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职场英语·送礼物  A surprise for you. Hope you’ll like it.   给你惊喜哦,希望你会喜欢。   Here’s a souvenir for you. I bought from Beijing.   给你个纪念品,这可是我从北京带来的哦。   Wow, is it really for me? It’s just what I want.   这真的是送给我的吗?我一直想要这个呢。   That’s so nice of you. Shall I open it?   你太好啦,我能打开看看吗?。

Theres a collection of different styles.我们这里有许多式样。We have a fine selection of curtains.我们有许多窗帘供您选择。We stock different kinds of leather jackets.我们有各种皮夹克供应。This is a name brand.这是名牌产品。This design is much in fashion this summer.今年夏天这种款式非常流行。This material is of good texture.这种料子质地很好。This is selling well.这是非常好销的。Its been on the market for just a few months, but its quite popular.这个产品上市刚几个月,但相当受欢迎。Its a best-selling product.这个产品很畅销。This design comes in four colors and all sizes.这种款式有四种颜色,尺寸齐全。Its designed for elderly people.这是为老年人设计的。Introducing Mountain Bikes介绍山地车Good morning. Can I help you?早上好。需要帮忙吗?Yes. Im interested in your range of mountain bikes.是的。我想看看你们的山地车系列。Well, weve got a new model here. Its that one over there.好的,我们这儿有一种新型号。就是那边的那辆。Can you tell me something about it?能给我介绍一下吗?Yes. Its suitable for children from the age of ten and over. We have a boys model and a girls model.好的。这款产品适合十岁以上的孩子,有男式车和女式车。The boys is available in yellow and purple and the girls is available in grey and pink. Its been on the market for just a few months, but its quite popular.男式车有黄色和紫色两种颜色,女式车有灰色和粉红色。这种车上市刚几个月,但相当受欢迎。How much does it cost?多少钱一辆?It costs 450 yuan.450元。The design and color are very beautiful. but its a little expensive. Is there any discount?样式和颜色是很好看,就是价钱贵了点儿。可以打折吗?No. Not usually on new products like this.不可以。像这样的新产品通常不打折。 /201405/301867。

1.Accountant 会计A: So you sound like an accountant.B: I'm a certified public account (CPA).A:听上去你像是一个会计师。B:我是个注册会计师。 2.Appreciation 增值A: Could an asset appreciate?B: It could. Like the real estate may appreciate over the years.A:资产能够增值吗?B:会的,例如房地产可能会随时间增值。3.Break even 收平衡A: Did you guys make any money last year?B: No. We just broke even.A:我们去年盈利了吗?B:没有,只是不亏不盈。4.Cashier 出纳员A: Who is the Cashier of our company?B: Mr. Liu.A:谁是我们工司的出纳员啊?B:刘先生。5.A/P (Account Payable)应付账款A: What does Accountant Payable record?B: It records all the payments we need to make.A:应付账款都记录些什么?B:记录所有我们需要付的款项。 /200809/50361。

不用课本学商务英语口语第48期接听外商电话你能应对自如吗? 面对外商谈判你能应对自如吗? 面对外籍上司谈论商务问题你能应对自如吗? 商务场景→英语句子 你本来口语还不错,可面对突然而遇到的商务场景,你却找不到合适的句子,怎么办?《 NO-BOOK 商务英语口语》的“商务场景→英语句子”让你闭目养神时听一听,就能记住很多有“现场感”的英语句子,让你面对“紧急”的商务场景,也能应对自如。。

You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.做任何事如果不努力的话,最得不到结果的。cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs直译过来就是:“不打碎鸡蛋就做不了煎蛋卷”,这个短语的正确意思是:“天下没有白吃的午餐,付出才有收获”。因此,当美国人说;You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;You must work hard if you want to success.;、;No pains, no gains.;。情景对白:Lenna: I failed to get promoted again.蕾娜:我升职的事儿又泡汤了。Todd: Honey, youve never tried your best! You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.托德:亲爱的,你从没有尽过全力,做任何事如果不努力的话,是得不到结果的。搭配句积累:①I failed to get the project because I thought there was no competitor.我原以为没人竞争,结果没拿到这个项目。②I was forced to leave because I got no achievements this year.我被迫离开了,因为今年什么业绩都没有。③Who can tell me why all my workmates are promoted but me?谁能告诉我为什么同事都晋升了,就我没有?④The boss has refused to promote me for the reason that I often ask for leave.老板拒绝给我升职因为我经常请假。单词:1. omelet n. 煎蛋卷,炒鸡蛋Er...... Ill have the heart-healthy omelet with goat cheese and peppers, please.嗯……请给我来一份保留蛋黄的煎蛋卷,配上羊酪,加上胡椒粉。The omelet making was meant to show how a robot could be ;taught; to accomplish complex tasks.让机器人煎蛋卷是为说明可以「教会」机器人做复杂的工作。2. ask for leave 请假He went to the office to ask for leave.他到办公室去请假。I have to ask for leave for the next week because of some issues to handle, please approve.因有些事情要办理,故本人想下周请假一周,望批准。 /201211/210198。

第一句:Expect your best price.盼望得到最低价。A: We get to know that you are specializing in walnut meat.我们得知你方专营核桃仁。B: Yes, we are the leading exporter.是的。我们是主要的出口商。A: Thats why we contact you. And expect your best price.所以我们和你联系。并盼望得到最低价。第二句:Please e us your lowest price CIF Hamburg for ten MT of walnut meat.请给我们报汉堡10公吨核桃仁的最低到岸价。A: Please e us your lowest price CIF Hamburg for ten MT of walnut meat.请给我们报汉堡10公吨核桃仁的最低到岸价。B: OK. We will discuss it as soon as possible.好的。我们会尽快讨论。A: We are waiting for your early reply.我们等待你方的尽早回复。 “询价”是采购人员作业流程上的必要阶段。在接到公司采购任务或请购单、了解目前库存状况及采购预算后,最重要的就是寻找和联络供应商,同时发送“询价”。其他表达法:Please e us your most competitive prices.请给我们报你方最具竞争力的价格。Please e us your lowest price for fertilizers.请给我们报肥料的最低价格。 /201207/189839。

Meetings: agenda settingIntroductionThis module focuses on the language of meetings, which are central to business communication. Most meetings have an agenda - a list of matters to be discussed in the meeting. When you decide what to talk about in the meeting, you 'set the agenda'. The person in charge of the setting the agenda and running the meeting is the 'chairperson'.Clip 1Sarah: Right then, Alex, let’s get down to business. On the agenda today for our public relations meeting are the research project, the launch of the website, the timeline for press releases, and the secretary of the year award. Are you quite happy with those points?Alex: Yeah, that’s fine. If you could go through them in order, that’d be great.Clip 2Alex: Okay everybody, thanks for coming. Let's keep this meeting fairly brief, really just a couple of things on the agenda. First of all, as you can see, the news on the book re-launch; and secondly, the office move; and finally, we will have a little bit of time for any other business. /08/79920。