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Apple plans to boost its green credentials in China by investing in solar power generators and helping its manufacturing partners in the country become more environmentally friendly.苹果公司宣布扩大其在中国清洁能源投资,以帮助中国减少碳排放。Announcing the moves, Apple CEO Tim Cook said they will avoid over 20 million tons of greenhouse gas pollution in China between now and 2020, equivalent to taking nearly four million passenger vehicles off the road for a year.苹果公司CEO库克介绍说,从现在起到2020年,这项计划将帮助中国减少超过2000万吨的温室气体排放,相当于近400万辆客车停驶一年。The new generators will be built in the north, east and south of China, producing enough energy to power 265,000 Chinese homes, according to Apple.苹果公司计划在华北、华东和华南建立进行电网建设,生产能源可供给26.5万中国家庭一年的用电量。It has aly finished building solar installations in southwest China#39;s Sichuan Province. The first to be built by Apple outside of the ed States, they are designed to produce more than the total amount of electricity used by Apple#39;s 19 corporate offices and 24 retail stores in the mainland and Hong Kong, offsetting the energy used in the company#39;s supply chain.四川太阳能项目是苹果公司的首个在海外建成的国际太阳能项目,由此所产生的电量可完全满足苹果公司在中国的所有办公设施及零售店的能源消耗。目前苹果公司在中国设有19家办公室,在内地和香港开设了24家零售店。Apple#39;s major supplier, Foxconn, plans to build solar power generators with around twice the capacity of those announced by Apple, starting in central China#39;s Henan Province, by 2018. Foxconn has committed to generate as much clean energy as its Zhengzhou factory in Henan consumes in final production of iPhones.苹果公司最大供应商富士康也将建设太阳能项目,在河南省进行试点,预计在2018年建成400兆瓦的太阳能项目。 /201510/405526

At billion, Uber has become more valuable more quickly than any other start-up we’ve seen in recent years — faster than Facebook FB 2.03% , Google GOOG 0.43% , Amazon.com AMZN 0.50% and Salesforce.com CRM 0.29% , according to our analysis of VC-backed start-ups founded since Uber was created in 2009. Earlier this month when the taxi service announced a round of financing that gave it a billion valuation at 5.93 years old, Uber set itself apart. At the same stage, Facebook was valued at about billion, while Google was just over billion.打车应用务公司Uber目前估值已经达到410亿美元。我们发现这家公司自2009年成立以来,是由风投持的初创型企业中增值最快的一家,超过了Facebook、谷歌(Google)、亚马逊(Amazon.com)和云计算务供应商Salesforce.com。本月早些时候Uber宣布了新一轮融资消息,公司估值在成立5.93年后达到410亿美元,在市场中脱颖而出。在同一阶段,Facebook的估值约为320亿美元,谷歌的估值则刚刚超过30亿美元。Uber’s valuation does not guarantee it will be the next long-term superstar. But if the company can use its rapidly rising valuation to accelerate its expansion, it has a real shot at both beating its competitor, Lyft, and growing beyond personal transportation. Further, it can expand it’s services — potentially to delivery, logistics, other adjacent markets. To be sure, Uber is facing an ever increasing amount of challenges, from legal battles with local governments, to bad PR for the way it portrays women, all of which could hamper its growth and damage its brand. Additionally competitors like Lyft are nipping at its heals and more will surely come as the market for smart-phone powered point-to-point transportation expands. Despite these problems, Uber’s lead is so large and its value has grown so quickly, it would have to stumble badly to lose the battle for supremecy in this new space.但这样的估值并不能保Uber成为下一个持久的超级巨星。但如果该公司能将快速攀升的价值用于提高扩张速度,它就真的有可能击败竞争对手Lyft,并将业务延伸到个人交通领域之外。Uber可以进一步将其范围扩大到快递、物流以及其他相关市场。当然,Uber面临的挑战也与日俱增,比如和地方政府的法律纠纷,再比如涉嫌不尊重女性的糟糕公关,所有这些都可能对其发展和品牌产生不利影响。此外,Lyft等对手正在奋起直追;而且,随着基于智能手机的点对点(P2P)交通务市场继续扩大,必将出现更多竞争者。不过,虽然存在这些问题,但在如此巨大的领先优势和增速之下,除非Uber犯下大错误,才会在这个新兴领域的王者争夺战中落败。This comes amid the development of two important trends. First, among all VC-backed technology start-ups created since 2009, the rate at which their values have risen is three times faster today compared to just a decade ago. This increase in “time to market cap”, the measures how quickly companies increase in value, has become a major advantage for modern startups as they are able to build massive financial war chests at speeds never seen before. With this latest financing Uber has become the time to market cap champ.伴随Uber成长的有两大趋势。首先,就所有2009年以来成立并且获得风投持的科技初创公司来说,其价值上升速度与10年前相比快了三倍。作为衡量公司价值增速的指标,“市值形成速度(time to market cap)”的提升已经成为现代初创企业的一项主要优势,因为它们可以用前所未有的速度筹集到巨额资金。最新一轮融资过后,Uber已经在这场速度较量中成为冠军。What’s more, it appears that new markets are being dominated by one company, especially in tech. Uber’s latest valuation is partly driven by how quickly the company is expanding abroad, but it also reflects demand for a growing global market for on-demand transportation, and Uber’s dominance in this category for years to come.其次,新兴的市场看来都由一家公司主导,特别是在科技领域。Uber最新估值提升的部分动力来自该公司在海外的迅速扩张,但这也体现了全球按需交通务市场的不断扩张和由此带来的需求,以及今后几年Uber在这个领域的统治地位。We like to call Uber a “Category King” — companies that define, develop and dominate new markets. Airbnb is doing that in on-demand rentals. Salesforce.com did it in cloud-based CRM. Of the 80 or so billion companies founded since 2000, half are Category Kings. They are more valuable than all the other companies in their categories combined. These firms routinely take more than 70% of the total available market cap of their market.我们倾向于把Uber称为“细分类之王”,即那些定义了一个全新市场,并大力开拓,占据市场主导地位的公司。Airbnb就在按需租房领域扮演着这样的角色。在基于云技术的客户关系管理务市场,Salesforce.com也是如此。2000年以来成立而且市值达到10亿美元的公司有80家左右,其中一半都是“细分类之王”。它们的价值超过了本领域其他公司的价值之和,而且往往占据所在市场中所有公司总市值的70%以上。Uber is clearly being valued as the king of a new category that stretches way beyond taxi rides. Investors see potential in on-demand delivery from Uber vehicles, for instance. Unless Uber screws up, its competitors, such as Lyft and Sidecar, will fade into the background. If Uber truly proves to be the Category King in a vastly expanding new category, it’s record valuation will seem rational.显然,人们在评估Uber的价值时,认为其所统领的新领域将远远超越出租车务。举例来说,投资者就看到了Uber车辆的按需递送的潜力。除非Uber自毁前程,否则Lyft和Sidecar这样的竞争对手就只能生活在其阴影之中。如果Uber能明自己在一个大范围扩张的新领域居于王者之位,该公司创纪录的估值就应该属于合理水平。Al Ramadan, Christopher Lochhead and Dave Peterson are co-founding partners at Play Bigger Advisors, a San Francisco-based firm that coaches technology executives to build market-leading companies. Neither the firm or its partners have investments in Uber, Lyft, Google, Amazon.com or Salesforce.com.本文作者艾尔o拉马丹、克里斯托弗o罗克海德和戴夫o彼得森是Play Bigger Advisors公司联合创始人。这家总部位于旧金山的咨询机构致力于指导科技公司高管如何打造市场领先的公司。该公司和这三位合伙人均未向Uber、Lyft、亚马逊或Salesforce.com投资。(财富中文网) /201412/349390

Perhaps no presidential candidate in US history has wielded the put-down quite like Donald Trump.美国历史上可能从来没有一位总统候选人像特朗普这般善于奚落辱骂他人。He called John McCain a ;dummy,; John Kasich ;desperate,; Karl Rove ;a total loser; and Lindsey Graham ;a stiff.; The list goes on.麦凯恩被他骂;笨蛋;,卡西奇被骂;丧心病狂;,罗夫被骂;彻头彻尾的失败者;,格雷厄姆被骂;呆瓜;。这份名单还在继续。Feeling left out that Trump hasn#39;t gotten around to insulting you or your friends?特朗普抽不出时间来骂您和您的朋友,是否让您感觉有点失落?Now you can generate your own Donald Trump insult, thanks to the Donald Trump Insult Generator, an app launched by Time magazine.《时代》周刊日前推出了一款;特朗普骂人器;应用,有了它,现在您可以拥有自己的专属;特式辱骂;了。All you do is put in your name and your own personalized insult - taken from Trump#39;s Twitter feed - will pop up.只要输入自己的姓名,从特朗普发布的推特消息中选取的、专属于你的;特式辱骂;就会出现了。 /201601/423386

