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The UK has voted by 52% to 48% to leave the European Union after 43 years in an historic referendum, a B forecast suggests.B预测暗示:英国以52%比48%的公投结果脱离已经加入了43年的欧盟。The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985 as the markets reacted to the results.结果直接影响到市场动荡,与美元相比,英镑跌至1985年以来的最低水平。The referendum turnout was 71.8% - with more than 30 million people voting - the highest turnout since 1992.公投参与人数为71.8%,也就是有超过3000万公民参与了投票,达到了自1992年以来的历史最高。Britain would be the first country to leave the EU since its formation - but a leave vote will not immediately mean Britain ceases to be a member of the 28-nation bloc.自欧盟建立以来,英国将会是第一个离开欧盟的国家。但是有关于是否脱欧的投票并不意味着英国将立即离开这个有着28个成员国的组织。That process could take a minimum of two years, with Leave campaigners suggesting during the referendum campaign that it should not be completed until 2020 - the date of the next scheduled general election.整个过程至少要耗费两年,在公投期间“脱欧运动”仍将持续到2020年——下一届大选的日子。The Leave campaign argued during a bitter four-month referendum campaign that the only way Britain could ;take back control; of its own affairs would be to leave the EU.“脱欧派”认为在为期四个月的艰苦公投运动中英国能够“夺回其内务控制权”的唯一途径便是离开欧盟。 /201606/450930

Barack Obama#39;s daughter Malia will take a year off after high school and attend Harvard University in 2017, the White House announced on last Sunday.白宫方面上周日宣布,贝拉克·奥巴马的女儿玛丽亚在高中毕业后会有一年的;间隔年;,将于2017年就读哈佛大学。Harvard encourages new admissions to take a ;gap year; before or during their undergraduate years, so that the students can pursue work experiences outside of school.据悉,哈佛大学鼓励新学员在本科前或期间采取;间隔年;,这样来追求校外工作经验。For the school#39;s most famous new freshman, the year off could mean less attention when she does start classes in 2017, and time to build her resume.作为学校最有名的大一新生,;间隔年;可能意味着当玛丽亚在2017年开始上课的时候会引来更少的关注,也给予她打造自己简历的时间。First lady Michelle Obama has said that Malia hopes to become a film-maker, and that she worked last summer in New York as an intern on the set of the HBO show Girls.第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马曾表示,玛丽亚希望成为一名电影制作人,去年夏天她曾在纽约为HBO节目《女孩》担任实习生。Obama has said he intends to stay in Washington after he leaves the White House until his youngest daughter, Sasha, graduates from high school in 2019.奥巴马总统曾表示,离开白宫后,他打算继续留在华盛顿,直到他的小女儿萨沙2019年高中毕业。Even so, the first family has remained quiet about their plans after inauguration day on 20 January 2017, when someone else takes to the Oval Office. ;We haven#39;t figured that out yet,; he told voters in Wisconsin earlier this year. ;We#39;re going to have to stay a couple of years so Sasha can finish.;即便如此,这个第一家庭还是对2017年1月20日之后的计划保持沉默,这天,另有人选将入主白宫、就职美国总统。;我们还没有想清楚,;今年早些时候奥巴马告诉威斯康星州的选民,;我们会再呆上一两年直到萨莎完成学业。;Though usually extremely private, the president opened up to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres about his close relationship with his daughter. ;I#39;m not y for her to leave,; he said. ;She#39;s one of my best friends. It#39;s going to be hard for me not to have her around all the time, but she#39;s y to go. She#39;s just a really smart, capable person and she#39;s y to make her own way.;虽然总统平时非常注重隐私,但是他却对脱口秀节目主持人艾伦·德杰尼勒斯坦言自己与女儿的亲密感情。;我还没有准备好让她离开,;他说道。;她是我最好的朋友之一。她长期不在我身边对我来说是很难适应的,但她准备好离开了。她非常聪明,能干,她已经准备好走她自己的路了。; /201605/442787

  Your Horoscopes - Week Of May 10, 2016你的星座----2016年5月10号这一周Taurus | April 20 to May 20金牛座 4.20---5.20You are about to find love in the most unlikely of places, or at least that#39;s what the panting, neglected sociopath living in the abandoned textiles factory will call it.你将可能在最意想不到的地方找到爱,至少生活在被遗弃的纺织厂中气喘吁吁的,被忽视的反社会分子会这样称呼它。Aries | March 21 to April 19白羊座 3.21---4.19An out-of-body experience will soon leave you with a deeper understanding of just how much weight you should be trying to lose.一次亲身的体验将会让你更深层的理解到你应该要试着减肥了。Taurus | April 20 to May 20金牛座 4.20---5.20You are about to find love in the most unlikely of places, or at least that#39;s what the panting, neglected sociopath living in the abandoned textiles factory will call it.