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J: hey, Lucas, how was your trip to Paris?L: it was wonderful, but I was so tired.J: did you go to the top of the Eiffel Tower?L: yes, that was the first thing we did. We went all the way to the top. There were visitors from all over the world taking photos there.J: what else did you see?L: art galleries, cathedrals, statues, fountains, palaces, bistros, there's really too much to say. J: you must have had a great time.L: yes, at the beginning we were all excited and had lots of fun. However, on the third day of traveling in the city, I felt sick. I think I had something bad to eat, but it passed by the evening.J: yes, you need to be careful with what you eat when you're abroad. Sometimes new food might disagree with you.L: on the fouth day, we went to taste the French cuisine. That was really fantastic! And no stomach problems.J: that is great. Everyone says French food is wonderful.L: you'll have to try for yourself some day. /09/84747

84. 母狼为了保护幼崽同猎豹展开了殊死的搏斗。 [误] The female wolf fights against the leopard so as to protect her whelps. [正] The she wolf fights against the leopard so as to protect her whelps.注:汉语一般用“公”、“母”或“雌”、“雄”来区分动物的性别,而英语中,有一部分动物是雌雄各有其名,例如: cock(公鸡)和 hen(母鸡),stag(雄鹿)和 doe(雌鹿)等;而另一部分则是用 male 和 female 加以区分,如:male leopard(公豹), female panda(母熊猫)等;当然,也有例外的情况,如:bull elephant(公象)和 cow elephant(母象),he wolf(公狼)和 she wolf(母狼)等。 /200806/42539

J: how can I help you?A: I'm here for a facial. I made an appointment over the phone for 3:30 today.J: what's your name?A: Addison.J: ok. Which facial would you like? We have five different kinds of facials.A: which would you recommend?J: well, since it's summer and it looks like you've had quite a bit of sun, I'd recommend our summer special. It's especially suited for individuals with sensitive skin.A: what does it include?J: the facial will start with a thorough cleansing.A: does it include a facial mask and a massage?J: yes. The stimulation mask promotes blood flow and will firm up the skin. You can also choose to either get a hand or back massage as well.A: will you exfoliate the skin as well?J: yes. We'll also apply some of our special day cream that will moisturize our skin and protect it from the sun.A: that sounds great. I'll have that one then.J: ok, just follow me. /09/84865

  上班、上学迟到的时候,你会用什么借口向老板或老师解释呢?下面这些句子可能会对你有帮助哦。1. Your watch must be fast.你的表肯定快了。 /201101/124372

  有些时候,常常老一辈的人会被我们这群小破孩说成是个不折不扣的“老古董”。没办法,从小的环境不同。如果一部时光机器的话,你会回到过去吗?去体验下我们父辈亦或是祖父辈的苦难日子。如果要形容一个人是a person who refuses to try anything new or exciting, used to show disapproval,那么就用下面得这个词组:What a stick-in-the-mud!就字面意而言,"stick-in-the-mud"指“陷入泥潭(拔不出)”。随着时间的推移,"stick-in-the-mud"现在常用来形容思想保守、墨守陈规、不愿尝试新事物的人。例句:My father is a real stick-in-the-mud. He made a rule that every child be home by 10 o'clock every day.我爸爸是个思想落伍的人。他规定所有的孩子每天十点钟以前必须回到家。 /200809/48400。

