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European consumers concerned about horsemeat in their sausages should spare a thought for their Chinese counterparts who now have to worry about swallowing rat meat dressed up as mutton.担心自己吃的腊肠含有马肉的欧洲消费者,应当想一想中国消费者的处境,后者现在要担心咽下冒充羊肉的老鼠肉。Chinese police have busted a criminal ring selling meat from rats, foxes and mink by passing it off as mutton, the public security ministry said.中国公安部宣布,中国警方破获一个用老鼠、狐狸和水貂肉制售假羊肉的犯罪团伙。In a raid involving more than 200 officers, police in Shanghai and Jiangsu province arrested 63 people from a gang that allegedly sold more than .6m worth of fake mutton over a three-year period.在最近的一次突击行动中,警方出动200余名警力,在上海和江苏省抓获上述犯罪团伙的63人,该团伙被指在3年期间销售1000余万元人民币(逾160万美元)的假羊肉。The latest food scandal to hit China comes as citizens grapple with a looming bird flu epidemic and a steady stream of food and safety scandals that the Chinese authorities seem unable to curtail.这起最新的食品丑闻曝光之际,中国公民正在艰难应对一场扑面而来的禽流感疫情,以及一连串当局似乎无法遏制的食品和安全丑闻。“China has many laws [related to food safety] but the problem is in enforcement,” said Zheng Fengtian, a professor at the school of agricultural economics and rural development at Renmin University in Beijing. “If nobody is checking, then there are no consequences for people who break the law.”“中国有很多(涉及食品安全的)法律,但问题在于执法。”中国人民大学农业与农村发展学院教授郑风田表示,“如果没有人检查,那么违法的人就不用面对后果。”Continuous food safety scandals and chronic environmental pollution have become hot topics in China and officials have begun to worry that these issues are undermining Communist party legitimacy.不断发生的食品安全丑闻和旷日持久的环境污染已成为中国的热门话题。官员们开始担心,这些问题正在削弱中共的合法性。In just the latest example, demonstrators in the city of Chengdu in western China plan to march through the city to protest against a proposed chemical plant near the city, according to online organisers.仅举一个最新的例子,据网上组织者表示,成都市的示威者计划在该市游行,抗议该市附近一个拟建的化工厂项目。In an apparent response to rising discontent over food safety, China’s public security ministry has issued several statements in recent days lauding the results of a police crackdown on fake meat vendors and suppliers.中国公安部近日发布多份声明,称赞警方在打击制售假劣肉制品行动中取得的成果。此举显然意在回应民众在食品安全问题上日益升温的不满。The ministry said 904 suspects had been arrested since the end of January for selling and producing fake or tainted meat products, which in some cases caused sickness or even killed people who ate them.公安部称,自1月底以来已抓获犯罪嫌疑人904名,这些人涉嫌制售假劣或有毒有害的肉制品,在某些情况下导致食用者患病、甚至死亡。Police have also confiscated more than 20,000 tonnes of fake or adulterated meat products during the nationwide campaign.在这场全国范围的行动中,警方还现场查扣各类假劣肉制品2万余吨。The rat meat ring in Jiangsu and Shanghai used gelatin, food colouring and industrial chemicals to make rat, fox and mink meat look and taste more like mutton, police said.警方称,在江苏和上海活动的鼠肉犯罪团伙用明胶、色素(胭脂红)和工业用化学品(硝盐)使老鼠肉、狐狸肉和水貂肉在外观和味道上更像羊肉。The list of food products that Chinese consumers have to avoid seems to be growing by the week.中国消费者要避开的食品的清单似乎越来越长。Many restaurants have taken poultry off their s after the H7N9 bird flu virus was found in humans for the first time in late March and poultry sales have fallen 80 per cent in some parts.自3月下旬首例人感染H7N9禽流感病毒得到确诊以来,许多餐馆已停止供应禽类菜肴,禽类销售在某些地区暴跌80%。According to the latest official figures, nearly 130 cases of the new disease have been identified and 26 people have died from it.根据最新的官方数据,迄今已确诊近130例人感染H7N9病毒,其中26人已死亡。In March, more than 16,000 rotten pig carcases were found floating down the main river that flows through the commercial metropolis of Shanghai.3月份,流经上海市区的主要河流——黄浦江上发现逾1.6万头腐烂的死猪。“After pigs were found in the Huangpu river we don’t dare to eat pork, because of bird flu we don’t dare to eat chickens or ducks and now we can’t eat beef or mutton [because it might be rat meat],” wrote one person on the Twitter-like Weibo service. “The vegetarian diet plan will definitely be a massive hit across all of China.”有人在新浪微(Weibo)上写道,黄浦江上发现死猪后,我们不敢吃猪肉,禽流感使我们不敢吃鸡鸭,现在我们不能吃牛羊肉(因为它们可能是老鼠肉),素食主义肯定会在全国盛行起来。 /201305/238201