你将可能在最意想不到的地方找到爱,至少生活在被遗弃的纺织厂中气喘吁吁的,被忽视的反社会分子会这样称呼它。Gemini | May 21 to June 20双子座 5.21---6.20In times of crisis you#39;ve often looked to the stars for guidance, and this weekend will be no different, aside, of course, from your utter failure to identify which one of us is Polaris.遇到危机时,你通常会转向恒星寻求指导,当然,除了你彻底失败未能找出哪一颗星是北极星时,本周也不会例外。Cancer | June 21 to July 22巨蟹座 6.21---7.22You will soon learn that only by hastily skimming the errors of the past can we hope to mostly avoid repeating what we dimly remember them to be in the future.你将很快知道,只有通过匆忙的审视过去的错误,我们才能希望在未来我们依稀记得这些错误的时候尽量避免重蹈覆辙。Leo | July 23 to Aug. 22狮子座 7.23---8.22There are two sides to every story. Unfortunately, no respectable publisher is interested in putting out your account of D.H. Lawrence#39;s #39;Sons And Lovers.#39;每件事都有两面。不幸的是,受人尊敬的出版商是没有兴趣出版你所叙述的劳伦斯的《儿子与情人》的。Virgo | Aug. 23 to Sept. 22处女座 8.23-9.22Approaching police sirens combined with your naturally paranoid tendencies will significantly alter the stuffing of tonight#39;s honeysuckle white turkey.靠近警笛,再加上你本身多疑的趋势将会显著改变今晚金银花白色火鸡里面的填料。Libra | Sept. 23 to Oct. 22天秤座 9.23---10.22They say you can#39;t judge a man until you#39;ve walked a mile in his shoes, but after 3,000 feet, you#39;re beginning to suspect he#39;d like to have his sneakers back.人们说除非你穿着一个人的鞋子走了一英里,你才可以去评判他,但走了3000英尺之后,你会开始怀疑他是不是想要要回他的运动鞋了。Scorpio | Oct. 23 to Nov. 21巨蟹座 10.23---11.21You will ignore the voice of reason once again this week, but that#39;s largely because it#39;s gone hoarse and grown nearly inaudible over the years.本周你将再一次忽视理性的声音,但主要是因为理性的声音这些年变得嘶哑,变得几乎听不见了。Sagittarius | Nov. 22 to Dec. 21Disappointment will be yours this week when what you first believe to be the play#39;s curtain call turns out to be just Act 1, Scene 2.射手座 11.22---12.21当你原以为应该是戏剧中演员谢幕的情景却是第二场第一幕时,你将失望无比。Capricorn | Dec. 22 to Jan. 19羯座 11.22-1.19Someday you#39;ll inspire a whole new generation to pursue their dreams, secure in the knowledge that they couldn#39;t possibly do any worse than you.有一天,你将会激励新一代的人去追求他们的梦想,会让他们知道他们不可能做的比你还差。Aquarius | Jan. 20 to Feb. 18宝瓶座 1.20---2.18You#39;ll have a hard time putting what it is you don#39;t like about your new neighbor into words, particularly after he slices through your larynx with a cheese grater.本周将是你的困难时期,你要将你不喜欢新邻居的心理表现出来,尤其是在他用乳酪磨碎器割破了你的喉咙之后。Pisces | Feb. 19 to March 20双鱼座 2.19---3.20Remember: It#39;s all fun and games until someone loses an eye-not an arm, half a right leg, a lower jaw, several organs, five pints of blood, and the complete control of his central nervous system.切记:一切都是游戏,一切都很欢乐,直到有人一只眼睛看不见了---不是少了个胳膊,半条右腿,下巴,一些器官,5品脱的血,也不是中枢神经系统完全失控。译文是原创,不得转载! /201605/446713

  Rose Geil, 39, first noticed her excess hair sprouting when she was just 13 years old and started shaving immediately. The teenager, from Oregon, soon realised that she would have to shave every day in order to keep her stubble at bay - a ritual that she kept up for more than 20 years.今年39岁的罗斯·吉利在她13岁那年第一次发现了长出来的胡茬,当时她立即就将其剃掉了。这名来自俄勒冈的年轻人很快就认识到,为了不让人看出来,她每天都要剃胡子。自那以后,她在20年的时间里一直坚持这一习惯。But after years of shaving, plucking and expensive laser removal procedures, Rose has now decided to accept her #39;whiskers#39; – and couldn#39;t be happier.但是经过多年的剃须、拔胡子和昂贵的激光去毛疗程后,罗斯现在决定接受自己的“大胡子”--她认为没有什么事能够令她更加开心了。She said: #39;Growing my beard has made me more confident. I feel pretty with my beard, and I never felt pretty before. It feels amazing being me.#39;她说道:“留胡子让我更加自信了。我觉得留着胡子的我很漂亮,而我以前从来没有觉得自己漂亮。这真是太神奇了。”Rose first noticed hairs sprout in her sideburns when she reached puberty. Soon, hairs began appearing on her chin, upper lip and cheeks - and Rose would have to wake at the crack of dawn to remove the evidence.罗斯在青春期的时候第一次发现自己的鬓角处长出了毛发。很快地,她的下巴、上唇和脸颊等地方也开始出现了毛发。自那以后,罗斯不得不每天一大早便起床,剃掉自己的胡须以防被人发现自己的秘密。Her condition took a toll on her confidence and her social life; Rose refused to attend sleepovers, as she would wake up with stubble on her face.