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遵义/正安县去胎记多少钱遵义/桐梓县人民医院激光去胎记多少钱遵义/e光脱毛哪家医院好 Sprint is getting y to release the highly anticipated HTC EVIL 4G, Americas first 3G/4G Android handset. Tonight you are gonna get a sneak peak of both.这个春季,美国Android系列首款3G或4G手机,也就是大家翘首企盼的HTC EVIL 4G即将上市。今天我们将一睹为快。Clayton Morris, here at the Sprint launch of the HTC 4G EVIL, one of the superfast phones to the market, superfast and that beautiful screen.Lets take a look at some of the features inside the phone. Its got lightning-fast apps on running android 2.1, and we jumping Youtube, internet loads up very quickly. You can stream all of your contexts throught HDML out to a high-defination television which is great. And you can sit on the dark, and actually stream that same content using one of the sprints over pipe carries the dark / with the product. Another incredible feature with this phone,this phone turns you into a mobile hotspot, so imaging you have this sitting in your car, dark in your car, up to 8 other people can jump onto this network and you have Internet access from your phone turns you into a mobile hotspot on the globe.这是Clayton Morris从HTC EVIL 4G新品发布会上发来的报道,这是一款超快的手机,速度超快,而且屏幕更棒。让我们进一步看看这款手机的特殊功能。在安卓2.1系统持众多应用程序,使用户快速应用优酷,打开网页。用户可以把需要的视频从HDML转换为高分辨率视频。这样,你就可以坐在暗处,细细品味高速手机带来的享受。这款手机另一个不可思议的功能在于强大的上网功能。想象你坐在车里,车里一片漆黑,只能手机上网打发时间,有8个人在和你争夺网速,但只有你的手机能联网。The HTC EVIL 4G, the Amercias first 4G device, its got a host of capabilities. So its the largest screen, 4.3-inch screen, its a full touch screen, its also got an 8 mega pixel of camera, its got a back camera. Thats a 8 mega pixel, but its also has a front facing camera, 1.3 mega pixel, which is camera and camera. So you can record as well as camera. The front facing gives you the ability to have a chat and we announce today a chat application, its also got one ;gigger-hurts; proccessor, so the fastest processor in the market, and yet its the first 4G device. And the 4G is actually next generation network that operates ten times faster than 3G.HTC EVIL 4G手机是美国最早的4G手机,它十分强大,具有4.3英寸超大触屏屏幕,8百万像素,有后置摄像头。这可是8百万像素,同时它还配备有1千3百万像素的前置摄像头,集照相与摄像功能与一身。因此,你可以在摄像过程中进行拍照。前置摄像头可持视频聊天,也就是配置有现在的视频聊天软件。另外,它还有高运行速度的优点,在4G手机市场中,这还是头一部。而4G手机的运行速度是3G手机的10倍。Sprint is really counting on their 4G network which is really fast and all the screen testers we have seen so far, its network, its lightning-fast compared with another network — 3G load time of . Just take a look at this demo that putting on stage, A 4G versus 3G load.今年春季真的是4G手机的发布季,它真的很快,而且屏幕更好。和3G手机相比,它的网络加载速度,运行速度快了许多。看看手机发布会的样片,4G vs 3G。;This is playing a standard quality, this is what most people on their iphones,the model of all products,the range of products they are used to. The biggest thing youll notice is on the motor work joint,the quality of pictures its a lot smaller, its blockier. There is not much of color on contrast in the ,and the sound quality tends to be a little bit less stereo-like. When you look at the EVIL 4G, the biggest thing youll notice is that it is a higher quality picture, its got more contrasts, more colour,and the sample is phenomenal. And you know really if you put these things side by side, you can really tell the difference, so we have manufacture this, this is very really the same faith for both the devices. That exercise is really amazing. ;“这是3G手机播放视频时候的标准模式,这就是大多数iPone和托莫拉用户使用时候的情景。我们注意到3G手机的最大问题就是画面质量,3G手机的更小,成块状画面。视频中画面颜色的对比度并不大,声音质量没有立体声。当你看着EVIL 4G这款手机,最吸引你的就是高质量的画面,对比度更高,色更鲜明,这个例子很明显。而且,如果你把3G和4G手机并排放在一起,你能看到很明显的区别。因此我们生产了后者,两者的要达到的目标是一致的。4G手机真的是很神奇的电子设备。”Here, it is the Sprint HTC 4G EVIL which launches on June 4th for 199 dollars.