  After taking two months off to spend time with his newborn daughter, Mark Zuckerberg is back to business. And business is good.休了两个月产假来陪伴刚出生的女儿之后,马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)回归工作。事实明,生意非常地兴旺。On Wednesday, Mr. Zuckerberg’s company, Facebook, reported another quarter of soaring revenue. Sales rose 52 percent from a year earlier to .84 billion on the strength of its mobile advertising business and an increase in daily users. Profit rose to .56 billion, more than doubling from a year earlier.本周三,扎克伯格的公司Facebook公布季报,营收再一次飙升。由于移动端广告业务的强劲表现和日常用户的增加,公司上季度的销售额达58.4亿美元,同比攀升了52%。利润增至15.6亿美元,比去年同期翻番有余。The numbers far surpassed Wall Street’s expectations of .2 billion in profit on .37 billion in revenue.这些数字远远超出了华尔街预期的53.7亿美元营收、12亿美元利润。Investors welcomed the blockbuster results. Facebook’s shares, which closed at .45 in regular trading, jumped in after-hours trading.投资者对这一亮眼业绩反应热烈。Facebook的股价当天收于94.45美元,并在盘后交易中大幅飙升。Facebook’s results offer a bright spot in a tumultuous climate for many American technology stocks. Shares of Twitter, Facebook’s most visible social networking competitor in the ed States, have tumbled more than 55 percent over the last year. Yelp, the local-review service, is down around 60 percent. LinkedIn, the professional social networking service, is off about 19 percent.在许多美国科技股境遇不佳的大环境下,Facebook的业绩提供了一个亮点。该公司在美国最显眼的社交网络竞争对手是Twitter,而后者的股价去年跌去了逾55%。区域性测评务Yelp的股价下挫了60%。职业社交网络务LinkedIn跌了19%。Unlike its contemporaries, however, Facebook enjoys regular visitor numbers and revenue growth that show no signs of stumbling. Facebook now has 1.59 billion monthly visitors, up 14 percent from a year earlier. Some 1.44 billion of those people visit the site from a mobile device; 1.04 billion visit Facebook every day.与同类务想比,Facebook的日常访问人数和收入增长没有丝毫的疲软迹象。Facebook目前拥有每月15.9亿访客,同比增长14%。其中大约14.4亿人使用移动设备访问这一网站;更有10.4亿人每天都会造访。The numbers do not include the hundreds of millions of people who regularly use Instagram, the photo-sharing app, and WhatsApp, the messaging service, which are also owned by Facebook.这些数据并没有包括Facebook公司旗下的Instagram和WhatsApp拥有的数亿常客。Instagram是一款分享照片的应用,而WhatsApp提供即时通讯务。“Our community continued to grow and our business is thriving,” Mr. Zuckerberg said in a statement. “We continue to invest in better serving our community, building our business and connecting the world.”“我们的社区持续增长,我们的业务欣欣向荣,”扎克伯格在声明中表示。“在更好地务我们的社区、打造我们的业务并联通全世界方面,我们将继续投入。” /201602/425502

  Apple released on Wednesday the first significant update to its iOS 9 software for iPhones and iPads, though it might matter most to those who like to send emoji-laden messages about food.这周三,苹果首次推出iPhone和iPad的iOS 9升级。此次升级满足了许多喜欢使用emoji表情的用户需求,添加了许多有关食物的表情。The iOS 9.1 update is available now to all iOS 9 users. Outward facing changes include new emojis such as a taco, hot dog, champagne and a unicorn. Live Photos has also been fixed so that the camera stops recording if it detects that the iPhone has been lowered. It also fixes bugs in tools like CarPlay and the app switcher.现在iOS 9.1已经可以适配所有的iOS 9用户。新的表情包包括玉米饼、热、香槟酒还有独角兽。拍照功能经过升级,在探测到用户手机向下放后停止取景。同时,升级也修复了CarPlay和应用间切换的问题。In other words, the fixes are fairly minor compared with the iOS 7.1 and iOS 8.1 updates in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Last year#39;s update added support for Apple Pay, brought back the camera roll and launched the iCloud photo library. iOS 7.1 rolled out CarPlay and iTunes Radio, as well as tweaking the Siri digital voice assistant.但是,同2013年的iOS 7.1和2014年的iOS 8.1相比,这次升级改动并不大。去年的升级添加了苹果付,重新用上照相机滚动功能和iCloud相片图书馆。iOS7.1推出了CarPlay和iTunes 收音机,同时还有Siri电子语音助手。Apple, which updates iOS every year, needs to keep the system fresh to maintain customers#39; interest in its products and ensure that software developers keep making apps for its platform. The refreshes are also vital to keep Apple in step with competitors like Google, whose Google Now and Google Now On Top features provide predictive capabilities to users of phones that run on the company#39;s Android software.为了保系统的创新和让用户始终对产品保留兴趣,苹果公司每年都会更新iOS系统,以保软件开发者可以在平台上开发新的应用程序。谷歌之前发布的Google Now和Google Now On Top以公司安卓软件为平台,为用户提供一系列预测功能。为了同谷歌等竞争对手相抗争,苹果系统更新尤为重要。As of Monday, 61 percent of people who use Apple#39;s mobile gadgets had upgraded to iOS 9, according to Apple#39;s developer site. Another 30 percent were still using iOS 8, and 9 percent were using older versions of Apple#39;s mobile software.根据苹果开发网站的数据,截至周一,61%的苹果用户已经升级为iOS 9。30%的用户使用iOS 8,9%的使用更老的系统。The company released iOS 9 last month. The software includes changes designed to make iPhones and iPads far more able to predict an owner#39;s needs and interests. Among some of the new features for iOS 9, it can automatically suggest apps to load or people to contact based on a person#39;s usage patterns. iOS 9 also comes with updates to Siri to give the voice assistant a new interface and allow it to remind a user of appointments without being told to ahead of time.上个月,苹果推出了iOS 9。升级为iPhone和iPad带来了更多可以预测用户需要和兴趣的功能。在iOS 9的新系统中,根据用户的使用类型,可以自动推荐应用程序下载或联系人。iOS 9也升级了Siri,更新了语音助手的界面,无需机主告知,Siri就可以自动提醒预约事件。 /201510/406316。


  Less than one day after proclaiming a billion annual revenue milestone for cloud services, IBM’s newly formed Cloud division disclosed two fresh contracts.就在IBM宣布云务年收入达到70亿美元的里程碑式业绩之后不到一天,其新组建的云部门又公布了两份新签的合同。One, a 0 million services agreement with healthcare benefits company Anthem, adds to the string of existing services customers switching to IBM cloud data centers or software as a service applications. It’s a theme the company has sounded often over the past year.其中一份是与医保福利公司Anthem签订的5亿美元务协议,这也是现有云务用户转向IBM云数据中心或“软件即务”应用的最新一例。在过去一年中,这样的情况一直在IBM持续上演。The other establishes IBM IBM 0.31% as the cloud host for a new service from Clarient Global, backed by a consortium of financial services companies including Barclays, BNY Mellon, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and State Street. (Clarient is related to The Depository Trust amp; Clearing Corp.) This agreement is potentially more intriguing, because it represents a net new account for IBM’s cloud business rather than the renegotiation of an existing outsourcing relationship.另一份合同则是,IBM将为Clarient Global的一种新业务提供云主机,包括巴克莱、纽约梅隆、瑞士信贷、高盛、根大通、道富等一大批金融巨头都在采用Clarient Global的务。这项协议可能更为引人关注,因为它意味着IBM云业务拉到了一位新客户,而非只是与现有客户重新协商合作关系。Under the pact, IBM will host a centralized, secure hub for client reference data and documents on its SoftLayer technology. Here’s the rationale fromClarient CEO Matthew Stauffer: “IBM’s cloud platform, coupled with its deep security expertise, plays a vital role in enabling this new service to help increase efficiency and control over client data while reducing risk and costs.”依据协议,IBM将通过其SoftLayer技术,为客户机数据文档提供安全中枢。Clarient首席执行官马修o斯托弗称,之所以选择IBM的理由是:“IBM云平台加上其专业的深度安全防护技术,对这项新务来说至关重要,从而能在降低风险和成本同时,帮助提高效率,更好地管理客户数据。”Last year, IBM pulled in billion in revenue last year related to cloud services—a level it was hoping to hit by the end of 2015.