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根据一项最新的研究,和石器时代的穴居人一样多吃浆果、坚果、瘦肉和鱼,能够大大降低心脏疾病的发病率。A “caveman diet” of berries, nuts, lean meat and fish could help reduce the risk of developing heart disease, a new study shows. Scientists found that volunteers who ate the Stone Age fare for just three weeks had lowered blood pressure and a reduced risk of clots.They also lost an average of five pounds in weight.Our early ancestors lived on a diet lacking in cereals, dairy products and refined sugar for centuries before farming developed and some scientists believe that the human body is still best suited to this kind of food.Volunteers in the trial, run by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, were allowed to eat only foods from a prescribed list, which included fresh or frozen fruit, berries or vegetables, lean meat, unsalted fish, canned tomatoes, lemon or lime juice, spices and coffee or tea without milk or sugar, for three weeks.All dairy products were banned as well as beans, salt, peanuts, pasta or rice, sausages, alcohol, sugar and fruit juice.However, participants were allowed up to two potatoes a day.They were also given some dried fruit, cured meats and a portion of fatty meat as a weekly treat.After three weeks, the 14 volunteers who completed the study had lost an average of five pounds, the findings, published in the current issue of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, show.Systolic blood pressure, the higher of the two ings taken, had fallen by an average of just under 5 per cent, while levels of a clotting agent in the blood, which can cause heart attacks and strokes, dropped by 72 per cent.Dr Per Wandell, who led the study, said that the research proved that even short term use of the diet had “favorable effects” on the major risk factors for heart disease.However, he warned that the lack of certain foodstuffs could have other impacts on overall health.“One negative effect was the decreased intake of calcium (from dairy goods),” he said, “which could be a risk factor for osteoporosis later in life.”Heart disease is one of the leading killers in Britain. Every year approximately 117,000 deaths in the UK are caused by heart disease, accounting for approximately one in five of all deaths in men and one in six deaths in women.Previous studies have suggested that the “caveman” diet could offer protection against diabetes. Vocabulary:caveman:(史前石器时代的)穴居人fare:食物systolic blood pressure:心脏收缩压osteoporosis: 骨质疏松 /200805/38838As SVP of the Global Sparkling Brand Center at Coca-Cola (KO), Wendy Clark spends plenty of time studying young people. Understanding how young people live and what they aspire to is key to the success of this rising-star executive who oversees brand strategy and integrated marketing communications, including global design and digital and experiential marketing, for brands like Coke, Sprite and Fanta. Last week, Clark decided to learn about an aspect of youth that she never knew: how the homeless live.可口可乐公司(Coca-Cola)全球闪亮品牌中心(Global Sparkling Brand Center)高级副总裁温蒂?克拉克花了很长时间研究年轻人。这位冉冉升起的新锐高管成功的秘诀就是了解年轻人的生活现状和他们的期望。目前,克拉克负责可口可乐(Coke)、雪碧(Sprite)和芬达(Fanta)等品牌的品牌策略和整合营销传播,包括全球设计与数字及体验营销。上周,克拉克决定亲身体验年轻人生活中不为她所知的一面:无家可归的生活。