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星沙县妇科检查满意妇幼保健长沙县华夏医院看前列腺炎好吗Whether it#39;s a gentle peck or a playful nibble, a kiss is more than just a kiss according to a new series of infographics that reveals how you and your partner pucker up speaks volumes about your relationship.一个新的信息图表显示,你和你的伴侣怎样接吻充分表现了你们的关系,不论是温柔的轻吻还是嬉闹的咬吻,亲吻的意义都不止于此。Although there are a variety of ways to show physical affection, Phil Mutz from LittleThings compiled a list of 11 different ways to kiss your love - and what your favorite style says about you and your partner#39;s romance.尽管从肢体上表达爱意的方式多种多样,但是“小事物”(LittleThings)的菲尔·姆茨整理了11种接吻的方式,以及你最喜爱的接吻方式透露出的你和伴侣之间的感情状况。GENTLE KISS轻吻Because this type of kiss is typically a prelude to more physical intimacy, it is described as being about #39;teasing and delayed gratification#39; and usually shared between two people who are deeply comfortable with each other.这种接吻方式通常是进一步肢体接触的前奏,所以它通常被描述为“挑逗或者延迟满足感”,而且通常在两个人关系十分舒适时发生。你的接吻方式暴露了什么?PECK匆匆一吻For people who are kissing for the first time or just started dating, Phil explained that a peck is #39;all about testing the waters#39;. It is a sign that a person would like to continue a physical relationship but wants to make sure that the other person feels the same.菲尔说这样的接吻就是试试水,适合第一次接吻或是刚开始约会的情侣。通常,情侣中的一方想要更亲密的肢体接触,他们会用这种方式试探对方是否也有同样的想法。However, as a relationship deepens it becomes a sign of comfort as it can be an intimate way to say #39;hello#39; or #39;goodbye#39; to your partner.然而,随着关系变深,这样接吻渐渐成为伴侣间问好或是道别的一种亲密的方式,意味着两人相处在一起很舒。SINGLE-LIP KISS单唇亲吻This type of kiss is more intimate than a peck because the partners choose to be deeply focused on one section of the other#39;s mouth. However, it is a slow kiss that can seem more romantic than more aggressive open mouth kisses.这种亲吻方式比匆匆一吻更亲密,因为亲吻的一方会着重吻对方嘴的具体某一部位。不过,这种吻比较舒缓,和较为激烈的湿吻相比,更加浪漫。 /201510/402973星沙不孕不育检查医院 Who doesn#39;t get stressed every now and then? It may feel like you#39;re always on the brink of being totally overwhelmed. The key is knowing when it#39;s happening — and being proactive about putting an end to it.  谁不会时不时的感到焦虑呢?有时候你会感到自己就在彻底崩溃的边缘,应对这种状态的关键在于,知道你什么时候会有这种感觉——并且要预先准备好克这种状态的应对之道。  We rounded up 30 expert and research-backed ways to relax, whether you have five minutes, five hours or five weeks. So long, stress!  我们收集了三十种让你放松压力的方法,这些方法都是经过专家验和调研统计的,不管你能抽出五分钟还是五个小时,抑或5周时间,都来看看吧。永别啦,焦虑!  1. Write your worries down in a journal.  把你的烦恼都记在日记里。  2. Peel an orange. Studies show the smell of citrus can help reduce stress.  剥个橙子。研究明橙子的香气能帮助人减缓压力。  3. Eat an avocado.  吃一个鳄梨。  4. Take a walk in green space.  在绿荫中散个步。  5. Hang out with your BFF.  跟闺蜜来个聚会。  6. Spend a few minutes focusing on your breath.  花几分钟时间专注地调整呼吸。  7. Take a power nap.  好好睡个午觉。  8. Bring your dog to work.  把你的带去上班。  9. Listen to Mozart.  听莫扎特的音乐。  10. Try some aromatherapy.  尝试一下香薰疗法。  11. Let out a laugh.  开怀大笑。  12. Get a massage.  收个短信息。  