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A pair of brave 7-year-old Texas boys helped foil their own kidnapping when they screamed and fought off a thief who stole their mother#39;s car.美国德克萨斯州一对勇敢的7岁双胞胎兄弟遭绑架时大声呼叫,勇斗偷车贼,最终成功脱险。San Antonio mom Lucia Lozada said she was on her way to church Thursday afternoon when a man she knew from the neighborhood jacked her gold Nissan Altima with her twin boys and 1-year-old baby inside.事件发生在德州的圣安东尼奥市,母亲露西亚称,周四下午她正在去教堂的路上,一名男子劫持了她的车,当时车上只有7岁大的双胞胎兄弟和1岁的小婴儿。;She realized that she had forgotten the baby bottle, walked back in the house. When she came back out the car was gone.; San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said.当地警察称:“当时,露西亚发现自己忘带奶瓶,便下车走回房子。然而,当她回来时汽车竟不见了。”But cops said the tykes, Luis and Lucius, refused to go quietly and began hitting the man and screaming.据警察说,双胞胎兄弟路易斯和卢修斯拒绝和男子离开,他们不断打这名男子,并不停尖叫。;I was hitting him with a toy snake,; little Luis told reporters.双胞胎之一的路易斯告诉记者:“当时,我用我的玩具蛇不停地打他。”Eventually, the carjacker let the boys and the baby off on a street in Las Palmas, about 10 miles away from their home.最终,这个抢车贼让这对男孩和他们的弟弟在帕尔马斯大街下车,此地离他们家已有10英里。They were reunited with their mother on Thursday evening.周四晚上,他们回到了母亲身边。They got the snake yesterday from the store, Lozada told KSAT-TV. ;I didn#39;t want to buy it for them, but I guess God knew that he was going to use it today.;母亲露西亚称:“玩具蛇是昨天才从商店里买的,当时我还不想买,不过可能是上帝知道他们今天用得着。”Lozada said she#39;d seen the carjacker around her neighborhood in southeast San Antonio from time to time.露西亚曾看到这名抢车贼在圣安东尼奥市东南部转悠。 /201404/291189Korean Air#39;s CEO has apologized for what he said were the ;foolish actions; of his daughter, an airline executive who delayed a flight because she was not happy with the way she was served macadamia nuts.韩国大韩航空公司总裁赵亮镐为他的女儿、公司副总裁赵贤娥的“愚蠢举动”表示道歉。赵贤娥因不满工作人员提供坚果的程序而迫使一个航班推迟起飞。At a news conference Friday, Cho Yang-ho bowed in a traditional gesture of deep remorse, saying he should have done a better job raising his daughter.赵亮镐在星期五的一个记者会上鞠躬致歉,表示自己应当在教养女儿方面做得更好。Cho Hyun-ah last week became angry after a flight attendant in first class offered her nuts in a packet instead of on a plate. Cho forced the aircraft to return to the gate and kicked the attendant off the plane.上星期,赵贤娥乘坐的航班的乘务员将一袋坚果放在她面前,而没有放在餐盘里送给她。赵贤娥为此怒不可遏,命令飞机返回登机口,并将那名乘务员赶下飞机。The case has prompted widesp outrage in South Korea and forced Cho from all her posts, including as vice president of the family-run airline.此事在韩国引发广泛愤怒,迫使赵贤娥辞去其在家族所有的大韩航空公司内担任的一切职务,包括副总裁一职。A distraught-looking Cho offered her own emotional apology Friday, telling reporters in a voice that was barely audible that she is ;sincerely; sorry for her actions.星期五,面带愧色的赵贤娥表示道歉,她用小得几乎听不到的声音对记者说,她为自己的行为表示真诚的歉意。Following complaints from a civil society group, South Korean authorities have started an investigation into whether Korean Air violated any aviation safety laws.在一个公民组织提出批评后,韩国有关当局开始调查大韩航空是否违反了航空安全法规。 /201412/349411More than 150 enterprises near the Shanghai Disney Resort that pose a pollution threat have been ordered to close by the end of next year by city authorities.上海迪士尼乐园附近150多家存在污染威胁的企业已被政府下令在明年年底之前关闭。Most of the 153 enterprises have high pollution risks, high energy consumption but low productivity in industries that include machining, metalware production, printing, plastics production and chemical engineering.