Guest Post by Wendy Clark, SVP of the Global Sparkling Brand Center, The Coca-Cola Company本文由可口可乐公司全球闪亮品牌中心高级副总裁温蒂?克拉克发布。I#39;m one of those people with ice-cold hands.我的手生来冰凉。You know the type. When you shake my hand, I apologize and say something like ;cold hands, warm heart; and then may add my second hand to your warm hand and hold the handshake for as long as possible to steal some of your warmth.大家都知道这种人。我跟别人握手的时候,会先抱歉地说“手凉心热”这样的话,然后用双手握住对方温暖的手,还要尽可能多握一会儿,以吸取一些热量。While I was born and raised in England (cold and wet), I spent my teenage years in Florida and have lived in the southern U.S. since. Indeed, as the saying goes, my blood has thinned.我出生在(寒冷潮湿的)英格兰,但我的少女时代都在佛罗里达度过,后来也一直居住在美国南部。正如俗话所说,我的血液都变得稀薄了。So it was uncharacteristic, to say the least, that I slept outside on a cardboard box last Thursday night.所以,毫不夸张的说,周四晚上,我在外面的纸板箱里所度过的一夜绝对是一次非同寻常的体验。My friend and colleague at The Coca-Cola Company, Ben Deutsch, is on the board of Covenant House of Georgia, and he asked me to join their annual Sleep-Out fundraiser. Last year, across the country, 450 executives slept outside and raised more than million. This year, Ben and I and some 45 executives from companies including Accenture (ACN), Comcast (CMCSA) and Cox Enterprises spent from dinnertime Thursday until 7 a.m. Friday on the campus of the Covenant House shelter. Under a full moon, in temperatures dipping to 35 degrees, we slept in sleeping bags on flattened cardboard boxes.我的朋友也是可口可乐公司的同事本?道奇,是乔治亚州圣约家园(Covenant House of Georgia)理事会的成员,他邀请我参加他们一年一度的露宿募捐活动。去年,全美共有450名高管参加了这个活动,募集了超过300万美元。今年,本和我以及来自埃森哲(Accenture)、康卡斯特(Comcast)和考克斯报业(Cox Enterprises)等公司的45名高管从周四晚餐时间开始,到周五上午7点,一直在圣约家园的收容所内度过。虽然天空圆月高悬,但温度却降到了华氏35度(约为1.7°C),当晚我们都睡在睡袋里,下面铺着压平的纸板箱。This was just one night for us. For more than 700 young Atlantans, sleeping on the streets is every night.我们只是这样过了一个晚上。而对于亚特兰大700多名年轻人而言,每天睡在大街上是他们生活的真实状态。These youth have varied stories, with common themes that are tough to hear. One in four, according to Covenant House, are victims of human trafficking or sex trade. Many more have been beaten down by bullying, and are desperate to get their lives on track. ;We#39;re just regular kids trying to do right, ; said one Covenant House resident we met.这些年轻人各有各的故事,个中心酸令人唏嘘不已。据圣约家园统计,其中有四分之一是人口拐卖或性交易的受害者。许多人都因为受到过欺凌而一蹶不振,他们也渴望能让自己的生活走上正轨。我们遇到的一位圣约家园居民说:“我们只是努力想要做好的普通孩子。”Like all of us, they need love. They need an outreached hand and somebody#39;s faith that there#39;s warmth in their hearts beyond their own cold hands. These homeless youth have been let down by ;the system; and by adults so many times that their trust in anyone beyond themselves is incredibly low.与我们一样,他们也需要爱。他们需要一只主动伸出的手,需要有人相信虽然他们的手是冰凉的,但他们的心依然火热。“体制”和成年人一次次让这些无家可归的年轻人失望,他们对人的信任已经降到了令人难以置信的地步。 /201312/267164The unveiling by Shinzo Abe, Japan’s new prime minister, of “Abenomics” – with its pillars of monetary easing, fiscal stimulus and structural reform – has apparently impressed the markets so much that the yen has fallen against leading currencies and Japanese stocks have moved sharply higher.日本新任首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)倡导的“安倍经济学”(Abenomics)包括三大柱:货币宽松、财政刺激和结构改革。市场显然大受激励,日元兑主要货币走低,日本股市大幅攀升。Of the three pillars, expectations are high that aggressive monetary easing by the Bank of Japan will pull the economy out of its deflationary spiral.