  That doesn't count. 那不算! /201001/94849

  “得知消息的时候,我和我父母正在和玩,我们都喜出望外——不过明不明白发生了什么事儿我就不知道了。”——最佳女主角提名 安妮·海瑟威 Anne Hathaway - 《雷切尔的婚礼》 (Rachel Getting Married)“It is such a thrill to be recognized in this category with these remarkably talented women. I was with my parents and my dog when I got the news, and we were all overjoyed — although I’m not sure my dog knew what was going on. This is a great day to be an actress!” — Anne Hathaway, best-actress nominee for Rachel Getting Married /11/89420B地道英语口语:Penny Pinching 小气不愿花钱Helen: This is Real English from B Learning English. I’m Helen.Zoe: 你好! 欢迎收听今天的地道英语. 我是刘佳.Helen: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that have recently become part of the English language.Zoe: 地道英语带大家一起学习原汁原味的英式英语, 及时带大家更新英语中的流行词汇,还有习惯表达.Helen: The English language is constantly changing, with new words and expressions entering all the time. You need to keep up to date with real English.Zoe: Helen, 今天要学的新词是什么呢?Helen: Today’s new expression is ‘penny-pinching’. That’s penny – P.E.N.N.Y. and pinching – P.I.N.C.H.I.N.G. Penny-pinching.Zoe: Penny-pinching, 便士和pinching,紧 压, 一起说是什么意思呢?Helen: Well, listen carefully. If you say someone is penny-pinching, you mean that they don’t want to spend money on things.Zoe: 哦,原来是这样啊. Penny pinching的意思啊,就是说一个人特别小气,不愿意花钱.Helen: That’s right. Remember it’s a negative thing to say about someone, so be careful how you use it. 不过要记住, 这可是个贬义词, 我们用的时候可得多加小心.Zoe: 那Helen, 能给我们举个例子吗? Helen: Of course. If your friend didn’t want to go to a restaurant with you. 如果你的朋友不愿意和你一起出去吃饭, 你就可以对他说‘don’t be so penny-pinching! it won’t cost that much!’ 别那么小气了,这花不了多少钱的!Zoe: 所以它是个贬义词.Insert 录音片断 A: ? I’m not paying that for a pair of shoes! B: Don’t be penny-pinching! It’s a really good price. A: Why are the schools so bad these days? B: Well, the government has a really penny-pinching approach to education and won’t give schools any money. Zoe: Are you penny-pinching, Helen?Helen: Oh, no , I don’t think so. I’m the opposite, in fact. I always spend too much money.Zoe: Really? I don’t.Helen: Yes. Look at your shoes. You need to buy some new ones.Zoe: No – these will do for another 6 months at least.Helen: See? You’re being penny-pinching!Zoe: Am I?Helen: Yes, You really need some new shoes. Those ones you are wearing must be 10 years old.Zoe: Well maybe I’ll think about it.Helen: Anyway, let’s recap – penny-pinching – Zoe: 就是形容一个人不愿意花钱, 特别小气. Well, it looks like we need to be finishing there. Helen: Yes, that’s all we have time for. You’ve been listening to Real English from B Learning English. Join us again soon for more up-to-the-minute Real English. Bye.Zoe: See you next time. /200711/198041. Relationships with co-workers can be especially tempting,because more and more people have no time to socialise.因为越来越多的人没有时间参加社交活动,办公室恋情日益受到青睐。背单词 — 英文简历词汇 /201006/106412

  老外们喜欢幽默,日常生活中许多英语幽默来自于对语言的巧妙运用,尤其是对双关语的运用。老外们的幽默感通过双关语得到了淋漓尽致地发挥。我们也可以好好学学,让自己变的幽默吧。 1. 句法结构双关 例句:—"Do you ever draw picture in the nude?"—"No, I usually wear a jacket." 对话中,提问的人是想问“你有没有画过裸体画?”,而回答的人却理解为“你曾经光着身子画过画吗?”这则幽默中双关产生的原因是对in the nude在句中不同功能的理解,即作定语或作状语。2. 语义双关 英语习惯用语生动形象,用在一定的语境中,可以产生一语双关的效果。例句:—"What weather does mice most dislike?" 老鼠最讨厌什么天气?—"When it is raining cats and dogs." "Cats and dogs"是倾盆大雨的意思。这则幽默取其字面意思,猫都从天上掉下来了,老鼠自然不喜欢了。3 . 语音双关 例一:The things my wife buy at auctions are keeping me baroque. 这是一位男士利用baroque(形式怪样的)与broke(破产)的相近读音来表达对妻子花钱大手大脚的不满。例二:Six year old Linda returned impressed from her school first day at school. Asked how she got on, she replied:" Every morning, we all have to sit at our desk and when the teacher calls our names, we have to answer 'prisoner' !" 六岁的琳达第一天上学。放学回到家的时候,她看上去很沮丧。别人问她的时候,她答道:“每天早上我们都要坐在课桌后面。老师点名的时候,每个人都要回答‘prisoner’!” 当老师点名时,学生应该回答"present"。而Linda利用"prisoner"与"present"的相近读音,表达了对学校生活的不满。例三:—"You're not eating your fish," the waitress asked him,"Anything wrong with it?"—"Long time no sea," the customer replied. "Long time no sea"鱼久不见海,肯定不新鲜。而"Long time no see"是朋友见面时所用的寒暄语,相当于老朋友久别重逢时说的“好久不见”。Sea与see是同音异形异义词,这位顾客巧妙地运用这一点,指出了鱼不好吃,不新鲜。 /201110/156692I do need a part-time job.我确实需要做份兼职。 /201011/118493

