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习语:after ones own heart讲解:该习语的意思是:合某人心愿。此语出自《圣经·旧约》中的《撒母耳记》上卷第十三章的第十四节。撒母耳 Samuel 任以色列术师 Judge 时,奉耶和华之命,顺从民意,立扫罗 Saul 为王,建立了以色列王国。可是扫罗的所作所为不蒙耶和华的喜悦,其便让撒母耳再立新王即后来的大卫 David. 之前撒母耳对扫罗说:“现在你的王位必不长久,耶和华已经寻着一个合他心意的人 a man after his heart.”此语就是由此而来,至今语义不变。持范例:It was a job after his own heart.这是一件他称心如意的工作。Hes a man after your own heart.他是个很合你心意人。With his love for the great outdoors he is a man after my own heart.由于他爱好大自然,他跟我正是志同道合了。He likes good wine too hes obviously a man after my own heart.他也喜欢好酒--真是与我臭味相投了。She was engaged to a man after her own heart.她按照自己的理想同一个人订了婚。Thanks for agreeing with me about the class party; you are a girl after my own heart.感谢您对班级舞会的想法与我一致,您是位令人愉悦的女孩。He loves her very much. She is a girl after his own heart.他非常爱她,她正是他中意的姑娘。迷你对话:A:How happy you are! Next Monday is your wedding day. Congratulations!你真幸福!下周一就要结婚了,恭喜你了!B:Thank you!谢谢你!A:Fred is really a good guy. And he loves you so much.弗菜德真是个好小伙子,他那么爱你。B:Yeah. Im lucky to be his wife.对呀,做他的妻子是件幸运的事。A:Hes after your own heart, it is important.关键是他很合你的心意。B:So he will make a perfect husband. Make sure you will be here next Monday.所以他会是个完美的丈夫,下周一记得一定要来哦。A:I promise!一定!词海拾贝:1.make sure:(1)务必Make sure you are firm1y strapped in before the plane takes off.飞机起飞前务必系好安全带。Make sure that you understand the sequence in which these activities are carried out.务必使自己弄懂进行这些活动的顺序。(2)弄清楚Make sure of your facts before you write the article.先弄明白事实,然后再写文章。Make sure of your facts before you accuse him.在指责他以前要把材料核实一下。(3)确信Ill make sure he doesnt put his foot in his mouth again.我必须确信他不再胡说八道。2.make a perfect husband:做一个完美的丈夫特别说明:该节目中的迷你对话选自《脱口说英语》之口语习语大全,讲解部分为可可编辑原创。 /201205/181766

一、边听边学Listen and Learn sunny-side up (煎蛋)仅煎一面的over easy 煎两面soft-boiled 半熟的hard-boiled 煮得老的poached egg 荷包蛋scrambled egg 炒鸡蛋omelet 煎蛋卷二、边听边说Listen and Speak ;How do you like your eggs? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;你喜欢什么样的鸡蛋?;;我不在乎!;Sunny-side up? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;只煎一面吗?;;我不在乎!;Poached on toast? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;土司荷包蛋?;;我不在乎! ;Scrambled with bacon? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;培根炒鸡蛋?;;我不在乎!;Over-easy? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;煎两面?;;我不在乎!;Soft-boiled? Hard-boiled? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;半熟还是煮老一点?;;我不在乎!;How about an omelet? ;I donrsquo;t care!;;来个煎蛋卷怎么样?;;我不在乎!;Come on, tell me! This isnrsquo;t fair.;;行啦,告诉我吧!这不公平。;I told you the truth. I really donrsquo;t care!;;我告诉你了事实。我真的不在乎!可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt; http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201201/168680