在这三大柱中,人们寄予厚望的是,日本央行(BoJ)激进的宽松货币政策将推动经济走出通缩螺旋。But the fact that the market has moved so much without a single shot being fired by either the central bank or the government begs the question: how much of this is hype and how much is justified?然而,不管是日本央行还是日本政府都尚未射出一颗子弹,市场变动却如此巨大,这让人质疑:这里面有多少夸大其词的成分,又有多少合理之处?The greatest cause of both the deflation and economic weakness of the past two decades is a lack of private sector borrowers. The bursting of the country’s debt-financed bubble in 1990 left the private sector with a huge debt overhang. To restore its financial health and escape negative equity, the private sector as a whole had no choice but to pay down debt or increase savings levels, even at zero interest rates. Although most private sector balance sheets were repaired by 2005, a serious aversion to debt remains.过去20年间,导致通缩和经济疲软的最主要因素是私人部门借贷者匮乏。1990年日本债务融资泡沫的破裂让私人部门债台高筑。要使日本金融业恢复健康,避免出现负资产,私人部门别无选择,只能偿付债务,或者提高储蓄水平,即便利率为零。尽管私人部门到2005年已经修复了大部分资产负债表,但依然存在严重的债务厌恶情绪。Today, the private sector is saving 9 per cent of gross domestic product at zero interest rates, a shockingly high number. The same figure for the US is 7 per cent; for the UK, 4 per cent; and for Spain, 8 per cent, All have record-low interest rates. These numbers suggest the private sectors of all these countries are still strengthening their balance sheets instead of maximising profits.目前,在零利率水平下,私人部门储蓄仍占到国内生产总值(GDP)的9%,这一数字之高令人震惊。美国的储蓄率是7%,英国是4%,西班牙是8%,这几个国家的利率都处于最低纪录水平。这些数字表明,所有这些国家的私人部门仍在增强资产负债表,而不是追逐利润最大化。While repairing balance sheets is the right and responsible thing to do, if everybody tries to do it at the same time the result is a deflationary spiral known as balance sheet recession. The shift to debt minimisation is the main reason the US lost 46 per cent of its GDP and 30 per cent of its money supply – which is made up mostly of bank deposits – during the Great Depression, the last full-blown balance sheet recession before Japan fell into one in 1990. It is also the reason near-zero interest rates and massive quantitative easing by the BoJ since 1995 – and by the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank since 2008 – have failed to produce the expected recoveries.尽管修复资产负债表是正确之举,也是应尽之事,但如果所有人同时这么做,结果就是一场通缩螺旋,即所谓的“资产负债表衰退”。追求债务最小化是美国在大萧条期间GDP下降46%、货币供应量(主要由存款构成)减少30%的主要原因,在这次全面的资产负债表衰退之后,日本于1990年也陷入了类似的衰退。这也是日本央行自1995年以来——以及美联储(Federal Reserve)和欧洲央行(ECB)自2008年以来——实行近零利率和大规模量化宽松,却没有产生预期经济复苏的原因。With the private sector having no choice but to repair its balance sheet, the only way to keep both the GDP and money supply from shrinking is for the government – the last borrower standing – to step in and borrow the unborrowed savings and spend them in the private sector.由于私人部门别无选择,只能修复其资产负债表,要阻止GDP与货币供给萎缩,唯一的方法是由“最后的借款人”政府实施干预,借入体系中存留的储蓄,在私人领域出。By taking this route since the onset of the 1990 recession, Japan has managed to keep both its GDP and money supply above the bubble peak, in spite of private sector deleveraging and an 87 per cent decline in commercial property values. The rapid GDP and money supply growth in the US from 1933 onwards – despite the fact that private sector borrowing did not increase at all during this period – were also made possible by increased government borrowing under President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal.自1990年衰退开始以后,通过采取这种方法,日本把GDP与货币供应量保持在了泡沫时期的峰值之上,尽管私人部门实行去杠杆化、商业地产价值下跌了87%。美国从1933年以后GDP和货币供应量迅速增长——尽管在此期间私人部门借贷未见增长——也是由于在总统富兰克林罗斯福(Franklin Roosevelt)“新政”推动下政府借贷增加所致。Although one cannot expect too much from the BoJ’s monetary easing, Abenomics further addresses the problem of the lack of borrowers by making fiscal stimulus and structural reform its second and third pillars.我们不能对日本央行的货币宽松抱有太高期望,但“安倍经济学”把财政刺激和结构改革当成第二和第三柱,进一步解决了借贷者匮乏的问题。For growth to become self-sustaining, the private sector must replace the public sector as the provider of final demand. The fiscal pillar in Abenomics is expected to address this challenge by introducing an investment tax credit and other tax incentives to borrow and invest, in order to help the private sector recover from the aversion to debt caused by the deleveraging that began in 1990 and lasted 15 years. The fact that it took the US 30 years, until 1959, to bring interest rates back to the average level of the 1920s suggests that the task of overcoming this trauma is a big one, but it must start somewhere.要保增长可以自我持续,私人部门必须取代公共部门,成为最终需求的提供者。通过推出一项投资税收优惠以及其他旨在扩大借款和投资的税收激励措施,“安倍经济学”的财政柱预计将可解决这一挑战,以期帮助私人部门摆脱从1990年开始、持续15年的去杠杆化引起的债务厌恶心理。美国花费了30年时间,直到1959年才使利率回归上世纪20年代的平均水平,就说明治疗这种创伤是一项巨大任务,但也必须从某处开始着手。The third pillar, structural reform, is needed because Japan is a mature economy. For such an economy to grow, deregulation and measures to open up markets are necessary to expand investment frontiers. The fact that Mr Abe has decided to join negotiations for the trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which will involve far-reaching market opening measures – and the fact that he has surrounded himself with senior bureaucrats from the ministry of economy, trade and industry rather than, as is traditionally the case, the ministry of finance – suggests he is serious. This is because structural reform relates to microeconomics, and only those directly involved with industry can offer detailed advice on meaningful measures.作为第三条柱的结构改革是必要的,因为日本是成熟经济体,要推动这样的经济体发展,就必须放松监管,采取开放市场的措施,以扩大投资范围。安倍决定参与泛太平洋伙伴关系贸易协定的谈判(这将涉及深远的市场开放措施),而且围绕在他身边的是通商产业省的高级官员,而不是传统的大藏省官员,这些事实表明,安倍是认真的。这是因为结构改革与微观经济有关,只有直接与行业打交道的人士才能为切实的举措提供详细建议。Taken together, the three pillars of Abenomics make sense. Market infatuation with the BoJ is overplayed – but if the measures announced for the second and third pillars are broad enough to address the challenges at hand, Japan may indeed succeed in escaping its balance sheet recession.“安倍经济学”的三大柱放在一起很有意义。市场对日本央行的迷恋被夸大了,但如果所宣布的有关第二和第三柱的措施足够宽泛,可以解决眼前的挑战,日本或可成功避开资产负债表衰退。The writer is chief economist at the Nomura Research Institute本文作者是野村综合研究所(Nomura Research Institute)首席经济学家 /201303/232286After the 2008 financial crisis, banks initially acted like a cartoon character who shoots over a cliff-edge at high speed and keeps going for a while before falling. Five years on, they are lying on the ground – and will never be allowed to return to their fast-paced ways.2008年金融危机之后,最初就像卡通中的人物一样,以很快的速度冲向悬崖边,在摔下去之前还向前滑了一段距离。五年过后,他们依然躺在地上,也将永远被禁止像过去那样狂奔疾跑。It has taken a long time for the authorities on both sides of the Atlantic to address some of the deep-seated problems that contributed to the crisis. But they are now doing so, despite all the lobbying and protests. Few bankers have gone to jail, but the industry is being disciplined.