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长沙星沙治疗前列腺炎哪家医院好星沙县人民医院意外怀孕How to fall in love with yourself? 如何爱上你自己?We are constantly bombarded with visions of how we are not good enough or how we need to improve ourselves. And itrsquo;s not only external things that cause us to have such low self-esteems and feel bad about ourselves either. Maybe you think all the negative-self talk is your way of being real with yourself. Little things like: Irsquo;ll never get it done, I don#39;t deserve that, why would they want to help me? oh I could never wear that, and I#39;m not smart enough. Instead of focusing on and telling yourself what you can#39;t do try focusing on what you can do.我们总是被这些想法狂轰滥炸:觉得自己不够好,需要完善自我。不只是外在的因素让我们自尊心不够或者觉得自己不好,也许你会觉得,这样自我否定的消极对话是你内心对自己的真正看法,那些都是生活中的琐事:我永远办不好这件事;我不值得;他们为什么想帮我?唉,我真不该穿那件衣;我不够聪明......现在,我们需要转变注意力:试着去关注那些我们能做到的,而不是那些我们做不到的。Here are a few ideas you can try to build yourself up and fall in love with yourself all over again.下面这些小贴士,会让你变得更强大,重新爱上你自己:Focus on your strengths. We all have strengths and luckily they are not all the same. Do things you are naturally good at and enjoy and you will build self confidence, efficiency and pride.聚焦自己的强项。我们都有强项,很幸运,大家的强项各有不同。做一些你天生擅长的事情,享受过程,你会建立自信、效率和骄傲。Be proud of your accomplishments. No matter how big or seemingly small your accomplishments are you should be very proud of each and every one of them. Whether it#39;s completing high school, university, starting your own company, having kids and raising a family, completing a project that#39;s hanging around for far too long, be proud. Celebrate the small and large accomplishments and everything in between.为自己的成功感到骄傲。为自己的每一次成功感到骄傲,不论大小。也许是完成高中学业,可能是从大学顺利毕业,也许是开了自己的公司,有了孩子,开始养家糊口,也可能是完成了一个拖了很久的项目,这些都值得骄傲。为自己这些大大小小的成功的一切喝。Get excited about who you are. Celebrate your uniqueness. Maybe you#39;re a very caring individual, efficient, or adept to solving problems. Embrace it. Be proud that you#39;re not like everyone else in your social circle. People love you for being you.很开心,我是这样的人。庆祝你的独一无二。也许你富有爱心,也许你办事很有效率,又或者你解决问题很老道。拥抱你的特别。你应该感到骄傲,因为你跟你的社交圈里的其他人都不一样。正因为你是你,所以大家才会爱。Share your talent. If you#39;ve got a talent share it with the world. If you can write ; write, if you can dance ; dance, if you can organize ;well you get the picture. Believe it or not there are people out there who could benefit greatly from you sharing your talents. Ever notice how giving to others makes you feel so incredible about yourself?分享你的才华。如果你天赋异禀,记得跟全世界分享。如果你文笔很好,那就写作吧;如果你舞跳得很棒,那就跳给大家看;如果你组织能力强,呃,你懂的。不管你相信与否,这世界上总会有人会因为你分享的才华而获益匪浅。你更应该注意的是,这样的分享过程,会让你觉得自己很棒。Forgive yourself. Guilt is a weird thing. All guilt does is hold us in the past reliving something we wish we could change. Not going to happen I#39;m afraid. Forgiveness is a choice. Forgive yourself. The past is the past (I know you#39;ve heard this before but the more you hear it the more you may start to believe it). Forgive yourself, apologize and move on.原谅你自己。内疚是件很奇怪的事情。内疚感只能让我们纠结着过去不放手,老是想着要是重来一遍一切会不一样。不过我想应该什么都不会发生。宽恕其实是种选择,原谅自己,过去的就让它过去吧(我知道你以前肯定也老是听到这句话,不过听到次数越多,你就越应该相信)。原谅,道歉,然后继续向前。Do something just for you. Take time for yourself and just relax. Rest both your mind and your body. Rejuvenate by sitting quietly listen to soft soothing music or watch the wonders of nature from your own backyard, balcony or window. Treat yourself to a massage or spa day. Whatever it is that makes you feel special and relaxed ; do it.为自己做点什么。给自己留点时间,放松下。让你的身心都能好好休息下。静静地坐着,听着抚慰心灵的轻音乐,或者从后院、阳台或窗户看出去,欣赏大自然的奥妙奇景,这些都会让你变年轻。去做做或者泡泡温泉,犒劳一下自己。不论是什么让你觉得很特别很放松,去做就好。Love yourself. Take pride in all your unique glory. Maybe you#39;re quirky and have a very different talent. Embrace it. Flaunt it and share it with the world!爱自己,为自己所有独一无二的魅力感到骄傲。也许你有点奇怪,有点不同常人的才华,拥抱你的特别。要炫耀,然后跟全世界分享。 /201112/165069星沙县妇幼保健医院好不好

