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Ian Thiermann ran a tree preservation and pest-control business bee retiring 5 years ago. The 90-year-old still enjoys doing yard work with his wife Terry."One soggy mud pie. " "Yeah." But he'd never thought he would be ced to go back to work to make ends meet. They've put this job out me, and so I am gonna do it the best I can.Thiermann took a job at a local grocery store after losing his entire life savings, more than 700,000 dollars to disgraced Wall Street financier Bernie Madoff. He says he will never get the day he got the call from his investment advisor.When he called me in December, he was in a state of total shock. I've never heard of him. I mean, this is an attorney. He said, "My father, my mother, right with my aunts, uncles, we have lost everything, I have lost everything, and you have lost everything."He still has home payments to make and his wife's medical bills to pay. The grocery store owner created the greeter position the long time customer after hearing about his ordeal and calls Thiermann an inspiration to others going through tough financial times.His will to succeed after losing everything. People are saying to me, " You know what, I can, I am gonna step up to the plate, I am not gonna, I am just not gonna sit here and take, I am gonna step up and make something happen." And, yeah, he's just such a type of person.If you haven't tried the soups, they're outstanding.Thiermann says he has little time to dwell on the man responsible his crisis, but his wife does have feelings about Madoff. "I feel sorry him, because he has to live with the consequences of what he did." Thiermann says he will continue to work, 30 hours a week ten bucks an hour, but he says he will spend no time feeling sorry himself. "Got a job to do."Haven Daley, the Associated Press, Ben Lomond, Calinia. Notes(1) Step up to the plate: If people step up to the plate, they take on or accept a challenge or responsibility. (Origin:在棒球运动的大菱形内场上人们注目的焦点在球场下端的角上这是个十四英寸见方的木块或者橡胶,称为本垒,home plate,也可以简称为垒,plate击球手就站在这块 plate上面,击打投手向他投掷的球当一名棒球运动员准备击球的时候,他就拿起球棒踏上本垒英文的说法就是:step up to the plate.)() Dwell on: To keep one's mind on sth. 863。

Voice 1: After the war, people came from the church to help, to advise. They offered hope. They encouraged people in Dresden to help each other and to work hard. The Christian Bible would show them how to live. And people had to learn to live with little. And God would help them. But these people had much to think about. The fire had destroyed the most important Christian place in Dresden, the Church of Our Lady.声音1:战争结束以后,教会人员提供了帮助和建议他们带来了希望他们鼓励德勒斯登民众互相帮助,努力工作基督教圣经会告诉他们如何生活下去人们必须学会在几乎一无所有的情况下生活下去上帝会帮助他们但是这些人有很多事情要考虑大火摧毁了德勒斯登最重要的基督教堂——圣母教堂Voice : Five years earlier, bombs destroyed another important church. It happened in the city of Coventry, in England. German airplanes bombed Coventry in 190. The bombs killed many people and destroyed the main church. People were shocked, and angry. They wanted to fight back.声音:五年前,炸弹摧毁了另一座重要的教堂被毁的教堂位于英国考文垂市190年,德国飞机轰炸了考文垂轰炸造成多人死亡,主要教堂被毁人们既震惊又愤怒他们要反击But one man resisted the desire to fight back. He was Richard Howard. He was the chief priest of the ruined church in Coventry. He said:但是有一个人拒绝反击他就是理查德·霍华德他当时是考文垂被毁教堂的大主教他说Voice 3: Do not fight back. We must build a more simple, more kind, and more Christian world.声音3:“不要反击我们必须建造一个更简单、更友好、更虔诚的世界”Voice 1: This was not an easy message. Terrible things were happening in the war: people were being murdered in camps because of what they believed.声音1:这不是一个容易接受的信息战争中一直在发生可怕的事情:人们因为他们的信仰在兵营里被杀害译文属 60。

opics: How to ruin your computer, how much things cost in the US, secret vs. confidential vs. private, cliche vs. toucheWords:laptopto ruinversatileto spillfriedto take something in ( repair)to salvageto back upmodelspiessecretprivateconfidentialclichetouche 383。