去年,IBM在云务领域获得了70亿美元收入,这一业绩原本是公司计划在2015年底达成的目标。In recent weeks, the company restructured to accelerate that momentum, naming veteran IBM Software manager Robert LeBlanc as the senior vice president. “We took all the pieces that were sitting in various places throughout IBM, some of them in services, some of them in software, and pulled them together,” LeBlanc said in a brief interview Wednesday. “It gives us the opportunity to innovate at speed.”为了加快这一发展势头,公司在近几周进行了改组,任命经验丰富的IBM软件部门经理罗伯特o勒布朗作为高级副总裁。勒布朗在与《财富》的一次简短采访中表示:“我们在IBM的各个部门寻找所有的云业务碎片,有些在务部门,有些在软件部门,然后把它们整合起来。这给了我们迅速创新的机会。”He isn’t committing—publicly at least—to a new goal. His team also has a lot of hiring to do before it can rev up: there are at least 1,000 open positions in a unit that as a whole employs “thousands” of people.他并未公开自己的新业绩目标。同时,云计算团队还需要大量招聘人手才能加速运转起来:这个团队目前已有数千名员工,但至少还有1,000个职位空缺急需填补。(财富中文网) /201502/358735In 2001, while interviewing executives at Nokia, I was introduced to the Finnish word. It meant humility, I was told, but humility with a quiet self-assurance. That self-assurance seemed well-deserved. Nokiawas then the giant of the mobile phone world, controlling 35 per cent of the global market.2001年,在采访诺基亚(Nokia)高管时,有人跟我提到了一个芬兰词 。 有人告诉我,它的意思是谦逊,是带着默默自信的谦逊。这种自信似乎当之无愧。诺基亚当时是全球手机行业的巨擘,控制着全球手机市场35%的份额。Could it last, I asked in the articles I wrote at the time. We now know that it did not. After being eclipsed by Apple’s iPhone and by Android-based Asian handsets, Nokia last year handed over its much-weakened mobile phone business to Microsoft. But Nokia has not disappeared. It is now a mobile networks operation, has a digital mapping business and owns a host of patents.我在当时写的文章中问道,它能长期屹立不倒吗?我们现在知道,它不能。在被苹果(Apple)的iPhone和基于安卓(Android)系统的亚洲手机夺去光后,诺基亚去年将其实力大大减弱的手机业务售予微软(Microsoft)。但诺基亚没有消失。它现在经营着移动网络业务,拥有数字地图业务和很多专利。Reinventing itself is not new to Nokia. It has done so repeatedly since it began life in 1865 as a paper manufacturer. It has since been a maker of rubber boots, raincoats, cables and television sets. It has been an electricity generator, was once Ireland’s leading producer of toilet paper and the world’s only supplier of studded bicycle tyres.重塑自身对于诺基亚并不新鲜。自从1865年作为一家造纸商创建以来,它曾多次这么做过。之后诺基亚生产过橡胶靴、雨衣、电缆和电视机。诺基亚做过发电商,曾经是爱尔兰主要卫生纸制造商,也曾是全球自行车防滑钉轮胎的唯一供应商。This is unusual. Few companies change their businesses as dramatically and only a minority last as long. In an influential book, The Living Company, first published in 1997, Arie de Geus asked why some companies endured while others died young. The average multinational company lasted less than 50 years, but some, such as Nokia, were well over 100 years old.Royal Dutch Shell, where Mr de Geus worked for 38 years, began in 1833. A few had been around for centuries, he wrote. The Sumitomo Group of Japan could trace its origins to a copper casting shop founded in 1590.这不同寻常。很少有企业会进行如此剧烈的业务转型,而且只有少数能够存活这么长时间。在1997年首次出版的颇具影响力的《长寿公司》(The Living Company)中,阿里德赫斯(Arie de Geus)问道,为什么一些公司可以长寿,另一些公司却英年早逝。跨国企业的平均寿命不到50年,但诺基亚等一些公司的历史却远远超过了100年。德赫斯为之工作了38年的荷兰皇家壳牌(Royal Dutch Shell)是在1833年创建的。他写道,很少有企业会存活几个世纪之久。日本住友集团(Sumitomo Group)的起源可以追溯到1590年创建的一家铸铜店。In no other type of organisation, whether universities, armies or churches, was there such a disparity between the shortest and longest-living institutions.其他任何类型的组织(不管是大学、军队还是教堂),寿命最长和最短者之间都不会出现如此巨大的差异。Does it matter whether companies live centuries or not? Is not the death of companies and the birth of new ones the way economies and societies progress – through what Joseph Schumpeter called “creative destruction”?公司能否存活数个世纪是否重要?老公司的灭亡和新公司的诞生,不是经济和社会通过约瑟夫訠籱祟(Joseph Schumpeter)所称的“创造性破坏”进步的方式吗?Yes. Companies can become complacent, as Nokia was about the arrival of the smartphone. Many are replaced by quicker, more alert competitors. But Mr de Geus and others have argued that long-living companies perform a valuable role.是的。公司可能会变得自满,诺基亚对于智能手机的出现的态度就是如此。很多公司被行动更迅速且更警觉的竞争对手取代。但德赫斯和其他一些人认为,长寿公司发挥着重要作用。They lay down roots. They establish links with communities, provide employment and memories to successive generations of workers and act as an important social glue. As families have become more fragmented and people more mobile, long-living companies provide a sense of cohesion and communal solidarity.它们会扎下根基。它们与社会建立联系、为一代代员工提供就业和回忆,同时充当一种重要的社会粘合剂。在家庭变得更为分散且人们的流动性变得更强之际,长寿公司提供了一种凝聚感和社会团结感。When they die, neighbourhoods are often left desolate, longstanding suppliers lose business and former employees and their families are deprived of their workday memories.当这些公司灭亡时,临近的社区通常会变得荒凉起来,长期供应商会丢掉业务,以前的员工和他们的家人会丧失他们对于工作的回忆。So why do some companies manage to last so long?那么,为什么一些公司能够存活很长时间呢?In his book, Mr de Geus pointed to four characteristics of long-lived companies. First, they were sensitive to changes in the business environment and in their societies. Second, they had a strong sense of identity. Third, they were “tolerant”, by which he meant that they were not over-centralised and allowed experiments and eccentricities among their staff. Finally, they were conservative in their financing – “they knew the usefulness of having spare cash in the kitty”.德赫斯在书中指出了长寿公司的4个特点。第一,它们对商业环境和所处社会的变化相当敏感。第二,它们有强烈的认同感。第三,它们“宽容”,他的意思是它们并不过分集权,允许员工试验和特立独行。最后,它们在融资方面相当保守,“它们知道留有备用现金的用处。”There are other questions we can ask.我们还可以提出其他问题。Is ownership important? Some companies survive because they are family-owned, educating each new generation to take a role and become executives. But family ownership is no panacea. It is difficult to instil hunger for success, hard work and managerial savvy in successive generations. And not all of the oldest companies are family-owned.所有权是否重要?一些公司存活下来的原因是它们由家族所有,他们会教育新一代人承担角色并成为高管。但家族所有权并非万能药。很难将成功的渴望、勤奋和管理头脑连续植入几代人。而且并非所有历史最长的公司都由家族所有。Does the industry matter? Is it easier to survive in the resources business, say in mining, than in the tech industry? It is difficult to judge. The technology industry is too young for us to know whether, for example, Apple, Microsoft or Facebook are going to show real staying power. Certainly, companies that were once big names in technology – Wang and ICL, for example – are no longer around.行业是否重要?在资源行业(例如矿业)是否要比在科技行业更容易存活?现在很难判断。科技行业还太年轻,我们无法了解苹果、微软或Facebook是否会展示出真正的持久力。当然,科技行业那些曾经的巨擘(例如,Wang和ICL)都已消失。And, most important, can large companies keep innovating or are they inevitably undermined by new arrivals with smaller bureaucracies, no pension liabilities and less of an investment in older technologies and ways of operating?最重要的是,大公司能否保持创新,或者是否会不可避免地受到新公司的削弱?新公司官僚主义较少、没有养老金义务,而且在较老的技术和经营方式方面投资较少。Over the next few months, the Financial Times (which itself is 127 years old) will be examining what helps some companies last so long – and how they can fend off decline. We will be running events and broadcasting s from the leading business cities on four continents: Hong Kong, Johannesburg, New York and London.未来几个月,英国《金融时报》(本身有127年历史)将考察是什么帮助一些公司存活那么长时间,以及它们是如何抵御衰落的。我们将举办各种活动,并播放来自位于四个大陆的领先商业城市的视频:香港、约翰内斯堡、纽约和伦敦。Each of these financial and commercial centres has companies that have been around for decades or centuries, as well as thriving start-ups. We will be interviewing executives from both types of companies, as well as academic experts.这些金融和商业中心都拥有具有几十年或几百年历史的企业以及蓬勃发展的初创企业。我们将采访这两类企业的高管和学术专家。But we also want to hear from you, the FT er. Do you think long-living companies are valuable to our societies and, if so, what do you think helps them endure? Do you work or for a company that has been around forever, or do you work for a recent corporate arrival – or perhaps you have worked for both? How do you think the most successful older companies have done it? Please join in the debate by posting your thoughts here or follow #FTLongevity.on Twitter.但英国《金融时报》的读者,我们也希望听到你的看法。你是否认为长寿公司对我们的社会很重要?如果是的话,你认为它们长寿的秘诀是什么?你是在为一家历史悠久的公司工作,还是在为一家最近才诞生的公司工作,或者你曾经为两种公司都工作过?你认为最成功的历史较长的公司是如何做到的?请加入我们的辩论,在这里提出你的看法,或者在Twitter上关注#FTLongevity。 /201507/387907