大西洋两岸当局花了很长时间才着手解决导致危机的一些深层次问题。现在他们就在这么做,尽管面临许多游说和抗议。几乎没有家入狱,但这个行业正在受到整肃。This week brought two announcements that strike at the distortions caused to banking by cheap credit and the underpricing of risk over past decades. One was the Federal Reserve’s decision to implement the Basel III capital rules, and to add extra measures. The other was the European Commission’s assault on how banks trade credit derivatives.近期出了两条政策,矛头指向近几十年来低息信贷和风险定价过低在业造成的扭曲现象。一个是美联储决定执行“巴塞尔III”资本规定,还采取额外措施。另一个就是欧盟委员会(EC)对的信用衍生品交易方式开刀。These measures sound technical, and lack the populist appeal of EU efforts to limit bonuses or impose a financial transactions tax. Yet both will have fundamental effects on how banks operate, and how likely they are to fail again in a crisis. They will not only make banking less profitable, but also less volatile.这些措施比较具有技术性,与欧盟限制奖金或者征收金融交易税的努力相比,缺乏民粹吸引力。然而,对于如何运营、有多大可能再次在危机中陷落,这两个方面有着根本性的影响。它们不仅会削弱盈利性,也会让变得更稳定。It is notable that, both for banks’ capital requirements, and the move from derivatives being traded over-the-counter among banks to trading on exchanges and settling within clearing houses, the industry’s rearguard action has failed. The reforms being imposed after periods of consultation and review are little changed from the originals.有一点值得注意,不论在资本要求方面,还是让间的衍生品场外交易转入交易所交易并在结算所结算的做法,业的“后卫”行动都是失败的。征求意见和审核期之后所实施的改革与最初并没有多大不同。Jamie Dimon, chairman and chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, once described Basel III as “anti-American” but the Fed has taken the Swiss approach of adding to its penalties, rather than subtracting. Gary Gensler, the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, has energetically forced through US derivatives reforms in the teeth of lawsuits.根大通(JPMorgan Chase)董事长兼首席执行官杰米#8226;戴蒙(Jamie Dimon)曾说巴塞尔III是“反美国”的,但美联储(Fed)却采取了瑞士的方法,增加而不是减少惩罚力度。美国商品期货交易委员会(Commodity Futures Trading Commission)主席盖瑞#8226;杰斯勒(Gary Gensler)顶着法律诉讼的压力一直在积极推进美国衍生品改革。The EU has passed laws that will implement similar changes to swaps trading – making it more transparent and safer by pushing trades through clearing houses. The European Commission’s antitrust action against investment banks, which fought off incursions by exchanges into their over-the-counter market, fits with this.欧盟已经通过法律,将对掉期交易实施类似改革——让交易通过结算所进行结算,使其更加透明和安全。欧盟委员会针对投资(后者击退了交易所对他们的场外市场的入侵)的反垄断行动就符合这一目标。Such initiatives address one of the biggest weaknesses exposed by the 2008 crisis – over-the-counter trading of credit default swaps without an adequate capital cushion contributed to the near-collapse of American International Group. More broadly, banks held too little capital for the risks they were unwittingly taking, as many discovered.这些举措触及了2008年金融危机暴露出来的一大弱点:在没有足够资本缓冲情况下进行的场外信用违约掉期(CDS)交易,正是这种做法导致美国国际集团(American International Group)陷于崩溃边缘。更广泛地来看,很多人都发现,用来应对意外风险的资金过少。The chief task after 2008 was to remedy this, and the fact that the reforms are now falling into place is welcome. Despite Mr Gensler’s fear that other countries will exploit his reforms by luring dealers to less regulated spots, the US and Europe have matched each other. Europe lags behind the US in swaps reform but is on the same path.2008年之后的主要任务就是弥补这点,而改革措施正在逐渐落实的事实令人欣慰。