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长沙华夏医院做宫颈糜烂多少钱长沙星沙治早泄需要多少钱Flavio: Thanks meeting with me. Marcia: It’s my pleasure. We’re eager to hear your ideas about our companies doing business together in the future. Flavio: Well, I wanted us to meet because I think our two companies can create great synergy. Marcia: I agree. What do you have in mind? Flavio: We seem to have core capabilities that complement each other, and I want to see how we can create a partnership that would be to our mutual benefit. Marcia: Yes, that’s why I’m here. I think we’re thinking along the same lines. Flavio: Good. I’m glad to hear that. If we can pull off a partnership, we could really dominate the market. Marcia: Yes, I think that’s true, too, but let’s get beyond the preliminaries. What kind of business model do you have in mind? Flavio: Well, that’s why I wanted to meet with you. I’d like to get your perspective on that. Marcia: I see. When your company approached us about working together, we were under the impression that you had some concrete ideas to present. Flavio: Oh, we do. I just wanted to get your suggestions bee we present a mal proposal. Marcia: Let’s do this. Why don’t you send me a proposal in writing and I’ll make sure that we give it our full consideration. Flavio: We’ll do that. Thanks your time. Marcia: Don’t mention it.长沙县妇幼保健院电话 Roberto: Hey, Loreto. Got a minute?嘿,洛雷托能谈一会儿吗?Loreto: Irsquo;m going to a meeting off-site, but we can talk if you donrsquo;t mind walking me to my car.我准备到会议场去,但我们可以谈,如果你不介意边朝我的车走边谈话Roberto: Sure, okay. I just wanted to ask if yoursquo;re interested in carpooling to work. We only live a few blocks from each other.当然,没关系我只想问,你是否有兴趣拼车上班我们彼此住所只有几个街区Loreto: Thanks asking, but Irsquo;m not sure carpooling would work me. Sometimes I run late in the morning and I wouldnrsquo;t want to hold you up.谢谢你邀请我,但我不知道拼车是否适合我有时候,我比预期走得晚,我不想耽误你的时间Roberto: We wouldnrsquo;t have to commute together every day, only on those days that are convenient both of us. Carpooling has its advantages, too. In addition to doing our part the environment, we could use the high-occupancy carpool lanes. Thatrsquo;ll save time, especially if therersquo;s a lot of traffic congestion.我们就不必每天下班一起,只需在我们都方便的有日子里就行拼车也有好处除了尽自己职责能环境,我们可以使用高乘载车道这可以节省时间,特别是如果有很多交通挤塞的时候Loreto: Yeah, I guess that could cut down on our commute time.是的,我猜,可以减少我们的通勤时间Roberto: We also get preferential treatment parking on the days we carpool.我们拼车的日子里还能优先停车Loreto: How would it work? Do we set up a schedule and take turns driving?那怎样拼车?我们制定一个时间表,轮流驾驶?Roberto: Why donrsquo;t I swing by and pick you up tomorrow morning and we can talk more about it?我明天早上接你,那样我们可以多谈谈,如何?Loreto: If you donrsquo;t mind picking me up en route, that would be great. By the way, how do you know where I live?如果你不介意途中来接我,那太好了顺便说一下,你怎么知道我住的地方?Roberto: Oh, I asked around. See you tomorrow.哦,我四处询问才知道的明天见run late 比预期走得晚hold you up 耽误你的时间do our part 尽自己职责high-occupancy carpool lanes 高乘载车道en route 途中,在路上ask around 四处询问 930Manuel: Wow, I’ve never seen so many shopping bags in my life. I can guess where you’ve been. Georgia: I did go overboard a bit today. I went to the outlet mall and I found some real bargains. Nearly everything was discounted. I was in shopping heaven! Manuel: I can see that. Georgia: My favorite store had reduced prices all of its sweaters, so I bought five. They were aly on sale, but the store knocked another off the price. I got them at half-price! I was going to buy three, but the store had a special offer: If you buy four, the fifth one is free. Manuel: But doesn’t that mean you spent more money, since you bought five sweaters when you only wanted three? Georgia: How could I resist? They were being sold at bargain basement prices. At another store, the sale items were two the price of one. I’ve never seen things in that store so cheap. Manuel: Where are you going now? Georgia: I’m going back to the outlet stores, of course. I just came home a little breather. There’s more shopping to be done! Manuel: Try to leave a few things the other shoppers! 7长沙星沙无痛人流那家最好