  As I follow Neil Shen into the head office of DJI, the largest drone company in the world, its staff greet him with bowed heads. Wearing a black shirt, grey slacks and black Italian-made loafers, the 47-year-old is no stranger to this kind of reception.沈南鹏身着黑色衬衫、灰色长裤,脚上穿一双意大利制造的黑色平底皮鞋。我跟在他身后走进全球最大无人机制造公司——大疆创新科技有限公司(DJI)的总部,员工们低着头向他致意,而他显然已经习惯了这种打招呼的方式。Shen is one of China’s most successful investors — Forbes magazine puts his personal fortune at bn — and head of China operations for the Silicon Valley venture capital outfit Sequoia Capital. At home his rise at a western firm is widely seen as emblematic of the country’s growing status.现年47岁的沈南鹏是中国最成功的投资者之一,《福布斯》(Forbes)估计他个人财富有10亿美元,他也是硅谷风险投资公司红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)中国业务的负责人。中国国内普遍认为,他在一家西方公司身居高位,也象征着中国地位的上升。Indeed, some believe it to be only a matter of time before Sequoia Capital China produces more returns than its parent. But on the day of our meeting, in early July, the volatile Chinese stock market is in meltdown (it will fall eight per cent on that day alone). Although he has “only” bn under management in his China funds, Shen has, according to a recent estimate from Chinese state television, stakes in companies with a market capitalisation of more than 0bn. The downturn means this figure will have taken a substantial dip.实际上一些人相信,红杉资本中国基金(Sequoia Capital China)创造的收益早晚超过其母公司。但就在今年7月初我们见面的那一天,跌宕起伏的中国股市大幅下跌(仅在当天就暴跌了8%)。尽管沈南鹏旗下中国基金所管理的资金“仅”有60亿美元,但据中国国家电视台最近的估计,沈南鹏持有的上市公司股票总市值超过4000亿美元。股市下跌意味着该数字会大幅缩水。Shen, who has a reputation for coolly machine-like calculation, seems unperturbed. Though he admits to carrying three smartphones — to monitor the various service-providers, he says — he hardly glances at the screens.沈南鹏对此很淡定,他有着像机器一样冷静计算的名声。尽管他坦承自己随身带着3部智能手机——他说这是为了紧盯各个务提供商——但实际上他很少去看这些手机屏幕。“Things have not settled yet,” he says. “We need to wait for a few weeks. At the moment, the situation is not market-driven. There are thousands of companies that need money and only five per cent are public. If the valuations come down, that is good for us. The expectations of entrepreneurs were too high.”他说:“现在还没有稳定下来,我们需要等待几周。目前的形势并不是市场驱动的。千万家公司需要资金,上市的只有5%。如果估值下降,那对我们来说是好事。创业家们以前的期望太高了。”A decade ago, you wouldn’t have found many Chinese internet entrepreneurs on a list of global billionaires. Today, they are numerous, from Jack Ma, founder of the e-commerce giant Alibaba, and Pony Ma, founder of Tencent, which began life as a gaming site and is now a social media behemoth, to Robin Li of Baidu, the mainland equivalent of search engine Google, and Lei Jun of smartphone maker Xiaomi. And, while Shen is now primarily known as an investor, he, too — as one of the founders of Ctrip, the hugely successful Chinese travel website — was an internet entrepreneur.十年前,在全球亿万富翁排行榜上看不到多少中国互联网企业家的名字,如今却冒出了一大批,比如电商巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)创始人马云,先是做游戏网站、后来发展为社交媒体巨擘的腾讯(Tencent)的创始人马化腾,“中国内地的谷歌(Google)”搜索引擎公司百度(Baidu)的李彦宏,还有智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi)的雷军。尽管沈南鹏主要以投资闻名,但他也是一名互联网创业家,他是做得非常成功的中国旅游网站携程网(Ctrip)的创始人之一。In a technology landscape more complex, concentrated and fast-moving than even Silicon Valley, one or more of the key players Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu has a stake in every one of the top 10 apps in China. Moreover, both of the Mas (who are unrelated) have large family offices that alternately co-operate and compete with investment firms such as Sequoia and its big rivals Hillhouse Capital and Tiger Global Management. So, in addition to the direct competition that exists between all of them, there are numerous proxy rivalries that play out through the companies that receive money from them.在简直比硅谷还要复杂、集中度更高而且日新月异的中国科技业,前十大App中的每一款App都得到了阿里巴巴、腾讯和百度三大互联网公司中至少一家的参股。此外,马云和马化腾(两人并无亲戚关系)都有庞大的家族理财室(family office),这些理财室与投资公司——如红杉资本及其主要竞争对手高瓴资本(Hillhouse Capital)和老虎环球基金(Tiger Global Management)——时而合作,时而竞争。因此,除了各方彼此之间的直接竞争以外,还有通过各自注资的公司展开的代理竞争。There are about five private Chinese technology companies with a value of more than bn and many others with a value of more than bn. Shen is an investor in most of them. As a venture capitalist, his role is to get involved in the earliest stages of a company’s life, when the technology is still untried and the ability of a founder to execute on their vision remains uncertain. To use the analogy of another, admiring tech investor: “Neil Shen would have invested in [Chinese basketball superstar] Yao Ming when he was five, and I would not have had the courage to invest in him even when he was 20!”大约有5家中国民营科技公司的价值超过100亿美元,还有多家公司的价值超过10亿美元。沈南鹏在这些公司大多都有投资。作为一名风险投资者,他对一家公司的投资通常从最早期开始,在这个阶段,技术尚未经过实践明,创始人落实自己的构想的能力依然不确定。一位对沈南鹏很是钦佩的科技业投资者比喻说:“沈南鹏会在(中国篮球巨星)姚明5岁的时候对他进行投资,而我即便在姚明20岁的时候也没有勇气对他进行投资。”“You have to totally change your mindset when you are a venture investor,” Shen explains. “When you do private equity, you have so many reference points. The companies are basically static. In buyout investments, globally, you just improve the operating efficiency, put on a lot of borrowed money and you could make money. VCs in China can’t do that. The situation is much more dynamic. It is all about giving small and fast fish money so they can compete successfully with bigger, slower fish.”沈南鹏解释称:“如果你是一名风险投资者,你就必须彻底改变自己的思维方式。当你做私募的时候,你有那么多参考点,公司基本上是静态的。如果在全球进行并购投资,你只需提高运营效率,投入大量借来的资金,然后就能赚钱。在中国,风投不可能这么做。这里的形势更加变化多端。你要给规模小、行动快的公司资金,这样它们就能成功地与更大型却行动迟缓的公司竞争。”Shen was the first outside investor in the drone company we are visiting. Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI), he tells me, is aly making money (he estimates 0m profit this year) and is valued at bn. It commands 70 per cent of the world’s consumer drone market and is becoming omnipresent: the drone that crashed on the White House lawn in January was made by DJI.沈南鹏是大疆公司的第一位外部投资者。他告诉我,大疆已经在赚钱了(他估计今年能有2亿美元利润),估值达到100亿美元。大疆在全球消费者无人机市场占据70%的份额,其产品正变得无处不在:今年1月坠毁在白宫草坪上的无人机就是大疆制造的。Outside the conference room where lunch has been ordered in for us from the restaurant chain Spaghetti House, models of DJI’s latest drones, with names such as Phantom and Ronin, are being shown to a parade of visitors, both local and international. The room itself is sparsely furnished and decorated, save for one piece of framed calligraphy on a whitewashed wall. It s: “Great Ambition Lacks Borders”: the last character — jiang (“border”) — is the same character as the “jiang” in the company’s title.