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2018年04月20日 09:30:19

Misael Caldogno Abreu is three times the size of other children his age due to a syndrome which means he is unable to stop eating.据报道,一名名叫米萨尔·卡尔多尼·奥阿布鲁的男孩由于患上了一种无法停止进食的综合征,体形是同龄儿童的三倍。He is so heavy he often stops breathing while sleeping - leaving his terrified parents fearing that one day he may not wake up.Doting dad Manoel Abreu, 38, said: ;Everything is hard for him - he is a baby carrying an adult#39;s weight. His heart must be suffocated and working under a lot of pressure. If he doesn#39;t get the treatment he requires there is a very good chance he will pass away.;由于太重,他睡觉时经常会停止呼吸。他父母吓坏了,总担心有一天他会醒不过来。38岁的父亲曼诺尔·阿布鲁非常溺爱儿子,他说:“对他来说所有事情都非常艰难。他是个承载着成人体重的婴儿。他的心脏一定备受压迫,承受很大压力。如果不能得到应有的治疗,他很可能会过世。”Misael, from Espirito Santo, Brazil, was born a healthy 6lb 6oz, but immediately started piling on the pounds. Doctors believe he may be suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic condition that leaves him with an insatiable appetite.He now weighs a hefty 178lb and is still gaining despite following a low-fat diet and walking for 40 minutes each day.米萨尔来自巴西圣埃斯皮里图州,出生时非常健康,体重6磅6盎司,但随后开始迅速发胖。医生认为他可能患了普瑞德威利症候群。这种罕见的疾病使得他无法控制自己的胃口。目前他重达178磅,尽管他每天坚持低热饮食并散40分钟的步,他的体重仍然在继续飙升。Mum, Josiane de Jesus Caldogno Abreu, 37, said: ;He has been putting on a lot of weight since he was a baby - even when I was breastfeeding him it was more than expected. But it was only when he was one and a half years old that we began to worry. He was gaining 3kg (6.6lb) a month and was starting to get very heavy.;37岁的母亲乔西安·杰西·卡尔多尼奥·阿布鲁说:“从他还是个婴儿时就一直在长肉。即使在我给他哺乳期间,他体重的增长仍然超乎预期。但直到他一岁半时我们才开始担心。他每月增重3kg(6.6磅),开始变得越来越重。”;His situation is complicated. We know we could lose him at anytime. Sometimes when he is sleeping I watch him to see if he is breathing. I cry a lot because we want to help him. But I am also very proud of him because he is a child who doesn#39;t surrender.;“他的情况很复杂,我们都清楚随时可能失去他。有时候,我会在他睡觉时看他是否仍在呼吸。我们时常以泪洗面,因为想要帮助他。但同时我们也为他感到骄傲,因为他是个永不屈的孩子。”Misael visits a doctor every three months to try and control his condition but currently there is no cure for Prader-Willi syndrome.Paediatric neurologist Lucio Coelho Miranda said: ;Every appointment we have had he has put on a lot of weight - sometimes up to 5kg (11lb). I think Misael could get help from someone outside of Brazil - both medically and financially - so he can get the laboratory and genetic testing he needs.;米萨尔每三个月要去看一次医生,努力控制病情,但目前还没有普瑞德威利症候群的治疗方法。儿科神经学家露西娅科埃略米兰达说:“每次会诊他都会长很多斤。有时会长5kg(11磅)。我觉得米萨尔能够从国外专家那里得到包括医学和经济上的帮助。这样他就能得到他需要的实验室测试和基因检测。” /201606/448124杭州义乌去除黑眼圈多少钱President Barack Obama has signed legislation sponsored by a Queens congresswoman, which removes the term ;Oriental; from federal law.日前,美国总统贝拉克·奥巴马同意了一项由皇后区的众议院女议员的提议,并签署了法案,将;Oriental;这一词从联邦法律中去除。The legislation sponsored by U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-Queens) replaces the term ;Oriental; with the term ;Asian-Americans.; The term ;Oriental; still appears in Title 42 of the U.S. Code, Meng#39;s office said.这一法令由国会众议员孟昭文(皇后区民主党)提出,将 ;Oriental;(东方人)一词用;Asian Americans;(亚裔)取而代之。孟昭文办公室表示,;Oriental;一词仍出现在美国法典的第42篇。;The term #39;Oriental#39; has no place in federal law and at long last this insulting and outdated term will be gone for good,; Meng said in a news release. ;No longer will any law of the ed States refer to Asian Americans in such an offensive way, and I applaud and thank President Obama for signing my bill to get rid of this antiquated term.孟昭文在新闻发布会上说:;#39;Oriental#39;字眼不应该出现在联邦法律中,最终这一带有侮辱色的、过时的词汇将永远消失。美国任何提及亚裔美国人的法律将不再以如此冒犯的形式出现。我赞赏并感激奥巴马总统能够签署我提出的去除这个古老的词汇的法令。;;Many Americans may not be aware that the word #39;Oriental#39; is derogatory. But it is an insulting term that needed to be removed from the books, and I am extremely pleased that my legislation to do that is now the law of the land,; Meng continued.;许多美国人也许都没有意识到#39;Oriental#39;这个词带有贬意。但是,它确实是一个侮辱性的词汇,必须从联邦法律中去除。看到我的提议已经成为美国的法律,我非常高兴。;;Nobody, let alone the federal government, should use a hurtful term like #39;Orientals#39; when referring to Americans of Asian descent,; U.S. Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and an original cosponsor of Meng#39;s bill, said in the release.新闻发布上,孟昭文法案的联合发起人之一、美国众议员(加利福尼亚州共和党议员)、众议院外交事务委员会主席埃德·罗伊斯说: ;当提到亚裔美国人的时候,任何人都不应该使用如#39;Oriental#39;这样的有伤害性的字眼,更别说是美国联邦法律了。;Title 42 of the U.S. Code deals with federal laws on public health, social welfare and civil rights. Its references to the term ;Oriental,; which date back to the 1970s, are the last of two places in U.S. law where the term is used to refer to people, Meng#39;s office said.孟昭文办公室表示,美国法典第42篇是涵盖公共卫生、社会福利与公民权利的联邦法律。其中,;Oriental;字样(可追朔到20世纪70年代)是美国法律中最后两处将这一词用来指代人。The word also appears in the text of the Department of Energy Organization Act and the Local Public Works Capital Development and Investment Act of 1976, Meng#39;s office said.孟昭文办公室还表示,这一词也出现在;美国能源组织法案;和;1976年基础设施资金开发与投资法案;中。 /201606/447318永康美容诸暨市第三人民医院激光点痣多少钱