这就是7月4日上市的HTC 4G EVIL手机,售价199美元。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201206/187074Business商业Diet products减肥商品A big, bad business点肥成金不现实Medical firms struggle to profit from weight-loss treatments制药公司试图从减肥治疗中获利OBESITY is an epidemic to some and an opportunity to others.肥胖症对某些人来说是传染病,对别的一些人来说则是机遇。More than two-thirds of Americans are overweight.超过三分之二的美国人已经超重。Find a way to battle the bulge and a huge profit might be made.找个办法和肥胖对抗,说必定就此大赚一笔。On February 22nd one pharmaceutical firm, Vivus, took a small step towards this goal.找个办法和肥胖对抗,说必定就此大赚一笔。A committee advising Americas Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended that it approve Vivuss diet drug, Qnexa.2月22日,Vivus制药公司朝着这个目标前进了一步。给美国食品药物做咨询的一家委员会推荐,Vivus公司的减肥药Qnexa。However, the pills long-awaited final approval may not come until April, if at all.但是,如果获得批准,该药品的漫长的最终肯定直到四月份才会到来。The announcement mostly served as a reminder of what a struggle it is to turn fat into gold.公告主要是提醒人们,这是一场点肥成金的抗争。Pharmaceutical and medical-device companies are quite good at treating the conditions that come with obesity.制药和医疗器械公司非常善于解决肥胖带来的问题。However, they are dismal at helping consumers lose weight.但是他们无法帮助消费者战胜肥胖本身,减少体重。This is not for lack of trying.这不是因为缺乏尝试。Take the curious case of the gastric band.以古怪的胃部束带为例。Bariatric surgery can lead to weight loss in the long term. Hospitals can make money from all bariatric procedures, including gastric bypasses (in which the stomach is partitioned and the upper part connected directly to the small intestine), but the gastric band is a rare example of an opportunity for device-makers to profit from weight loss.肥胖治疗手术可以帮助患者在较长的时间内减少体重。医院就是从这些减肥疗程中赚钱,包括胃绕道手术(手术中,胃被切割,直接把上部跟小肠连接起来),但是胃部束带却是一个罕见的例子,被当成一个器械制造商用来从减肥中赚钱的法子。Allergan, best known for selling Botox, has tried to use its Lap-Band to tap the obesity market.Allergan公司以销售肉毒杆菌而出名,尝试用产品Lap-Band打入减肥市场。It is an inflatable loop which the surgeon fits near the top of the stomach, which helps the patient feel sated earlier.Lap-Band是一圈松紧带,外科医生可以用它绕住患者胃的上部,这样患者会提前有腹饱感。Allergan has captured about 70% of the worldwide market for gastric bands and balloons, but sales are now shrinking.Allergan公司在全球胃部束带和充气袋市场占有率达70%,但是如今销量却有所下降。The recession has sapped consumers desire for expensive surgery.经济不景气让消费者忍住做昂贵的手术的欲望。Some patients have had bands removed because they slipped or proved ineffective.有些病人甚至连束带也不用了,因为束带打滑或者没有效果。Last year the FDA approved the Lap-Bands use in patients who are only slightly overweight, but insurers have refused to pay.去年,美国食品药物同意,微超重病人使用 Lap-Band,但是保险公司却拒绝付款。In January David Pyott, Allergans chief executive, said he would scrap an effort to market the band for teenagers.一月份,Allergan公司首席执行官David Pyott说,他将放弃在年轻人束带市场的努力。He is now trying to convince insurers of Lap-Bands merits, arguing that the ,000 surgery is recouped in saved medical costs within four years.他目前试图让保险公司也看到Lap-Band的优点,他认为两万美元手术费可以在四年之内通过减少医疗出收回。There is some scepticism about his chances of success: ;The fact that banding is not as good as bypass has been known by everybody except the PR firms for the band,; says Lee Kaplan, director of the Weight Centre at Massachusetts General Hospital.至今仍有人怀疑他是否能成功:“事实上使用束带不必胃绕道手术好,所有人都知道,除了束带的公关公司,”马萨诸塞州中心医院体重中心主任Lee Kaplan如是说。Drug companies have had even more trouble than device-makers.制药公司的麻烦甚至比医疗器械公司的还要多。It has been 13 years since the FDA approved a prescription diet pill.从美国食品药物批准减肥药为处方药到如今已经过了十三年。That drug, Roches Xenical, has notorious gastrointestinal side-effects.瑞士罗氏制药公司的Xenical臭名昭著,该药会引发胃肠功能的副作用。The FDA rejected Vivuss Qnexa in 2010 over concerns for the safety of pregnant women and the quickening of patients heart rates.