我们订了连锁餐厅Spaghetti House的午餐,预备在会议室用餐。会议室外面摆放着精灵(Phantom)、如影(Ronin)等最新款大疆无人机模型,一些来自国内外的访客正在参观。会议室内没有多余家具和装饰,一堵白墙上挂着一幅装裱好的字:“大志无疆”。Shen lines his phones up on the table, where, for the next two hours, they periodically beep to the rhythm of plunging share prices. He tells me that he uses WeChat, the Tencent messaging app, far more than email. “Western companies don’t have the right mindset for China in many ways,” he says. “When you register for a western app, they always ask for your email address. But your mobile phone number is your identity in China.”沈南鹏把三部手机依次摆在桌子上,接下来的两个小时里,它们不时随着股价暴跌的节奏而响起。他告诉我,他使用微信(WeChat,腾讯的通信APP)的时间远多于电子邮件。他说:“西方公司在许多方面都没有正确理解中国。当你注册一款西方APP时,它们总是要你的电子邮件地址。但在中国,手机号才是你的身份。”Shen’s success is a lot to do with understanding the local environment and adapting to it. He recently put money into LinkedIn and Airbnb, with plans to bring both into China. Last year he hired a CEO for LinkedIn China — he is on its board — and plans to introduce locally available products such as Red Rabbit, a networking app aimed at a less sophisticated audience than the wealthy English-speaking professionals who tend to use LinkedIn China.沈南鹏的成功与他理解并适应国内这种环境不无关系。他最近投资了领英(LinkedIn)和Airbnb,并计划将两家公司引入中国。去年他为领英中国(LinkedIn China)聘请了一位首席执行官——他是该公司董事——并计划推出本土化产品,比如赤兔(Red Rabbit),这款社交APP针对中低端人群,而不是富裕、讲英语的专业人士,后者往往使用领英中国。Generally, Shen dislikes coming in at such a late stage of a company’s development. “I don’t feel as deeply involved,” he says. “When I come in early, it’s more of an adventure. I feel more like an entrepreneur again. Of course, you make more money, but you are so closely knitted. You say to yourself, ‘Hey! I identified this company when it had only 15 people camped out in some shabby office in Shanghai.’ You grow with them and they grow with you.” Just for a moment, the persona of a dispassionate investor seems to disappear.一般来说,沈南鹏不喜欢在公司发展到后期才参与进来。他说:“我感觉没有深度介入。当我早期进入时,更多的是一种冒险。我感觉更像又成了一位创业家。当然,你会赚更多的钱,但主要是你与公司紧密联系。你对自己说,‘嘿!在这家公司只有15个人挤在上海那间简陋的办公室里的时候,我就发现它了’,你和它们一起成长,它们和你一起成长。”就是那么一瞬间,一个冷静客观的投资者的形象荡然无存。Our lunch boxes have arrived, along with some cheap plastic utensils. Elegant porcelain cups, however, are produced for the hot coffee and steaming jasmine tea. The meal comes to us thanks to a service called Ele.me (translated as Hungry!), in which, I am unsurprised to learn, Shen has also invested. The company, he explains, started in his home city, Shanghai, delivering food to university students who found their dormitory fare insufficiently appetising. It now operates in major cities across the mainland (an average order costs about , with restaurants paying the delivery service).我们订的午餐到了,一起送来的还有廉价的塑料餐具。不过,精美的瓷制杯子用来盛放热咖啡和热气腾腾的茉莉花茶非常合适。我们使用了一款名为“饿了么”的订餐务APP叫餐——不出我所料,沈南鹏也是这款软件的投资者。他解释称,“饿了么”创办于上海——他本人在那个城市长大——主要面向那些不爱在学校食堂吃的高校学生提供送餐务。现在该公司的业务遍及中国内地各大城市(平均订单金额大约为4美元,餐馆承担送餐成本)。It is also part of a chain of mobile internet companies that, in such an opportunistic environment, inevitably trespass on each other’s turf. This poses problems for investors such as Shen. “It isn’t that it starts out as a conflict of interest,” he explains, as DJI staff run around making sure we have everything we require. “It is that they converge because the borders between their models are often times vague.”它也是一系列移动互联网公司中的一部分——在这样一个充满机会主义的环境中,这些移动互联网公司的业务领域不可避免地出现了交叉。这给沈南鹏等投资者带来了一个问题。在大疆公司的员工忙着准备我们需要的各种东西时,沈南鹏解释说:“并不是一开始就有利益冲突,而是它们逐渐趋同,因为不同模型之间的界限往往随着时间推移而模糊。”Shen has chosen a lunch box that contains spaghetti with an unidentifiable meat sauce, while I am handed a suspiciously bright pilau rice with chunks of seafood and avocado in a cream sauce. We are both given another box containing a salad of cut tomatoes, eggs, olives, chunks of sausage and chopped ham. Since I don’t eat meat, I put that one aside. There are containers with soup with bits of meat as well. Shen, not known for a big appetite even when he is dining at Hong Kong’s fanciest restaurants, regards his box with a wary lack of enthusiasm.沈南鹏选了一份不知浇了什么肉羹的意大利面条,递给我的则是一份色泽亮得可疑的奶油酱汁海鲜鳄梨盖浇饭。我们各自还有另外一个餐盒,里面是西红柿、鸡蛋、橄榄、几块香肠和碎火腿做成的沙拉。因为我不吃肉,便把这个放在了一边。盛汤的盒子里也有一些肉。即便在香港最高档的餐厅,沈南鹏也不以胃口好闻名,看起来他对那份午餐也没多大兴趣。Shen’s role at Sequoia is not the first time he has bridged east and west. Born in the province of Zhejiang, Nanpeng Shen grew up in Shanghai and attended Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where, according to friends, he was considered a maths genius. He ended up in the US at Yale School of Management and, after graduating in 1992, became one of the first people from mainland China to work on Wall Street.沈南鹏在红杉资本的角色是为东西方牵线搭桥,这并非是他首次扮演此类角色。沈南鹏出生于中国浙江省,在上海长大,后来考上了上海交通大学,据他的朋友说,沈南鹏在校时被认为是数学天才。他后来前往美国耶鲁大学管理学院(Yale School of Management)留学,1992年毕业后成为最早在华尔街工作的中国内地人之一。“When I graduated from Yale, I spoke English OK, but at that time Neil Shen was not good at making pitches or presentations,” he says, momentarily slipping into the third person. “I needed a different angle. Because of my math, I had good analytical skills, so I could do derivatives. Lots of Chinese bankers on Wall Street started that way.”他说:“从耶鲁毕业的时候,我英语说得还不错,但当时的沈南鹏还不擅长推销或者演讲。”他突然用了第三人称。“我需要转换角度。由于数学很好,我有着很强的分析技巧,因此我能够做衍生品。在华尔街的许多中国家都是这么开始的。”By the mid-1990s, the Chinese market was coming alive as people’s wealth grew and, for the first time, they had money to invest. Shen was among a group of so-called “sea turtles”, Chinese who, having studied overseas, chose to return home. “I only became a real banker when I went back to China,” he says, putting down his plastic fork. “There, the cultural disadvantages disappeared. I could pitch to the Bank of China and pitch to the Ministry of Finance. I didn’t have weaknesses any more.”上世纪90年代中期,随着中国人财富增加,并且首次有钱投资,中国市场开始焕发生机。沈南鹏成了所谓的“海龟”中的一员——“海龟”是指在海外留学,然后选择回国的中国人。沈南鹏放下自己的塑料叉子说道:“回到中国后,我才成了一名真正的家。在中国,文化上的劣势消失了。我可以向中国(BoC)推销,可以向财政部推销。我不再有弱点。”By the end of that decade, when the first waves of the new tech economy reached the mainland, Shen was running China capital markets for Deutsche Bank. Internet companies such as Sina and Baidu were in the headlines and the race was on to create the Chinese equivalent of Google. Many of Shen’s classmates from high school, university and Yale were becoming involved, and he, too, decided to jump in.到上世纪90年代末,新科技经济的第一波浪潮刮到中国内地,当时沈南鹏在德意志(Deutsche Bank)负责中国资本市场业务。新浪(Sina)和百度(Baidu)等互联网公司出现在新闻头条位置,争当中国谷歌的竞赛已经展开。沈南鹏的许多高中、大学和耶鲁的同学都参与这股浪潮,而他也决定投身其中。In December 1999, together with James Liang, whom he had known since they were both 15 and had been nominated by teachers to take part in the first Shanghai computer programming competition, and two others, he founded Ctrip. “There was no Lonely Planet for China,” he recalls. “We knew Expedia was doing well in the US and we thought, ‘There is no information about travel in China, and an internet application for information and online booking would do well’. The internet was the perfect tool.”1999年12月,沈南鹏与梁建章(James Liang)及另外两人一起创办了携程网——沈梁两人15岁相识,当时他们均被老师推荐参加在上海举办的首届计算机编程竞赛。