  《傲慢与偏见》 It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. 凡是有钱的单身汉,总想娶位太太,这已经成了一条举世公认的真理。 /11/90053

  应用会话部分:一、坦率的表达:2. Anger (3)13) I am infuriated by Kirk's thoughtlessness. 我为科克的缺乏考虑而愤慨。 *这种表达也是激烈的愤怒。14) Don't be offended by his haste, he is a very busy man. 别为他的轻率介意,他是个大忙人。 *这并不是激烈的愤怒。15) Henry cannot stomach the violence in that movie. 亨利无法忍受那部电影的暴力镜头。 *亨利是个反对暴力的人,此句指发怒之前的状态。16) When Alex began to argue, Richard burst into a rage. 当阿列克斯开始争论时,理查德便大发雷霆。 *rage是指盛怒,伴有粗暴的举止或偏激的话语。17) She cannot be provoked by their stupid behavior. 她不会被他们愚蠢的举止激怒。 *provoke本是指刺激人的感情,所以未必只用于生气。18) If you tease him, he becomes hot with anger. 如果你戏弄他,他会生气的。 *这是极口语化的一句措辞。 /200812/59923。

  丹尼尔和阿美来到历史物馆。丹尼尔被木乃伊的模型吓坏了,拉着阿美要离开。结果怎么样呢? Listen Read Learn May: Danny, see, this is the museum of history. We are in the Egypt Hall.Daniel: What's that in the white cloth?May: It's a model of Egyptian mummy.Daniel: Egyptian mummy…May , could we leave here?May: Why, Danny? We just came in.Daniel: It looks scaring. May, I am afraid of ghosts.May: They are preserved dead bodies, not ghosts.Daniel: Ghosts, or dead bodies, whatever, I don't want to see them anymore. Let's go, May.May: Oh, God. I shouldn't have let you watch “The Witch”.Daniel: I have been having nightmares these days.May: Danny, listen, there are no ghosts in this world, OK?Daniel: OK. But May, where do people go after they die?May: I don't know, Danny. 听看学阿美:丹丹,看,这就是历史物馆。我们在埃及馆。丹尼尔:那个裹着白布的是什么?阿美:那是埃及木乃伊的模型。丹尼尔:埃及木乃伊……阿美,我们能离开这儿吗?阿美:为什么,丹丹?我们刚进来呀。丹尼尔:它看起来吓人。阿美,我怕鬼。阿美:它们是经过防腐处理的尸体,不是鬼。丹尼尔:不管是鬼还是尸体,我再也不想看见它们了。我们走吧,阿美。阿美:哦,天哪。我真不该让你看《巫婆》。丹尼尔:我这几天一直做噩梦。阿美:丹丹,听着,这世界上没有鬼,知道吗?丹尼尔:知道了。但是阿美,人们死后去了哪里呢?阿美:我不知道,丹丹。 经典背诵 RecitationMay: There are various museums in Beijing. Most of them are free. Danny and I always enjoy visiting them in our spare time. But he doesn't like history museums because there are Egyptian mummies in it. After all, he is just a kid, no matter how he denies it. 单词扩展 Vocabulary Builder各类物馆的词汇基础词汇 museum of history 历史物馆science museum 科学物馆military museum 军事物馆art museum 艺术物馆the British Museum 大英物馆Eco-Museum 生态物馆 提高词汇 museum of natural history 自然物馆memorial 纪念馆planetarium 天文馆the Louvre 卢浮宫aquarium 水族馆 家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方随机大声读出上面词汇的英文和中文,另一方用该词汇填入下面的句子,大声朗读并表演出来,并用中文给出一个理由。I want to go to( ).[例] 家长读history museum 历史物馆孩子读 I want to go to history museum. 因为我想看历史展览。 /200805/40521