尽管杰斯勒担忧其他国家会利用他的改革措施,将交易商“引诱”到监管较松的地方,但美国和欧洲是差不多的。在掉期交易改革中,欧洲落后于美国,但却走在同样的道路上。Since changes to capital and to margin requirements – a crucial part of derivatives reforms – occur deep within banks’ operations, it is easy to miss their impact. But they affect each transaction a bank undertakes with a customer.由于资本金和保金要求(衍生品改革的一个关键部分)的变化发生在运营的较深层面,很容易就会忽略它们的影响。但它们影响着与客户的每一笔交易。Take the market in credit default swaps, which developed in the 1990s as a means for banks to offset credit risk, and is the target of European antitrust action. Until recently, it was an over-the-counter market controlled by banks, in which deals were done privately and banks did not have to post collateral, as swaps dealers must on exchanges.以上世纪九十年代发展起来的信用违约掉期市场为例,信用违约掉期是抵消信用风险的一种方式,该市场也是欧洲反垄断行动的目标。之前,它一直都是控制的一个场外交易市场,在这个市场上,私下完成交易,不需要像掉期交易商在交易所那样必须提供担保。If Megabank had been doing a lot of business with A Corporation and was near its credit limit, it could clear its balance sheet by writing a swap with Minorbank. Minorbank would take on the existing A risk for a hefty fee, and Megabank could carry on as before. The cost of the swap was high, but it paid for itself by releasing capital.假设Megabank与A公司有大量业务往来,并且接近其信贷限额,就可以通过与Minorbank的掉期协议来清理其资产负债表。Minorbank会收取很高的费用来承担与A相关风险。而Megabank则照常运营。掉期的成本很高,但它会释放出资本。Until 2008, this worked nicely for everyone. A kept being allocated cheap credit, while Minorbank’s traders got bonuses at the end of the year from the swap fees (and later returned the favour to their mates at Megabank). Banks shared out their excess profits from underpriced credit among the shareholders, customers and traders.2008年之前,这么做对每个人来说都很顺利。A一直都能获得低息信贷,而Minorbank的交易员则从掉期费用中获得年终奖(之后也会回报Megabank的同仁)。在股东、客户、交易员之间分配低价信贷带来的超额收益。Then they ran off the cliff.之后他们就集体掉下悬崖。In the new world of higher capital charges, central clearing, exchange-traded futures and a crackdown on anything that smacks of big banks colluding, things are tougher. Banks will need to put aside more capital against deals and cannot reap similarly juicy profits.在资本成本上升、实行中央结算方式、相关期货在交易所交易,以及遏制一切有大“勾结”嫌疑操作的新世界,形势变得更加艰难。需要留出更多资金,并且无法获得像以前一样的丰厚收益。For the health and durability of the system, that is a considerable benefit. The fact that dealers have to pass trades through clearing houses and post margin makes it less likely that the AIG failure will be repeated. If banks hold more capital, taxpayers won’t need to rescue them.这对整个体系的健康和持久发展大为有利。交易商必须通过结算所来完成交易并提交保金,使得AIG式的失败重演的可能性降低。如果有更多的资本金,纳税人就不需要拯救它们。It isn’t cost-free. Joaquín Almunia, the EU competition commissioner, is right that exchange-trading of swaps should be cheaper for investors than the banks’ over-the-counter market, all other things being equal. As it becomes more expensive for banks to arrange swaps, however, they will inevitably pass on some of these regulatory costs to their customers.这么做也是有代价的。欧盟竞争委员会专员杰奎因#8226;阿尔穆尼亚(Joaquín Almunia)说得对,在其他方面对等的情况下,对投资者来说,交易所掉期交易的成本应该低于的场外交易市场。然而,随着安排掉期交易的费用增加,他们将不可避免地将一些监管成本转移给客户。“A product that a bank could customise and was almost free is becoming standardised and very expensive,” says Will Rhode, head of fixed income at Tabb Group, a consultant. Volumes of credit default swaps have fallen sharply as banks becomes swaps dealers.咨询公司Tabb集团固定收益业务主管威尔#8226;罗德(Will Rhode)说:“过去可以定制设计并近乎免费的产品如今正在成为标准化产品,并且非常昂贵。”成为掉期交易商之后,信用违约掉期的数量就大幅下降。This is the price society and the financial system pays for lessening risks and promoting stability. It was never going to be easy to reform bad banking habits acquired over decades but, several years after the crash, banks are facing the inevitable regulatory reckoning.这是社会和金融体系为降低风险、提升稳定性所付出的代价。业几十年来形成的糟糕习惯很难改革,但在危机的几年之后,正面临不可避免的监管算账。 /201307/247224

