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Language PointsIt sounded like cats jumping off the Empire State Building.Im going to reach out with a hook if you dont shut up.That was extraordinary. Unfortunately, extraordinary bad!You have just invented a new form of torture.If you had lived 2,000 years ago and sung like that, I think they would have stoned you.Theres only so much punishment a human can take. I cant take anymore.You killed my favorite.It is a beautiful song when youre not singing it. /201608/455862

本期内容:A penny saved is a penny gained积沙成塔首先,我们来学习一个单词 penny P-E-N-N-Y 便士,美国俗语中相当于一美分这里,我们可以了解一下美国的货币单位美元是dollar 一美元等于100美分25美分是quarter10美分是dime 相当于一角5美分是nickle1美分是cent或penny关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201703/500551

小咖实用英语口语 第55期:预定 预订reservation /201506/360529

我最近一直在忙园艺俱乐部的事情。一年一度的玫瑰节要到了。周围地区很多园艺俱乐部都要大显身手,竞争相当激烈。我们俱乐部虽然规模不大,资金也不充沛,但是非常有创意,你可别小瞧我们哦。这也让我想起了一个习惯用语,give somebody a run for ones money. To give somebody a run for ones money, 意思是对竞争对手构成挑战。我们俱乐部就打算在玫瑰节的比赛中挑战其它参赛俱乐部,绝不能让他们轻松获胜。We plan to give them a run for their money.下面例子里的这个水手看来也是个不甘示弱的家伙。我们一起听听他是怎么说的:例句-1:Parker loves to remind me how badly he beat me in last years regatta. Since then, Ive been spending every weekend rebuilding my sailboat and practicing maneuvers. Im determined to give him a run for his money next time. Hes going to be surprised by how competitive Im.他说:帕克老是喜欢提醒我,去年帆船大赛他把我赢得多惨。那次输了以后,我把每个周末的时间都花在改造帆船、练习各种动作上。我决心,下次比赛一定要给他点儿颜色看看。他看到我的竞争实力,一定会大吃一惊。我女儿跟她小表哥Jimmy在一个学校读书。二年级学校汇演,Jimmy是重要角色,而我女儿只是个跑龙套的。她后来一定让我带她去上唱歌跳舞的才艺班,结果三年级再汇演,一下子成了主要演员之一。She gave her cousin a run for her money. 成了表哥Jimmy的竞争对象。******从上面的例子里,我们可以看出,绝不能满足于过去的成绩,一定要戒骄戒躁。让我们一起听听下面这家公司的经验。例句-1:Our motorcycle companys enjoyed being the industry leader. But lately one of our rivals has been givieng us a run for our money. Their technical innovations and bold designs have proven surprisingly popular with younger riders. We realize how competitive the market has become.这段话说的是:我们公司在托车行业一直占据主导地位,但是最近一段时间里,我们的一家竞争对手对我们构成了威胁。没想到,他们的科技创新和大胆设计深受年轻人的喜爱。我们这才意识到,现在的市场竞争越来越激烈了。To give somebody a run for their money, 最早出现在十九世纪中期,是从赛马比赛来的。最初的时候,是指某个人虽然赛马赢不了多少钱,但是能看到一场竞争激烈的比赛,也还是很开心,后来逐渐发展成了今天的意思。 /201507/382801

14.A job conclusion Dialogue14.工作总结 对话Steven has finished his job and he is asked to tell something as a conclusion about his job. Now he is talking it with his boss Mr. Liang.史蒂文完成了他的工作,他要做一份工作总结。此刻他正和上级梁先生谈论此事。Mr. Liang: Steven, can you give us a summary about your work? What do you get from your work?梁先生:史蒂文,你能为你的工作做下总结吗?从工作中你获得了什么呢?Steven: I have accumulated a wealth of practical experience in work as a chief advertisement designer. Moreover, I realized teamwork is the key to success.史蒂文:作为一个广告总设计师,我在工作中积累了丰富的实际操作经验。而且,我还明白了团队精神是成功的关键。Mr. Liang: Why do you think so?梁先生:为什么这么认为呢?Steven: I think building team spirit among the coworkers is very important. I believe we can accomplish a miracle if we stick together.史蒂文:我认为在同事之间建立团队合作精神很重要,我相信我们只要一起努力就可以创造奇迹。Mr. Liang: Very good. Anything else?梁先生:非常好。还有吗?Steven: My advantage is that I have strong sense of responsibility. But I lack patience.史蒂文:我的优点是我有很强的责任心。但我缺乏耐心。Mr. Liang:I must praise you for your modesty and diligence. Whats your plan next?梁先生:我必须称赞你的勤奋和谦虚!你下一步的计划是什么?Steven: I will listen and learn more when I start my new job. I plan to become more professional in my field.史蒂文:开始新的工作后我要多倾听,多学习。我计划在自己的领域内变得更专业。Mr. Liang: Ive got to commend you; you really did a good job.梁先生:你表现得真出色,我不得不称赞你。Steven: Thanks for your compliment, but there is still plenty more to learn.史蒂文:谢谢您的夸奖,还有很多需要学习! /201510/406217

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