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淄博泌尿医院哪家最好淄博淄川区治疗前列腺炎多少钱The Hawk jets of Britain’s Red Arrows display team fly 600 miles on one tank so they had to make 22 stops on their way to promote UK industry at China’s Zhuhai air show.英国“红箭Red Arrows)飞行表演队的“鹰Hawk)式教练机航程00英里,因此为了在中国珠海举行的航空展上推广英国的航空业,它们沿路不得不停靠了22站。Aircraft manufacturers from Boeing and Airbus to Bombardier and Embraer are also going to great lengths to impress China, whether by promoting new models such as the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787, offering big discounts or promising to help the development of China’s aviation industry.从波Boeing)和空Airbus)、到庞巴Bombardier)和巴西航空工业公Embraer)等飞机制造商,也为了给中国留下深刻印象而不遗余力,或是推销新机型(如空客A350和波87)、大打折扣,或是承诺帮助推动中国航空业的发展。While Beijing’s mission to build its own airliners has gathered pace, western executives at the biennial show in the southern province of Guangdong do not expect a local competitor soon.尽管北京方面建造国产大型客机的任务加快了步伐,但是参加这个在广东省举办的两年一届的航空展的西方高管并不认为很快会有本土竞争者出现。“China is our biggest market in terms of airplane deliveries and future orders for the next 20 years,says Darren Hulst, Boeing’s managing director for marketing in north-east Asia. “The Zhuhai air show is about meeting customers, interacting with the government, with financiers, lessors and banks and recognising the industry that Chinese aviation has become.”“在飞机交付量和未来20年的订单方面,中国是我们最大的市场,”波音负责东北亚地区营销的执行董事戴赫尔斯特(Darren Hulst)表示,“本届珠海航空展是见客户、与政府、金融机构、租赁公司和接触的机会,同时见识中国航空业如今的样子。”Although economic growth is slowing in China, aviation executives are betting that demand for air travel will remain strong as Beijing shifts its focus from developing capital-intensive industries to promoting domestic consumption and the services sector.尽管中国经济增长正在放缓,但是航空业的高管正在押注,随着北京方面把重心从发展资本密集型产业转向促进国内消费和推动务业增长,航空旅行的需求将保持强劲。Boeing predicts China will spend tn on 6,800 passenger aircraft during the next 20 years as air travel in the world’s most populous nation grows by an average of 6.4 per cent per year, outpacing the global average of 4.8 per cent.波音预计,随着这个全球人口最多的国家的航空客运量以平均每.4%的速度增长——超过全球平.8%的增速——未0年中国将花费1万亿美元购买6800架客机。China’s first domestically produced passenger jet, the 80-100 seat ARJ21, entered service this year.中国首个国产客机机型0-100座的ARJ21今年投入运营。State-owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, which makes the ARJ21, is also working on the bigger C919, designed to compete directly with the Boeing 737 and Airbus A319/A320 families that are the mainstay of short-haul aviation globally.制造ARJ21的国有企业中国商用飞机有限责任公司(Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China,简称中国商飞),还在研发更大型的C919机型,旨在与全球短途航空领域的中流砥柱波音737和空客A319/A320家族展开直接竞争。Industry executives in Zhuhai stressed the difficulty of going from small production runs and prototypes to making successful families of passenger aircraft.珠海航空展上的行业高管强调了从小产量和原型机到打造成功客机家族的难度。“This is an industry that requires a lot of time, a lot of experience and a lot of funds,says Colin Bole of Bombardier, the Canadian manufacturer that has launched its C-series airliners after years of delays and cost overruns. “I’ve no doubt that funds are available in China but it takes mistakes and going wrong on earlier projects to be truly successful.”“这个行业需要很多时间、很多经验和很多资金,“加拿大飞机制造商庞巴迪的科林.尔(Colin Bole)称,“我从不怀疑中国有足够的资金,但是要经历早期项目中的错误和走错路,才能真正成功。”