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星沙华夏医院产科长沙/星沙无痛人流可以做吗长沙/星沙那里治疗龟头炎好 Exercise seems to be good for the human brain, with many recent studies suggesting that regular exercise improves memory and thinking skills. But an interesting new study asks whether the apparent cognitive benefits from exercise are real or just a placebo effect — that is, if we think we will be “smarter” after exercise, do our brains respond accordingly? The answer has significant implications for any of us hoping to use exercise to keep our minds sharp throughout our lives.体育锻炼似乎对大脑有益,最近的许多研究表明,经常锻炼可以改善记忆和思维能力。但一项有趣的新研究却提出了这样的问题:体育锻炼在提高认知能力方面显现出来的益处,是真实存在,还是心理作用?也就是说,假如我们相信自己在运动之后会“更聪明”,我们的大脑会不会做出相应的反应?对于想要通过锻炼来在一生中保持头脑敏捷的人来说,这个问题的至关重要。In experimental science, the best, most reliable studies randomly divide participants into two groups, one of which receives the drug or other treatment being studied and the other of which is given a placebo, similar in appearance to the drug, but not containing the active ingredient.在实验科学中,最出色可靠的研究会把参与者随机分为两组,一组得到正在研究的药物或治疗方法,另一组得到的则是无效的安慰剂,其外观与第一组拿到的药物类似,但不含活性成分。Placebos are important, because they help scientists to control for people’s expectations. If people believe that a drug, for example, will lead to certain outcomes, their bodies may produce those results, even if the volunteers are taking a look-alike dummy pill. That’s the placebo effect, and its occurrence suggests that the drug or procedure under consideration isn’t as effective as it might seem to be; some of the work is being done by people’s expectations, not by the medicine.安慰剂很重要,因为它们帮助科学家来控制受试者的预期。例如,如果人们相信一种药物会产生某些效果,他们的身体可能就会出现相应的反应,即使志愿者只是吃了外观相似的无效药物。这就是安慰剂效应,它的存在意味着,正在研究的药物或疗程并没有看上去那么有效;有些效果是由人们的期待促成的,而不是药物本身。Recently, some scientists have begun to question whether the apparently beneficial effects of exercise on thinking might be a placebo effect. While many studies suggest that exercise may have cognitive benefits, those experiments all have had a notable scientific limitation: They have not used placebos.最近,一些科学家开始怀疑,体育锻炼表现出来的改善思维的益处可能是安慰剂效应。尽管许多研究显示,运动或有提高认知能力的好处,但这些实验都存在一种明显的科学局限性:它们没有使用对照组。This issue is not some abstruse scientific debate. If the cognitive benefits from exercise are a result of a placebo effect rather than of actual changes in the brain because of the exercise, then those benefits could be ephemeral and unable in the long term to help us remember how to spell ephemeral.这个问题本身并不涉及什么深奥的科学辩论。如果运动提高认知能力的益处是安慰剂效应,而不是大脑因为运动发生了真正的改变,那么这些好处可能就会转瞬即逝,无法长期帮助我们记住“转瞬即逝”这种复杂词汇。Studying this issue, however, is difficult. There is no placebo for exercise and no way to blind people about whether they are exercising. They know if they are walking or cycling or not.然而,研究这个问题却很困难。对于体育锻炼来说,不存在无效对照剂,也没有办法不让受试者知道自己是不是在运动。他们清楚自己有没有步行或骑自行车。So researchers at Florida State University in Tallahassee and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign came up with a clever workaround. They decided to focus on expectations, on what people anticipate that exercise will do for thinking. If people’s expectations jibe closely with the actual benefits, then at least some of those improvements are probably a result of the placebo effect and not of exercise.因此,来自塔拉哈西的佛罗里达州立大学(Florida State University)以及伊利诺伊大学厄巴纳-香槟分校(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)的研究人员想到了一个聪明的迂回办法。他们决定把关注点放在:受试者预期锻炼会对思维产生何种影响。如果他们的期待与实际的益处吻合,那么至少部分好处很可能是源于安慰剂效应,而不是锻炼的结果。