  李华和Larry一起去骑马。李华今天要学两个常用语,mean streak和soft spot. LL: If this is your first time riding a horse, Li Hua, I think you shouldn't ride that black one over there. That horse looks like he's got a mean streak. LH: A mean streak? 你说那匹黑马吗?如果我没理解错, mean streak就是mean, 坏脾气的意思吧。 LL: That's exactly what I am saying, Li Hua. A mean streak is the potential for meanness. LH: 那如果马的脾气太烈,会伤害骑手吗? LL: A horse with a mean streak might refuse to let a rider get on - or even worse might try to throw a rider off their back. LH: 我在电影里看过,有的马性情暴躁,会把骑手从马背上摔下来,看来真得小心。那匹灰色的小马看着挺随和的。那我就骑它吧。It can't possibly have a mean streak. LL: You know, Li Hua, it isn't only horses that can have mean streaks. People can, too. LH: Mean streak也能用在人身上? LL: Do you remember the super model Naomi Campbell? She was in the news for throwing her cell phone at her housekeeper. LH: 我记得,那个英国名模,我们叫他黑珍珠,她还有一次因为行李丢了,大发雷霆,还动手打了警察呢! LL: That super model reminds me of a famous basketball coach in the U.S. who also had a mean streak. LH: 篮球教练?你说谁? LL: The former coach of the Indiana University basketball team Bobby Knight was famous for his mean streak. LH: 我知道印第安纳大学校队很厉害,可是没听说过他们教练的故事。那你赶快告诉我! LL: There was one time he got so mad, Li Hua, he threw a chair out on the basketball court during a game! LH: 他竟然在比赛的时候把椅子扔到赛场上?太暴躁了!Boy, that coach really did have a mean streak. LL: Well, it is time to get on our horses, Li Hua. You can take the nice gray horse, and I'll try the black one with the mean streak. LH: 小心点,Larry. LL: Don't worry, Li Hua. I'll show that horse who is boss! I have a mean streak, too! ****** LL: So, now that we have been riding for a while, Li Hua, I don't think this black horse is so bad. I am actually developing a soft spot for him. LH: A soft spot? 什么是soft spot啊? LL: A soft spot is a feeling of tenderness or affection for a person or thing. LH: 你不会是喜欢上这匹黑马了吧?你忘了,刚才它还对你又踢又咬呢! LL: I know it may seem funny, but, yes, even though this horse tried to bite me and throw me off his back, I do have a soft spot for him. LH: 这么烈的马,你怎么会喜欢呢?真搞不清楚! LL: Well, ever since I showed him I was in control, he's been very good. And he's a handsome horse, too. It's hard to explain, but sometimes you end up having a soft spot for a thing or a person that isn't perfect. LH: 我有点儿明白了。像是我中文班里有几个特别好的学生,可是不知道为什么,反而是一个学得不怎么样的孩子最让我挂心。 LL: So, why do you have a soft spot for this particular student, Li Hua? LH: 人跟人不一样,有人就是不擅长学语言,那个学生发音不够标准,而且总也记不住中文方块字的模样。 LL: This person doesn't sound like the kind of person I'd have a soft spot for if I were a teacher, Li Hua. LH: 他虽然不是个天才型的学生,可是每天上课都特别努力。我想喜欢他,大概是因为希望他能学好吧。 LL: You are such a dedicated teacher, Li Hua. I know there are students who have a soft spot for you. LH: 那可不一定,我那些学生肯定觉得我很厉害。 LL: Oh, I don't believe that. Say, why don't we ride back to the ranch now, Li Hua. I'm getting a little thirsty and could use a drink. LH: 好啊。哎?我的马怎么不走了? LL: It looks like your horse is hungry, Li Hua. He apparently has a soft spot for that clump of flowers! LH: 这下可惨了,谁它要吃到什么时候。 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是mean streak, 指坏脾气。另一个是soft spot, 指为什么事情动心。 /200811/55935

  Aries 白羊座 (3月21日~4月20日)The fire element of Arise brings assertive "I" energy.火相星座的特质使白羊座具有非常自信的自我力量.TIPS: Your persistence will lead you to success. But your impulsive temper may cause problems.学习相 坚持会使你成功,但是爱冲动的毛病也会带来麻烦。 /10/87184

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