这153家企业中的大多数都是高污染、高能量消耗、低产出的行业,包括机械加工、金属器皿生产、印刷、塑料制品生产和化学工程。This is according to an announcement on the website of the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Information Technology.此消息来自于上海市经济和信息化委员会网站上的公告。;Seventy-nine enterprises will be shut down in the first half of 2016 and the rest will be closed by the end of next year in an effort to make the zone better serve the needs of Disneyland as well as the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone,; the announcement stated.“为使此地区更好地符合迪士尼乐园以及上海国际旅游度假区的需要,2016年上半年将关闭79家企业,其余的将在2016年年底前被关闭,”公告如是说。Tourism products with agricultural features will be developed on 10 square kilometers of land in Zhoupu town in Pudong New Area, which is next to the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone.浦东新区周浦镇有10平方公里的土地将被用来发展具有农业特色的旅游产品,这里紧挨着上海国际旅游度假区。The .5 billion Disney theme park, which is scheduled to open next spring and is Disney’s first on the Chinese mainland, forms part of the resorts zone.这个耗资达55亿美元的迪士尼主题公园计划在明年春天开业,这是中国大陆第一个迪士尼主题公园,也是度假区的一部分。Pan Chunfeng, an information officer with the resorts zone’s management committee, said the decision to close the enterprises is not just to protect Disneyland but is also part of the city’s environmental protection campaign.度假区管委会的一位新闻官员潘春风说,关闭工厂这一决定不仅仅是为了保护迪士尼乐园,同时这也是城市环境保护运动中的一部分。Economic experts said the Shanghai government is using the Disney project to speed up industrial restructuring and to promote the relocation of enterprises with pollution problems.经济专家称,上海政府正在利用迪士尼工程加速产业结构调整,促进污染企业的搬迁。Lu Ming, a professor of economics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, said, ;When considering the plan to build the Disney resort, the Shanghai government must have analyzed how it would benefit various sectors.;上海交大的经济学教授刘明说,“在考虑建迪士尼乐园这个计划时,上海政府必须分析它是如何使各个行业受益的。”Qigan, a village in Zhoupu, which borders the Disneyland resort to the north, has taken a lead in land reclamation. In 2009, an ecological farm with sightseeing, leisure and entertainment services was opened.周浦旗杆村位于迪士尼乐园南面,其在土地开垦方面发挥了带头作用。2009年,一个集观光、休闲、务为一体的生态农场开放了。Hu Xingdou, an economics professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology, said reducing pollution is to some extent more meaningful than merely closing or relocating enterprises with pollution problems.北京理工大学经济学教授胡兴东说,减少污染,在一定程度上比只是关掉或是迁移有污染问题的工厂,要有意义得多。 /201509/399429A brand new natural gas pipeline operated by China National Petroleum Corpin the southwestern province of Yunnan has sprung a leak, raising worries again about the safety of the nation’s vast network of oil and gas pipes.中国石油天然气集团公司(CNPC)在中国西南部云南省运营的一条全新天然气管道发生泄漏,再度令人担心中国庞大的油气管道网络的安全性。China is rapidly expanding its gas supply to cities and industry as part of a shift away from its reliance on coal as a fuel. The equally rapid expansion of sprawling cities into former industrial zones combined with lack of co-ordination among oil groups and local government bureaux raises the risk of a dangerous breach.中国正在快速扩建面向城市和工业的天然气供应基础设施,以减轻对煤炭作为一种燃料的依赖。同时,城市也以同样的高速度扩张,进入昔日的工业区,加上石油集团与地方政府部门之间缺乏统筹,这些因素加大了出现险情的风险。