罗斯的情况给她的自信心和社交生活带来了严重的影响;她拒绝到其他小朋友家过夜,因为她必须要大清早就起床清理胡茬。She said: #39;I was a little bit of an outcast at my school, I didn#39;t fit in, I didn#39;t wear the right clothes and makeup. My friends did not know, I hid it very well. It was exhausting trying to keep it hidden. I didn#39;t realise the emotional impact until I was older. I just thought it was regular teen angst when I was young.#39;她说道:“在学校里我好像有点被遗弃的感觉,我不太合群,我不穿漂亮衣、也不化妆。我隐藏得非常好,我的朋友们都不知道我的秘密。为了隐藏这件事,我精疲力竭。后来直到我长大了,我才意识到这件事情带给我的精神上的影响。当我还小的时候,我一直认为这不过是正常的青春期焦虑。”While she tried to hide it from her friends and family eventually Rose#39;s mother caught sight of her stubble one Saturday morning when she had forgotten to shave. But instead of getting the support she wanted, Rose#39;s family decided not to discuss it.尽管罗斯一直试图向家人和朋友们隐瞒这个秘密,但是在一个周六的早上,罗斯的妈妈最终还是看到了她长满胡茬的模样,当时她忘记了剃胡子。但是罗斯并没有得到她所渴望的持,她的家庭决定对这件事缄口不谈。While she hasn#39;t been officially diagnosed, Rose believes her hairiness is due to a combination of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and genetics.尽管罗斯并没有被正式地诊断,但是她认为长胡子是因为多囊卵巢综合症和遗传等原因。Throughout her teenage years and twenties, Rose was so ashamed of her hair that she wore long sleeves and high turtlenecks to hide the fuzz on her chest and arms.从青少年到20多岁这期间,罗斯一直都为自己的毛发感到羞愧,她穿着高领毛衣和长袖装来隐藏自己脸颊和手臂上的细毛。Expensive laser hair removal procedures were ineffective – and painful. And in order to have relationships with men, Rose had to overcome the hurdle of showing her body hair to her partners. But while her partners, friends and family were accepting of her fuzziness, Rose soon realised her biggest enemy was herself.昂贵的激光去毛疗程并没有什么用--而且很疼。为了搞对象,罗斯必须克向男方漏出体毛的困难。尽管她的对象、朋友和家人都接受了她体毛,但是罗斯很快发现最大的问题在于她自己。But finally, eight months ago, Rose ditched the razors for good. She explained: #39;I was emotionally drained from trying to hide my beard every day and feeling like I was failing miserably. Growing my beard was an incredible experience. It was very difficult, daily emotionally and physically in the beginning because it was very uncomfortable, itchy and crawly. I had to fight the urge to shave.#39;终于,8个月前,罗斯决心放下剃须刀。她解释道:“我累了,每天都要把胡子藏起来,这让我感觉自己很失败、很可悲。长胡子是一件不可思议的经历。刚开始的时候每天都很困难,无论是从心理上还是生理上来说。长胡子的地方非常不舒,很痒,好像有东西在挠一样。我不得不忍着不去刮掉它们。”And Rose has even had requests to sell her pictures – which she hasn#39;t ruled out. She added: #39;I have no shame with my body, I appreciate my decorations and it feels nice to make people feel good.#39;此外,甚至还曾有人要求罗斯能够出售自己的照片--她并没有拒绝这一提议。她补充说道:“我并不对我的身体感到耻辱,我很感激我的胡子,让人们开心的感觉很棒。”She even claims she feels more feminine with her body hair, shunning turtlenecks for skirts and low-cut tops to show off her hairy cleavage.罗斯甚至说这些体毛让她觉得自己更“女人”了,她脱下了高领毛衣,换上了裙子,她还穿着低领衣以便于展示自己的胸毛。She said: #39;I definitely feel womanly, sexy and sensuous. I feel more feminine and it has very little to do with my appearance; it comes from my attitude and giving myself the freedom to be who I am. I#39;ve finally accepted the real me.#39;她说:“我觉得自己很#39;女人#39;、很性感、很漂亮。我觉得自己更加女性化了,而这和我的外貌无关;这来自于我的态度,使得我能够自由地作为原本的自己。我最终接受了这个真正的我。” /201606/450134。

  Misael Caldogno Abreu is three times the size of other children his age due to a syndrome which means he is unable to stop eating.据报道,一名名叫米萨尔·卡尔多尼·奥阿布鲁的男孩由于患上了一种无法停止进食的综合征,体形是同龄儿童的三倍。He is so heavy he often stops breathing while sleeping - leaving his terrified parents fearing that one day he may not wake up.Doting dad Manoel Abreu, 38, said: ;Everything is hard for him - he is a baby carrying an adult#39;s weight. His heart must be suffocated and working under a lot of pressure. If he doesn#39;t get the treatment he requires there is a very good chance he will pass away.;由于太重,他睡觉时经常会停止呼吸。他父母吓坏了,总担心有一天他会醒不过来。38岁的父亲曼诺尔·阿布鲁非常溺爱儿子,他说:“对他来说所有事情都非常艰难。他是个承载着成人体重的婴儿。他的心脏一定备受压迫,承受很大压力。如果不能得到应有的治疗,他很可能会过世。”Misael, from Espirito Santo, Brazil, was born a healthy 6lb 6oz, but immediately started piling on the pounds. Doctors believe he may be suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic condition that leaves him with an insatiable appetite.He now weighs a hefty 178lb and is still gaining despite following a low-fat diet and walking for 40 minutes each day.