庞巴迪在多年的延迟和成本超后,推出了其C系列的大型客机。Another foreign industry executive put it more directly, questioning whether impressive Chinese designs will ever be marketable. “Their prototypes have gone from being paper tigers to iPad tigers,he says, inspecting a tablet showing details of a wide-body jet at Comac’s stall in Zhuhai.另外一位外国行业高管更加直接,他质疑令人印象深刻的中国设计是否会有销路。“他们的原型机从纸老虎变成了iPad上的老虎,”他在珠海航空展的中国商飞展台上看平板电脑上一架宽体喷气式飞机的细节时表示。Boeing and Airbus, along with other foreign manufacturers, are under pressure to share know-how in exchange for access to the market.波音和空客、以及其他外国制造商,目前面临分享专有技术以换取市场准入的压力。Both source a significant number of components in the country, where Airbus started to build a second production facility this year, with Aviation Industry Corporation of China, its state-owned joint venture partner.两者都从中国采购大量零件。空客今年与国企中国航空工业集团公司(Aviation Industry Corporation of China)合作,开始在中国合资建设第二个生产设斀?Boeing has revealed its intention to establish its first manufacturing facility in China, working alongside Comac to put the finishing touches to 737s.波音透露了在中国开设第一个生产设施的意图,目前正在与中国商飞敲定737完工与交付中心的最后细节。Fran#231;ois Caudron, senior vice-president of marketing at Airbus, says selling aircraft in any big market requires “give and take highlighting the company’s decision to open a final assembly line in the US last year.空客负责营销的高级副总裁弗朗索瓦.科德Fran#231;ois Caudron)称在任何大型市场销售飞机都要求“平等交换”,并强调了该公司去年在美国开设总装线的决定。While his company has built industrial facilities in China “the know-how remains with Airbus尽管空客在中国建立了生产设施,但是“专有技术仍然为空客所有”。“Do we build our own competitor? We don’t think so,he says. “There is competition coming but by the time they get a real family [of aircraft] proven and established, I think we still have good days ahead of us.”“我们是培养竞争者吗?我们不这么认为,”他称,“未来会有竞争,但是在他们真正拥有完善、成熟的(客机)家族之前,我认为我们仍然有好日子过。”来 /201611/476247淄博友谊医院怎么样 Madrid has ordered half of most private cars off the roads on Thursday to tackle worsening air pollution a first in Spain.周四马德里要求几乎半数的私家车禁止上路,以解决严重的空气污染问题,这项措施在西班牙尚属首次。The restrictions will operate between 6.30am and 9pm and will be re-uated daily depending on pollution levels. The city council said in a statement: “vehicles with even-number registration plates will be allowed to drive around on even-number days and cars with odd-number registration plates on odd-number days这个规定限制从早0到晚点,并且根据每天的污染情况进行调整。城市委员会是这样说的,“牌照号码数字是偶数的汽车将被允许在日期是偶数的那天开,牌照号码数字是奇数的汽车将允许在日期是奇数的那天开。”The measure is activated when levels of harmful nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere go above 200 microgrammes per cubic metre in at least two measuring stations for two days running and if the air is unlikely to clear imminently.大气中有害的二氧化氮连续两天在至少两个监测站显示超过每立方米200微克,以及污染的空气不能立刻清理干净的情况下,这项措施就会实斀?来 /201701/486759淄川区医院男科

淄博148医院男科预约淄博哪家医院看性病科最好 U.S. President Barack Obama’s plan to maintain 8,400 U.S. troops in Afghanistan through the end of his presidency leaves many unanswered questions about the best path forward as the security situation continues to worsen, experts said.美国总统奥巴马打算在离任前把留驻阿富汗的美军维持400人。有关专家说,阿富汗的保安局势持续恶化,奥巴马的这一决定使接下来往哪里走留下了很多没有回答的问题。The administration had initially planned to reduce the number of U.S. troops from the current 9,800 to around 5,500 by the end of 2016.美国政府原计划到2016年年底,把驻阿美军从9800人减少到5500人左右。