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The Oxford English Dictionary#39;s newest set of words run the gamut from pop culture slang like ;YOLO; (You Only Live Once, for those out of the loop) to dishes like ;spanakopita.;近日,《牛津英语词典》新收录的词条囊括了从流行文化俚语,比如“YOLO”(仅此一生),到菜名“spanakopita”(菠菜派)。The 1197 new entries also include terms like:这1197个新词条还包括以下一些表达方式:Moobs: ;Unusually prominent breasts on a man (likened to those of a woman), typically as a result of excess pectoral fat.;Moobs:指异常突出的男性胸部(好比女性的一样),通常是胸部脂肪过多造成的。Merica: ;A truncated form of #39;America#39;, now often used ironically draw attention to stereotypical American ideals, institutions, or traditions.;Merica:“America”的截断形式,现在通常用于对刻板的美国理想,机构或传统进行讽刺。Fuhgeddaboudit: ;In representations of regional speech (associated especially with New York and New Jersey): #39;forget about it#39;, used to indicate that a suggested scenario is unlikely or undesirable.;Fuhgeddaboudit:一种特定地区常用的口语(尤其是在美国纽约和新泽西),发音类似于“forget about it”,意指某些事不可能、别想了。Westminster bubble: An insular community of politicians, journalists and civil servants out of touch with the wider public.Westminster bubble:包括政客、记者、政府官员在内的脱离广大群众的封闭圈子。Other additions to the quarterly update include gender-fluid, which describes someone who does not identify with a particular gender, as well as clicktivism and slacktivism - which describe the use of social media and other online methods to promote a cause.本次季度更新的新增词条还包括gender-fluid(流性人),指不把自己视为某一特定性别的人;以及clicktivism和slacktivism,均指利用社交媒体和其他网络方式宣传一项活动。 /201609/468157

Eating a diet rich in vegetable oil could put you at risk for dementia, experts claim.有关专家表示,食用富含植物油的食品会置你于痴呆的风险之中。Emerging research shows the oil is more likely than others to cause plaque build up in the brain, a known precursor to serious neurodegenerative diseases.新兴研究表明,植物油比其他种类的油更易造成大脑斑块淤积,众所周知,这是严重神经组织退化疾病的前兆。In the mid-20th century, Americans were increasingly concerned about the growing rate of heart disease and were told to ditch saturated fats - such as butter and cream - in favor of vegetable oil.20世纪中叶,美国人越来越关注心脏病的增长率,并被告知弃用诸如黄油和奶油等含有的饱和脂肪酸,倾向于用植物油。But Dr Catherine Shanahan, a nutritionist and family physician, says this was a serious mistake.但是,营养学家兼家庭医生凯瑟琳·沙纳汉士表示,这是一个严重的错误。Dr Shanahan explains that in the 1950s, consumers were told to stop eating saturated fats and turn to products like vegetable oil, which soon became a pantry staple. But there was another factor to its popularity.沙纳汉士称,在20世纪50年代时,消费者们被告知停止食用饱和脂肪酸,转向植物油之类的产品,这很快便成为一种厨房主食。但是促成它人气的还有另一个因素。She told Daily Mail Online: #39;Restaurants and other establishments turned to vegetable oil because of the cost and availability. Olive oil is 10 to 50 times more expensive than vegetable oil.#39;她在接受《线上每日邮报》采访时表示:“餐厅和其它机构出于对成本和可用性的考虑,转向植物油。橄榄油比植物油要贵10-50倍。”#39;Also, it#39;s very easy to use in cooking because there#39;s not a high smoke point and it doesn#39;t have a flavor like olive oil. So it has a one-size-fits-all factor.#39;“同样地,做饭时使用植物油也很方便,因为它烟点低,没有橄榄油的那种味道。所以它是厨房的万全之策。”Vegetable oils comes in a variety of forms - canola, palm, corn, soy, sunflower, safflower, cottonseed, rice bran and grapeseed.植物油的种类有很多--菜籽油、棕榈油、玉米油、大豆油、葵花籽油、红花油、棉籽油、米糠油和葡萄籽油。 /201702/492219

