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淄博市中医医院有泌尿科吗临淄区男科医院在那儿淄博公办男科的医院 Author and radio host Diane Brandon has interpreted hundreds of dreams during her 40 years as a student of sleep research。作家兼广播主持人黛安-布兰森40多年来一直进行睡眠研究,她将成百上千个梦境进行了研究。;I feel that our unconscious, which is the source of most but not all of our dreams, is a wonderful inner ally that is trying to bring us to wholeness and balance,; Brandon tell us。布兰森说:“我认为我们的潜意识也就是大部分梦境的源头,是我们身体的好盟友,会试图使我们完整和平衡。”Brandon helped us compile a list of the 10 most common nightmares, or dreams with negative meanings。布兰森还列举出十个最常见的噩梦或带有消极意义的梦境。10. Having a disease or health emergency梦到患某种疾病或遇到健康危机This nightmare could reflect a fear of an unknown thing suddenly having a negative impact on the dreamer’s life. It could also reflect an underlying fear of illness or of contracting a serious disease. It could also express a fear of not being able to enjoy life or that there’s something wrong (“ill” or “rotten”) in one’s life。这个梦境通常反映的是做梦的人对突发未知事件的一种恐惧,害怕会对自己生活产生消极影响。这还可以反映出对某一潜在疾病的恐惧,又或者表达的是对不能享受生活的担忧,或生活中出现了不如意的地方。A nightmare about an illness could also be a way of telling the dreamer that he or she actually has an illness, even if consciously unaware of it。关于疾病的噩梦,甚至可以告诉梦者他们的确患上了某种疾病,即使是在他们尚未察觉的情况下。9. Being attacked or injured梦到被打或受伤This type of nightmare could reflect a fear of others, a fear of not fitting in, a literal fear of violence, or a fear of being figuratively “attacked; or criticized by others. It’s important to take into account the actual scenario and what’s going on in the dreamer’s life for meanings。这种噩梦表达的是害怕别人,害怕不合群,害怕暴力或害怕被其他人采取其他方式的“袭击”或批评。了解实际情况,知道做梦的人生活中发生了些什么,对了解梦境的含义十分重要。8. Car trouble梦到车子出毛病This nightmare can reflect a feeling of not being able to move forward in life or even of one’s life being out of control. Our car is frequently how we not only travel, but “get to places; in life。这类噩梦反应的是实际生活中不能前进或是生活失去控制的感觉。车子反应的不仅仅是我们如何旅行,还有我们如何到达目的地。7. Drowning梦到溺水This nightmare could mean you feel overwhelmed or put out a lot of effort with no success or return. It could also simply represent a fear of water. It#39;s important to pay attention to the whole scenario as different meanings or even nuances could emerge。这个噩梦可能表示你有挫败感,又或者辛辛苦苦付出努力却没有获得任何成功或回报。当然也能简单的表示你怕水。关注梦里的整个场景是十分重要的,即使小差别都有着完全不同的含义。For example, if the dreamer is drowning, it could mean one thing, but if the dreamer is drowning along with other people or being drowned by someone, there could be entirely different meanings。比如,如果做梦的人溺水了,可以代表一件事,但如果梦者和其他人一起溺水,又或差点被淹死,含义将会大不相同。6. Falling梦到掉下来We suddenly may feel that we’re falling, jerk awake, and then realize that we had indeed been sleeping. Nightmares of falling could reflect a fear of heights, a fear of not being in control, a feeling of having nothing solid to hold onto in life, or even a fear of death。我们也许会突然觉得自己在坠落,然后惊醒发现不过是个梦境。坠落的噩梦可以反映恐高,对失去控制的恐惧以及一种生活中无所依靠的感觉,甚至是对死亡的恐惧。5. Teeth falling out梦到掉牙This nightmare generally means you feel out of control, powerless, or inadequate. It can also reflect social embarrassment, fear of being unattractive, or fear of being revealed as inadequate or not up to snuff. It would be important to consider what the dreamer was going through in life for more specific meanings。这类噩梦意味着你感觉失去控制,无力或不满足。还能反映社交中的不如意,害怕不够吸引人,或害怕发现被人揭穿不够好抑或干了什么不正当的事情。要想知道更多详细的含义,就需要了解梦者到底在现实生活中经历了什么。4. Being lost梦到迷路This nightmare may be worse for children than for adults, but both can have it。尽管大人小孩都会做这样的梦,但对于小孩来说,会更加严重一点。For adults, it can mean that the dreamer does not feel in control in life or does not know what to do next or which direction to go into。对于大人,这梦就意味着梦者感觉生活不受控制,又或不知道接下来该干些什么,失去了方向感。It can reveal a figurative feeling of ;not being able to find one’s way.; It could also potentially reflect a feeling of not paying attention to or following directions。这也可有一层隐含之意,表达的是“没有能力找到自己的方向。” 