了我的意愿how does it feel like to be sitting there wishing you around the Jimmy Kimmel show not being able to你坐在那儿是什么感觉?很想上节目但却不能上what does that feel? I was terrified it#39;s really? yeah! ok!ok!yeah那种感觉怎么样?我被吓到了 真的吗 嗯 好吧!好吧you taped up my headkeep talking,keep talking what else did you feel like?-你用胶带绑住了我...... 你继续说,继续说 然后呢?你还感觉到了什么it felt like duct tape#39;s suffocating me that was how I felt like我感觉那些胶带要让我窒息了 那就是我的感受everything he#39;s just said,except for the duct tape,happens to me every night他刚刚说的一切,除了胶带那部分,每天都在我身上发生so you want him to experience what it felt like to be you所以你想让他体验一下你的那种感受I wanted him to know what it like to try to be on the show我想让他知道,当你非常努力的想要上节目but it#39;s not on the show and you can#39;t get to the show但却上不了 不能上节目the show is right there and you can#39;t get to it舞台近在咫尺,可你却到达不了so how did you work though that? we didn#39;t really talk about that no你们有沟通过这个问题吗 我们还没有好好就这个问题进行沟通 没有is there anything eh......that you like about each other有没有彼此身上的某种特质让你们互相喜欢的呢can you say something nice about each other? I like some of his friends能说一些关于对方的优点吗 我喜欢他的某些朋友you know all right,to be fair,I like the show it#39;s a very nice thing to say你知道,本 好吧,公平一点,我喜欢他的节目 这样说感觉很好I would#39;t ,you know,waited for twelve years我不会为了登上这个舞台一直等了12年to get on if I didn#39;t like the show well,you know,I mean,that#39;s I appreciate that I do如果不是真心喜欢这个节目的话 嗯,我想说,这真是......你这么说,我很感激 真的so guys ,we are just about out of our time suppose to start wrapping it up好的,两位,马上就要到时间了 该做下总结了but i am really very impressive with the way you guys handled each other and communicated and你们处理事情的方式,真诚的沟通都让我印象深刻so I think this has been really good一切都很顺利what I#39;d like to do now is having you guys looking at each other现在我想让你们看着彼此and make some sort of commitment to the relationship,maybe you#39;re gonna work it on然后对彼此作出一些承诺,对于你们改善关系会有帮助so Jimmy,let#39;s start with you吉米,先从你开始I hope you know that where I#39;m coming from is that I have been trying to get you on the show我希望你知道你能站到我的角度,能理解我,我一直都在努力尝试着让你登上这个舞台I#39;ve been trying really hard,and I feel like you don#39;t appreciate it,but I will try harder in the future真的非常努力,但我感觉你一点也不感激,但我以后一定会更加努力的if this is important to you we#39;ll try to get you on the show just not tonight如果这对你真的很重要的话 我们会努力让你上节目的 只是不是今晚this counseling thing is gonna on for pretty long time这个咨询已经占了很长时间了thank you!that means a lot it sounds,you know,very genuine and......谢谢你这么说,这对我来说意义很大 听起来也很诚恳 并且......it was I#39;ll commit to another twelve years in my room at the show you know,I mean it is my home now我是真诚的 我在此承诺我会继续下一个12年的等待 那个化妆室现在都变成我的家了you know it would be tough for me just to give that up对我来说就那样放弃的话也很难and I love it ,i#39;d love it if like maybe I can get a television我很爱那个地方,如果能给我一台电视机就更好了Just cause there#39;s no windows ,you know...... now you can just...... we could probably......但是那里没有窗户,你知道的 现在你能......我们也许能够......I bet we can get an old television in therethat#39;ll be amazing, that#39;ll be amazing-我想我们能给你弄到一台旧的电视机 那实在是太好了,太好了just to distract me a little bit cause my mind like just......能够转移我的注意力,因为我的心思......you know if...... I would love like a wifi connection that would be......如果...... 如果能连上无线网就好了 那将会......yeah!yeah,that#39;s kind of no-can-do No, I know I know You don#39;t need to give me anything嗯嗯,那貌似不太可能实现 我懂 我懂 你不用满足我的一切要求this is in the basement,so the wifi is not very fast this doesn#39;t work at all down there,but......因为是在地下室,所以无线网络不是很好 完全不行,但是......listen,you guys I am very happy with the way you#39;ve communicated today yeah,me too听着,两位 我非常高兴你们能进行这样一番沟通 嗯,我也是as a sign of your commitment to each other and the work you#39;ve done,i think it#39;s really important作为你们对彼此作出的承诺的标志,还有为此付出的努力to end our couple session with a hug ,so I#39;d like you guys to do that用拥抱来结束我们今天的咨询会面是很有意义的,我希望你们能这样做now just get up and get to each other you mean,like hug? hug each other现在就站起来吧,靠近一点 你是说一个拥抱?拥抱对方?yeah,like a hug yeah! yeah just hug? hug it out that#39;s right嗯,拥抱一下对方 好的,好的 就拥抱一下 拥抱一下 这就对了嘛may I pat him? yeah,pat him if you#39;re good very nice-我能拍拍他吗 嗯,喜欢就拍吧 非常好how#39;s that feel? feels really good just a little bit too much感觉怎么样 感觉很不错 拥抱的有点太过用力了are you guys alright there? yeah! thank you!yeah,sure-你们还好吗 -是的,还好-谢谢 不用客气see you guys next time see you guys I said you#39;re not gonna be on the show tonight下次再见 再见 我说了不是今晚让你上节目we#39;ll be right back with the real doctor Phil,Kimmel,come on广告之后是真正的菲尔医生,基梅尔,过来 Article/201706/513623。