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淄博友谊医院男科医院沂源县中医医院男科大夫Housekeeping. May I come in?整理客房务,我可以进来吗?May I do your room now?我现在可以给您收拾房间吗?When would you like me to do your room, sir?您想叫我什么时候给您整理房间?Will it be convenient for you if I come to do the room in an hour?一个小时后我过来整理房间,您看方便吗?May I do the turn-down service for you now?我现在给您做夜床好吗?Ill clean the bathroom and replace the towels.我给您打扫一下卫生间,再换一下毛巾。Ill ask a chambermaid to do your room.我叫一个客房务员过来给您收拾房间。Im sorry that the flask is empty. Ill go and get you a full one at once.很抱歉,水瓶是空的,我马上去给您拿一瓶满的。We dont accept tips. But thank you, anyway.我们不收小费,不过还是要谢谢您。We always make up rooms early.我们总是较早收拾房间。Please let me know if you have any special requests.如果您有什么特殊要求,请告诉我。Making Up the Room整理客房Is there anything else I can do?我还需要做些什么吗?Anything else I can help?还有什么我可以帮忙的吗?Housekeeping. May I come in?整理客房务,我可以进来吗?Come in, please.请进。Im sorry to interrupt you, maam. May I do your room now,对不起.打扰您了。我现在可以给您收拾房间吗?You can do it now if you like. Im just about to go down for my lunch. But before you start, would you do this for me?如果你愿意,就收拾吧。我正要下去吃午饭。在你收拾房间之前,可以帮我做件事吗?Yes, what is it?好的,什么事情?I would like you to go and get me a flask of hot water. I need some hot water.我想请你去给我拿一瓶热水来。我需要一些热水。Ill get you some hot water right away. Maam, Ill leave it for you if you dont want to wait.我马上就给您打热水来。女士,如果您不想等,我就给您放在房间里好了。Youre right. I dont want to wait. Thanks for your help.好的。我不想等。谢谢。You are welcome.不客气。 /201404/291454淄博男科那个医院好 (一):Do you allow flexibility in your plans? 你允许自己的计划有变动吗?A: Do you allow flexibility in your plans?甲:你允许自己的计划有变动吗?B: Yes, actually, it is not a big deal.乙:是的,其实这没什么的。关于计划的变更: Any changes of the conference event will be notified to you in the first place.有关会议的任何事项如有变更,将第一时间通知你。If there is any further change after your registration, please inform us in time.注册后,如有任何变动,请及时通知我们。(二):A daily schedule of the conference should be posted. 应当通报每日的会议曰程。A: A daily schedule of the conference should be posted.甲:应当通报每日的会议日程。B: Yes. The hotel will offer such kind of service.乙:是的。酒店方面会提供相关务的入酒店的公告牌可以方便我们及时通知会议曰程的更改情况: Can you give me a copy of the agenda for next week’s meeting?你能给我一份关于下周会议日程安排的复印件吗?Detailed seminar information and agenda will be sent to all participants prior to the event.所有麥会者将在会议前收到详细的会议日程及信息。Meeting Manual will be the guidebook for this Annual Conference. 会议手册将是此次年会的指南。 /201411/343692Jenny最近心情很不好,因为上级总是动不动就冲她发火,Catherine知道后就对她说:You should give him a piece of your mind. You should give him a piece of your mind. 你应该向他表示你的不满。a piece of指“一片儿,一小块儿”;而give sb. a piece of one's mind是习语,意为“坦诚相告(尤指不满对方行为)”,例如: I'll give him a piece of my mind for telling such a lie. 我要责骂他撒这种谎。 Jenny: I'm fed up! The manager always take it out on me just because he got a divorce recently.珍妮:我受够了!经理总是冲我撒气,仅仅因为他最近离婚了。Catherine: Well, I think you should give him a piece of your mind.凯瑟琳:哦,我觉得你应该向她表示你的不满。背景音乐:Whole◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201012/122254淄博省妇幼保健院治疗阳痿多少钱

淄博正规医院有哪些81 I would like to ask you a favor.我可以提出一个要求吗? 82 Would you let me know your fax number?可以告诉我您的传真机号码吗? 83 Would it be too much to ask you to respond to my question by tomorrow?可以请你在明天以前回复吗? 84 Could you consider accepting our counterproposal?你能考虑接受我们的反对案吗? 85 I would really appreciate your persuading your management.如果你能说经营团队,我会很感激。 86 I would like to suggest that we take a coffee break.我建议我们休息一下喝杯咖啡。 87 Maybe we should hold off until we have covered item B on our agenda.也许我们应该先谈论完B项议题。 88 As a matter of fact, we would like to discuss internally regarding item B.事实上,我们希望可以先内部讨论B项议题。 89 May I propose that we break for coffee now?我可以提议休息一下,喝杯咖啡吗? 90 If you insist, I will comply with your request.如果你坚持,我们会遵照你的要求。 91 We must stress that these payment terms are very important to us.我们必须强调这些付款条件对我们很重要。 92 Please be aware that this is a crucial issue to us.请了解这一点对我们至关重要。 /05/69879淄博治疗龟头炎去哪家医院好 We appreciate the good quality of your goods but unfortunately we are not going to accept the offer on your terms.我们很欣赏你们产品的高质量,但是我们不能接受你们的价格。We appreciate the good quality of your goods but unfortunately we are not going to accept the offer on your terms.我们很欣赏你们产品的高质量但是我们不能接受你们的价格。Whats the matter?怎么了?We very much regret to state that our end user here find your price too high and out of line with the prevailing market level.遗憾我们的末端客户认为你们的价格比现行的市场价高很多。We find your prices are two high to be acceptable.我们认为你方的价格太高了,难以接受。The ation submitted by you is too high.你方的发盘太高了。Our prices fixed on a reasonable level.我们的价格是很合理的。Our prices fixed on a reasonable level.我们的价格是很合理的。But our market is for medium customers.但是我们的市场面对的是中等消费群。This is the best price we can give you.这是我们所能提供的最低价格了。Our products are modestly priced.我们的产品价格适中。The price has been reduced to the limit.价格已经降到最低了。 /201504/372571淄博高青县割包皮多少钱