  Subject:I think no one can hold a candle to him. 迷你对话A: Our monitor is very conscientious.我们的班长非常有责任心。B: I cannot agree with anymore. I think no one can hold a candle to him.我太同意你说的了,我认为谁也比不上他。 地道表达can not hold a candle to sb. 1. 解词释义电灯发明之前的一段时间里,人们只能靠蜡烛照明。工匠在晚上做工时,会叫学徒给他拿着蜡烛;有钱的人晚上从酒馆回来,戏院回来时,也有人为他们拿着蜡烛引路。仆人和主人的身份本来就很悬殊了,如果连做人家的仆人,给人家那蜡烛都不配的话,那么双方在能力和地位上就相差得更远了。所以人们就用cannot hold a candle 或者是not fit to hold a candle to来表示“远逊于,简直不能和......相比”的意思。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Oh, your bad luck cant hold a candle to mine.噢,你的坏运气跟我比是小巫见大巫啦。e.g. Pete cannot hold a candle to Donald when it comes to real expertise.如果就真正的专长而言,皮得比不上唐纳德。e.g. He hadnt had a bad education himself, but he couldnt hold a candle to her.他自己受过的教育并不差,可是跟她一比就简直没门了。e.g. After all, he was still Xiangzi and no one could hold a candle to him when he went all out.祥子到底是祥子,祥子拚命跑,还是没有别人的份儿。 Ps:cannot agree with sb anymore用来表示非常,彻底地赞同某人的看法,观点,意见等等,翻译为中文就是“再同意不过了。” /201403/279718。

  特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余部分为未经可可许可。迷你对话:A: I always feel I’m left high and dry with nobody to rely on.A: 我经常感觉到自己孤独无助,没有人可以信赖。B: Don’t be fool. I’ll always side with you.B: 别傻了,我会永远持你。A: I appreciate your kindness. A: 谢谢你的好意。地道表达:high and dry解词释义:high和dry词义分别为“高的”和“干燥的”。该习语直接翻译是“该东西高高挂起,就容易边干”,其寓意就像“曲高和寡”一样,可以引申为“孤独无助”。通常它和leave连用,而且多用于被动语态中。持范例:When the factory closed down, the workers were left high and dry. 工厂倒闭后,工人们的生活没有着落。 He left her high and dry in a strange country without any money. 他把她遗弃在异国他乡, 身无分文, 处于困境. When you go away, Ill be left high and dry. 你一走,就剩下我孤单单的一个人了。 There I was, high and dry in a strange city with only five dollars in my pocket. 我被抛弃在一个陌生的城市里,口袋里只有5元美元。 The cruel man took all the money and left his own grandmother high and dry. 这个残酷的人把所有的钱财都拿走了,撇下他自己的外祖母一人无依无靠。 词海拾贝:1. rely on:依靠,依赖Eg. Don t rely on him to do anything he s just a big talker. 什么事都不要依靠他--他光会说空话。Eg. You can rely on me to keep your secret. 你尽管相信我一定为你保密。Eg. Dont rely on his memory: hes a bit of a dreamer. 要相信他的--他有点神不守舍的。 Eg. The question is whom we should rely on in the struggle. 问题是在这一斗争中我们应当依靠谁。 2. side with:持,拥护Eg. I side with him on this question. 在这一问题上我同他站在一边。 Eg. The children all side with the mother when she left her husband . 当她离开丈夫时,孩子们都向着其母亲。Eg. I side with you and wish to an article of yours in our college journal. 我持你,期望可以在校刊上看到你的大作。 /201211/207112

  新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year! 祝福大家羊年行大运,新的一年梦想都实现!Thanks for tuning in for 2014, and I would like to wish you all happy Chinese New Year of the Goat. And heres wishing you a lot of health, wealth and happiness! Please continue to support our podcast and we look forward to seeing more of you guys in 2015! Take care!羊年的英语怎么说?就是year of the goat(虽然也有人说sheep,就看你对于羊的定义是什么啦!)Goat=山羊Sheep=绵羊 /201502/360663Speak English. Kiss French. Dress Italian. Spend Arab. Party Carribean.学英国人那样绅士地交谈。像法国人那样去拥吻。和意大利人学穿着。如阿拉伯人那样去花钱。像加勒比海人那样去参与party。单词记忆:dress n.衣;礼;连衣裙;装饰vt.vi. 打扮;穿着;给…穿衣adj.连衣裙的;须穿礼的;适合于正式场合的;办公时(或半正式场合)穿戴的vt.给…穿衣;给…提供衣;装潢,装饰或装点;排成列vi.穿衣;排列整齐 /201606/451714