Careercast.com is out with its list of best and worst jobs of 2012. It#39;s bad news for the writer of this story, but much brighter for the folks who program the code that keeps this website humming.日前,美国招聘网站Careercast.com公布全美最佳和最差工作排行榜。这份榜单对媒体从业者来说真是个坏消息,但对IT工程师来说前景一片大好。Using a methodology that looked at physical demands, work environment, income, stress and hiring outlook, career Website Careercast.com, ranked the top 200 jobs. They also ranked the jobs with the most stress. Not surprisingly, none of the most stressful jobs show up on the best jobs list.这家招聘网站综合衡量了体力消耗、工作环境、收入水平、工作压力、雇佣前景等因素,评出了最佳200项工作排行榜。该网站还评出了压力最大工作排行榜。意料之中的是,压力最大工作排行榜中所列出的工作无一出现在最佳工作榜单上。At the top is software engineer and at the bottom is the lumberjack. Felling trees failed to skate above the bottom 10 percent in all ranking categories, excluding income. ;Unemployment for lumberjacks is very high, and the demand for their services is expected to continue to fall through 2016. And while working outside all day may seem like a great job perk, being a lumberjack not only is considered the worst job, but also one of the world#39;s most dangerous,; according to Careercast.com.软件工程师在最佳工作排行榜中居首,而伐木工人则垫底。除收入外,伐木工在所有评选项目中都排在倒数10%。根据Careercast.com网站介绍,“伐木工的失业率非常高,据称2016年之前对这一工种的需求量也将继续下降。虽然整日在户外工作似乎能得到不少津贴,但伐木工人不仅被认为属于最差工作,而且是全球最危险的工作之一。”And, for that most dangerous job, expect to earn a little more than ,000 a year. That#39;s about ,000 less than the cushy job of a software engineer, which has the average salary at ,000 a year, according to Careercast.该网站介绍称,伐木工人的年薪据称稍高于3.2万美元,但比软件工程师这种轻松而又容易赚钱的工作要少挣大约5.6万美元。软件工程师的年薪平均为8.8万美元。Here#39;s a complete look at the best and worst jobs. And, take a look at the most stressful jobs. You may be surprised.以下是最佳工作和最差工作排行榜的完整榜单,另外,大家也可以看看压力最大的工作榜单,你也许会大吃一惊。Best JobsSoftware EngineerActuaryHuman Resources ManagerDental HygienistFinancial PlannerAudiologistOccupational TherapistOnline Advertising ManagerComputer Systems AnalystMathematician最佳工作软件工程师保险精算师人力资源主管牙科保健员理财规划师听觉矫正专家职业治疗师网络广告经理计算机系统分析员数学家Worst JobsLumberjackDairy FarmerEnlisted Military SoldierOil Rig WorkerReporter (Newspaper)Waiter/WaitressMeter ReaderDishwasherButcherBroadcaster最差工作伐木工畜牧工人入伍士兵石油钻塔工报纸记者务员抄表员洗碗工屠夫广播员Most Stressful JobsEnlisted SoldierFirefighterAirline PilotMilitary GeneralPolice OfficerEvent CoordinatorPublic Relations ExecutiveCorporate Executive (Senior)PhotojournalistTaxi Driver压力最大的工作入伍士兵消防员飞行员将军警察活动协调员公关经理公司高管新闻摄影记者出租车司机 /201204/177511

The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), also sometimes known as the American War of Independence, began as a war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen united former British colonies in North America, and concluded in a global war between several European great powers. The war was the culmination of the political American Revolution, whereby the colonists rejected the right of the Parliament of Great Britain to govern them without representation, claiming that this violated the Rights of Englishmen. In 1775, revolutionaries gained control of each of the thirteen colonial governments, set up the Second Continental Congress, and formed a Continental Army. Petitions to the king to intervene with the parliament for them resulted in Congress being declared traitors and the states in rebellion the following year. The Americans responded by formally declaring in 1776 their independence as a new nation, the ed States of America, claiming sovereignty and rejecting any allegiance to the British monarchy. Although France had been providing supplies, ammunition and weapons to the rebels beginning in 1776, the Continentals' capture of a British army in 1777 led France to formally enter the war on the side of the ed States in early 1778, which evened the military strength with Britain. Spain and the Dutch Republic – French allies – also went to war with Britain over the next two years.Throughout the war, the British were able to use their naval superiority to capture and occupy coastal cities, but control of the countryside (where 90% of the population lived) largely eluded them because of the relatively small size of their land army. French involvement proved decisive, with a French naval victory in the Chesapeake leading at Yorktown in 1781 to the surrender of a second British army. In 1783, the Treaty of Paris ended the war and recognized the sovereignty of the ed States over the territory bounded by what is now Canada to the north, Florida to the south, and the Mississippi River to the west.1781年美国独立战争结束(10.19)美国革命战争(1775至1783年),有时也成为美国独立战争,最初只是大不列颠王国和13个位于北美的英属殖民地之间的战争地,而后发展成欧洲几大国之间的全球战争。战争是美国政治革命的顶峰,即殖民者拒绝了英国议会对他们的统治权,称这违反了英国人的权利。在1775年,革命者最终获得了13个殖民地政府的控制权,建立了第二大陆议会,并形成了大陆军。向国王请愿对英国国会的统治干预,导致大陆国会被视为叛国者。美国人的反应是在1776年正式宣布作为成立一个新国家——美利坚合众国,要求拥有自己的主权并拒绝效忠于英国的君主制。尽管法国自1776年开始一直提供物资,弹药和武器给叛乱分子,而英国军队在1777年在大陆的掠夺导致法国1778年年初正式宣战,帮助美国拉平了与英国的军事实力。而后两年历,西班牙和荷兰共和国-——法国的盟友——也到陆续参与到战争中。整个战争期间,英国利用他们的海军优势,占领了沿海城市,但对农村的控制权(其中90%的人口居住)一直未能掌控,因为他们的陆军规模较小。法国的参与对战争起了决定性的作用,1781年法国海军在切萨皮克的胜利致使约克镇的第二英国军投降。在1783年,巴黎条约结束了战争,并承认了美国的独立主权和领土,北至现在的加拿大,南至现在的佛罗里达州,西至现在的密西西比河。 /200910/87025

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