这还有可能表达一种没有注意到或把握方向的感觉。3. Failing a test梦到挂科This nightmare is fairly common, although the exact scenario can vary. It can indicate that one feels unprepared or hasn’t done something correctly in life. It can also refer to feeling that one has to prove oneself and either doesn’t know how or feels inadequate。这种噩梦十分常见,尽管实际的场景会发生改变。还能表示人们感觉准备不足又或什么事做错了。这还能表示人们必须要明自己,却不知道如何明或觉得不够格。2. Being naked in public梦到在公众场合裸体This nightmare can often mean that the dreamer feels vulnerable or exposed in some way. It could also mean feeling small or ganged up on。这类梦意味着梦者感觉有些脆弱或暴露了自己。这还可能意味着梦者感觉被孤立或有人联合起来对付他。1. Being chased梦到被人追赶Many people report nightmares in which they’re being chased. This is often indicative of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, that something being avoided is catching up with them, or not getting everything done in their lives。很多人都说做过被人追的噩梦。这通常意味着挫败感,压力,或逃避的事又来了,又或没有完成生活中的所有事。 /201508/392188淄博无精症的治疗费用是多少

淄博单纯疱疹根治Good luck, Gleeks and band dorks. A new report suggests that running with the in crowd in high school bodes well for future earnings potential.学校合唱团和乐队的小屁孩们,祝你们好运。一项新报告显示,读高中时被人群簇拥的那些人气学生未来将能有不错的收入。Those considered popular in secondary school earned 2% more decades later than oddballs such as Napoleon Dynamite – a so-called popularity premium.这些在中学里受欢迎的学生几十年后所挣的钱比拿破伦·戴纳麦特这样的怪胎要多出2%。这种现象被称为“人气奖金”。So says a new analysis of data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, which follows more than 10,000 people who graduated from the blackboard jungle in Wisconsin in 1957.这些结果来自威斯康星州纵向研究的一份新的数据分析报告,该研究对1957年毕业于威斯康辛州秩序混乱中学的1万多人进行了跟踪调查。Forty years after graduation, those who were in the 80th percentile of the popularity chain earned 10% more than their peers in the 20th. That’s equal to 40% of the extra income boost they’d get from an extra year of schooling (hat tip to the Washington Post).毕业40年后,那些在人气链中位于第80百分位的人比位于第20百分位的同伴收入要多出10%。这相当于多上一年学所能增加的额外收入的40%(感谢华盛顿邮报的数据)。For Ferris Bueller and his ilk, “skill in building positive personal and social relationships and adjusting to the demands of a social situation” likely translate into good relationships with colleagues and clients in the workforce, according to the report.根据该报告,对于“逃学生”弗瑞斯·巴勒这样的人而言,“建立积极的人际和社会关系的技巧以及调整自己以适应社会形势需求的能力”可能会转化为和同事以及工作中的客户之间的良好关系。Researchers deemed students to be popular based on how many of their cohorts listed them as friends. Older and smarter students, as well as those who hailed from a warm family environment, tended to rank high on the social totem pole.研究人员评判一个学生是否受欢迎是基于有多少同学将其视为朋友。年纪大些、更聪明的学生,以及来自温暖家庭环境的学生通常社交等级更高。But being able to host underage parties at fancy homes or swerve onto campus in a slick car didn’t help much: Household wealth played “only a minor role” in popularity.不过,能在豪宅中举行未成年派对或是开豪车上学对于提升受欢迎程度并没多少帮助。家庭财富对于学生的受欢迎程度只起到“很小的作用”。It’s unclear whether the Cher Horowitzes and Regina Georges of the country enjoy the same wage boost from popularity – researchers limited their analysis to some 4,000 male respondents. They also didn’t factor in whether popular students’ relationships with their friends were close.至于本国的人气女学生们长大后是否也能享有同样的收入优势就不得而知了——研究人员将分析对象限制在4000名男生内。他们也没有将受欢迎学生与朋友的关系是否亲密的因素考虑在内。And the report doesn#39;t delve too deeply into personality traits, sidestepping the common trope of popular-guy-as-bully. But a separate report last year found that nice guys generally earn less than their meaner counterparts.该报告对于人格特质没有做深入研究,并绕开了成群结队的校园小混混这类人群。不过去年的一项独立报告发现,老好人一般比没那么友善的同事挣得少。Gabriella Conti of the University of Chicago, Gerrit Mueller of the Institute for Employment Research, and Andrea Galeotti and Stephen Pudney of the University of Essex compiled the Wisconsin report.芝加哥大学的加布里埃尔·康提、就业研究所的格利特·穆勒以及埃塞克斯大学的安德里亚·加里尔蒂和史蒂芬·普德尼共同编纂了这份威斯康星研究报告。 /201210/206112淄博早泄治疗男科医院 淄博专业看男科

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