米萨尔来自巴西圣埃斯皮里图州,出生时非常健康,体重6磅6盎司,但随后开始迅速发胖。医生认为他可能患了普瑞德威利症候群。这种罕见的疾病使得他无法控制自己的胃口。目前他重达178磅,尽管他每天坚持低热饮食并散40分钟的步,他的体重仍然在继续飙升。Mum, Josiane de Jesus Caldogno Abreu, 37, said: ;He has been putting on a lot of weight since he was a baby - even when I was breastfeeding him it was more than expected. But it was only when he was one and a half years old that we began to worry. He was gaining 3kg (6.6lb) a month and was starting to get very heavy.;37岁的母亲乔西安·杰西·卡尔多尼奥·阿布鲁说:“从他还是个婴儿时就一直在长肉。即使在我给他哺乳期间,他体重的增长仍然超乎预期。但直到他一岁半时我们才开始担心。他每月增重3kg(6.6磅),开始变得越来越重。”;His situation is complicated. We know we could lose him at anytime. Sometimes when he is sleeping I watch him to see if he is breathing. I cry a lot because we want to help him. But I am also very proud of him because he is a child who doesn#39;t surrender.;“他的情况很复杂,我们都清楚随时可能失去他。有时候,我会在他睡觉时看他是否仍在呼吸。我们时常以泪洗面,因为想要帮助他。但同时我们也为他感到骄傲,因为他是个永不屈的孩子。”Misael visits a doctor every three months to try and control his condition but currently there is no cure for Prader-Willi syndrome.Paediatric neurologist Lucio Coelho Miranda said: ;Every appointment we have had he has put on a lot of weight - sometimes up to 5kg (11lb). I think Misael could get help from someone outside of Brazil - both medically and financially - so he can get the laboratory and genetic testing he needs.;米萨尔每三个月要去看一次医生,努力控制病情,但目前还没有普瑞德威利症候群的治疗方法。儿科神经学家露西娅科埃略米兰达说:“每次会诊他都会长很多斤。有时会长5kg(11磅)。我觉得米萨尔能够从国外专家那里得到包括医学和经济上的帮助。这样他就能得到他需要的实验室测试和基因检测。” /201606/448124

  It is best to start teaching kids the most important money lessons from an early age. Money has aly ruined many happy couples, true friendships, and authentic personalities and it starts affecting modern children as well. Before it is too late, make sure your little ones learn the following money lessons.最好在孩子很小的时候开始给他们树立最重要的金钱观。钱已经毁了很多幸福的夫妻,真正的友谊,以及真实的个性甚至它也开始影响了现在的孩子们。趁现在还不算晚,确保你的孩子学习了以下的金钱观。1. Smart money choices make a family life easier1. 理性消费使对家庭生活有益Luckily, sometimes my daughter realizes that it is best to buy food than a new toy when our family is very low on budget. I am not afraid to go shopping with her because I know she will not spend a dime on the unnecessary stuff when our fridge is empty. She can even give us her savings when we do not have money for food or anything important.幸好,有时当我们家预算很低的时候我的女儿能意识到买食物比买一个新玩具更好。我不担心和她一起去购物因为我知道即使当家里冰箱空了的时候她也不会在没必要买的东西上花费一毛钱。当我们没钱买食物或者一些重要的东西的时候她甚至能够把她的积蓄给我们用。2. Cooking at home is an easy way to save money2. 在家做饭是一种很容易省钱的方式Eating out is a part of every modern person#39;s life because it seems impossible to cook with a jam-packed schedule. However, eating out can quietly drain the wallet and destroy your health at the same time. Try to cook together as often as possible to show your kids that cooking at home is actually a fun activity and it is a simple way to save money on a family vacation or a new toy.因繁忙而没时间做饭导致外出就餐成为了当今人们生活的一部分。然而,外出就餐会逐渐消耗你的资金同时毁坏你的身体健康。尽可能经常一起做饭让你的孩子们知道在家做饭实际上是一个非常有趣的活动,它是省出一次家庭旅行或者一个新玩具的钱的一个很简单的方式。I ate myself into debt many times so I do not want her to commit the same mistakes in the future. When she wants a pizza, we make it together. When she craves chocolate, we make some treats together. No need to run to the nearest supermarket to buy the food that is not only expensive but unhealthy as well.很多次我都是因为外出就餐而欠钱所以我不想让她在将来出现同样的问题。当她想吃披萨了,我们就一起做。当她想吃巧克力了,我们就一起做。不需要跑去最近的超市买食物那样的话不仅贵而且也不健康。3. How to hold money safely3. 如何安全地保管钱Many children (and adults alike) are guilty of losing money. Even though the amount is not big, it is still money. Your child should learn how to keep cash in a safe place. It is important that your child has a wallet and teach them to keep their money in a safe place in their room. This will help them avoid losing money in future and be more responsible with money.许多孩子(成人也一样)丢了钱都很内疚。即使金额不大,可它毕竟是钱。