The scientists had seen this situation at work during an earlier study of games and cognition. Past research had suggested that playing action-oriented games improves players’ subsequent thinking skills. But when scientists in the new study asked -game players to estimate by how much the games would improve their thinking, the players’ estimates almost exactly matched the gains seen on cognitive tests after playing. In other words, the cognitive benefits of playing games appear to be largely a result of a placebo effect.在早前对视频游戏与认知能力的关系所做的研究中,科学家们就遇到过这种情况。过去的研究显示,玩动作类视频游戏可以改善玩家的思维能力。但当进行新研究的科学家们让视频游戏玩家估计游戏能在多大程度上改善他们的思维能力时,玩家的估计几乎和玩后的认知测试的加分完全吻合。换句话说,玩视频游戏的认知好处似乎主要是心理作用。For the new study, which was published last month in PLOS One, the researchers repeated this experiment but focused on exercise. Recruiting 171 people through an online survey system, they asked half of these volunteers to estimate by how much a stretching and toning program performed three times a week might improve various measures of thinking, including memory and mental multitasking.关于锻炼的这项新研究上个月发表在《公共科学图书馆:综合》期刊(PLOS One)上。研究人员重复了这个实验,但把实验内容换成了体育锻炼。他们通过一个在线调查系统招募了171人,要求其中一半的志愿者来评估,如果一周进行三次拉伸运动,能够在多大程度上改善思维能力,比如和一心多用的能力。The other volunteers were asked the same questions, but about a regular walking program.另一组志愿者被问到同样的问题,不过锻炼项目换成了有规律的步行运动。In actual experiments, stretching and toning regimens generally have little if any impact on people’s cognitive skills. Walking, on the other hand, seems to substantially improve thinking ability.在真实的实验中,拉伸运动基本上对认知能力没有多少影响。另一方面,散步则显示出能大幅改善思维能力。But the survey respondents believed the opposite, estimating that the stretching and toning program would be more beneficial for the mind than walking. The volunteers’ estimates of the likely cognitive improvements from gentle toning averaged about a three on a scale from one to six. The estimates of benefits from walking were lower.不过,在这项实验中,受试者的想法则正好相反。他们估计拉伸项目比步行对大脑更有益处。以1到6级来衡量,志愿者认为,轻度拉伸对认知的潜在改善的平均等级是3。他们对步行的评估则低一些。These data, while they do not involve any actual exercise, are good news for people who do exercise. “The results from our study suggest that the benefits of aerobic exercise are not a placebo effect,” said Cary Stothart, a graduate student in cognitive psychology at Florida State University, who led the study.这些数据虽然没有涉及真正的体育锻炼,对于真正从事锻炼的人来说却是个好消息。“我们的研究结果显示,有氧运动的好处不是安慰剂效应,”佛罗里达州立大学的认知心理学研究生卡里·斯托塔特(Cary Stothart)说。他牵头进行了这项研究。If expectations had been driving the improvements in cognition seen in studies after exercise, Mr. Stothart said, then people should have expected walking to be more beneficial for thinking than stretching. They didn’t, implying that the changes in the brain and thinking after exercise are physiologically genuine.斯托塔特解释,假如是人们的期待在驱动研究中发现的锻炼对认知能力的改善,那么受试者就应该是期待步行比拉伸更有益处。他们没有,这就意味着体育锻炼之后,大脑和思维能力真的发生了生理上的变化。Of course, this study was small and involved a self-selected group of people who happen to like completing online surveys. Some said they exercised, others said they did not. None claimed to be familiar with the science related to exercise and the brain, but it is impossible to know if people were being forthright.当然,这项研究的规模较小,参与者只涵盖了喜欢完成网上调查的人。有些人声称自己平时锻炼,其他人则说自己不运动。没人自称熟悉与运动和大脑有关的科学,但也无法知道他们是不是都说了真话。Still, the findings are strong enough to suggest that exercise really does change the brain and may, in the process, improve thinking, Mr. Stothart said. That conclusion should encourage scientists to look even more closely into how, at a molecular level, exercise remodels the human brain, he said. It also should spur the rest of us to move, since the benefits are, it seems, not imaginary, even if they are in our head.不过,斯托塔特表示,这些发现仍然足以明,锻炼真的会改变大脑,或许在这个过程中,还可能改善思维能力。他说,这个结论应该可以鼓励科学家们进一步探索:在分子层面上,运动是如何重塑了我们的大脑。它还应该激励我们其他人动起来,因为看来这些益处并非想象出来的,虽然它们的确发生在我们的大脑里。 /201411/344933星沙县人民泌尿专科在哪