长沙县星沙医院做无痛人流多少钱星沙不孕不育三甲医院One of the intriguing things about a relationship is figuring out the exact words that will woo him, wow her, and win his heart. Here are some suggestions for the men and women in your life.恋爱比较有意思的就是,琢磨出对方爱听的甜言蜜语,然后赢得TA的爱恋。以下就为您列出男人女人都爱听的7句甜言蜜语。1.;Yes.;1.;好的。;And we are not talking about the obvious ;yes.; Men want love too, and emotional intimacy, and the security that comes with committed partnership. And it all begins with a positive response from the woman he wants. ;Yes, I noticed you too.; ;Yes, here is my phone number.; ;Yes, I#39;d love to meet you for dinner.; Both men and women love someone who is willing to try new things, go to new places, and have a ;yes; attitude in general.此处我们说的可不只是简单的同意;好的;哦。男人也渴望被爱,需要亲密感情,以及伴侣关系带来的安全感。只要心爱的女人给予肯定的回应,对他说:;对,我也注意到你了哦;;;给,这是我的电话号码;或 ;嗯,非常乐意跟您共进晚餐;,他就会得到满足。一般,男人女人都爱跟态度积极、勇于尝试新事物新地方的人交往。2.;I#39;d rather be with you … ;2.;我更愿意跟你待在一起……;... than do whatever it is that#39;s keeping you apart at the moment. Let#39;s face it, these days, life moves at a crazy pace. The demands of work, family, friends—and even mundane tasks like grocery shopping—can consume every spare minute. It#39;s easy to let optional items, like time together, slip to the bottom of the ;to do; list. But even when unavoidable things get in the way, your partner likes to hear that they are also important to you.此刻我更愿意跟你待在一起,不想去做XX事情。不得不承认,现代社会生活节奏太快。工作家庭朋友——甚至买菜这种日常琐事——都能填满所有空余时间。于是,约会这种可做可不做的事情很容易靠边儿站。其实,就算手上有非做不可的事情,让另一半知道你牵挂着他/她也很受用。3.;Are you free Saturday night?;3.;周六晚上有空吗?;Date nights are important—even if you have been together for years. A man also likes to be pursued as much as he likes to pursue, so don#39;t be afraid to ask him out once in a while, ladies. Don#39;t ever stop carving out that quality time for each other.哪怕你俩已相处多年,约会之夜也还是很重要。男人喜欢追女人,也享受被女人追求。所以,女人不妨偶尔主动约男人出去,共度二人甜蜜时光。4.;There#39;s something you do that I find adorable.;4.;我发现有时你很可爱。;When you notice—and love—something about your partner that isn#39;t obvious to world, it tells them you#39;re interested enough in them to pay attention to the small things. It also confirms the intimate nature of your relationship. Be aware of the cute, charming things they do that you find irresistible. Then tell them what you admire!如果你发现TA有别人看不到的可爱之处,说明你真的非常非常在乎TA所以才会关注这些细微末节。这也表示你俩关系真的亲密无间。留心他/她令你无法抗拒的可爱迷人之处,并将你的喜爱说出来吧!5.;That looks good on you.;5.;你看上去帅呆了/美极了。;This is not a revelation, but how many of us forget to acknowledge our loved ones when they are looking good? It is well understood that women appreciate positive feedback about their appearance—but so do men. He wants to look good … and often works hard to get there. How nice to be told sometimes that it#39;s working.这句美言众人皆知。可现实中又有多少人真正做到呢?人们都知道女人喜欢别人赞美她的容貌——其实男人也是啊。男人也希望自己看上去又帅又酷,并为此不遗余力。有时夸赞这么一句绝对受用哦。6.;You know what? You are right.;6.;哎,还是你说得对啊。;The ability to admit when we are wrong, and give credit to your partner when they are right, is BIG! It#39;s not easy to put our ego#39;s aside, but it#39;s important to be able to do so, because a relationship is not about winning.承认自己的错误而对方是正确的,这是很了不起的事情!放下自我绝非易事,可这么做却很重要。要知道,恋爱并不是谁赢谁输的问题。7.;I really like your friends (or kids or family members).;7.;我很喜欢你的朋友/小孩/家人。;Most women are communal creatures, and relationships are very important to them. So it means a lot when you say something wonderful about the people she loves. Tell her you think her dad is wise, or one of her kids is especially talented, or her close friend is fun to be with. By complimenting the people closest to your partner, you#39;re affirming them as well.多数女人是群居动物,特看重人际关系。如果你喜欢她身边的人,夸她老爸睿智、孩子聪明、朋友风趣,她会很开心。爱屋及乌,夸她身边的人也让她很有面子呢。 /201206/186243长沙星沙做包皮切除手术需要多少钱When I was having a chit-chat with my colleague, she asked me all of a sudden, “How did your husband propose to you at that time? Was it romantic?” I was numbed by her words for a while, and then burst into laughter, “My husband is a bit rigid, so do you think his proposal would be romantic?” Though I said in that way, I felt very sweet in heart when thinking of my husband’s proposing to me. To be honest, his proposal was actually by no means romantic without flowers, diamond ring and any other surprise. It was even could not be called “marriage proposal”.当我正和同事闲聊的时候,她突然问我,“那时候你丈夫是怎么向你求婚的?浪漫吗?”我被她问愣了一会儿,然后爆出大笑,“我丈夫有点儿死板,你想他的求婚会浪漫吗?”话虽如此,但想起我丈夫向我求婚的情形,我心里还是感到非常甜蜜。说实话,他的求婚其实一点儿都不浪漫,没有鲜花、钻戒或者其它任何惊喜。那甚至都不能称之为“求婚”。At that time, he gave me a book about Ireland, which, now I am thinking was a long-established plan. At the weekend when I finished the book, he came to me and asked me whether I had finished the book. Seeing me nod my head, he felt very pleased and said to me in a low but happy voice, “If you like, we can get married in an Irish way!”那时候,他给了我一本关于爱尔兰的书,现在想起来,他其实蓄谋已久。当我周末看完这本书,他过来问我是否已经读完。看到我点头,他非常高兴,然后以低沉而快乐的声音对我说,“如果你愿意,我们可以象爱尔兰人那样结婚!”At that time, my heart was totally convinced by the romantic and sacred law of marriage in Ireland. The book told me that Ireland believes in Catholicism and prohibited divorce. Therefore, when a couple get married, they are supposed to choose the time of their marriage which ranges from 1 year to 100 years. The most impressive of this law of marriage lies in the inverse relationship between the time of marriage and the fees to be charged. If you choose 1 year for your marriage, you shall pay as much as 2, 000 sterling pounds plus receiving a dictionary-thick reference of rights and responsibilities. But if you choose 100 years, then you are very lucky and only need to pay 0.5 pound for the fees and receive a short but heart-touching note in all women’s eyes: “I have no idea the clear rights and responsibilities for my left hand to my right hand, my right leg to my left leg, my left eye to my right eye and my right sphere of brain to the left. Actually, they are an integrated whole and live by each other and cheer for each other. Finally, I would like this pink note to convey my best wishes to your one-hundred-year marriage! May you live happily all your lives!”当时,我的心完全被爱尔兰婚姻的浪漫和神法捕获。书里说,爱尔兰人信仰天主教,禁止离婚。因此,当一对恋人结婚时,他们将会从一到一百年之间选择他们的婚龄。这个婚姻法最令人印象深刻的在于婚龄的选择和相应所付费用的反比关系。如果你选择一年婚龄,你需要付差不多两千英镑,外加接受一本厚如字典的关于权利和责任的参考资料。但是如果你选择一百年婚龄,那你就非常幸运,只需要付半个英镑, 接受一张简短但让任何女人都深受感动的纸条;“我不知道我的左手对右手,我的右腿对左腿,我的左眼对右眼,以及我的右脑对左脑应该享受怎样的权利,承担怎样的责任。事实上,它们是一个整体,相互依赖相互扶持。最后,我希望这张粉色纸条能向你们的百年婚姻传达我所有美好的祝福!祝你们终生幸福!”I still remember at that time that I said to my husband, “Ok, so sir, please choose the time you expect our marriage to last!” He said happily, “I even do not bother to think about it and would definitely choose 100 years because it is highly money-saving!”我依然记得当时我对丈夫说,“那么好吧,先生,请选择你所期待的婚姻期限!”他愉快地说,“我根本不需要去想,肯定是一百年,因为它最省钱了!”Later, I married him, a man who would like to stay with me for 100 years. Although we are not bound by the law of marriage in Ireland, we have cherished our vow to discipline ourselves all the time. We have married like Irish people and look on our marriage as a life-long commitment and spare no effort to nourish it hand in hand as we are gradually aging together.后来,我嫁给了他,这个愿意和我相伴百年的男人。虽然我们不至于被爱尔兰的婚姻法约束,但我们仍然珍视这段让我们始终自律的誓言。我们象爱尔兰人一样结婚,把我们的婚姻视作终生的承诺,不遗余力地精心呵护并携手共老。I also sincerely hope that every pair of lovers in the world can get married like Irish people and love and protect each other whole-heartedly by committing themselves to a 100-year marriage.我也衷心希望世上每一对有情人能象爱尔兰人那样终成眷属,全心全意彼此爱护,共赴百年之约。 /201211/207422湖南省肿瘤医院男科

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