你的孩子应该学会如何把钱放在一个安全的地方。给你的孩子买个钱包并教他们在自己的房间里把钱放在一个安全的地方很重要。这将有助于避免他们以后丢钱以及对钱更有责任感。Finally, teach your child to be grateful for what they aly have and show them that it is more rewarding to give than receive. No matter your child#39;s age, start teaching them money lessons today. They will thank you down the road. You can learn those money lessons together because adults often commit more money mistakes than kids.最后,教你的孩子对他们已经拥有的东西懂得感恩告诉他们付出比回报更有价值。无论你的孩子有多大,从今天起给他们树立正确的金钱观。他们今后将会感谢你。你也能一起学习那些金钱观因为成人相比孩子更容易在金钱方面出问题。译文属 /201607/453730Every major city in the world – well, the good ones at least – have at least one museum. These popular tourist destinations house widely diverse and interesting collections and they are a celebration of education , history and culture. The following institutions attract a staggering 53.8 million visitors a year and are globally recognised as outstanding places of learning.全世界的各个主要城市——至少是比较繁华的那一些——都拥有至少一座物馆。这些物馆作为热门的旅游目的地都各有千秋,它们是集教育、历史、文化为一体的饕餮盛宴。令人难以置信的是,下面这些物馆每年能够吸引多达5380万的游客,被誉为学习的殿堂。10.Musee d#39;Orsay, France10.法国奥赛物馆The Musee d#39;Orsay is situated on the left bank of the River Seine in Paris, France, and it was officially opened in 1986. Originally constructed in 1900 as a railway station, Gare D#39;Orsay soon became unsuitable for the larger trains which were being used for mainline service in 1939. The station was originally planned for demolition before being granted a reprieve and being commissioned for renovation in 1974. Today, the museum holds mostly French art dating from 1848 to 1915, and it includes paintings, sculptures, furniture and photography. It houses the largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist art pieces in the world, with an extensive collection by Monet, Manet, Seurat, and Van Gogh. The museum annually attracts around 3.6 million visitors per year and has on display over 2,000 paintings and 600 sculptures and other works.奥赛物馆位于法国巴黎塞纳河的左岸,于1986年正式开馆。最初于1900年建立时,奥赛站还是一个火车站。但从1939年开始,大型火车开始普遍使用,奥德赛站无法适应这样的改变。这座火车站本来计划拆毁,但是后来暂缓执行,直到1974年被翻修后,又重新投入使用。如今,这座物馆保存了法国1848年到1915年大部分艺术藏品,包括画作、雕塑、家具以及摄影作品。此外它是世界上拥有最多印象派、后印象派艺术家作品的物馆,这些艺术家包括包括莫奈、马奈、修拉以及梵高。这座物馆每年吸引360万游者参观,展出超过2000幅画、600件雕塑以及其他展品。9.Centre Georges Pompidou, France9.法国乔治庞比度中心As one would expect, President Georges Pompidou commissioned this museum which was officially opened in 1977. The centre is split between being a public library and a national art museum, and its design (courtesy of Italian and British architects) was met with some pretty polarising views. One critic commented that it was #39;France#39;s own monster, like the one in Loch Ness#39; and another called it #39;love at second sight#39;. The centre has 5 million visitors – 3.8 million of which are from the museum – and it has several major exhibitions organised each year to keep attendance high. In 2013, it was home to a retrospective Dali display which saw over 7,300 visitors per day – a new record. Currently, the centre has plans to expand through Europe, Asia and Central and South America.正如名字所示,这个物馆由乔治·庞比度总统授命建立,并在1977年正式开馆。这个艺术中心被分为两部分:公共图书馆和国家艺术物馆,由意大利和英国的建筑家共同设计,但人们对于这种风格却褒贬不一。一个家说这个艺术中心就是“法国自产的怪物,犹如尼斯湖水怪”,但另一个却说“多看几眼,你就会爱上她”。这个中心有500万参观者,其中380万是为了物馆而来。物馆每年会组织各种各样的主题展览,以保参观人数。2013年,它组织了一个回顾西班牙画家达利作品的展览,当时每天有7300人参观,突破了记录。现在,这个艺术中心计划在欧洲、亚洲、中南美州进行扩展。8.National Gallery of Art, North America8.美国国家美术馆,美国北部The National Gallery of Art (along with its sculptural garden) is situated in Washington DC. First opening in 1937, the museum is open to the public and free of charge. Andrew W. Mellon, an American banker, industrialist and art collector, donated a substantial art collection and funds for its construction. The gallery specialises in paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, medals and prints which date from the Middle Ages to the present. Amongst its most spectacular pieces are the largest mobile ever constructed by Calder and Da Vinci#39;s only painting in the Americas. In 1941, the Gallery began its prints collection with 400 donated by private collectors. Between 1943 and 1949, this collection grew rapidly with an additional 22,000 pieces donated by Lessing Rosenwald. Today, it has more than 75,000 prints and continues to add new pieces annually. The National Gallery has around 4.2 million visitors per year and it is the ed States second most popular museum.