But Obama announced Wednesday the security situation in Afghanistan ;remains precarious; and so he is leaving more troops than originally planned through the end of his term, which ends January 20, 2017.但是,奥巴马星期三宣布,阿富汗的安全局势“依然很不稳定”,所以他准备在离任前让更多的部队留在阿富汗。奥巴马将于2017月结束他的总统任期;The Taliban remains a threat. They have gained ground in some cases, they have continued attacks and suicide bombings including in Kabul,; Obama said. ;Because the Taliban deliberately target civilians more Afghan men, women and children are dying and often overlooked in the global refugee crisis.;奥巴马说,“塔利班依然是威胁。他们在好几次战斗中都扩大了地盘,他们继续在喀布尔等地发动攻击,实施自杀炸弹袭击”。他还说,“由于塔利班有意针对平民,所以阿富汗有更多的男人、妇女和儿童丧生,这些人在全球难民危机中往往会被忽略。”Obama said leaving more troops in Afghanistan when he leaves office will give the next U.S. president “a solid foundation for continued progress in Afghanistan as well as the flexibility to address the threat of terrorism as it evolves.”奥巴马表示,让更多美军留在阿富汗为下届总统提供了“坚实基础,继续扩大在阿富汗的进展,也为打击恐怖主义的努力提供了很多灵活性。”来 /201607/453340淄博哪家男科医院最好

淄博哪里治疗前列腺囊肿比较好 Turkey has warned Russia it will hold Moscow responsible for terror attacks on its own soil in the wake of a deadly car bombing in Ankara and mounting international tensions over the war in Syria.土耳其警告俄罗斯称,它将让俄为土耳其国土上发生的恐怖袭击负责。在此之前,安卡拉刚刚发生了致人死亡的汽车炸弹爆炸事件,而国际社会围绕叙利亚战争产生的矛盾也愈演愈烈。Ahmet Davutoglu, prime minister, said that Wednesday’s suicide attack had been carried out by Salih Necar, a member of the YPG, a Syrian Kurdish militia that the Turkish government denounces as a terrorist group. The attack killed 28 people in the capital’s security district when explosives packed into a car detonated at traffic lights on a busy boulevard.土耳其总理阿赫迈特达乌特奥Ahmet Davutoglu)表示,周三发生的自杀式袭击是由叙利亚库尔德民兵组织“人民保卫军YPG)成员萨利赫蔠慑尔(Salih Necar)发动的。土耳其政府指责YPG是一个恐怖组织。这起袭击发生在土首都安卡拉一个安保严密的地区,当时一辆装有爆炸物的汽车在一个繁忙街道的红绿灯处被引爆,导致28人丧生。But Mr Davutoglu focused some of his toughest comments on Moscow.不过,达乌特奥卢将其部分最严厉的批评留给了俄罗斯政府。“I am warning Russia once more,he said in a televised statement, saying that Moscow’s condemnation of the attack was insufficient. “If these terror attacks continue, they will be as responsible as the YPG.”他在一份电视声明中称,莫斯科方面仅仅谴责这起袭击是不够的。他说:“我再次警告俄罗斯,如果继续发生这类恐怖袭击,他们将承担与YPG同样的责任。”Russia denies any connection with terrorist activities.俄罗斯否认与恐怖活动有任何联系。Mr Davutoglu also asked Turkey’s international allies, especially the US, to treat the YPG, whose full name is the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection s, as a terrorist organisation rather than a partner in the Syrian war.达乌特奥卢还要求土耳其的国际盟友——尤其是美国——将YPG视为恐怖组织、而不是叙利亚战争中的合作伙伴。But, to date, Ankara’s push for other countries to end their support for the Kurdish militia has registered little success.但迄今为止,土耳其政府要求其他国家不再持这个库尔德民兵组织的努力收效甚微。The YPG is backed by the US and other western countries as the most effective Syrian fighting force against Isis. It is also tacitly backed by Russia, whose strikes against mainstream rebels in northern Syria have recently allowed the Kurdish militia to advance.作为打击“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的最有效的叙利亚武装力量,YPG得到了美国及其他西方国家的持。此外,该组织还得到俄罗斯心照不宣的持。后者最近对叙利亚北部的主流反政府军的打击,令这个库尔德民兵组织得以大举进军。YPG总司令部发布的一份声明显示,YPG否认与安卡拉发生的袭击事件有任何关系,称土耳其此举是为了找理由在叙利亚对该组织发动攻势。来 /201602/427485淄博割包皮过长包茎手术的价格淄博治疗慢性生殖器疱疹的费用



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