Wanted: rich older women interested in hot younger guys. Applicants must be over 35, earn at least 0,000 a year or have a minimum of million in liquid assets, entrusted assets or divorce settlement.That's the basis of a speed-datingevent organized by a New York entrepreneur bringing together 20 "sugar mamas" and 20 "boy toys" vetted by an elite New York matchmaker."Symbiosis has allowed ugly rich men to attract young, gorgeous, money-hungry women for centuries; it's now the women's turn," proclaims pocketchangenyc.com, the Web site that Jeremy Abelson is using to promote the event.Set to take place at Manhattan's 230 Fifth club on February 7, it has attracted more than just wealthy divorcees. Nancy Richards, 50, is the owner of a marketing firm and a theater producer in New York and London."Is it truly what I am looking for? No. Is it an option? Why not? In New York City anything goes," Richards said with a laugh.Speed-dating pairs up prospective couples for face-to-face meetings that last just a few minutes. The partners rotate over the course of the evening, allowing participants to make the acquaintance of many potential partners."I find younger guys will usually be totally into you while older guys will be looking over your shoulder at a younger woman," said Gail Garrison, 44, a fashion designer and former model."Younger men expect an older woman to be more accomplished. They are looking for you because you are intelligent. They are not looking for a mother," she said.Abelson, 27, calls it "Natural Selection Speed Date II: Sugar Mamas amp; Boy Toys." He came up with the idea after drawing criticism from feminists for organizing an event last year that paired wealthy older men with young women.More than 5,000 men applied for a place in this year's event. Twenty finalists were selected.The prospective boy toys -- who had to be under 35 -- were screened by Janice Spindel, billed as New York's most exclusive matchmaker."I really think a lot of people will connect," Spindel said. "Age is just a number, and some people are unlisted." 寻人:对年轻帅小伙感兴趣的富婆。报名者必须在35岁以上,年收入不得低于50万美元,流动资产、信托资产或离婚分得资产至少为400万美元。这是纽约一位企业家举办的一项速配活动的报名条件。参加速配的20名“富婆”和20名“花样美男”均由纽约一位著名红娘挑选出来。杰莱米#8226;阿贝尔森pocketchangenyc.com网站上宣传该活动时称:“由于‘共生关系’(译者注:互惠互利)的存在,几个世纪以来,都是丑陋的男富翁吸引年轻漂亮、爱财的女人;现在该轮到女人做主了。”该活动将于本月7日在曼哈顿的230第五俱乐部举行,报名者并不只是富有的离婚女性。50岁的南茜#8226;理查德兹在纽约和伦敦分别拥有一家营销公司和一家影视制作公司。她笑着说:“这真的是我想要的吗?不是。但既然是一种选择,为什么不尝试一下呢?在纽约,一切皆有可能。”活动当晚,速配双方可以面对面地交流几分钟,然后不停地进行轮换,这样大家就有机会认识更多的人。装设计师、44岁的盖尔#8226;加里森曾是一名模特。她说:“我发现年轻男士通常会很专一,而老男人总会盯着比你更年轻的女人。”她说:“在年轻男士看来,年龄较大的女人应该更有成就。他们选择你是因为他们觉得你聪明。他们并不是来找个‘妈妈’。”27岁的阿贝尔森将该活动称为“自然选择速配系列之二:富婆和花样美男”。阿贝尔森去年组织了一次有钱老男人与年轻女士的速配活动,该活动遭到女权主义者的批评后,他产生了这个新想法。共有五千多名年轻男士报名参加了今年的活动,最终有20人入选。应征男士的年龄必须在35岁以下,由号称纽约第一资深“红娘”的詹妮斯#8226;斯宾德尔负责筛选。斯宾德尔说:“我真的觉得很多人能成。年龄只不过是个数字,有些人甚至没有公开。” /200803/28880

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