  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Everyone’s back to the political games in D.C. and Lansing now that lawmakers are back from the annual Mackinac Island Policy Conference where one of the agenda items on the to-do list was restoring political civility.In a speech to business and political leaders at the conference, Governor Rick Snyder called the tone of political rhetoric a national crisis. “I view this as probably the largest threat to our country,” Snyder told the audience.Snyder’s complaint is that the current environment gets in the way of practical problem-solving; an exercise that requires people to meet in the middle. Not just to find common ground, but also to compromise.The heat of the last election cycle elevated this to command the attention of the state’s business and political leaders. But this isn’t something that just emerged last year. Or even the last couple of years.Frances Lee is a political science professor at the University of Maryland. She’s written papers and a book on the subject. She says the competition for control buries compromise.Its Just Politics with Zoe Clark and Rick Pluta“Close competition creates certain incentives that make it hard to pursue bipartisan strategies in legislating. It reduces the incentives to do that,” Lee told It’s Just Politics.She says party caucuses that see control of the House or the Senate, or both, within reach, are less likely to cooperate and compromise. As the search for win-win deals gives way to a fight for I win-you lose conclusions. Call it the rule of the whole enchilada. And Lee says in Michigan, state government is now even more polarized than Congress.In Congress until the 1980s, and in Michigan until the 1990s, Democratic control was fairly entrenched. In Michigan, that was mostly true in the state House. As every election became a battle for control, cooperation became tougher and tougher.Caucus leaders became more invested in partisan victories than policy victories. And that has an effect in how problems get solved.Remember President Bill Clinton and “triangulation”? It was the idea that Clinton would borrow from the right and the left to present solutions from the center.So, apply the logic of triangulation to today’s Michigan Legislature: Democrats in the minority have a political need to show the Republicans as failures while Republicans, who have the most to gain from bipartisanship, also have an incentive to sow fear over what might happen should the Democrats win control. Thus, they’re in no position to court Democrats with compromises.Professor Frances Lee says when one party has a solid, nearly permanent majority, legislators in the minority have an interest in bargaining to get something. And the majority has an interest in showing it can govern with buy-in from the minority party.Which brings us back to Rick Snyder, a Republican who’s sent signals he’d like to govern from the center, but has to bargain with Republicans who have no interest in having Democrats at the table. And Democrats who have no stake in Republican successes.Doesn’t quite do much for the whole restoring civility thing.201706/512579

  关键词:burn the candle at both ends 过分耗费;不顾身体过度劳累短语释义:今天我们要学的短语是burn the candle at both ends.来看插图:两只燃烧着的蜡烛在对话,这名为Bob的蜡烛头和尾同时烧,那可想而知这蜡烛很快就会耗尽。所以他的同伴说:Bob, you gotta slow down.(Bob,你得慢一点儿). This burning at both ends is gonna kill you!(你这样两头烧会烧死你的。)蜡烛叫做candle,burn the candle at both ends就是指蜡烛两头烧,在口语中引申为过份地消耗精力或是财产,更多情况下指某人夜以继日地从事高强度工作以至累得筋疲力竭。最近跟朋友们聊天,大家都说工作太忙了、压力太大了。每天除了吃饭睡觉,时间都献给了工作。有的人甚至整天没精打采,情绪一直很低落。所以想对大家说一句:别太劳累了。别太劳累我们就可以说成 ;burn the candle at both ends;。情景领悟:1. He looks very ill; he must have burnt the candle at both ends.他看上去病得很厉害, 一定是劳累过度了。2. No wonder Mary is ill. She has been burning the candle at both ends for along time.难怪玛丽病了,她长时间劳累过度。本节目属 /201307/248761

  With age, comes wisdom. With travel, comes understanding.随着年龄的增长,你越来越有智慧,随着旅行的经验越来越多,你就越来越善体人意。单词记忆:age 年龄wisdom 智慧understanding 善解人意 /201605/444181。

  一、边听边学Listen and Learnfat chance 希望渺茫big fat liar 巨骗chew the fat 聊天in fat city 过富裕的生活二、边听边说Listen and Speak Jane is pretty and popular. You will have a fat chance of getting a date with her.简又漂亮又招人喜欢,你想跟她约会估计没戏。Tom is a big fat liar.汤姆是个大骗子。If you chew the fat on the phone, youll burn a few extra calories per minute.你要是站着在电话里聊天,每分钟都能消耗掉几卡路里的额外热量。Almost everyone wishes to live in fat city in America.几乎所有美国人都想过那种养尊处优的生活。 可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt; http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201201/168073



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