The nation is in the first year of a three-year campaign to improve pipeline safety after a November 2013 leak in a crude pipeline operated by fellow oil group Sinopec in the coastal city of Qingdao caused an explosion that ripped through residential streets and killed more than 60 people.2013年11月,另一家石油集团中石化(Sinopec)在海滨城市青岛运营的一条原油管道发生泄漏,造成一次爆燃事故,导致居民区街道被撕裂,60多人丧生。那次事故发生后,中国启动了提高管道安全性的三年行动,今年是这一行动的第一年。The Qingdao explosion prompted a year-long review of the national pipeline network. The top problem identified was rampant construction above buried pipelines. Other issues included construction closer than legally permitted, and pipeline corrosion.青岛爆燃事故引发了持续一年的全国管网评估。在评估中确定的最大问题是在埋设的管道之上大肆修建建筑。其他问题包括隔离距离不到法律规定的最低限度,以及管道腐蚀。A spur of CNPC’s gas pipeline in Yunnan, which carries gas from Myanmar, began commercial operations earlier in June. On Tuesday it began leaking gas near a highway tunnel about 30km from the city of Kunming after being damaged by an excavator.中石油在云南运营的输气管道输送来自缅甸的天然气。这条管道的一条线在6月上旬投入运行。周二,这条线管道在被挖掘机破坏后发生泄漏,事发地点距离昆明约30公里,靠近一个高速公路隧道。The leak was caused by “a third party”, the official People’s Daily reported, without elaborating. The local government said repairs were under way but referred all questions to CNPC. The CNPC bureau responsible for the pipeline declined to comment by telephone.据官方的《人民日报》报道,泄漏是由“第三方”引起的,该报没有详细说明原因。当地政府表示,抢修工作正在进行中,但要求记者向中石油查询。负责该管道的中石油旗下部门则拒绝在电话中置评。Wang Yutai, vice-director of safety at Sinopec, said theft of oil and gas from pipelines — which could lead to drops in pressure and potentially dangerous breaches — has been sharply reduced by stronger enforcement.中石化安全监管局副局长王玉台介绍说,从管道偷窃石油和天然气的行为,可能导致管道内压力下降,潜在酿成险情;但加强执法已大幅减少了此类行为。Inadvertent breaches by construction or road-building crews remains a concern. A construction company’s drilling caused a crude pipe explosion that tore up an intersection in the industrial city of Jinzhou near Dalian a year ago.建筑或路桥建设工程队在无意中损坏管道仍令人担忧。在邻近大连的工业城市锦州,一年前一家建筑公司的钻孔作业造成原油管道爆炸,撕裂了一个十字路口。Thornier issues include past leaks that have poisoned the soil around ageing and corroded pipelines, refineries and petrochemical plants. CNPC in March agreed to pay Rmb100m (m) to the inland city of Lanzhou to compensate for benzene leaks that contaminated the Yellow river as well as the city’s drinking water supply.更棘手的问题包括,过去发生的泄漏毒化了老化和腐蚀的管道、炼油厂和石化厂周围的土壤。今年3月,中石油同意向内陆城市兰州付1亿元人民币(合1600万美元),以赔偿对黄河乃至该市的饮用水造成污染的苯泄漏事故。Additional reporting by Owen Guo郭晨(Owen Guo)补充报道 /201506/383081

Funeral service workers bring out one of the five members of the Taiwanese family who were found dead inside their residence in Greenhills, San Juan City, on Saturday. 葬仪社工人带出台湾家庭5人中的一具,星期六被发现在仙范市的青山区住宅里死亡Five members of a Taiwanese family were found dead—their heads covered in plastic bags—at their home in San Juan City on Saturday morning.星期六早上在仙范市的自家中,一个台湾家庭的5人成员被发现死亡,他们的头被塑胶袋罩住。The Eastern Police District identified the victims as couple Roxanne Hsieh, 53, and Luis Hsieh; and their three children Amanda, 18; Jeffrey, 13; and John, 12. Luis was reportedly a businessman exporting handicraft.东区警局确认死者有一对夫妻,Roxanne Hsieh 53岁和 谢维洲(Luis Hsieh);他们的三个小孩Amanda-18岁;Jeffrey-13岁;John-12岁。谢维洲据报是一名出口手工艺品的商人。Senior Supt. Ariel Arcinas, the city#39;s chief of police, said two letters suggesting murder-suicide were found in the house but investigators had yet to make this conclusion pending autopsy results.