美国国家美术馆(及其雕塑厅)位于美国首都华盛顿—哥伦比亚特区。自1937年开馆, 一直对外免费开放。成就此美术馆的当属安德鲁·威廉·梅隆,他是一位家,实业家和艺术品收藏家,为美术馆捐献了大量个人珍藏的艺术品且辅以资金持。该美术馆收藏了中世纪至今的油画,素描,摄影,奖章和版画作品,最负盛名的展品当是由卡尔德制作的最大手机和达·芬奇留在美国的唯一一幅画作《吉内夫拉·德本奇像》。后于 1941年,该美术馆在私人收藏家们捐赠的400幅绘画作品持下更着力于画作收藏工作。1943年至1949年,收藏品数量大幅增加,期间包括莱辛·罗森沃尔德捐赠的22000件藏品。如今,它已有75000多件画作且每年都会收藏新的作品。国家美术馆的参观人数每年约为420万人,这样让它成为美国第二大受欢迎的物馆。7.National Palace Museum, Taipei7.国立故宫物馆,台北The National Palace Museum is situated in Taipei, Taiwan. It has a permanent collection of over 1 million pieces of Ancient Chinese artifacts, treasures, inventions and priceless artifacts – making it the largest collection of its kind in the entire world. The collection spans over 15,000 years of history; from the Neolithic age, to the Qing Dynasty, right up into the modern era. The majority of the collection once belonged to the Chinese Emperors and it first began construction in 1964. However, the museum was unable to accommodate its vast collection of 600,000 artifacts and faced repeated renovation and expansion in 1967, 1970, 1984 and 1996. In 2002, a million revamp meant that the museum was partially closed for five years to make it more modern and spacious. Only 1% of the collection is on display at a given time, whilst the rest remains stored in temperature controlled vaults. With continuous rotation of its artifacts, the museum attracts 5.4 million viewers per year.国立故宫物馆位于台湾的台北。它有超过一百万件关于中国古代艺术的永久收藏品——它们包括各式珍宝,发明创造和价值连城的工艺品。而这些艺术品使它成为了世界上拥有最多中国古代艺术品的物馆。它始建于1964年,其收藏品横跨了一万五千多年的历史,从新石器时代到清朝,又跃至当今社会,其中大部分收藏品出自中国历代君王的珍藏。然而,它却难以容纳六十多万件数量如此庞大的艺术品群,以至于在1967,1970,1984和1996年进行过多次的整修和扩建。在2002年,台北投入了2100万美元,并关闭了部分展馆,耗费了五年时间对它进行了一次大整修,以使它更加现代化,宽敞明亮。如今只有百分之一的艺术品同时进行展览,其余藏品则暂时保存在温度恒定的保管库中。轮换的展览品可为物院每年吸引近540万参观者。6.Vatican Museums, Italy6.梵蒂冈物馆,意大利Pope Julius II founded the Vatican Museums within the city#39;s boundaries in the early 16th century. Today, they display works from the exceptionally extensive collection built up by the many Popes throughout the centuries, and this includes some of the most important pieces of Renaissance era art in the world. There are 54 galleries in total, with the most well known being the Sistine Chapel. On the last Sunday of each month, the museum opens for free and it is a common sight to see people lining up to queue for many hours. This has helped contribute to its enormous popularity, seeing upwards of 5 million visitors annually.在16世纪早期,教皇尤利乌斯二世在梵蒂冈这个城市的边缘建造了梵蒂冈物馆。如今,它陈列着几个世纪以来教皇们绝无仅有的大量藏品,甚至包括文艺复兴时期部分最为重要的作品。该馆共有54个展览馆,其中便有最为声名远扬的西斯廷教堂。物馆只在每月的最后一个周日免费开放,最常见的景象就是人们为了进馆排起长龙,等上好几个小时。这种收费制度吸引了庞大的参观人群,每年至少五亿参观者慕名而来。审校:大洋彼岸的一条鱼 编辑:凯珊 来源:前十网 /201606/449850

  These Are the Ab Moves Maria Menounos Swears By这些是玛丽娅#8226;曼努诺斯信赖的腹肌动作Maria#39;s favorite ab moves玛丽娅最喜欢的腹肌动作When it comes to molding your midsection, it takes more than standard crunches, says Maria Menounos#39; trainer, Harley Pasternak: ;You have to hit those hard-to-tone muscles from every angle.; Add these sculptors to your routine for a stronger, sleeker stomach. Pasternak recommends 3 sets of 20 reps twice a week.当谈到塑造你的腹部时,不仅仅需要标准的仰卧起坐,玛丽娅#8226;曼努诺斯的教练哈利#8226;帕斯捷尔纳克说道:“你必须从每个角度锻炼这些难以增强的肌肉。”将这些雕塑动作添加到你更强更时尚的日常计划中。帕斯捷尔纳克建议这些动作每周做两次,3组20次。Bird Dog鸟式Start on all fours with hands underneath shoulders (A). Try to maintain a neutral spine. Engage abs and simultaneously lift left arm and right leg up, bringing them in line with torso (B). Lower back to ;A,; then repeat move on opposite side.开始趴在地上,双手位于肩膀下方(A)。尽量保持一个中性脊柱。动用腹肌,同时抬起左胳膊和右腿,使它们与躯干在一条线上(B)。放下胳膊和腿,回到“A”姿势,之后重复换边。