淄博哪里可以查艾滋病Something is important to get the job.Such as your background and experience and any personal information that you feel is relevant and can be referred to.一些对找工作很重要的东西。例如你的背景、经历和你觉得任何与此有关且可借以参考的个人情况。Well,I was born in New York and went to school there,straight through university.好吧。我出生在纽约。在那儿上的学,一直到大学毕业。My father is a teacher,and my mother is an accountant.我父亲是个老师,母亲是个会计。So you were born into a professional family.你是出身于一个职业家庭了。Right.Both of my sisters teach at a university.是的。我的两个在大学任教。What caused you decide to be engaged in computers?什么促使你从事计算机这一行的?Oh,nothing in particular,I guess I always liked calculating and playing with machines.我想没什么特殊的原因。我一向喜欢计算机和喜欢玩弄机械。Now what about your experience?How long have you been working with computers?谈谈你的经历好吗?你干计算机行业有多久了?More than five years now.After I achieved my engineering degree,I began to focus on computer technology and I even had my own career for a while.五年多了。读完理工硕士学位之后,我就开始专攻计算机技术。有一段时间我甚至还建立了自己的事业。It certainly sounds good.Why dont you have your credentials sent to me and Ill hand them in to the board.这一点很好。请把你的件寄给我,我拿给理事会看看。Well probably contact you in a week.一个星期之内,我们可能再和你联系。Thanks very much.非常感谢。Good morning.My names John Smith.早上好,我是约翰?史密斯。Ah,good morning,Mr.Smith.Nice to meet you.Im Lucy from Personnel.Do sit down!啊,早晨好,史密斯先生,见到你很高兴。我叫拉莉,是管人事的。请坐!Thank you very much!谢谢!Now,do you have your curriculum vite together with you?B:你的履历表带来了吗?Yes,here it is.There are three.是的,在这儿。共三份。Have you brought your certificates as well?你的学历明也带来了吗?Im awfully sorry.Can I send them to you?非常抱歉。我可以把它寄给你吗?Sure.Now,lets talk about the position.可以,那样也行。现在我们谈谈职位。Thanks for sparing time to have lunch with me,Nan,I know how busy you are.谢谢您赶来与我共度午餐,南。我知道你很忙。Well,you know,Steven,it is a better way to negotiate at table because the atmosphere is relaxing and can ease the tension.唔,史蒂芬,饭桌上谈判是一个好办法,因为气氛轻松,能缓解压力。Nan,I have been told there is a slight problem over price.南,我听说价格上出了点小问题。I dont think its a big problem.William simply told me that he didnt have the right to make a decision.我并不觉得那是什么大问题。威廉只是说他没有作决定的权力。Yes,I understand.Money questions must be determined by the Boss,in general,if you will.是的,我知道。可以这么说,钱的问题一向是由老板定夺。I see.Dont you feel negotiating is a lot slower in this way?原来如此。但你不觉得这样会使谈判进度变慢吗?Maybe short of efficiency,I admit.我承认可能会缺乏效率。Well,to put it in a simple way,we feel we should be rewarded with a big discount for wholesales.好吧,简单地说,我们应该享有批发的折扣。 /201502/355306 第一句:Your order is the minimum limit.你们的订单是我们能接受的最低限度。A: Your offer is too high to accept.你们的报价太高了,我方不能接受。B: Your order is the minimum limit.你们的订单是我们能接受的最低限度。A: We havent cooperated before.我们以前没有合作过。B: Both sides should take a risk.双方都应该承担风险。第二句:If you double the order, we may consider giving you an 8% discount.如果贵方的订单数量加倍,我们会考虑给贵方8%的折扣。A: Can you consider it as a special case?能给我们一特例吗?B: If you double the order, we may consider giving you an 8% discount.如果贵方的订单数量加倍,我们会考虑给贵方8%的折扣。A: Thats attractive.这很吸引人。其他表达法:如果订单的数量大,出口商往往会开出优惠的条件。If you increase your initial order to 30,000, I suppose we could consider reducing the price to $ 300, 080 per unit.如果你方的初始订单增加到300000件,我们会考虑每件降价到300080美元。The best we can do is to allow you 2% off cur ation.我们的最低限度是给你们提供2%的折扣。 /201208/194191淄博有包皮微创手术吗淄博哪里治疗生殖器感染最好



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