高级警司艾瑞尔阿尔吉纳斯,本市的警察局长,说住宅内被发现的自杀谋杀经由两封信可知,但是调查人员尚未做出这个结论,在等候尸检结果。The five bodies were found at 9:30 a.m. in separate rooms of the family#39;s unit at Midland Park Manor Condominium building on Ortigas Avenue in Greenhills.5具尸体在早上9点米得兰公园公寓大楼的不同房间的被发现。The couple were found on the bed of the master bedroom and the two youngest children on the floor of that same room, Arcinas said. The eldest child was found on the bed in her room.这对夫妻在主卧室的床上被发现,两个最小的孩子在发现在同一个房间的地板上,阿尔吉纳斯说。最大的孩子被发现在她房间的床上。;They all had a transparent plastic bag on their heads. The mouths of two of the children were foaming,; Arcinas said, noting that the bodies did not bear other signs of foul play, like stab or gunshot wounds. The condo unit also showed no signs of struggle or forcible entry.;他们的头都被套上透明的塑胶袋。两个孩子都嘴角冒泡;,阿尔吉纳斯说,并指出尸体没有受到凶器刺杀或杀的迹象。该栋公寓也显现没有激烈挣扎或强行闯入的迹象。The bodies were found by the family#39;s housemaid, Livina Econia, neighbor Dr. Grace Tan Chua, and building and local authorities.尸体被家中的女佣Livina Econia发现。But before the shocking discovery, Econia, who lived with the victims, first found what appeared to be two suicide notes placed on a sink near her quarters. One printed in English and the other written in Chinese, the notes were placed in envelopes and bore the couple#39;s signatures.但是在惊人的发现前,与死者住在一起的Econia,最先发现放在她住处的一个水槽似乎有两个自杀纸条。一个印有英文,另一个写上中文,纸条被放在信封里并有夫妻的签名。;The letters said the family was facing financial difficulties and gave instructions for [the dead] to be cremated in a Buddhist temple,; Arcinas said. They also had instructions for Econia to show the notes to the authorities.;信中说我们家庭正遭遇经济困难,并提出吩咐说死后在佛寺火化;,阿尔吉纳斯说。他们也交待女佣把纸条交给警方。“When the authorities and the doctor (Chua) went to the house, it was the maid who opened the door and led the group to the rooms. When the door was opened and she saw the bodies, she was hysterical,” Arcinas said.;当警方和法医到达住宅时,女佣开门并让调查组进入房间。当门一打开她看到了尸体,她情绪激动;,阿尔吉纳斯说。The bodies were brought to Camp Crame for autopsy.尸体被带往Camp Crame进行尸检。 /201502/359353

The escalation of a trade war between the US and China over solar power components threatens to do serious damage to the American industry, its leading association has warned.美国主要太阳能行业协会警告,美国和中国之间围绕太阳能发电组件的贸易战升级,可能对美国太阳能发电行业造成严重损害。Hostilities rose with a missive issued by the China’s Ministry of Commerce to the ed States on Sunday over its anti-dumping measures and counter investigations on Chinese solar products.针对美国再次对中国光伏产品启动反倾销和反补贴调查,中国商务部周日向美方发出公函,双方的矛盾由此加深。“China will closely follow the case, assess the impact on the Chinese solar sector and resolutely safeguard our interests through various mechanism,” the ministry said in a statement reported by its state media.“中方将密切关注该案的进展,评估其对中国光伏业界造成的影响,坚决利用各种机制维权,”中国官方媒体援引商务部发表的声明称。The ministry added that a probe into Chinese solar cells that opened in November 2011 did little to help improve the performance of the US solar industry.中国商务部补充说,美方在2011年11月对中国光伏电池立案调查,事实明并未帮助美国太阳能行业提升业绩。The US commerce department said last week that it would investigate a complaint that Chinese manufacturers were using loopholes in import duties imposed in 2012 to continue selling at illegally low prices in the American market.美国商务部上周表示,将调查一宗申诉,申诉内容是,中国制造企业正在利用2012年开征的进口关税中的漏洞,继续在美国市场以非法的低廉价格销售产品。