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遵义红花岗区处女膜修复多少钱China’s rising comes as the most pronounced but complicated feature of the twenty-first century. 中国的崛起作为最重要的宣言是21世纪的复杂特色。In the past few years people over the world especially in the Asia-Pacific region have witnessed increasing tensions in U.S.-Chinese relations from all levels and in a wide range of areas.在过去的几年里全世界的人们特别是亚太地区的人们见了在各种层级和广度上的日渐紧张的中美关系。Graham Allison a world-famous expert on international security and also the founding dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University was the first person to combine the concept of the “Thucydides Trap” with the analysis of China’s ongoing rise with recent commentaries published in global influential newspapers and websites such as the Financial Times the New York Times and the Atlantic. In those articles he warned that over the past five hundred years of human history twelve of all sixteen cases of global tensions resulted in shooting wars.世界闻名的国际安全问题专家同时也在哈佛大学任职肯尼迪政府学院的院长的格雷厄姆Allison,是第一个把“修昔底德陷阱”和分析中国的持续崛起组合在一起构成概念,并与最近的发表在全球有影响力的报纸和网站如英国《金融时报》《纽约时报》和大西洋报。在这些文章中他警告说在过去的五百年里人类历史的16例全球紧张局势中的12例导致相互敌对的战争。What’s more he argued that a Thucydides trap has arisen between the ed States and China in the western Pacific in recent years. Thereafter some world-class masters including Zheng Yongnian Robert Zoellick Zbigniew Brzezinski Patrick Porter and T. J. Pempel followed in using this popular term when talking about U.S.-Chinese relations today or in the years ahead regardless of their personal attitudes toward such a pessimistic term.更重要的是他认为近年来美国和中国之间在西太平洋地区已经发生了修昔底德陷阱。在此之后一些世界级的大师包括郑永年、罗伯特R26;佐利克(Robert Zoellick)、布热津斯基、帕特里克·波特和t . j . Pempel当谈论到今日或未来几年的中美关系都使用这个流行的词汇,他们的个人态度是如此的悲观。 /201607/454294 Fake it until you make it might be an apt slogan for some Chinese companies. 假冒直至你成功也许对某些中国企业是一个合适的口号。Global brands from luxury goods makers to investment banks have frequently found their intellectual property stolen and copied in China.从奢侈品制造商到投资,全球品牌常常发现自己的知识产权在中国遭到窃取和抄袭。Still, in recent months, small victories for IP owners such as BMW and ex-basketball player Michael Jordan have suggested the trend is turning. 话虽如此,近几个月来,宝马(BMW)和前篮球运动员迈克尔.乔丹(Michael Jordan)等知识产权所有者取得小胜利,似乎表明上述趋势正在改变。Not at Alibaba, apparently. 但显然不包括阿里巴巴(Alibaba)。On Wednesday, the US government put the Taobao website of the New York-listed online marketplace operator back on its blacklist of notorious markets after four years in the clear.周三,美国政府将这家纽约上市的在线集市运营商旗下的淘宝网(Taobao)再度列入恶名市场黑名单,此前四年淘宝逃过入榜的命运。Alibaba is crying foul over the decision. 阿里巴巴对这一决定大喊冤枉,It says that its IP protections and anti-counterfeit measures have improved since it was last listed, and that politics are behind the move. 表示自上次入榜以来,其知识产权保护和打假措施都已改善,并称此举背后存在政治动机。Maybe so. 或许如此。Taking to task one of China’s most globally-recognised companies is one way to score a point but it sounds more like a tactic for the incoming Trump administration.追究全球知名度最高的中国企业之一是得分的一种方式,但这种手法听上去更像是即将上任的特朗普政府会动用的战术。For sure, the move is more symbolic than substantive. 诚然,此举的象征意义大于实质。Although Alibaba has international ambitions, it has no overseas sales worth reporting. 虽然阿里巴巴有国际野心,但它没有值得报告的海外销售,That is not to say the company has no connection to US trade. 这并不是说它与美国贸易没有联系。Numerous American companies — from Amazon to Tesla — have used Alibaba’s sites to sell goods into China. 许多美国企业——从亚马逊(Amazon)到特斯拉(Tesla)——都使用阿里巴巴的网站将产品销往中国。These host 100,000 brands. 那些网站上群集了10万个品牌,Fakes do not deter the owners. 假货并未吓阻品牌拥有者,Few can afford to boycott the world’s biggest online marketplace in the world’s biggest market.没多少人有底气抵制全球最大市场内的全球最大在线集市。Alibaba has been trying to fix the problem. 阿里巴巴一直在试图解决假货问题,Pressure from the US helps. 来自美国的压力起了帮助作用。Complaints last year from US clothing industry lobbying group, American Apparel amp; Footwear Association, no doubt spurred efforts that have doubled the number of removals of infringing listings in 2016.美国装行业游说团体——美国装和鞋类协会(American Apparel amp; Footwear Association)去年的投诉,无疑激励阿里巴巴作出努力,使2016年淘宝主动下架的侵权产品数量翻了一倍。Still, the objection to fake goods remains valid, even if it is being used for political ends. 但话说回来,反对假货仍然是站得住脚的,即使它是出于政治目的也不例外。If China is to strengthen its hand in the trade war, it needs to try harder. 如果中国要夺取其在贸易战争中的制高点,它需要更加努力,It could start by having its own credible strategy against counterfeiting. 可以从建立自己的可信的打假战略入手。Countries such as the US and UK do. 美国和英国等国家有这样的战略,They are worth copying.它们值得抄袭。 /201612/485547遵义/赤水市哪家医院开眼角技术好遵义脱发移植



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