13. Give someone a big hug.  给别人一个大大的拥抱。  14. Belt it out at karaoke...  在KTV引吭高歌……  15. Do a small project or craft.  做点小手工和小任务。  16. Take up knitting.  学学编织。  17. Unsubscribe from all of those promotional emails.  退订所有的推销邮件。  18. Kiss a loved one.  亲吻你的爱人。  19. Call your mom.  给妈妈打个电话。  20. Do a progressive muscle relaxation exercise.  做一套强度循序渐进的肌肉放松操。  21. Set ;stress boundaries;. If someone — or something — is starting to stress you out, step away from the situation.  设置一个“压力防火墙”,如果某人或某件事开始让你感到焦虑,从这种让你焦虑的环境中走出来。  22. Go for a run.  出去跑一跑。  23. Color a picture. This activity isn#39;t just for kids!  为一幅图画上色,这可不仅仅是孩子的游戏!  24. Pet your dog or cat.  宠爱你的或者猫。  25. Look out the window.  看看窗外的风景。  26. Try a de-stressing app.  试着用用放松压力的应用程序。  27. Use your imagination and look at your life like scenes in a movie.  动用你的想象力,想象自己像看电影中的画面一样观赏着自己的生活。  28. Count to 10, then count backward.  数到10,然后倒数到1。  29. Spend a little time in the sun. (Just wear your SPF!)  花点时间呆在阳光下。(记得擦防晒霜哟!)  30. Take a lunch break away from your desk.  离开办公桌好好吃顿午饭。 /201603/433456长沙华夏妇科医院电话

星沙男性不孕检查项目5.Set Goals5.设目标We all work hard, but sometimes we forget about our end goals. So you have a decent job with decent pay and a daily routine… for what? It#39;s important to set long-term goals for yourself (and it#39;s ok if they change). Working toward something helps keep you from going crazy at your 9-5, knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Think: a big trip, nicer car, promotion, whatever would make you happy! We work to live, not live to work.我们总是兢兢业业,有时却忘了我们的终极目标。你有一份体面的工作、可观的收入和一成不变的日程等等。但是,你做这些都是为了什么?因此,为自己设立一个远期目标是很有必要的(即使它改变了也无所谓)。为一个既定的目标奋斗可以让你不被朝九晚五的无聊工作逼疯,因为你能看到终点绽放着胜利的曙光。试想一下:旅行、名车、升职加薪,不管是什么,只要能让你欢天喜地的都可以是你的目标,因为我们是为生活而工作,不是为工作而生活。4.Make To-Do Lists4.制计划表This is a big one. The way the work force is nowadays, it#39;s no wonder why we#39;re all going insane! One of the best ways to deal with this is keeping a serious to-do list. Prioritize what#39;s important, cross off what gets done and circle what doesn#39;t. Be strategic and smart with your time, it can be your saving grace when you start to become overwhelmed.当今社会工作压力巨大,也难怪我们都快要崩溃了。对此,其中一个有效的解决方法就是严格执行计划表的事项。优先去做重要的事情,删掉已经做过的,圈出还没做的。充分合理地利用你的时间,这也许会在你不知所措时成为你的强心剂。3.Keep Positive Relationships Close3.保持积极而亲密的人际关系It#39;s important to keep your [positive] relationships with your family and friends close. As much meditation and exercise you do, you#39;re still going to need to vent about your problems. We all do, and it#39;s nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes we just need to burst into tears and start screaming, embrace your shadow. But, do this with someone who won#39;t judge or criticize you, just simply be there.和家人、朋友保持积极密切的关系也是非常重要的。即使你做再多的冥想和运动,你仍然需要发泄内心的情感。当然,我们都需要,这并不是什么羞耻的事情。有时候,我们仅仅想要大哭一场、放声尖叫或是静静地在角落里舔舐伤口。也许,找个人陪你一起做这些事情会更好,因为他们不会随意你、批判你,而且,只要他们在你身边,你便会觉得安心。2.Take Vacation2.