Step by Step 3000. Book Four. 8. Seeing both sides.Part 1. Warming up.A. Keywordssymbol, dragon, negative, positive.Vocabularyarbitrariness, offensiveness, domain, Shanghai Morning Post, Shanghai Public Relations Association.Listen to a debate on China long acknowledged symbol dragon, complete the following chart.China long acknowledged symbol, the dragon, may not be suitable the image China anymore.At least that according to a report in the Shanghai Morning Post, the paper es experts at Shanghai Public Relations Association who said the dragon is to some extent a symbol of arbitrariness and offensiveness in western cultures.This they say could result in a negative view of China image abroad.Now they are designing a new Chinese symbol based on positive Chinese characteristics.However, the move has triggered disagreement in the public domain and an Internet survey shows that an overwhelming majority of people believe that as descendents of the dragon, the image of the dragon is deeply rooted in Chinese people psyche and cant simply be abandoned.In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon represents the emperor power, and it is also a symbol of good luck and wealth.B. Keywords. bio-fuels, aviation fuel, alternative energy, green fuel.Vocabulary. bio-fuel, babassu, stunt, arable, distraction, gimmick, un-negligible, Virgin Atlantic, European Federation Transport and Environment.Listen to the following news report on bio-fuels. Supply the missing inmation.Bio-fuels have been held in some quarters as an answer to global warming.Supporters argued that the plants which are grown to be turned into fuel capture the carbon dioxide that is emitted when the fuel is burned.They are aly used in some road vehicles, but they have never been tried in aeroplane.But now a Virgin Atlantic aircraft has been flown from London to Amsterdam, to test an aviation fuel made from crops to show it actually works.A Boeing 77 takes off, powered partly by coconut oil.Virgin Atlantic say they are testing a new bio-fuel, a mixture of coconut oil and babassu nut oil from a Brazilian palm tree.Flying a jumbo jet at 30,000 feet on an alternative energy has never been done bee.Richard Branson, chief Executive of Virgin Atlantic says it is the future of air travel and aviation history.It a major sort of technological breakthrough today in that everybody said that it was impossible clean fuels to fly at 30,000 feet in a jet engine and we believe that we were going to be able to prove them wrong.But Virgin test flight hasnt been welcomed by environmentalists, instead it has been dismissed as a stunt by some, and attacked by other.Jos Dings from the European Federation Transport and Environment. The fact that something is called a bio-fuel, doesnt mean it green.The fact that it is alternative fuel, doesnt mean that it a clean fuel. it depends crucially on what sort of bio-fuel you use, how much land that bio-fuel actually use.If Virgin would power its entire fleet with bio-fuel, it would have to use about half of the UK arable land.The campaign group Friends of the Earth call the test flight a distraction and a gimmick.The Campaign against Climate change say the belief this biofuel emits less carbon than conventional fuel is nonsense.They point to the evidence that the growing processing and burning of bio-fuel emits other greenhouse gases, and their benefits un-negligible.Virgin Atlantic say the fuel isnt perfect, but it could be a new beginning of aviation. 5531。

Voice : The problem of counterfeit drugs is not only in Nigeria. It is not only in developing countries. It is a problem in many parts of the world — including Britain and the ed States. Akunyili says that international action is needed. She said,声音:假药并不仅仅是尼日利亚存在的问题也不仅仅是发展中国家的问题这是世界许多地方共同存在的问题,这在英国和美国也是问题阿库尼丽表示现在需要的是国际行动她说,Voice 3: ;(Removing) counterfeit drugs should be treated as an international health emergency.;声音3:“清除假药应该被看作是国际卫生紧急事件”Voice 1: Akunyili says that increasing public knowledge has produced big results in Nigeria. Many true drug companies fear losing business if news of fake drugs becomes public. But Akunyili urges nations to be more open and honest. People lives are at risk. She points out that making the problems public will help the true drug companies in the end. People will be surer that the drugs they take are safe. This can only be good the drug industry and sick people. It is a fight that Dora Akunyili knows is worth it.声音1:阿库尼丽表示,不断增加的公共知识在尼日利亚产生了重大效果许多真药公司担心,一旦假药新闻被公开,他们会失去生意阿库尼丽敦促各国更加开放和真诚人们的生命面临危险她指出,公开这些问题最终将对真药公司有益人们会更加确定,他们用的药物是安全的这对药品行业和患者来说都是好事朵拉·阿库尼丽知道这是一场值得的斗争译文属 836。

