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淄博生殖男科医院淄博友谊专科医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Its the political roundup with Ken Sikkema and Susan Demas.A new Detroit News and WDIV poll shows Republican candidate Donald Trump slipping and Democrat Hillary Clinton gaining in Michigan. Her lead has widened by nearly 12 percentage points.This week Governor Snyder called the presidential election a ;huge mess; and said Trumps comments about women were ;revolting and disgusting.;While Republicans like Snyder - who never endorsed Trump - are speaking out, other Republicans have been defending Trumps statements as merely ;locker room talk.;Its hardly the first Trump-centric story weve seen throughout this election cycle, but according to Demas, this one is ;kryptonite.;;This is nothing that Trump needs with Independents and undecided women, with religious women, and even with some steady Republican female voters,; she said.Sikkema told us that Trump has put Republicans on ballots everywhere in a tough position.;What you see is Republicans just being between this rock and a hard place,; he said. ;For a lot of these Republicans, its a no-win situation. You disavow Trump, you alienate his supporters, core Republican voters. If you embrace Trump, you alienate suburban independent voters, particularly women voters.;Sikkema and Demas talk more about Trump and the 8th Congressional district race in our conversation above.201610/471657淄博治疗慢性前列腺炎需要多少钱 The answer may have reviewed itself after heavy rains, soily erosion uncovered the entrance to a dark tunnel with a passage way that seemed to head down towards the valley below.磅礴大雨后,解答似乎自己显现,土壤侵蚀暴露出一条暗道直通下面山谷。This secret tunnel would eventually proved to be useful, not just as transport, but for the survival of the entire kingdom, but perhaps the greatest revelations on Guge were found here, within this nearly inaccessible structure are clues that hint what life in Guge must have been like.王族依靠这条暗道从下方运送物资时,这条通道提供了安全与掩护,这条暗道不仅用在运输上,也是整个王朝存活的关键,但古格王朝最重要的发现或许就在这里,燥的山风保护着在这个几乎无法进出的建筑中埋藏着可窥探古格王朝生活样貌的线索。This is the red temple, behind these ancient doors, some of Buddisms finest murals tell a story of one of the greatest civilizations in Asia, one that in its heyday was unsurpassed across the Himalayas.这是红殿,在这些古老的门后面精致的佛教壁画述说亚洲最伟大的文明之一,在全盛时期整个喜马拉雅山区无人可比。These murals document life in Guge and present pictorial history of this once great kingdom.这些壁画记载古格王朝的生活述说这个繁华一世的王朝盛衰。The murals of Guge are simply stunning, not only as great artwork, but they encapsulate the experience of the kingdom, its culture, its people, its society, the ways in which they did business, the ways in which they moved about and traded, these are all represented in the mural, this is not merely artwork, this is history in visual form.古格王朝的壁画相当惊人,它们不只是伟大的艺术品,同时也浓缩了整座王朝的经验它的文化 它的人民,它的社会,他们做生意的方式以及过去是如何迁移和交易一切全都呈现在这壁画上头,这些不单是艺术品,这些是以视觉形式呈现的历史。Over the centuries Tibet and its people have seen great upheavals, it began as a unified empire, then around the year 850, the empire fell apart after a series of brutal civil wars.过去几世纪西藏及西藏人民见了大动乱开始时是统一的王国。 译文属201602/424967淄博哪里去治支原体感染最好