他回忆道:“那时还没有《孤独星球》(Lonely Planet)中国版,我们知道Expedia在美国非常火,因此我们想,‘现在没有关于在中国旅游的信息,开创一个旅游信息和在线预订的互联网应用会很不错’。互联网是完美的工具。”The contrast with his former corporate life was stark: “I went from sleeping in five-star hotels and meeting with bank heads to a very different life.” Some security came from the fact that his wife remained an investment banker, he says.这与他以前的企业生活形成鲜明对比:“我以前住5星级酒店,与高管会晤,那时的生活则完全不同。”他说,还算有些安全感的是,他的妻子依然是一名投资家。But, by 2005, with Ctrip valued at more than bn, Shen was beginning to realise that, “It was natural for me to combine the roles of investment banker and entrepreneur by taking the role of an investor.” When he received a call from Sequoia later that year, he was y to listen. The summons came as the mobile internet in China was taking centre stage, and Tencent had recently listed. Shen decided to join, attracted by the promise of “independent investment decisions from day one”.但到了2005年,随着携程估值超过10亿美元,沈南鹏开始认识到,“通过充当投资者的角色,我可以将投行家和创业家的角色结合起来”。在那年晚些时候接到红杉的电话时,他准备接受聘请。当时移动互联网在中国正成为大家瞩目的焦点,腾讯也刚刚上市。被“从头起就可以独立作出投资决定”的承诺所打动,沈南鹏决定加入红杉。A decade on from that decision, Shen is as fiercely competitive as ever. During China’s traditional spring festivities, Shen often invites investors to the tropical island of Hainan, where he owns a mansion on the beach, adjacent to Jack Ma’s. Unlike his guests, however, Shen himself rarely indulges in golf or cards. Instead, according to guests, he is constantly on the phone to entrepreneurs: both because he can’t bear to lose a deal, and to stop rival investors getting through to those same entrepreneurs.自做出那个决定以来已经过去了十年时间,沈南鹏依然同以往一样极其好胜。在中国春节期间,沈南鹏通常会邀请投资者到位于热带地区的海南岛度假——他在那里有一座海滨别墅,与马云的别墅毗邻。然而,与他的客人不同,沈南鹏本人并不沉迷于高尔夫或者打牌。相反,据他的客人说,他不断地与创业家们通话:这既是因为他无法忍受失去一桩交易,也是因为不想让其他投资者联系上那些创业家。When I say to Shen that this quality of drive and competitiveness is something I more generally associate with people from China’s previous generation, those who endured the bitter hardships of the Cultural Revolution and are trying to make up for lost time, he appears puzzled. But he pauses to think about it, and then tells me he plans to go to Scotland later in the month for some golf, as if to demonstrate that he does lead a balanced life.我向沈南鹏表示,这种富于干劲和竞争意识的品质通常更容易出现在中国上一代人身上——那些受过文革磨难,并努力弥补失去的时间的人——他听到这句话后显得有些困惑。但他想了一会儿,然后告诉我,他过段时间要去苏格兰打高尔夫,似乎在表明,他的确注重生活与工作的平衡。“It isn’t about the money,” he says haltingly, as if he has never thought about this. “It’s so exciting. If some of the top companies in China were funded originally by Sequoia, wouldn’t you be excited if you were me?”沈南鹏犹豫地说道:“不是为了赚钱。”似乎表明他从未想过这个问题。“这份工作非常令人兴奋。如果中国一些最优秀的公司最初是由红杉提供资金的,如果你是我的话,难道不会感到兴奋吗?”One of the things that complicates Shen’s job most is the tension that exists today between investors and entrepreneurs in China. In the eyes of some backers, entrepreneurs are spending too much money as they compete with one another for the attention and patronage of customers, subsidising users in the process. Shen tries to use his own experience to see it from both sides.沈南鹏的工作中遇到的最复杂的情况之一是,在当今中国,投资者与创业家之间的关系有些紧张。在一些“金主”看来,创业家在彼此竞争的过程中,为了吸引眼球、争夺消费者而大肆补贴用户,烧钱烧过头了。沈南鹏从自己的经验出发,试图从两个方面来看待这个问题。“Sometimes, there are tough decisions to be made,” he explains. “When you identify an entrepreneur to back, you have to live with their weaknesses. You reason with him, you argue with him, but you seldom go against the entrepreneur.”他解释称:“有时候需要作出艰难的决定。当你确定要持某位创业家的时候,你不得不容忍他们的弱点。你向他们解释,与他们争论,但你很少会与他们作对。”Along the way, he acknowledges, there are bound to be stumbles. He recalls that he originally rejected overtures from JD.com, the Chinese equivalent of Amazon, and now one of the most valuable companies in his portfolio. “That delay was very costly,” he says, shaking his head as he closes the lid on his half-eaten food. It is not clear which he mourns most: the poor quality of our lunch or the cost of his hesitation.他承认,犯错是免不了的。他回忆道,他最初曾拒绝京东(JD.com)——相当于中国的亚马逊(Amazon),而现在京东已经成为他的投资组合中最有价值的公司之一。他说:“这种延迟代价非常大,”他摇着头,盖上吃了一半的米饭。不知道他更加遗憾的是哪件事:是我们午餐的质量还是他犹豫的代价。It is getting late. After prodding doubtfully at a bright yellow jellylike substance that turns out to be mango salad dressing, the smartphones on the table begin to vibrate and beep once more. “Venture capital is a regret business,” concludes one of China’s most successful investors. And with that he finally turns his attention back to the gyrations of the market.对话临近结束。在他困惑地戳了戳一个黄灿灿的果冻一样的东西之后——后来发现是芒果沙拉酱——桌子上的手机再次震颤着响起。这位中国最成功的投资者之一总结道:“风投是一个让人抱憾的行业。”他随之将注意力重新转向市场的波动上。 /201510/403552

  Sebastian Thrun, former head of the Google X — the advanced projects lab set up to make big bets on the future — knows all about technological ambition. Driverless cars, high-altitude balloons providing internet access and contact lenses that monitor blood sugar levels were all products that flowered under his leadership.谷歌(Google)成立先进项目实验室Google X是为了对未来进行重大的。该实验室前负责人塞巴斯蒂安·特伦(Sebastian Thrun)深谙什么才是科技雄心。无人驾驶汽车、提供互联网接入的高空轻气球以及监测血糖水平的隐形眼镜,都曾是他领导的研发项目。But when it comes to the Android operating system for mobile devices, Mr Thrun says this is not the time for Google to pursue bold new visions. With smartphone wars well advanced, he believes it is now all about smaller incremental advances, as Apple and Google slug it out for global advantage.但对于面向移动设备的Android操作系统,特伦说,现在不是谷歌追求大胆新愿景的时候。随着智能手机的竞争不断深化,随着苹果(Apple)和谷歌激烈争夺全球优势,他认为,现在的关键在于小步快跑。;You can have great visions, but change takes implementation, it takes small steps,; Mr Thrun said last week, after watching the opening presentation at Google I/O, the group#39;s annual technology showcase event. ;What I saw was Android playing out, Android getting into the mature phase.;在看过上周谷歌年度科技展示大会(Google I/O)的开幕演讲后,特伦说:;你可以有伟大的愿景,但改变需要执行,需要走小步……我看到的是Android正在竭尽全力,正在进入成熟阶段。;Sameer Iyengar, a former Google employee who is now a co-founder of app maker Beautylish, questioned whether Google was being bold enough in laying out its tech vision: ;The thought leadership is maybe absent, compared to where it was in the past,; he suggested.谷歌前员工、现为应用(app)制造商Beautylish联合创始人的萨米尔·延加(Sameer Iyengar),质疑谷歌在阐述其科技愿景方面有足够的胆略:;与过去相比,思想领导力可能相对缺乏,;他提出。However, he credited Google with taking a lead in at least one area: machine learning — a form of artificial intelligence that the company says is being used to enhance its mobile software and make apps on Android work better.然而,他认为值得肯定的是,谷歌至少在一个领域保持领先地位:机器学习。该公司称,这种人工智能正被用于增强移动设备软件,并使Android平台上的应用更好运行。Applications of AI were among the most eye-catching demonstrations at last week#39;s event, underlining Google#39;s aims of using its massive computing base and advanced algorithms to make its services far more relevant and useful.人工智能的应用是上周大会上最受关注的演示之一,凸显谷歌的目标,即利用庞大计算能力和先进算法,使其务更具相关性和有用性。On at least one measure, Android has been a spectacular success. Conceived by Google as a defensive strategy to ensure its internet services were not locked out of mobile handsets by companies such as Apple or Microsoft, the software has turned into the dominant smartphone platform, accounting for about 80 per cent of the market worldwide.