美国食品药物于2010年拒绝批准Vivus公司的Qnexa,因为担心该药对妇的安全造成伤害,担心该药会加快患者的心率。Vivuss new data apparently satisfied the FDAs advisory committee.Vivus公司新的数据显然让的咨询委员会满意。However, the agency may yet reject the drug.但是该局还是可能拒绝批准该药。Even if Qnexa is approved, it is unclear that patients will buy it.就算Qnexa获得批准,患者会不会买账仍不明了。Qnexa combines two treatments that are aly on the market.Qnexa结合了两种市面上上有的疗效。Both medicines are generic, which means that doctors may prescribe the existing drugs rather than Qnexas more expensive version.这两种药物都是非专利药,这说明医生可能会给患者开已有的药而不选择Qnexa,后者更贵。For now, it is more profitable to treat fat patients than to try to make them slim.到目前为止,治疗肥胖患者还是要比让他们减肥更有利可图。 /201211/207797遵义红花岗区治疗白瓷娃娃多少钱

遵义/腋臭治疗医院In todays Tech bytes, Google unveils more details about its move to television. Google TV which marries the TV and Internet will support apps like most smart phones. Users will also be able to change a channel using voice recognition technology. Google TV launches in the fall.欢迎收看今天的Tech bytes,谷歌对其出产的新款电视透露了更多细节。谷歌电视融合了电视与网络的功能,并且像智能手机一样持软件应用。用户还能通过声控技术遥控换台。谷歌电视将于今年秋天上市。Apple launches its first attempt at social networking last week. Ping shows you what music your friends like and what your favorite artists are doing. Apple says it will be making improvements, but for now the Wall Street Journals Kitty Brett is not impressed:上周,苹果公司首次展现了其在社交网站方面的野心。Ping会显示你朋友最喜欢的音乐,你最喜爱的明星动态。苹果公司称这一社交网站还将继续完善,但华尔街日报的Kitty Brett认为前景并不乐观。;I found a lot of problems out of the gate, basically they have the musical part down pad, but the social aspect of the social network is a little bit lacking.;“我发现苹果的社交网站有很多问题,虽然它有和pad相连的音乐专区,但它作为社交网站还缺乏社会性。”Kitty says one of the biggest problems is that you cant import your friends from Facebook. Her full of view is on the Wall Street Journals website.Kitty说,最大的一个问题在于,你不能将你的好友从facebook上迁移过来。Kitty还有其他观点都发表在华尔街日报上。Those are your Tech bytes, Im Vinita Nyer.这就是今天的Tech bytes,我是Vinita Nyer。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201208/194762遵义市仁怀县人民医院绣眉手术多少钱 Pocket camcorders have become a huge hit with consumers. We love their ease of use, the fact we can pull them out at any time, and its so fantastic to be able to record the moment and easily share them via computer.便携式摄录像机已经成了现在购物的潮流。我们喜欢随时掏出便携式摄录像机录下视频然后轻松地上传到电脑上。But now Kodak is announcing something brand new for their playsport, pocket camcorder, waterproof. This camcorder goes down ten feet, its gonna retail for really attractive, a price point of 149 dollars. It shoots in HD comes in multiple colors. You can see the purple there and we have the orange. And I think that really what they show is the innovation we take a product we aly like and manufacturers say hey, people love these little pocket camcorders. And lets add more features that make it more usable. Imagine taking this thing to the beach,to the pool,recording the kids underwater, or maybe your next scuba diving adventure in the Bahamas, I wish. So its really a good trend that we are seeing that the Consumer Electronics Show where great products, getting better.但是现在,柯达公司推出了全新的具有防水功能的运动型便携摄录机。这款摄录像机可以承受水下10英尺的水压,且价格便宜,零售价149美元。具有高清晰摄像功能,并提供多种颜色选择。你可以看到这款紫色和橘色的。我认为,这款发明真正迎合了消费者的需要,厂商会说,嗨,人们喜欢这个小摄录机。让我们想象一下未来,拓展这款摄录机的功能。想象在沙滩,游泳池记录下孩子在水中的影响,或者下次在巴哈马群岛潜水的时候用上这款摄录机。所以电子商品展销会真是一个好地方,在这里好东西只能变得更好。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201205/182321遵义祛眼袋哪家医院好