星沙华夏医院是不是私立医院MANY people have been making the case that Americans have grown fat because they eat too much starch and sugar, and not enough meat, fat and eggs. Recently, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee lifted recommendations that consumption of dietary cholesterol should be restricted, citing research that dietary cholesterol does not have a major effect on blood cholesterol levels. The predictable headlines followed: “Back to Eggs and Bacon?”很多人都说,美国人变得肥胖是因为他们吃了太多淀粉和糖,而没有摄入足够的肉类、脂肪和鸡蛋。近日,美国膳食指南咨询委员会(Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee)取消了“膳食中的胆固醇消耗应该受到限制”的建议。它援引的一项研究认为,饮食中的胆固醇不会对血液中的胆固醇水平产生重大影响。不出所料,一些媒体打出了这样的大标题:“回归鸡蛋和熏肉?”But, alas, bacon and egg yolks are not health foods.但是,唉,熏肉和蛋黄都不是健康食品。Although people have been told for decades to eat less meat and fat, Americans actually consumed 67 percent more added fat, 39 percent more sugar, and 41 percent more meat in 2000 than they had in 1950 and 24.5 percent more calories than they had in 1970, according to the Agriculture Department. Not surprisingly, we are fatter and unhealthier.虽然这几十年来,人们都被告知要少吃肉类和脂肪,但与1950年相比,美国人在2000年实际消耗的添加脂肪增加了67%,糖分增加了39%,肉类增加了41%,而且比1970年多摄入了24.5%的卡路里。因此毫不奇怪,我们变得更胖了,健康水平也下滑了。The debate is not as simple as low-fat versus low-carb. Research shows that animal protein may significantly increase the risk of premature mortality from all causes, among them cardiovascular disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes. Heavy consumption of saturated fat and trans fats may double the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.这场辩论不是简单地比较低脂肪饮食与低碳水化合物饮食。研究表明,动物蛋白可能会大幅增加各种原因导致的过早死亡风险,这些原因包括心血管疾病、癌症和2型糖尿病。大量摄入饱和脂肪和反式脂肪,可能会让阿尔茨海默氏症的患病风险增加一倍。A study published last March found a 75 percent increase in premature deaths from all causes, and a 400 percent increase in deaths from cancer and Type 2 diabetes, among heavy consumers of animal protein under the age of 65 — those who got 20 percent or more of their calories from animal protein.去年3月公布的一项研究发现,在大量摄入动物蛋白的65岁以下人群中,各种原因导致的过早死亡数量增加了75%,因癌症和2型糖尿病而死亡的人数增加了400%。这些人摄入的的卡路里中,超过20%都来自动物蛋白。Low-carb, high-animal-protein diets promote heart disease via mechanisms other than just their effects on cholesterol levels. Arterial blockages may be caused by animal-protein-induced elevations in free fatty acids and insulin levels and decreased production of endothelial progenitor cells (which help keep arteries clean). Egg yolks and red meat appear to significantly increase the risk of coronary heart disease and cancer due to increased production of trimethylamine N-oxide, or TMAO, a metabolite of meat and egg yolks linked to the clogging of arteries. (Egg whites have neither cholesterol nor TMAO.)低碳水化合物加高动物蛋白的饮食促发心脏疾病,其方式不仅仅是影响胆固醇水平那样简单。在动物蛋白诱导下,游离脂肪酸和胰岛素水平升高,内皮祖细胞(有助于保持动脉清洁)的生成减少,从而可能引起动脉堵塞。蛋黄和红肉似乎明显增加了冠状动脉心脏疾病和癌症的患病风险,因为它增进了三甲胺氧化物(TMAO)的生成。TMAO是肉和蛋黄的代谢物,与动脉堵塞有关。(蛋清既没有胆固醇,也不含TMAO)。