Plank平板式 Start in a forearm plank with palms facedown and feet hip-width apart (A). Your body should be as straight as possible. Pull belly in and lift hips so body forms an inverted V (B). Slowly lower hips to return to plank.前胳膊放在平板上,手掌向下,双脚分开,与臀部距离差不多(A)。你的身体应该尽可能拉直。收缩肚子,抬升臀部,这样身体会形成一个倒V型(B)。缓缓的放下臀部,重新回到平板上。Russian Twists俄罗斯转体运动Sit with knees bent, palms together and arms extended straight out. Lean back slightly and lift feet off the floor. (A) Return to center and then twist slowly to the right (B). To make it harder, hold a 5- to 10-pound medicine ball.膝盖弯曲坐立,双手放在一起,手臂向外伸直。稍微向后倾斜,双脚抬升离开地面。(A)重新回到中心处,然后慢慢的转回到右边(B)。要使动作难度加大,就拿一个5-10英镑的医用球。Side Plank侧平板式 Lie on left side with feet and hips stacked; prop yourself on left forearm (A). Lift hips so they#39;re in line with rest of body and extend right arm straight up; hold for 30 to 60 seconds, keeping hips lifted (B). Lower hips and arms back to ;A.;左边靠平板躺着,双脚和臀部都叠合在一起;用左前胳膊撑自己(A)。抬升臀部,这样臀部就会与身体其它部位保持在一条线上,伸直右胳膊;坚持30-60秒,保持臀部抬升(B)。放下臀部和胳膊回到“A”姿势。译文属 /201606/451276Your Horoscopes — Week Of June 28, 2016星座运势——2016年6月28这周Aries | March 21 to April 19白羊座 3.21-4.19You may not have a lot of money, but you still believe yourself to be rich in many ways. This isn’t surprising considering the cost of a proper education these days.也许你钱不多,但你仍然相信你可以通过很多方式变得富有。考虑到这些天获得正式教育的成本,这不足为奇。Taurus | April 20 to May 20金牛座 4.20-5.20The lion shall lay down with the lamb this week, before looking around, realizing no savior has in fact returned, and ripping out the poor, unsuspecting animal’s throat.本周在环顾四周意识到实际上并没有归还救世主并撕扯了可怜的毫无戒备的动物的喉咙前,狮子应该与羊羔躺在一起。Gemini | May 21 to June 20双子座 5.21-6.20The difference between life and death can come down to a few precious minutes, or in your case, the time it takes for the EMTs to finally stop laughing.可以在宝贵的几分钟内归结出生与死的区别,或者在你的情况下,急救医疗技术员所需要的时间终于停止大笑了。Cancer | June 21 to July 22巨蟹座 6.21-7.22You’ll have a terrifying out-of-body experience this week, followed by an even more horrifying back-inside-your-body experience this week.本周你将会有一次可怕的亲身经历,随后甚至会体验一次更加可怕的身体内部经历。Leo | July 23 to Aug. 22狮子座 7.23-8.22It takes a lot of courage to stand up and speak candidly in front of a large group of people. Especially when those people are just there to watch KISS.在一大群人面前站起来坦白地讲话是需要很大勇气的。尤其是当这些人只是来看亲吻场景的。Virgo | Aug. 23 to Sept. 22处女座 8.23-9.22s are known for their submissive nature, weak and cowardly attitude, and tendency to just sit there and nod along while the stars openly shit all over them.人们都知道s逆来顺受的本质以及软弱怯懦的态度,当恒星们公然欺凌它们时,它们则趋向于坐在那里,跟别人一起点头。Libra | Sept. 23 to Oct. 22天秤座 9.23-10.22While it’s true that drugs aren’t the answer to your problem, they will, if taken in large enough doses, make you forget exactly what your problems are.虽然药物不是解决你问题的方法,这是事实,但如果摄入大量剂量时,它们能使你全然忘记你的问题是什么。Scorpio | Oct. 23 to Nov. 21蝎子座 10.23-11.21You’ve managed to overcome a lot in order to become a senior marketing manager, primarily your hopes, aspirations, and dreams.为了成为一名高级营销经理,主要是实现你的希望,抱负和梦想,你成功克了很多问题。Sagittarius | Nov. 22 to Dec. 21射手座 11.22-12.21Pretty soon you’re going to have to sit down and ask yourself some very important questions. Particularly, “why?”很快,你将会坐下来问自己一些十分重要的问题。尤其是,“为什么?”Capricorn | Dec. 22 to Jan. 19羯座 12.22-1.19There are certain species of bear which mind their own business and don’t attack or eat humans. You will not meet any such bears this week.当然有一些熊类只做自己的事情,不会攻击或吃人类。本周你不会遇到这样的熊类。Aquarius | Jan. 20 to Feb. 18宝瓶座 1.20-2.18Don’t let pessimism or negativity get in your way this week, as you aly have a hard enough time not always fucking everything up on your own.本周不要让悲观或消极态度阻挡住自己,因为你已经度过了十分艰难的时期:不要总是自己单独搞砸事情。Pisces | Feb. 19 to March 20双鱼座 2.19-3.20You establish a destructive pattern of behavior this week when you discover how much fun it is to destroy things.本周当你发现毁坏东西很有趣时,你就建立了一种破坏性的行为模式。译文属 /201606/451953