遵义去眼袋手术权威医院 Its Thursday,July 7th 2011,Im Wilson Tang on Cnet.com and its time to get loaded.今天是2011年6月30日,周四。我是Cnet.com的Wilson Tang。是时间接收本周的最新资讯了。Yesterday Facebooks CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a number of announcements related to the Facebook messaging and chatting platform. The big news is that the social network is partnering with the converting giant Skype. Users will now be able to initiate a chat with their friends via their profile pages or the chat window. In addition, the chat widget now displays your friends that you actually message regularly, and now Facebook chat supports group chat as well.昨天,脸谱网首席执行官马克·扎克伯格公布了一系列脸谱网信息和聊天平台的相关信息。这一头条消息就是脸谱社交网路和视频软件巨头Skype展开合作了。用户现在可以通过个人页面或聊天窗口和好友视频通话。另外,这一应用上还会显示经常和你互通消息的好友,脸谱网的这款应用还持群组聊天。Amazon is stepping up its cloud music efforts to compete with Google and Apple. The company announced that for a year, users will receive unlimited storage space for their MP3 and AAC music files. The offer is for a limited time though, but in comparison Apples Itunes music match service will only allow users to back up 20,000 non-itune songs for 24.99 a year. Additionally, Amazon has released a cloud player for the Ipad.亚马逊展示了云音乐的功能,并和谷歌苹果公司展开竞争。亚马逊宣布,用户只需每年交付20美金,就可拥有无限储存空间来储存MP3和AAC音乐文件。虽然存放时间是有限制的,但相比之下,苹果的Itunes Match音乐务每年收取24.99美金的费用,用户只能存放2万首非itune歌曲。另外,亚马逊还发布了专用于iPad的云音乐应用。Spotify, the popular European assuming music service has officially announced that itll be launching in the U.S. soon. While the company had offered few details about the out-coming service, it does confirm what many have been speculating for months now. Spotify is reportedly in negotiation with the top four major music record companies to license music in the ed States.欧洲盛行的音乐务Spotify正式宣布,近期将在美国发售。虽然这家公司对未来提供的这项务只提供了很少细节,但他们肯定了许多外界流传了几个月的信息。据报道,Spotify和4家顶级的音乐唱片公司合作,使其音乐能够在美国上市。Civilization, the popular PC gaming series that focused on building a nation into a world power is now entering the world of social media gaming in the form of civilization world. The new game is more social than ever before by forcing gamers to partner with individual players they may not even know. Civ-world as its known will be free initially on Facebook, but there are opportunities to purchase civ bucks which can be spent on virtual resources.大受欢迎的游戏系列《文明》的剧情是要玩家建造一个国家并逐渐使它成为世界强国,现在游戏《文明》融入到了社交媒体游戏界,走进了真实的文明世界。这款新型的游戏社交性更强,它将要求玩家们组队,甚至是和完全不认识的人组队。游戏的开始部分可供用户在脸谱网上免费试玩,但剧情往后发展用户需要选择是否用虚拟货币购买游戏。Most Mac users have given up on the ability to play blue-ray disc, but now a third party developer Mac-go released a new media player called Mac blue ray player that promises for blue ray support. Users will have to buy a third party blue-ray drive, the Mac blue-ray player comes in a 33 month trial version, but a full license will cost you .95.大多数Mac用户都已经放弃了使用蓝光光盘的权利,但现在第三方开发者Mac-go发布了一款名叫Mac blue ray的全新媒体播放器。它将为用户提供蓝光功能。用户需要购买第三方蓝光驱动器,Mac蓝光播放器,这款播放器将试用33个月,完整版售价为39.95美元。The highly anticipated Motorola Droit 3 finally has an official release date and price. Verizon wireless customers can now purchase the phone for 9 with a two-year contract on July,14.备受瞩目的托罗拉Droit 3最终确定发售日期及价格。7月14日,威瑞森公司的无线用户可以以199美元的价格购买这款手机,并附带两年的话费套餐。The Droit 3 still features the slide-out qwerty keyboard but comes with a larger 4-inch screen, the smart phone will run Android 2.3 Gingerb, features a dual-core processor, 16 gigabytes of internal memory and an 8-megapixel of camera with 1080p capture, but doesnt support Verizons 4G LTE service.这款Droit 3仍是滑盖,传统键盘的设计,但配有全新4英寸屏幕,这款智能手机将运行安卓2.3系统,配有双核处理器,16G存储量和8百万像素摄像头,1080p视频捕捉,但不持威瑞森的LTE务。Those are your headlines for today, Im Wilson Tang for Cnet.com and youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的头条,我是Cnet.com的Wilson Tang。感谢您的收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/211375遵义/韩美整形美容医院雀斑怎么样遵义正安县自体脂肪移植丰胸哪家好



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