至少从一个方面衡量,Android已经是一个巨大的成功。当初谷歌研发Android系统是作为一种防御性策略,目的是确保其互联网务不被苹果或者微软(Microsoft)等公司的移动设备挡在门外。如今该软件已成为占主导地位的智能手机平台,占全球市场约80%的份额。But there is a hard slog ahead. With a disparate group of handset makers in the Android camp, the platform has struggled to match the more polished set of services and hardware that Apple has built around the iPhone, such as Apple Pay and, more recently, Watch.但前方的路也很艰难。由于Android阵营包括形形色色的手机制造商,该平台一直难以赶上苹果围绕iPhone打造的、更为精致的务和硬件,如Apple Pay以及最近的苹果手表(Apple Watch)。Also, to make money, Google needs to reinforce the prominent position of its own services at a time when the open-source Android world threatens to break apart. Hardware makers, ranging from Amazon to Xiaomi, are now looking to use Android as a platform for their own app stores and services — displacing Google.此外,为了创收,谷歌需要在开放源的Android世界有分裂危险之际,加强自身务的突出地位。从亚马逊(Amazon)到小米(Xiaomi),很多硬件制造商正希望利用Android作为自己应用商店和务的平台,取代谷歌。;They have to make sure Android doesn#39;t just degenerate into low-end devices and fragmentation,; says Al Hilwa, an analyst at IDC, the tech research firm.科技研究公司IDC的分析师阿尔·希尔瓦(Al Hilwa)说:;他们必须确保Android不会就此沦为低端设备和割据状态。;If that were not enough, Google has to deal with the consequences of its own, expansive vision. This has taken Android into a broad array of new markets, from ;smart; home appliances to cars. ;Where Apple is always very focused on a few product categories, Google wants to be in everything,; says Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research. ;It#39;s hard for Google to keep making meaningful progress across all those different domains and keep up with Apple.;如果这些还不够,谷歌还必须应对其广阔愿景带来的后果。这一愿景已将Android带入了一系列新市场,从;智能;家电到汽车。;苹果永远紧紧聚焦于几种产品类别,而谷歌什么都想涉猎,;Jackdaw Research的简·道森(Jan Dawson)表示。;谷歌很难在所有这些不同领域都不断取得有意义的进展,赶上苹果。;Winning the hearts and minds of app developers — the focus of Google I/O last week, and the rival Apple developer conference next week — has become a key part of the battle. Creating a marketplace where app developers can make money has been at the heart of Apple#39;s formula for encouraging them to do their best work first for its mobile devices.赢得应用开发者的拥护和持——上周Google I/O大会以及苹果下周的开发者大会的主要焦点——已成为这场竞争的关键部分。创建一个应用开发者能够从中赚钱的市场,一直处于苹果模式的核心,为的是鼓励他们首先尽心尽力为苹果的移动设备开发出最好的应用。But the Android world has been catching up. For most developers, the calculation is now finely balanced. Like many, Mr Iyengar says his app reaches far more people on Android devices but, on an individual basis, iOS customers are more profitable for his company.但是,Android世界在紧紧追赶。对大多数开发者来说,如今两边的份量差不多。和许多人一样,Beautylish的延加称,虽然其应用面向多得多的Android设备用户,但就每个用户而言,iOS用户为其公司带来的利润更多。Google#39;s Play Store had been gaining ground as a source of income for developers, but the momentum in recent months turned back to Apple. Tero Kuittinen, managing director of Magid Associates, a consultancy, and an adviser to several gaming companies, says app makers were ;taken aback; by the shift, which followed the launch of larger iPhones. However, according to at least some industry estimates, the sheer weight of numbers is finally starting to play in Android#39;s favour — even if Google is not the only beneficiary.谷歌的Play Store作为开发者的收入来源一度取得进展,但最近几个月势头又转回了苹果。咨询公司Magid Associates董事总经理、为几家公司提供咨询的特罗·库伊蒂宁(Tero Kuittinen)说,这一转变是在苹果推出更大的新款iPhone之后发生的,应用制造商对这种转变;大吃一惊;。然而,至少某些行业评估显示,数量优势终于开始有利于Android——即使谷歌不是唯一的受益者。Apple#39;s App Store accounts for around 45 per cent of the revenue that developers make from apps, compared to 29 per cent for Google#39;s Play, according to Digi-Capital. But, counting in the income from handsets in China where Google#39;s apps are blocked — meaning it makes no money — pushes the overall Android share to 52 per cent, Digi-Capital calculates.精品投资Digi-Capital的数据显示,开发者从应用获得的营收中,约45%来自苹果App Store,29%来自谷歌Play Store。但是,根据Digi-Capital的统计,若加上来自中国的手机的收入(谷歌的应用在中国遭封锁,意味着谷歌本身无钱可赚),Android的整体市场份额将升至52%。Last week, matching and trying to surpass Apple was a strong subtext of Google#39;s pitch to developers. New features included Android Pay, a rival to Apple Pay and a fresh attempt to break into mobile payments after the disappointment of Google Wallet.上周,赶上并试图超越苹果是谷歌传递给开发者的强大潜台词。新的功能包括与Apple Pay竞争的Android Pay,这是自Google Wallet令人失望之后谷歌进军移动付领域的新尝试。A new Google Photos app, with the promise of software that can automatically organise libraries of pictures, also echoed capabilities that are aly offered by Apple.一款承诺可自动整理照片图库的新款谷歌照片应用Google Photos,也呼应了苹果早已提供的功能。But in other areas, Google seemed unprepared. While smartwatches based on last year#39;s Android Wear technology have been put in the shade by the recent launch of Apple Watch, Google had little new to show off in response. This was a sign that it is surrendering early leadership in wearables to Apple, according to Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Kantar Worldpanel.但在其他领域,谷歌似乎毫无准备。虽然近期Apple Watch的推出使基于去年Android Wear技术发布的智能手表相形见绌,但谷歌没有任何新技术作为回应。Kantar Worldpanel分析师卡罗琳娜·米拉内西(Carolina Milanesi)表示,这标志着谷歌正向苹果让出可穿戴设备领域的早期领先地位。Yet some of the latest attempts to extend the Android universe clearly play to Google#39;s strengths. Its new photos app, for instance, offers free storage for an unlimited number of pictures, echoing the launch of Gmail, the company#39;s free email service, in 2004, although the cost of storage has fallen greatly since then and has become less of a competitive differentiator.然而,最近一些扩展Android世界的尝试显然有助于发挥谷歌的优势。例如,谷歌新的照片应用可提供无限量的免费图片存储,呼应了2004年谷歌推出Gmail免费电子邮件务之举,尽管自那以来存储成本已大幅降低,不再是那么大的竞争差异化工具。Sucking in large volumes of photos also presents a new opportunity for Google to add to its aly substantial mass of data about users. Company executives say they have not made plans to scan the pictures for advertising purposes but make no secret of the fact that a person#39;s photo library comprises a highly valuable source of information about them.吸收海量的照片也为谷歌提供了新的机遇,可扩大其已拥有的大量用户数据。谷歌高管表示,他们并没有为广告目的而扫描图片的计划,但并不掩饰这样一个事实,即一个人的照片库包含有关他/她的极有价值的信息。Meanwhile, to improve the experience of using Android handsets in emerging markets, where low-end hardware and unreliable networks often hamper performance, Google has announced new ways of using its services offline. These included the ability to view maps and directions while not connected.同时,为了改善在新兴市场中(低端硬件和不稳定的网络经常妨碍性能)使用Android手机的体验,Google发布了离线使用其务的新方法,包括在没有网络连接的情况下查看地图和导航。They all represent attempts by Google to shift more of the value to its own services rather than embed it in the Android open-source software, says Mr Hilwa — a way to ensure that Google remains at the centre of the Android universe.IDC的希尔瓦说,这些都表明谷歌试图将更多的价值转移到自己的务中,而非嵌入在开放源代码的Android软件中,以此确保谷歌始终处于Android世界的中心。 /201506/378325