Step by Step 3000. Book . 5. Creative Minds.Part 1. Warming up.A. Keywords. invented.Vocabulary. internal-combustion engine, barometer, atmosphere pressure, polaroid, pendulum, diesel,fuel oil, dynamite, kaleidoscope, harpsichord, gunsmith.Youre going to hear some inmation about inventions.Listen carefully, write down the names of the inventions, the nationality and occupation of each inventor and the year when the invention was made.The gasoline automobile was invented by Gottieb Daimler, the German engineer in 1885.His construction of the first high-speed internal-combustion engine led to development of the automobile industry.The barometer, the instrument measuring atmosphere pressure, was invented by inventor, Evangelista Torriceli ,the Italian physicist and mathematician in 3.The polaroid camera, which takes and prints photos in one step, was invented in 197, by the American inventor and industrialist Edwin Herbert Land.The pendulum clock was invented by the Dutch mathematician and physicist, Christiaan Huygens in 57.The diesel engine which is heavier and more powerful than gasoline engine, and which burns fuel oil instead of gasoline, was named after its inventor, Rudolph Diesel, the German engineer, in 189.Dynamite, the improved explosives was great safety, was invented in 1866, by the Swedish chemist, Alfred Bernhard Nobel.He established a fund to provide annual awards called Nobel Prizes in science, literature and promotion of international peace.The Kaleidoscope was invented in 18, by Sir David Brewster, the Scottish physicist and natural philosopher.The piano, a keyboard musical instrument, was invented in , by the Italian harpsichord maker, Bartolomeo Cristoi.The sewing machine, which greatly revolutionized clothes making, was invented by Elias Howe, an American inventor in 186.The typewriter, its first practical commerical model, was invented in 1867, by the American inventor, Christopher Sholes,and was manufactured by the American gunsmith, Philo Remington in 187.B. Keywords. invent.Vocabulary. fax, calendar, puppet, Mercedes-Benz.The following passage will tell you about some inventions made by people in different countries.Listen carefully and match the inventions with places where these things first came from.People in England made the first computer. It was built in 193.It was made to help England understand secret messages during World War Two.Someone in Australia invented the fax machine.After the fax machine was invented, it first became popular in East Asia.Folding fans came from Japan.They were invented in Japan almost 800 years ago.The first car came from Germany. It was invented by Karl Benz in 1885.Benz is still famous. His name is one the Mercedes-Benz car.A man in Canada invented the chocolate bar.He lived in Nova Scotia, in the eastern part of Canada.He invented the chocolate bar in the 1800.The first really accurate calendar was invented in Mexico.This calendar was made about 00 years ago.That when people learned that the year was 365 days long.The first mechanical clock was invented in China.It was invented in the year 75, over 50 years ago.People think Africans created the first puppets.Actually no one is sure. But puppets were probably created to help tell stories.C. Keywords. design, patent, introduce, develop, appear, born, invent, create.Vocabulary. paper clip, patent, adhesive, primer, cellular phone, commission, authorize,subscribe, credit with, wringer, ad, disposable, diaper, zipper, immigrant, galosh,accident-prone, strip, merit, Band-Aid, Norwegian, Pennsylvania, Czech.In the past century, when the consumer became king, product innovation reached unprecedented heights.Now listen to some of the great things invented in the past 0 years.Fill in the missing inmation.Pay special attention to the name of the inventions and the time when they appeared.The design of paper clips is perfect.There been little improvements since Norwegian Johan Vaaler got his American patent in 1901.Only about % actually used to clip papers.Post-it is one of the top 5 best selling office suppliers.To make post-its, introduced in 1980, 3M had to develop the adhesive, primer, back-side coating and new manufacturing equipment.The first cellular phone was developed in 1973, by Martin Cooper at Motorola.And a test of 00 such phones followed in Chicago.The Federal Communications Commission authorized cellular service in 198, and we havent shut up since.More than a third of all households in the U.S subscribe.Among those credited with making electric washing machines was Alva J. Fisher.The machines used wringers to remove water from clothes.Truly automatic machines appeared in the 1930s.An early ad a GE washer , ;If every father did family washing next Monday, there would be an electric washing machine in evert home by Saturday night.;Oh, baby, what a convenience. Procter amp; Gamble pampers, born in 1961, were first used only special occasions.Now the 95% of American parents who buy disposable diapers will spend up to dollars a child to avoid washing diapers.Zippers were invented in 19 by Swedish immigrant Gideon Sunback at Universal Fastener Co, in Pennsylvania.B.F. Goodrich first used the word to refer to a fastener on a pair of its galoshes.It was not used in clothes until the 1930s.By 191, zippers beat pants off buttons in the Battle of the Fly.Johnson amp; Johnson sold 3000 dollars worth of handmade Band-Aids in 191, the year it introduced them.A company cotton buyer, Earle Dickson, had created them at home his accident-prone wife.He then convinced his boss that the strips had merit.Onto Wichterle, a Czech scientist, created the first soft contact lens in 1961.Bausch amp; Lomb brought the rights to his process a reported 3 billion dollars in 1966. 353576。

