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商务英语必备1000字 48暂无文本 /200708/16529,。,。。,。,。。,。, /200804/35136A:Hi there,I'm Steve Saunders.What's your name?B:I'm Patti Whitney.Isn't this convention great?A:Yes it is,better than I expected it would be.The presenters have been first rate.Is this the first conference you've been to?B:No,I've been coming for the last 3 years.Each year keeps getting better.Where are you from?A:I'm from Long Island,New York.What about yourself?B:I'm from the other side of the coast--Los Angeles.A:Wow.I really like California...the weather there is much better than the East Coast.B:Have you been to California?A:Just once.Quite a few years ago we took the kids to Disneyland on our vacation.They had a blast.B:How many kids do you have?A:Two,a boy and a girl.They’re aly grown now.B:Well,California’s changed over the last little while.You should come back out sometime. /10/864198 约定3句英文任你选You cant sublet the apartment.你不能把这套公寓转租给他人。Do I have to sign a lease?我是否得签一份租约?You must pay one month refundable deposit in advance.你得预先付一个月可退还得押金。半个句型要记牢pay a refundable deposit (付押金)Tip: refundable a. 可退还的;可偿还的 /201503/3544791 Office Affairs第1章 内部办公事务 1 Arranging a meeting第1单元 安排会议Conversation 1 对话1A:Mr. Li,I come to remind you of the meeting scheduled at 11 oclock this morning.A:李先生,我来提醒您今天上午十一点要开会。B:Oh,thats right. And the general manager asked me to report the companys sales for last year at the meeting.B:噢,对,总经理让我在会上做一个关于公司去年销售额的报告。A:By the way,the meeting will be held in your office.A:顺便说一下,会议在您的办公室举行。B:OK,thank you very much.B:好的,谢谢你。A:Not at all. Thats what I should do.A:不用客气,这是我应该做的。Conversation 2 对话2A:Is the room y for the meeting,Miss Chen?A:陈,会场布置好了吗?B:Yes,Mr.Li.B:准备好了,李先生。A:How about the microphone and speakers?A:麦克风和扬声器呢?B:I also have done it.B:我也准备好了。A:Good. Have you prepared some paper and pencils for the participants?A:好吧,你为与会者准备了纸和铅笔吗?B:Yes.They have been laid by their name cards on the meeting table for each attendant.B:是的,都放在他们的姓名卡片旁了。 /201601/421298

1. 你好!Hi !2. 早上好!Good Morning !3. 近来怎样?What's up?4. 你好吗?How are you?5. 你还好吗?How are you doing ?6. 很好,谢谢,你呢? Fine ,thank you ,and you ?7. 日子过得怎么样?How's life ?8. 有什么变化吗?What' new?9. 祝你一天愉快!Have a nice day!【情景对话】Every DAY GreatingW:Good morning Mike!M: Morning Sally!What's up? you seem many hurry!W: I am having an exam at 9:00, It's aly 8:30.M:Don't worry, I'll drive you .W:Thank you very much!M: How are your cases coming along?W: Very well,thanks ,I will probably finish next week, but this is still a lot of work , I have been worked on in for six months, and i 'm so closed to end. I can fill in .M:Wow, Good for you .It sounds like a lot of work. I'm proud of you! Is this the red of building ?W:Yes , It's only 8:40. Thanks so much!M: You're welcome.Good luck,bye!W:Have a nice day,bye! /201104/131727

1.Airport pick-up 接机 A:Anybody picks you up at the airport?B:My secretary arranged it. I just hope the chauffeur will show up. A:有人去机场接你吗?B:我的秘书安排了,我只是希望司机能到。 2. Book a hotel 订酒店A: Who booked the hotel for you?B: Ms. Wang did. It's Shangri-La.A:谁帮你订的酒店?B:王女士定的,是香格里拉。3.Expense standard 差旅费标准A: What's the expense standard for travel?B: I have the information. I'll email it to you.A:差旅费标准是怎样的?B:我这有,我会发电子邮件给你的。4.Kill time 消磨时间,打发时间A: I have about one hour to kill. Any recommendations where to go?B: You can get on the Internet in the VIP Lounge. That's the best time to kill time.A:我还有一个小时没事儿干,能推荐什么地方可去吗?B:你可以去贵宾室上网,那里是消磨时间的最好去处。5.On the road 旅行,公出A: I'm on the road a lot recently.B: That's not bad, you get to see other cities.A:我最近总出差。B:那也不错,你有机会看看其他城市。 /200807/45113

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