  It could be a decade before virtual reality headsets become cheap and portable enough to replace smartphones as the tech industry’s dominant computing platform, the founder of Oculus VR has warned.也许还要10年时间,虚拟现实头盔才能变得足够便宜、轻便,取代智能手机成为科技业主流的计算平台,虚拟现实头盔制造商Oculus VR的创始人提醒说。Virtual reality is tipped to be one of the biggest themes of this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, with Sony, HTC and Facebook-owned Oculus all set to release their headsets in the first half of 2016.虚拟现实技术预计将成为本周国际消费电子展(Consumer Electronics Show)最重要的主题之一,索尼(Sony)、HTC以及Facebook旗下的Oculus都将在2016年上半年推出自己的虚拟现实头盔。However, Palmer Luckey, who founded Oculus from his parents’ garage in 2012, says the technology requires many years of further development before it can “replace smartphones” for mainstream users.然而,2012年在父母的车库中创立Oculus的帕尔默勒基(Palmer Luckey)表示,这项技术还需经历多年的进一步发展,才能“取代智能手机”成为主流用户的选择。“I think until you have really high-end computing power and until you have really slim form factors, you’re not going to see glasses that people wear every day as part of their everyday lives,” Mr Luckey says. “The only way we’re going to get to billions of users is if VR becomes something that everybody wants to use. And I think to do that, you’re going to [need to] get the cost way down and the quality way up.”“我认为,在拥有真正的高端计算能力并实现外形纤薄化之前,你不会看到那种人们在日常生活中天天戴着的眼镜诞生,”勒基说,“我们赢得数十亿用户的唯一途径是让虚拟现实技术成为人人都愿意使用的东西。我认为要做到这一点,(需要)压低成本、提升品质。”On how long that might take, Mr Luckey says: “It could be five years. It’s more likely to be 10 years. But I also don’t think that virtual reality has to get to a slim pair of glasses to be successful.”在被问到这可能需要多长时间时,勒基说:“有可能是5年。更可能是10年。但我也并不认为,虚拟现实非得做成一副轻薄的眼镜才算成功。”In part, more development is necessary to reduce the risk of a social backlash akin to that suffered by Google Glass, Mr Luckey says. “I’m not going to pretend that there won’t be an issue, there will always be people who are against these types of things.”勒基表示,在某种程度上,虚拟现实技术需要进一步的发展,才能减少类似谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)遭遇的社会批评那样的风险。“我不会假装不存在这类问题,因为总会有人反对这些东西。”He acknowledges that the current headset design is “obviously not the ideal” form factor. “As it goes from a bulky pair of goggles to a slim pair of glasses, you’re going to have a much different reaction to this type of thing.” But “in the long run, the utility and adoption will outstrip any fashion concerns”.他承认,现在虚拟现实头盔的设计在外形上“显然并非理想”。“如果虚拟现实设备能从笨重的护目镜变成轻薄的眼镜,人们将对它产生截然不同的反应。”但是,“长远来看,其功能与普及度将战胜人们对其外观的担忧”。Oculus announced yesterday that it would begin taking pre-orders for the Rift tomorrow. Mr Luckey tweeted that shipping would “start” in the first quarter of 2016. The company has not yet revealed pricing for the first version of its Rift headset but Mr Luckey says it will initially be a “significant investment” that “disproportionately” appeals to gamers and other early adopters in its first years on the market.Oculus本周一宣布,将从1月6日开始接受对Rift头盔的预订。勒基在Twitter上表示将在2016年第一季度“开始”发货。该公司尚未披露Rift头盔首发版本的定价,但勒基称,购买该产品的花费将是一笔“重大投资”,在该产品上市头几年,只会对视频游戏玩家及其他早期用户有“格外的”吸引力。Mr Luckey says a VR system will probably cost a total of ,500, including the headset and a PC powerful enough to run its high-resolution graphics fast enough to maintain the illusion of virtual worlds.勒基表示,购买一套虚拟现实系统可能共计需要1500美元,包括一个头盔和一台性能足够强大、能以足够快的速度处理高分辨率画面以持虚拟世界感受的个人电脑。Even then, the Rift’s cost is being subsidised to make it more affordable, as Facebook and Oculus try to establish the market for VR, he says.即使在这样的价位上,Rift头盔也是受到了Facebook与Oculus的补贴的,好让更多人买得起。Facebook与Oculus正努力建立虚拟现实市场。In December, Oculus and Samsung released the more affordable Gear VR headset, which uses a Galaxy smartphone for its screen and processor instead of tethering to a PC. The accessory is seen as a way for newcomers to try out VR for the first time.去年12月,Oculus和三星(Samsung)发布了更便宜的Gear VR头盔,并使用三星Galaxy智能手机作为显示屏和处理器,以代替连接电脑。这款售价99美元的设备被视为是吸引新手初次体验虚拟现实的一个途径。Gear VR is a “portable experience that you can take anywhere”, Mr Luckey says. “But the quality of the graphics are definitely much lower quality than what you get on a high-end PC.Gear VR头盔“让你可以随身携带,在任何地方体验虚拟现实”,勒基说,“但其画质绝对要比从高端个人电脑获得的画质低得多。” /201601/421538。

  At this week#39;s CES technology expo, LG will be one of many TV makers to show off an impressive lineup of super-duper-high-definition TVs. But there#39;s one thing that separates LG from the competition.在本周的CES科技展会上,LG是展示超清画质电视的众多电视制造商之一,但有一个亮点却让LG从竞争中脱颖而出,那就是:You can roll up one of LG#39;s TVs like a newspaper.你可以像卷报纸一样卷起LG的一款电视。The 18-inch display is just one of the concept designs LG will be unveiling, as it attempts to predict the future of television screens. Also on display will be a 55-inch TV that is as thin as a piece of paper and a 65-inch ;extreme-curve; set of TVs that bend inwards and outwards.这个18英寸柔性屏正是LG将要展示的概念设计之一,它试图预测电视屏幕的未来。同时参展的还有一款薄如纸张的55英寸电视机和一款65英寸的“极限曲线”屏,向内向外都可以弯曲。None of these TV will be sold this year -- and it#39;s possible they may never hit stores. It#39;s also not totally clear why you#39;d want to roll up or bend your TV.这些电视今年都不会上市--有可能它们永远都不会在商店里出售。同时你也并不完全清楚,为什么你想卷起或弯曲你的电视。Like automakers#39; ;concept cars,; LG#39;s TVs are meant to show off what#39;s possible, even if it#39;s not yet marketable, affordable or able to be mass-produced for customers. But some elements of LG#39;s creations may come to your next television screen.正如汽车制造商的“概念车”,LG电视只是为了展示这个技术的可能性,即使当前还不适于市场销售、消费者还负担不起、或者还无法批量生产。但LG的一些创作元素可能被运用到你的下一台电视上。It#39;s concepts like LG#39;s that may one day push the industry forward into new markets and technologies it hasn#39;t yet considered.类似LG的这种设计理念,将来有一天可能推动电视行业运用史无前例的技术,开辟全新的市场 /201601/421475


  Beijing National Stadium( Bird’s Nest)北京国家体育场(鸟巢)Beijing National Stadium ( the “Bird#39;s Nest”) ,is the centerpiece of the Olympic Green in Beijing, China. The stadium was designed for use throughout the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.The “ Bird#39;s Nest”,with the building area of 258,000 nf , has room for 91,000 spectators, but the capacity will be reduced t0 80,000 after the Olympics.In 2001, after Beijing had been awarded the right to host the 2008 Summer Olympics, the city held a bidding process to select the best arena design. The “nest scheme” design, joint venture by architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron of Herzog de Meuron and Li Xing- gang of China Architecture Design and Research ( CADG) , was approved by as the top design and became official in 2003.国家体育场的外形是以众多钢铁不规则地“编织”而成,外形如一个鸟巢般,因此又称为“鸟巢”体育场。国家体育场位于北京奥林匹克公园中心区,为2008年第29届奥林匹克运动会和残疾人奥运会的主体育场。工程建筑面积258,000平方米,场内观众坐席约为91000个,其中临时坐席约11000个。在2002年,北京市规划委员会举办了2008年北京市奥运会主场馆的全球方案征集活动。由瑞士建筑事务所赫尔佐格和德梅隆与中国建筑设计研究院合作设计的“鸟巢”在众多作品中脱颖而出,成为2008年北京奥运会的主场馆。Ground was broken in December 2003 and the stadium officially opened in June 2008.Beijing National Stadium hosted the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, athletic events, and football final of the 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2008 Summer Paralympics. Though designed for track amp;field events of the Olympics, the stadium will continue to host sporting events, such as football, afterwards.It is one of the most important public space in Beijing and the landmark sports architecture.国家体育场于2003年12月开工建设,2008年6月投入使用,举行过2008年夏季奥运会和2008年残奥会的开幕式、闭幕式、田径及足球比赛决赛。奥运会后将成为北京市民广泛参与体育活动及享受体育的大型专业场所,并成为具有地标性的体育建筑和奥运遗产。 /201603/430101

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