淄博医院能够照候境吗So you made lasagna last night, and it was delicious.你昨晚做了千层面,而且非常美味。You saved the leftovers by wrapping aluminum foil over the top of the pan, and putting it in the fridge.你将剩下的千层面用铝箔纸包好放入冰箱中。When you get hungry today, you go to look for that lasagna, but it looks like the lasagna was getting hungry too!今天你饿的时候,便去拿昨天吃剩的千层面,但是你会发现千层面似乎也饿了!Its eaten tiny holes in the aluminum foil that was covering it.包裹它的铝箔纸上出现了一个个的小洞,好像被咬过一样。Why does this happen?为什么会这样呢?A listener asked this question and well find the answer on todays moment of science.一位听众问到了这个问题,我们将在今天的科学一刻中为你解答。There are really two things responsible for those holes in the aluminum foil: the acidic nature of the lasagna and some curious properties of aluminum.铝箔上出现这些洞有两个原因:一个是千层面本身具有酸性,另一个就是铝具有一些非常奇特的属性。Lasagna gets most of its acid from the tomatoes in its sauce.千层面的酸性主要是来自酱汁中的番茄酱。Almost everything you eat is at least slightly acidic, but tomatoes are especially so.几乎你吃的每样东西都会至少呈轻微酸性,而番茄的酸性尤为明显。This acid wouldnt be a problem for a glass container, or stainless steel, or plastic wrap, or for most of the materials we use to store and prepare food.这种酸对玻璃容器,不锈钢,塑料袋或大多数我们用于储藏和准备食物所用的材料都不会产生任何影响。Aluminum, though, is especially vulnerable to acid.但铝却非常容易受到酸的侵蚀。Heres why.这就是原因。Most metals form a protective layer on their surface called an oxide layer.大多数金属会在表面生成一种叫做氧化层的保护膜。Aluminum forms an oxide layer too, but it is very thin, allowing the tomatos acid to easily break through.铝金属也会形成氧化层,但是这层膜很薄,番茄中的酸能轻易腐蚀透。This lets the tomato sauce dissolve the aluminum, and it creates grey or black chemicals on top of the lasagna that taste very bad.由此番茄酱就会溶解铝,在千层面上产生一种灰色或黑色的化学物质,会使千层面变得非常难吃。The same thing can happen if you use aluminum cookware for acidic sauces.如果用铝制厨具来做酸味儿酱料,也会发生相同的情况。Sauce made in an aluminum pot will be grayer and not as tasty as sauce made in other cookware.铝制锅所做的酱料颜色看起来会更灰些,吃起来也不如其他厨具所做的酱料味道好。 /201503/362204淄博早泄治疗医院 Point at a ball and a dog will look at the ball, whereas a cat will probably look at your hand.当你用手指着球,会注视着球,而猫则可能会盯着你的手看个不停。Dogs seem to have a y understanding of how human beings direct attention by pointing,and can follow our gestures almost as if they thought the same way we do.汪星人似乎已通过方向很好理解人类做出的指示,并且可以跟随我们的手势好像它们和我们一样。Of course, dogs probably arent born knowing anything about people.当然,出生时可能并不了解任何关于人类的事情。We just carefully train them to look, fetch,and so on, right? Or do we?我们只是小心谨慎的训练他们观察,获取等等对吗?还是我们?A comparative psychologist at the Max Plank Institute in Germany,Michael Tomasello,ran a series of tests on dogs which they find which sealed container had yummy dog food in it.德国马克斯普朗克研究所的比较心理学家迈克尔托马塞洛对这种动物进行了一系列的实验观察它们能否找到密闭容器中的美味粮。The only hint they got was from a human being who looked or pointed at the right container.唯一的暗示是一名正观察或指向正确容器的人类。This wasnt hard for dogs at all.这对而言根本不算难题。 201502/358330淄博割包皮好的医院

淄博制酸厂职工医院看男科好吗Were back with the first lady Michelle Obama,and Now you have this ;Lets move; campaign节目开始 今天的嘉宾是第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马 你们展开了这次“让我们动起来”的活动Which I love,I think thats you know,planting the garden and all the things you are doing我很喜欢 我认为修修花园 所有正在做的事Because thats a big problem that we have,as a lot of people not eating right,and not taking care of themselves因为这些问题存在 人们饮食不好 不会照顾自己You get up at 4:30 every morning to work out,is that right?I get up at 5:30,6,depends on whats going on in the day你每天4点半起来锻炼 是吗 5点半 6点起床 看情况Sometimes I try to wait till the kids leave for school,so thats about 7:30有时等到孩子上学了我才锻炼 大概都要7点半了If I have an early day,It would be about 6,5:30.But I work out every day.For how long如果时候尚早 就5点半 6点半 但我每天都有锻炼 锻炼多久About an hour and a half.An hour and a half.Do some cardio,then,then is that an hour on your arms,no.Cause your arms大概一个半小时 一个半小时 做些有氧运动 然后 一个小时都在锻炼胳膊么 当然不是 你的胳膊Cardio and,Cardio and some weights,some plyomatrics kinda stuff,some.Push-ups有氧运动 有氧运动 举重 还有一些增强性锻炼 俯卧撑呢Push-ups,yes,some push-ups.How many push-ups can you do? cause I like to do a push-up还有俯卧撑 能做多少 我很喜欢做俯卧撑I,you know,I dont know.I can do some,can you?我不知道 能做一些 你呢I can do some,I just want to know if you could do more push-ups than I could do我能做一些 就想知道 你能不能比我做得多You know,depends on how your back is,I know you get this back issues.No,no,no,no.come on,all right这得看你的背怎么样了 我可是听说你的背不太好 没有的事 来吧 好吧Where do you wanna,where do you wanna do this Ellen.Wherere gonna do this.You wanna do it one at a time,and we count.You wanna do it together.Or how do you wanna do this在哪做那 我们在哪儿做呢 艾伦 在哪做那 你是想轮流做 计数 还是一起做 或者你想怎么做I think we should do it together.All right,together.Together,all right.All right,youre y?Yeah.All right我觉得我们应该一起做 可以 一起来 一起 准备好了吗 好啦 好 /201609/467042 New data from NASA indicates that Pluto has a massive amount of water on the surface frozen as ice.美国航空航天局的新数据表明,冥王星表面存在大量冻结水。A false-color image map derived from infrared observations shows an abundant area of water ice on Plutos surface.来自红外观测的假色图像显示,冥王星的表面有大面积水冰。Using a spectral array instrument, NASA discovered that the water on Pluto is also mixed with frozen methane, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide.使用光谱阵列仪器,美国航空航天局发现,冥王星上的水也混合冻结的甲烷、氮和一氧化碳。The data was collected during a July fly-by of the distant celestial object by the New Horizons spacecraft.数据收集于“新地平线号”宇宙飞船,其在七月对这个遥远的天体进行近飞探测。译文属。201601/424797临淄区治疗龟头炎多少钱淄博一般包茎手术多少钱



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