  With divorce rates steadily increasing, some newlyweds are drawing up prenuptial agreements before tying the knot.随着离婚率稳步增加,一些新人在结婚前起草婚前协议。But Studio OBA has set out to help divorcees avoid a real estate battle with a new design that easily splits the home in two.但是OBA工作室已经着手借助一款可将房屋轻松一分为二的全新设计,帮助离婚者避免房产纠纷。Prenuptial Housing is a floating home consists of two independent structures and connecting mechanisms that separate if the couple decides to part ways - resulting in separate units that can float away from each other.“婚前屋”是一款由两个独立结构和连接装置组成的漂浮屋,如果夫妻决定分开,可以将连接装置断开,这样就会产生两个可以各自漂走的独立部分。Lightweight carbon fiber elements and a semi-transparent wooden layer are used for the outside of building - this not only enhances the unity of the two pieces, but helps the home adapt to other environments if they should split.该建筑的外墙由重量轻的碳纤维元素和半透明的木板制作,这不仅加固了两部分的接合,如果需要将它们分开,这还有助于房子适应其他环境。The idea for the #39;break up#39; home was conceived by Omar Kbiri, co-founder of Maak, who had the revelation while looking for a new home with his girlfriend.玛克公司的共同创办人奥马尔·柯比里首先提出了“分手”住宅的概念,他在和女友打算购置新房时忽然获得此灵感。With the increasing number of divorces each year, our concept is – regrettably – becoming more and more relevant,#39; said Kbiri, who is also a self-proclaimed PR and pop culture expert. #39;With this concept you namely don#39;t need to relocate after a break-up.#39;“随着离婚率逐年增长,我们的设计理念越来越具有现实意义,虽然这让人感到很遗憾,”自称公关和流行文化专家的柯比里说道。“也就是说,这种设计理念的住宅可以让你在分手后也不必搬走。”And Studio OBA hopes to build the prototype in the near future and open orders by early 2017. The costs of the house completely depends. The house as it is on the images is still a concept. This means that the way the house eventually is going to look depends on the wishes/requirements of the client.OBA工作室希望能在近期建造出住宅样板,并于2017年初开启预售。这款住宅的成本目前仍是个未知数。由于其目前只是停留在设计图纸上的概念,这就意味着它最终将取决于顾客的需求和期待。 /201608/458997

  Are you having enough sex? You might have wondered if you should up your bedroom activity after ing about other couples#39; resolutions to have sex every day or about all the health benefits of getting horizontal.你有足够的性生活吗?在了解了有的伴侣之间决定每天做爱、或是知道性爱带来的健康益处之后,你可能会思考是不是应该增加你的房事频率。In what might be welcome news for everyone exhausted from work and frazzled from kids, research suggests you don#39;t have to get down every day to reap the rewards of sex, at least in terms of happiness and relationship closeness.研究表明,至少从获取愉悦感和增进感情两方面来说,不是必须每天都啪啪啪才好的,这对因工作而疲惫不堪或者因带孩子而劳心费神的人来说可能是个好消息。A recent study found that, although married people or people in committed relationships who had more sex tended to report feeling happier, the benefit leveled off at a sexual frequency of once a week. Those who said they did the deed four or more times a week did not report feeling any happier than those who had trysts only weekly.一项最近的研究发现,虽然对已婚人群或者关系稳定的伴侣来说,性生活频率越高就越趋于感到更幸福,但这种趋势稳定在一周一次。那些一周做爱四次及以上的人并不会比稳定地每周做爱一次的人感到更幸福。;I do think couples can end up feeling pressure to try to engage in sex as frequently as possible,; said Amy Muise, a postdoctoral researcher studying sexual relationships at Dalhousie University in Canada. Once a week ;is maybe a more realistic goal to set than thinking you have to have sex everyday and that feels overwhelming and you avoid it,; said Muise, who is lead author of the study, which was published in November in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.在加拿大达尔豪西大学研究性关系的士后研究员艾米·缪斯表示:“我真的觉得伴侣间总是想着尽可能多地做爱反而会带来压力。”缪斯认为,比起计划每天做爱却超过承受范围因此产生厌恶情绪,一周一次可能是一个更现实的目标。The study found that sex could boost happiness because it makes people feel more satisfied in their relationship, based on survey data from two separate cohorts, including 2,400 married couples in the U.S. National Survey of Families and Households.该研究还发现,根据美国全国家庭调研中的2400对已婚夫妇的两组实验人群调查数据显示,性爱能带来愉悦感是因为它能让人们对他们的关系更满意。;For people in relationships, their romantic relationship quality is one of the biggest predictors of their overall happiness,; Muise said. ;Having sex more than once a week might not be enhancing that (relationship connection), although it is not bad.;缪斯表示:“对于有伴侣的人们,他们的恋爱关系质量是他们整体幸福感的最主要预测因素之一,而性生活频率高于一周一次并不能使关系更紧密,虽然这也并不是什么坏事。” /201604/437650。




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