休假Everyone knows that proverb, ;All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.; It#39;s thought that a 10-day vacation can help you come back a better spouse, parent, employee and person in general. It#39;s important to go somewhere and clear your head from all of the insanity, then start fresh, new and motivated. Working everyday for months on end can really dull you down and frankly, you become uninspired. Inspiration and motivation are what keeps us going; sometimes you just need to hit the refresh button with your toes in the sand on a tropical island, am I right?有句家喻户晓的俗语说得好,;只会学习不会玩,聪明的小孩也变傻。;人们认为,休10天假就能让你变回一位好伴侣、好家长、好员工。你可以到处走走,从狂乱的思绪中抽离出来,然后积极开启新生活。坦白说,灵感是我们前进的动力,而长年累月的工作真的会让你钝化,丧失灵感。有时候,你需要做的只是按下刷新按钮,去热带岛屿的沙滩上印下你的足迹,我说的对吗?1.Make Time For Yourself1.为自己腾出时间YOU time is the BEST time. Yes, exercise and meditation is you time, but I#39;m talking more… at-home spa, ing, getting a massage, taking a walk. Feel pampered! Feel good! Do something that will make you happy and relaxed, practice self-love.专属自己的时间才是最美好的时光。没错,无论是运动还是冥想,都是你的时间。但是,我想介绍的不只是这些,还有:泡家庭式温泉、阅读、、散步等。做些让自己开心的事,学会爱自己,这种感觉真的很满足、很美好!翻译:Humen 审校:阿饭 来源:前十网 /201601/420848长沙星沙超导可视无痛人流好医院 长沙星沙治勃起障碍医院

长沙星沙男科常规检查费用 Zhuge Liang’s Northern Expeditions诸葛亮北伐At the end of Zhuge Liang’s southern campaign, the Wu-Shu alliance came to fruition and Shu was free to move against north.诸葛亮南征结束之时,吴国和蜀国已经结成联军,蜀国因此能够抗击北方。In 227 Zhuge Liang transferred his main Shu armies to Hanzhong, and opened up the battle for the northwest with Wei.227年,诸葛亮将他的主要部队转移至汉中,与西北部的魏国展开战争。The next year, he ordered the general Zhao Yun to attack from Ji Gorge as a diversion whilst Zhuge himself led the main force to Qishan.一年后,他命大将赵云从冀侠出击以分散敌人的注意力,而自己则带领主要部队在祁山。The vanguard Ma Su, however, suffered a tactical defeat at Jieting and the Shu army was forced to withdraw.然而,先锋军马谡在街亭被敌人用战术击败,蜀军被迫撤回。In the next six years Zhuge Liang attempted several more offensives, but supply problems limited the capacity for success.在接下来的六年里,诸葛亮开展了多次攻击,但是供给问题限制了成功的可能性。In 234 he led his last great northern offensive, reaching the Battle of Wuzhang Plains, south of the Wei River.234年,他领导了最后一次北伐,在渭河北部的五丈原展开战斗。Due to the death of Zhuge Liang (234 AD), however, the Shu army was forced once again to withdraw.因为诸葛亮在同年去世,蜀国部队再一次被迫撤军。Zhuge Liang had five attempts in the north, only one of which succeeded (Tianshui) where he gained Jiang Wei after a successful defection plot.诸葛亮曾五次北伐,只有一次获得了胜利(于天水),在一场成功的阴谋叛变之后诸葛亮收复了姜维。Zhuge Liang’s other attempts included Chencang, Mt. Qi, Jieting (supply campaign) and the Wuzhang Plains.诸葛亮的其他出战包括陈仓、祁山、街亭(供给作战)以及五丈原之役。There were also some other minor attempts to the north but they were considered as minor battles that had no major outcomes.还有一些小战斗因为没有取得重要的成果而被认为是次要的。After the death of Zhuge Liang, his assistant Jiang Wan took over.诸葛亮病逝后,他的副将蒋琬取而代之。 /201510/398246星沙彻底治疗好阳痿的方法长沙星沙哪里治泌尿感染最好



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