诸暨红十字医院冰点脱毛多少钱东阳市人民妇幼保健医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱The ;Capping; Ritual新郎“上头”Dressed in a long gown, red shoes and a red silk sash with a silk ball on his shoulder, the groom knelt at the family altar while his father placed a cap decorated with cypress leaves on his head.穿上长礼,红鞋和带绣球的红绸肩带,新郎跪拜祖堂,同时新郎的父亲将带有柏叶装饰的帽子戴在新郎头上。The groom bowed first before the tablets of Heaven and Earth and his ancestors, then to his parents and the assembled family members.新郎先在供着天地神明和列祖列宗的桌前鞠躬,然后再向父母和现在的亲戚们鞠躬。His father removed the silk ball from the sash and placed it on top of the bridal sedan chair.新郎的父亲从肩带上解下绣球然后将其放在新娘轿子的轿顶上。 /201606/445105POPSUGAR: What is the lunula part of the nail?POPSUGAR网站:指甲上的半月是什么?Jin Soon Choi: The lunula is the light crescent marking on your nail where the nail emerges from the skin. It is part of the nail root, and most people have prominently visible lunula on their thumbnails and diminishing sizes to their pinky nails.崔荣淑:在你的指甲从皮肤中新长出来的地方,就会有颜色很浅的半月标记。它是指甲根部的一部分,大多数人的大拇指指甲上都有明显的半月形,从大拇指甲到小指指甲的半月形逐渐缩小。PS: What does it say about someone#39;s health - both the lack of it or the presence of it?补充:半月形能说明哪些健康状况呢——没有半月或者有半月形?JSC: The presence of eight to 10 milky white lunula indicates good health if the lunula edge is sharp and clear. I believe in the ancient Chinese view of the lunula as the barometer of one#39;s health and the modern medicine ideas with regard to specific conditions. The condition of the lunula really is an indication of your health. When your health declines, it is manifested in changes to the lunula, or the disappearance of it altogether. And when your health is restored, your lunula returns to its original condition.崔荣淑:如果10个指甲中有8个乳白色月牙,而且月牙的边缘非常鲜明,那么说明你很健康。我相信古时候中国对于月牙看法,因为健康状况的晴雨表与现代医学中对于特殊状况的观点一致。月牙情况确实是可以反应健康状况。当你的体质下降,月牙的变化就会很明显,或者月牙完全消失。而且当你的健康恢复的时候,你的月牙也会恢复到原来的状况。PS: Any advice on making your nails healthier in terms of diet or care?补充:如何饮食或者注意些什么可以让你的指甲更加健康呢?JSC: Diet is very important - eat dark green vegetables, fish oils, and nuts. Also be sure to stay hydrated, both orally and topically.崔荣淑:饮食非常重要——吃一些深绿色蔬菜、鱼油和坚果。总而言之,还要保持体内水分充足。PS: Anything else we should know about lunulas?补充:对于月牙我们还应了解哪些呢?JSC: Make sure your manicurist doesn#39;t ruin your lunula when pushing back the cuticles. Pushing very hard on the lunula with a cuticle pusher can cause damage, which will be evident when the nail grows out.崔荣淑:要确保美甲师在去除角质层的时候,不要伤害你的月牙。美甲角质推棒在月牙上非常用力的话,会损害月牙,尤其适当指甲再长出来的时候,就会非常明显。 /201606/451723义乌治疗青春痘的中医院义乌芙洛拉整形医院做抽脂手术多少钱

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