This shocking footage shows around a dozen tiny children running out into the snow wearing just their pants before they throw ice cold water all over themselves.在一段让人震惊的视频中,大约十几名孩子只穿着短裤跑到雪地里,之后还往身上倒冰水。The nursery children, aged between three and six, are taking part in a daily ritual which teachers and doctors claim will keep them healthy.这些幼儿园的孩子们年龄在三岁到六岁之间,他们正在参加的“冰桶挑战”已经成为一项日常活动,而老师和医生们声称这能让他们保持健康。A paediatrician checks the children are suitable, and permission from parents is needed as the ice showers are not compulsory.由于“冰桶挑战”不强制孩子们参加,因此会有一名医生检查孩子们的身体是否适合,此外还要得到家长的允许。But as the footage shows, most of the children taking part seem enthusiastic and appeared to enjoy their drenching, despite the cold.但正如视频所示,尽管天寒地冻,但大多数参与活动的孩子们对此非常热情,看起来也很享受冰水淋湿全身。The youngsters get to warm up in a sauna first, before running out, many barefoot into the snow.跑进雪地前,孩子们先洗桑拿浴热身。之后很多孩子会赤脚跑进雪地。One little boy in the footage said: ;It#39;s not cold, I feel warm.;视频中一位小男孩儿说:“天气很冷,但我很暖和。”While a girl called Alina adds: ;It#39;s exciting.;女孩艾莉娜则补充说:“这很令人兴奋!”These pictures were taken during a week when temperatures were mild for the time of year, between minus 6 celsius and minus 18 celsius.拍摄这些照片的那周,气温在当时还算温和,在零下6摄氏度在零下18摄氏度之间。Pre-school teacher and swimming coach Oksana Kabotko, 41, told the Siberian Times: ;Children have the ice cold shower if it#39;s no colder than minus 25C.41岁的幼儿教师兼游泳教练奥克萨娜告诉《西伯利亚时报》:“气温在零下25摄氏度以上时,孩子们才会进行冰桶淋浴。”;Those children who have ice cold shower daily, not once every two weeks, come regularly to the kindergarten.“每天都进行冰桶淋浴,而不是两周才参加一次的孩子们能够定期上幼儿园。”;Of course, they can go down with some illness during the winter but it passes more quickly, after a few days at home.“当然他们冬天也会生病,但在家待几天后好得更快。”;Those who don#39;t take an ice shower may spend up to two weeks at home recovering.;“而不参加冰桶淋浴的孩子们生病后可能要花两周的时间在家康复。”She added: ;The children who do have the ice showers are also are more sensible, balanced - and optimistic. They are better organised.她补充说:“参加冰桶淋浴的孩子们更懂事,发育更平衡,也更加乐观。他们也更有纪律。”;There are also some children who don#39;t go to our kindergarten but join us just for the shower.;“还有一些没上我们幼儿园的孩子也在参加冰桶淋浴活动。”Another Siberian kindergarten director, Olesya Osintseva claimed there were many cases of her young pupils going down with flu before she ordered ice showers.另一位西伯利亚地区幼儿园的主管奥列西娅称,在开展冰桶挑战活动之前,有很多幼儿园的孩子们感冒。She said: ;There were moments when half of the children attending the kindergarten were unwell.她说:“有时候幼儿园一半的孩子都身体不舒。”;It was obvious that something needed to be done to make them grow stronger and be more resilient against viruses.“很明显需要做点儿什么来让他们身体更强壮,更能抵御病毒的侵袭。”;This is how we came to the idea of boosting their immunity up by doing this exercise with buckets of chilly water outside in the cold.“因此我们想到了这个雪地冰桶挑战的活动,提高他们免疫力。”