The Solar Energy Industries Association said that if the US went ahead with a new round of import duties hitting solar panels from China and Taiwan, it would cut off the supply of low-cost equipment that has been a critical factor in the industry’s rapid growth in recent years.美国太阳能行业协会(Solar Energy Industries Association, SEIA)表示,如果美国对中国大陆和台湾输美的太阳能电池板开征新一轮进口关税,那将切断低成本设备的供应,而这种供应是美国太阳能发电行业近年快速增长的关键因素之一。The association represents companies working on installing and maintaining solar power, as well as manufacturers. Many of its members have benefited from the influx of cheap Chinese panels that has helped solar power compete with fossil fuels.该协会代表从事安装和维护太阳能发电设备的企业,也代表制造商。协会的许多成员受益于廉价的中国产太阳能电池板,这些电池板帮助太阳能发电与化石燃料展开竞争。SEIA urged the government to reach a compromise with Chinese manufacturers that would allow continued imports while providing some relief for companies with US factories that have complained of illegal competition.该协会呼吁美国政府与中国制造商达成妥协:允许继续进口,同时向那些在美国设有工厂、抱怨非法竞争的企业提供一些救济。John Smirnow of SEIA said: “As the conflict escalates, the threat to the industry grows.”美国太阳能行业协会的约翰#8226;斯墨尔诺(John Smirnow)说:“随着冲突升级,行业面对的威胁在加大。”US imports of Chinese polysilicon photovoltaic cells – the components that are assembled into panels – face two sets of duties: one because manufacturers were selling at prices less than their costs, and one because they had benefited from subsidies from the Chinese government.美国进口的中国产多晶硅光伏电池(太阳能电池板组件)须面对两套关税:一套是因为厂家的销售价格低于其成本,另一套是因为厂家获益于中国政府的补贴。SolarWorld, a German company that owns a large solar panel factory in Oregon, in December filed a complaint that Chinese companies had been able to avoid the tariffs by using cells made in Taiwan, while keeping the rest of their manufacturing in China.在美国俄勒冈州拥有一家大型太阳能电池板工厂的德国公司SolarWorld,在去年12月提交一份申诉,称中国企业通过使用台湾制造的光伏电池、在中国大陆完成其余制造工序,仍可避免关税。The commerce department is now investigating whether photovoltaic cells from Taiwan are being dumped – sold at a below-cost price – in the US, and whether other solar products from China are being dumped or benefiting from government subsidies.美国商务部正在调查来自台湾的光伏电池是否构成在美国倾销(以低于成本的价格销售),以及来自中国的其他光伏产品是否构成倾销或受益于政府补贴。The import duties from 2012 so far have not had a very significant effect on the US market, analysts say, because of Chinese companies’ ability to use cells from Taiwan. The price of panels, which had been in free fall, levelled out last year, but that was a global phenomenon caused by the loss of some Chinese capacity and increased demand in China and Japan.分析师们表示,2012年起征收的进口关税迄今并未在美国市场产生非常显著的效果,因为中国企业能够利用台湾产的光伏电池。此前价格直线下落的太阳能电池板去年企稳,但这是一个全球现象,原因是中国失去一些产能,以及中国和日本需求增加。Chinese manufacturers’ share of the US market fell, but only modestly: from 57 per cent in 2012 to 49 per cent in 2013, according to GTM Research.业内咨询机构GTM Research的数据显示,中国制造商在美国市场所占份额小幅下降:从2012年的57%降至2013年的49%。However, if the commerce department finds that there has been illegal competition from the Taiwanese cells and levies a new set of duties, the impact is expected to be much more serious.但是,如果美国商务部调查发现来自台湾的光伏电池构成非法竞争,并据此开征一套新的关税,预计影响将会严重得多。Shayle Kann of GTM Research said: “This time, there is no value chain strategy that would let the Chinese companies avoid these duties.”GTM Research的谢勒#8226;卡恩(Shayle Kann)表示:“这一次,中国企业将没有规避这些关税的价值链战略可以利用。” /201401/274439

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