  Just a Little Smile  Mike was walking home from school one day when he noticed a boy ahead of him had tripped and dropped all of the books he was carrying, along with two sweaters, a baseball bat, a glove and a tape recorder. Mike knelt down and helped the boy pick up the scattered s. Since they were going the same way, he helped to carry part of the burden.  As they walked, Mike discovered the boy name was James, that he loved games, baseball and history, and that he was having lots of trouble with his other subjects and that he had just broken up with his girlfriend.  They arrived at James home first, and Mike was invited in a Coke and to watch some television. The afternoon passed pleasantly with a few laughs and some shared small talk, then Mike went home.  They continued to see each other around school, had lunch together once or twice, then both graduated from junior high school. They ended up in the same high school where they had brief contacts over the years.  Finally the long awaited senior year came and three weeks bee graduation, James asked Mike if they could talk.  James reminded him of the day years ago when they first met. ;Did you ever wonder why I was carrying so many things?; asked James. ;You see, I cleaned out my locker because I didnt want to leave a mess anyone else. I stored away some of my mother sleeping pills. I was going home to commit suicide. But after we spent some time together talking and laughing, I realized that if I killed myself, I would have missed that time and so many others might follow. So you see, Mike, when you picked up those books that day, you did a lot more me. You saved my life.; 18。

Voice 1: Thank you joining us today Spotlight program. Im Ryan Geertsma.声音1:欢迎大家收听今天的重点报道节目我是瑞安·吉尔兹玛Voice : And Im Liz Waid. Spotlight uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.声音:我是利兹·韦德重点报道节目用慢速英语的方式播报新闻便于全世界各地民众的理解Voice 1: Welcome to today Spotlight listener mail program! We love to hear your comments and questions about our programs. On today program you will hear from people in Latin America and the Middle East. We will hear from Eddy, Mohsen, and Lili.声音1:欢迎收听今天重点报道节目的听众来信环节!我们喜欢听到大家对我们节目的以及大家提出的问题在今天的节目中,你们将会听到来自拉美和中东地区的听众来信今天选取的来信来自埃迪、莫森和莉莉Voice : Our first letter today comes from Eddy in Ecuador. Eddy wrote to us about a few different things. First, he told us how he uses Spotlight programs. Eddy writes:声音:第一封信来自厄瓜多尔的埃迪埃迪在信中写了几件事首先,他告诉我们他如何利用重点报道这个节目埃迪写道:Voice 3: ;The Spotlight programs are improving my English a lot. I am so grateful to you! I made a CD with the audio I love most... I can listen to different English accents from the ed Kingdom, the ed States, South Africa, and Scotland.;声音3:“重点报道节目使我的英语水平提高了很多我非常感谢你们!我将我最喜欢的节目音频录成CD……现在我可以听懂各种口音的英语,英音、美音、南非英语和苏格兰英语都可以”译文属 8389。