Animal protein increases IGF-1, an insulin-like growth hormone, and chronic inflammation, an underlying factor in many chronic diseases. Also, red meat is high in Neu5Gc, a tumor-forming sugar that is linked to chronic inflammation and an increased risk of cancer. A plant-based diet may prolong life by blocking the mTOR protein, which is linked to aging. When fat calories were carefully controlled, patients lost 67 percent more body fat than when carbohydrates were controlled. An optimal diet for preventing disease is a whole-foods, plant-based diet that is naturally low in animal protein, harmful fats and refined carbohydrates. What that means in practice is little or no red meat; mostly vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes and soy products in their natural forms; very few simple and refined carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour; and sufficient “good fats” such as fish oil or flax oil, seeds and nuts. A healthful diet should be low in “bad fats,” meaning trans fats, saturated fats and hydrogenated fats. Finally, we need more quality and less quantity.动物蛋白增加了胰岛素样生长激素IGF-1和慢性炎症,后者是很多慢性疾病的潜在成因。另外,红肉含有很高的Neu5Gc,这是一种导致肿瘤的糖分,可能会引起慢性炎症,增加患癌风险。以植物为主的饮食则可以延年益寿,因为它可以阻断引起衰老的mTOR蛋白质。与控制碳水化合物时相比,当脂肪热量受到严格控制时,患者减去了67%的额外身体脂肪。预防疾病的最佳饮食,是基于植物的全面膳食,其中动物蛋白、对人体有害脂肪,以及精制的碳水化合物含量天然就比较低。这意味着在日常生活中少吃或不吃红肉;主要吃未经深加工的蔬菜、水果、全谷类,豆类和豆制品;像糖和白面粉这种单纯和精制碳水化合物,只消耗极少量;要摄入足够的“好脂肪”,比如鱼油或亚麻籽油,种子和坚果。少吃“坏脂肪”,即反式脂肪、饱和脂肪和氢化脂肪。最后,我们还需要提高质量,减少数量。My colleagues and I at the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute and the University of California, San Francisco, have conducted clinical research proving the many benefits of a whole-foods, plant-based diet on reversing chronic diseases, not just on reducing risk factors such as cholesterol. Our interventions also included stress management techniques, moderate exercise like walking and social support.我和非营利机构预防医学研究院(Preventive Medicine Research Institute)及加州大学旧金山分校(University of California, San Francisco)的同事们进行过临床研究,明基于植物的全面膳食在逆转慢性疾病方面有着众多好处,而不只是降低胆固醇等风险因素。我们的干预措施还包括压力管理技巧、散步这样的适度运动,以及社交持。We showed in randomized, controlled trials that these diet and lifestyle changes can reverse the progression of even severe coronary heart disease. Episodes of chest pain decreased by 91 percent after only a few weeks. After five years there were 2.5 times fewer cardiac events. Blood flow to the heart improved by over 300 percent.我们的随机对照试验研究显示,在改变饮食习惯和生活方式之后,就连严重的冠状动脉心脏疾病发展都可以逆转。仅仅几周后,患者胸痛发作次数就减少了91%。五年之后,心脏事件减少了2.5倍。流向心脏的血液改善了300%。Other physicians, including Dr. Kim A. Williams, the president of the American College of Cardiology, are also finding that these diet and lifestyle changes can reduce the need for a lifetime of medications and transform people’s lives. These changes may also slow, stop or even reverse the progression of early-stage prostate cancer, judging from results in a randomized controlled trial.美国心脏病学会(American College of Cardiology)会长金·A·威廉斯(Kim A. Williams)士等其他医生还发现,改变饮食习惯和生活方式可以减少终生用药的需要,可以让人们的生活焕然一新。从随机对照试验的结果来看,这些改变还有可能减缓、中止甚至逆转早期前列腺癌症的发展。These changes may also alter your genes, turning on genes that keep you healthy, and turning off genes that promote disease. They may even lengthen telomeres, the ends of our chromosomes that control aging.这些改变也可能会转变你的基因,启动让你健康的基因,关闭促发疾病的基因。它们甚至可能延长端粒;它是染色体的末端,作用是控制衰老。The more people adhered to these recommendations (including reducing the amount of fat and cholesterol they consumed), the more improvement we measured — at any age. But for reversing disease, a whole-foods, plant-based diet seems to be necessary.无论属于哪个年龄阶段,人们越是遵循这些建议(包括减少脂肪和胆固醇摄入),我们测量到的改善也就越大。但对于逆转疾病而言,基于植物的全面膳食似乎是必不可少。In addition, what’s good for you is good for our planet. Livestock production causes more disruption of the climate than all forms of transportation combined. And because it takes as much as 10 times more grain to produce the same amount of calories through livestock as through direct grain consumption, eating a plant-based diet could free up resources for the hungry.