长沙星沙治疗睾丸炎的男科医院I don’t like cats. That’s not really true. I like cats, but they don’t like me. Last week, my friend Sara asked me to babysit her cat two days while she was out of town. Normally, I would have said no, but she was in a jam, so I said okay. As I said, cats don’t like me. When I got home from work, I couldn’t find her. I was sure she was hiding from me. I looked all over the house. I started with the bedrooms, looking in the closets and under the bed. I looked in the bathroom and even behind the shower curtain. I went downstairs and searched the basement. No cat. Next, I looked all over the living room, checking under the couch and behind the TV. I also looked in the pantry and then the laundry room, thinking that the cat must be hiding behind the washer or dryer. Still, no cat. Finally, I looked in the kitchen. There was the cat. She was sitting on the counter. Somehow she had managed to open a box of cookies and there she sat eating them all. When the cat saw me, she started mewing. I don’t speak the language of cats, but I could have sworn that she was asking me some milk! 5357星沙有男科炎症怎样治疗 Now that the holidays are here, it’s time to decorate the house. Every year, we always go all out. We buy a Christmas tree and the kids decorate it with ornaments that we’ve bought and made over the years, and with silver and gold tinsel. We also hang a wreath on our front door and I make sure that there’s mistletoe above every door. Around the chimney, we hang our stockings, and when we get holiday cards from our friends and neighbors, we put them all around the room. Outside of the house, we have lawn ornaments that we put in the front yard. People who visit our house will see snowmen (and snowwomen), reindeer, and of course, Santa Claus. The best part is the outdoor lights. I string them across the front of the house, around our trees, and in our fence. When I turn them all on, you can probably see our house from miles away. It’s no wonder that people come from all over town just to see our house at night. I have to say that I enjoy the holiday season as much as the kids...and maybe just a little more! 19星沙华夏男科咨询

长沙星沙哪家医院治疗包皮包茎最好In a more agnostic culture than the one I grew up with it a challenge to know how to talk meaningfully about something so enormous when we dont really understand it. There is scepticism about the afterlife these days. But however sceptical people may be about heaven and hell, it always feels brutal to speak of the total extinction of personality, when the personality concerned is someone you know. Whether we believe or dont believe about life after death we tend to soften the language of finality, to resort to metaphor, to saying death is like this or like that even the death is not like anything. That is its majesty. As a priest who conducts funerals I find the language of faith, with poetry, music and acts of remembrance are what allow us to make the transition between life and death, to discover that death, though a change of state, is not the end of being.;,在一个比我所处环境更崇尚不可知论的文化环境中,去含义隽永的谈论一个自身都不甚了了的大问题总是一项巨大的挑战现在有很多人对身后事持怀疑态度不管人们怎么怀疑天堂地狱,讲一个人的一切就这么彻底消失总给人一种残酷的感觉,尤其当这个人还是你的熟人的时候不管我们相不相信身后之事,我们都倾向于尽量柔化这种涉及终结的语言,用隐喻将死亡比喻成这,比喻成那其实死亡就是死亡,这是它的无上权威作为一个主持葬礼的牧师,我找到了用诗篇、音乐和怀念构成的信念,足以让我们穿越生死,看透死亡死,只是一种状态的改变,却不是生命的终结 76 Ralph: I just talked to our new real estate agent and she going to show us some houses tomorrow. I told her that the bigger the better and that were looking a large Cape Cod or Georgian-style house.拉尔夫:我刚跟房屋中介谈过,她明天会带我们去看房子我告诉她房子要越大越好,最好是科德角式或乔治亚式的房屋Nina:You did? Ive been thinking that wed try to find something more modest, a bungalow or a cottage.妮娜:不是吧?我一直在想,我们可以尝试一下更低调的风格,比如说平房或者小木屋Ralph:What?! You think Im going to live in a house that a step up from a mobile home? No way. Weve come into some money and were going to buy a big house—maybe a colonial or a Greek revival.拉尔夫:什么?你觉得我会住在比活动房屋只高一个档次的屋子里吗?我们赚了些钱,可以买一所大房子,殖民式或者希腊复兴式住宅都可以Nina:If you want something bigger than a bungalow, how about a split-level modern house or maybe a ranch-style house?妮娜:如果你想住大点的房子,错层式的现代风格住宅怎么样?或者是农场风格的大屋Ralph:Youre still thinking too small. The sky the limit. We can afd something big, something really big.拉尔夫:你考虑的样式还是太小了不要受房款的限制,我们可以负担得起真正宽敞的大房子Nina:That what the nouveau riche would do.妮娜:恐怕只有暴发户才能负担得起Ralph:So what? Our money is new and we have a lot of it, and I want a big house. Were not being ostentatious. If anyone criticizes us that, Id say, “Deal with it!”拉尔夫:那又怎样?我们刚赚了一大笔钱,我需要大房子我们又不是在炫富如果有人批评的话,我会对他说:“管得着吗!”原文译文属! 18865湖南省中医院妇科星沙乳腺钼钯检查



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