;We tested it on ourselves and our own children first, when both adults and children were first going out and splashing their feet with water, and in some months pouring cold water bucket over our heads.“我们先在自己和自己的孩子身上做试验。大人和孩子先到雪地里,往脚上浇冰水,几个月后再向头上浇一桶冰水。”;What six months of these water exercises showed was an immediately stronger resistance to illnesses.“经过六个月的冰桶挑战活动,人们对疾病的抵抗力立即增强了。”;Our kids were now able to go to the kindergarten and even if someone had infection, they were no longer catching it.;“我们的孩子们现在可以上幼儿园,即使有孩子感染了疾病,他们也不会被传染了。” /201612/485718

New brands inject fresh ideas into the design scene and trigger thoughts on how to update our homes.新品牌在场景设计中注入新创意,引发了优化室内设计的新思潮。It can simply be a matter of adding a space-saving but eye-catching side table. Or why not commit to a bigger, statement-making piece like a wonderfully comfy armchair in hip, bold-as-brass bright shades like turquoise or mint green?可以仅是添置一张节约空间却引人注目的边桌,也可以倾心于大型抢眼的家具,比如时髦舒适的上好扶手椅,拥有像蓝绿色、薄荷绿这样前卫大胆的明亮色。Key trends in 20172017年的关键趋势Space-saving, multifunctional furniture节省空间的多功能家具Flexibility is the way to go this year, according to a report from furniture sourcing platform eporta.com and trend forecasting agency WGSN. Aneeqa Khan, founder of eporta.com, points to the growing popularity of “bar stools, extendable tables, nesting tables and stackable chairs”.根据家具采购平台Eporta.com和全球时装网的报告,今年灵活型家具开始流行。Eporta.com的创始人安尼坎#8226;可汗指出“高脚椅、可伸展桌子、叠放台桌和可折叠椅子”正在成为新兴潮流。WGSN believes this is due to the rise of home entertainment, especially among millennials, who are increasingly hosting parties and film screenings in their homes and need flexible furniture that performs a string of functions.全球时装网认为这源自家庭的兴起,尤其是千禧一代,他们热衷于举办派对,在家中安装家庭影院,因此需要灵活方便的多功能家具。Nature and natural motifs自然和自然图案“Spring will see a continuation of our love of nature, especially an appreciation of beautiful British gardens, in the form of painterly florals and botanical prints in subtle shades,” predicts Philippa Prinsloo, head of design at John Lewis.英国老牌百货公司约翰-路易斯的首席设计师,菲利帕#8226;普林斯罗预测:“到了春天,人们会延续对自然的热爱,尤其是英式花园的元素,比如手绘印花、有着微妙色的植物版画。”She cites the mauve or hazy blue shades of asters, alliums and lavender as being particularly inspiring.她举例,像紫苑、葱、薰衣草这类植物的淡紫色或雾蓝色,会令人心情格外明朗。Moroccan souk chic 洛哥露天广场风格This is another tip from John Lewis’s Philippa Prinsloo, who says: “Moroccan style with be everywhere this spring and summer. Think hot colours, geometric patterns and playful pompoms.”她还提到了另一种设计趋势:“洛哥风格会在春夏季无处不在,主要特征是热辣的色,几何图案和活泼的绒球。”Furnishings as art装饰艺术Meanwhile, traditional art on walls will be supplanted in many homes by furniture and accessories that are works of art in themselves, says the eporta.com/WGSN survey. It predicts that instead of something in a frame, our imaginations will be fired by textiles, upholstery and wallpaper with visually intriguing, abstract, painterly patterns.同时,Eporta.com和全球时装网的报告表明,被打造成艺术品的家具和配饰会取代传统的墙面绘。报告还预测,与其被画框限制,我们的想象力不如被富有视觉冲突力、抽象感和手绘图案的纹理、装潢和墙纸大大激发。译文属 /201702/493575

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