此外,有利于你的东西对我们的星球也有好处。畜牧业对气候变化的影响,超过了所有运输工具的总和。而且,与直接消耗粮食相比,需要多达10倍以上的粮食,才能通过牲畜产生同样多的卡路里,所以,以植物为主的饮食习惯有助于腾出资源来救助饥民。What you gain is so much more than what you give up.与你放弃的东西相比,你的所得远远更大。 /201503/367303星沙不孕不育治疗多少钱 Milk Pastry乳饼 Milk pastry, looking like white tofu, is a kind of cheese made by Bai people in Dali district and Sani people in Lunan district of Yunnan Province. In Bai language it is called “ yond bap”, which means making of milk or goat milk. Milk pastry made of goat milk is of the best quality. Either fired or raw milk pastry with the flavorings of sugar and salt tastes great.乳饼是云南大理白族人和路南撒尼人制作的一种奶酪(cheese)的名称。白语称为yond bap用牛奶或山羊奶制成。用山羊奶制成的质量最好。白色块状。酷似豆腐块。 沾白糖、椒盐生吃或者下油锅煎吃都很爽口。There is a story about the origin of milk pastry. A long time ago, when winter comes people herd sheep flocks in weed-rich areas which are far from villages. Over the long distance from pastures to the villages, fresh milk has aly gone sour. As a result, quite much goat milk is wasted.关于乳饼制作的起源有着这样一个传说,相传在很久以前,每逢冬季来临,人们就要把羊群赶到水草丰盛的地方去放牧,而水草丰盛的地方又远离村镇,从牧场把鲜奶运回村镇时,鲜奶已变酸。所以牧民们每天都要倒掉许多雪白的羊奶。A smart young man is inspired by the preparation of tofu of his neighbor and after repeated experiments he comes up with the recipe of milk pastry. By adding physalis (a kind of rare vegetable) to goat milk, the tofu-like milk pastry he makes is bursting with the delightful smell of milk, and is tasty and refreshing. Being easy to preserve, process, and transport, soon the recipe of milk pastry is widely sp and welcomed.有一位聪明的年轻人从邻居制作豆腐的过程中得到启示,经过反复实酸浆点羊奶制作乳饼的方法。用此种方法制作的乳饼色白如豆腐,奶香飘溢,食之嫩滑爽口。乳饼比羊奶更易贮藏运输和加工食用。因此乳饼制作方法不胫而走,广为传播。 /201504/371737星沙免疫性不孕症状

星沙不孕不育症医院Science offers a handy way to distinguish between faithful and promiscuous types: check the length of their fingers。  科学提供了一个辨别忠诚和花心类型的便捷方法:看看手指的长度。  People with a right ring finger that’s much longer than the index of the same hand are more likely to veer toward the dissolute, judging from an Oxford University study published today in the journal Biology Letters。  根据牛津大学今天在《生物学报》期刊上发表的文章判断,人们同一只手的无名指比食指长的话,就更有可能花心哦。  Finger length is set before birth, influenced by the level of sex hormones babies are exposed to in the womb. Men and women with longer ring fingers probably soaked up extra testosterone, which is linked with an appetite for more sexual partners, the researchers said。  手指的长度是天生的,婴儿在子宫里的时候就暴露在性激素的影响下。研究者说道,男人和女人的手指比较长,可能是吸收了过多的睾丸素——这与渴望更多性伴侣之间关联紧密。  “There seems to be two types of males and two types of females,” Wlodarski, a researcher in the university’s department of experimental psychology said. “We observed what appears to be a cluster of males and a cluster of females who are more inclined to ‘stay,’ with a separate cluster of males and females being more inclined to ‘stray,’ when it comes to sexual relationships。”  “男人和女人似乎看似都有两类,”牛津大学实验心理学系的研究员沃达斯基说道。“我们注意到,在两性关系上,好像更倾向于‘安定’的男人和女人都有一群,而另一群的男人和女人更倾向去‘游荡不定’。”  The research used finger measurements from more than 1,300 people, and surveys of almost 600 volunteers in the U.K. and U.S. That doesn’t mean you can blame that steamy affair solely on hand physiology, or rely on finger length to guarantee a stable marriage. While statistics based on standardized questionnaires pointed to a link between the finger length differential and behavior, other factors can mitigate that impact, according to Wlodarski。 研究测量了1300多人的手指长度,并调查了英国和美国的600多位志愿者。不过那并不意味着,手的生理机能就要为不正当关系负全责,或是全依仗手指长度来保障一段稳定的婚姻。根据沃达斯基所说,虽然标准问卷指出了手指长度分差和行为之间的关联,其他因素也能缓和该影响。  “There’s really almost no one that exists who’s purely promiscuous or purely monogamous,” he said in a telephone interview. “Everything we are is a combination of both our genetics and our environment. There’s massive room for variation, and that variation will depend on your upbringing, on your early relationship experience, on your development, and on aspects of free will and aspects of making decisions based on your experiences。”  “实际上,几乎不存在完完全全的,或是仅仅的忠贞不二,”他在电话采访中说道。“我们之所以成为现在的人,归功于基因和环境的双重影响。变化的空间很大,变化会取决于你的教育,你早前的人际关系经历,你的独立性,还有自由意愿方面和根据你的经历做出的决议方面。” /201502/359031 1. The Early Period of the Movie1、中国早期电影的发展At the move of the 19th century, the movie was introduced into China. In 1896, a Western movie was shown in Shanghai, which was the first movie showing in China. In 1905,a photo studio in Beijing made the first Chinese movie , which was only a collection of scenes from a Beijing opera based on the classical novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In the early thirties, many revolutionary movies were produced, such as Spring Silkworms, Plunder of Peach and Plum , Three Modem Women , The Great Road,Song of the Fishermen,and Crossroads. These movies reflect the realities of society and the wishes of the people.19世纪末期,电影引人中国。中国第一部引进的西方电影于1脱年在上海上映。 1905年,北京一家照相室选取京剧传统曲目《三国演义》的一些简单场景制作了中国第一部电影。在中国电影事业发展的最初30年中,创作了许多革命电影,例如:《春蚕》、《桃李劫机《三个登女性》、《大路》、《温光曲》、《十字街头},集中反映了当时社会的现状和人民的愿望。 During the Anti-Japanese War, many progressive movies were made, such as Defend Our Land, The March of Victory, The North is Ours, Sons and Daughters of China,and The Snowy Taihang Mountains. The movies reflected the people#39;s requirement for resistance against Japan.抗战期间,许多进步电影诞生了,例如《保卫我们的土地》、《胜利进行曲》、《华北是我们的》、《中华儿女》、《风雪太行山》。这些电影都反映了人民要求坚持抗战的强烈愿望。After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War,a great number of excellent movies were produced , Such as Remote Love , Along the Songhua River,Eight Thousand Li of Cloud and Moon, and The Spring River Flows East. All of them areαbout the people#39;s life or struggles during the War of Resistance against Japan.抗战胜利后,中国电影发行了如《遥远的爱》、《松花江上》、《八千里路云和月》和《一江春水向东流》等大批反映抗战时期人民生活和斗争的杰出电影。In the liberated areas, the founding of the Ya#39;ann Movie Group marks the starting point of the people#39;s movie industry. This group shot valuable documentaries which included yan#39;an and the Eighth Route Army, Dr. Norman Bethune, and Nanniwan. In 1946, the Yan#39;an Movie Studio was founded and recorded part of the Liberation War. In October, the Northeast Movie Studio was established. Its main productions were seventeen newsreels entitled The Democratic Northeast.在解放区,延安电影团的成立标志着人民电影事业的开始。先后拍摄了《延安与八路军》、《白求恩大夫》和《南泥湾》等一些价值很高的纪录片。1946年,延安电影制片厂成立,出品了一些解放战争的影片。10月,东北电影制片厂成立,主要作品为《民主东北》17部系列新闻片。Many old progressive movies made before the founding of the People#39;s Republic of China adopted the realistic style; therefore they reflect Chinese society and the lives of the people and show sympathy for the poor. Early movie-makers owned clear purpose of their work: to make movies which could entertain the ordinary people so that they managed to make the plot development, customs and habits , language and acting of their movies conform to the tastes of the audience. Obviously, the pioneers of China#39;s progressive movies made great contributions to the development of China#39;s movie industry.建国前很多进步影片采用了现实主义形式,对中国社会、民生都有很大的影响力,这些影片都表达了对穷苦大众的同情。为了实现电影的创作目标一一一愉悦普通老百姓,早期电影工作者努力使情节发展、风俗习惯、语言、表演都能符合观众品位。中国进步电影的先驱们为中国电影事业的发展做出了巨大贡献。 /201505/373199湘雅医院做产检多少钱长沙/星沙男子医院哪家好



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