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Donald Trump would have “no problemnegotiating with Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, if he wins the White House, according to comments by the Republican presidential candidate that would mark a big shift in US policy. 美国共和党总统候选人唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)表示,如果他入主白宫,与朝鲜领导人金正恩(Kim Jong Un)对话将“不存在问题”。他的这番话标志着美国政策的一次重大变化。In an interview with Reuters, Mr Trump said he was willing to talk to the authoritarian dictator as part of a push to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons. The property magnate, who has come under heavy criticism from Republicans and Democrats over his foreign policy, also vowed to push Beijing to put more pressure on Pyongyang. 特朗普在接受路透社(Reuters)采访时表示,为推动朝鲜半岛无核化,他愿与这个专制的独裁者对话。这名房地产大亨还发誓要敦促北京方面对朝施加更大压力。特朗普的外交政策一直受到共和党和民主党的严厉批评。“I would speak to him, I would have no problem speaking to him,Mr Trump told the news agency in reference to Mr Kim. “I would put a lot of pressure on China because economically we have tremendous power over China.“我愿与他对话,我不认为与他对话存在任何问题。”特朗普在谈及金正恩时向路透社表示,“我会向中国施加很大压力,因为我们对中国有着巨大的经济影响力。”Mr Trump also vowed to renegotiate the Paris climate accord that was reached in December, in comments that echo his criticisms of the Obama administration’s environmental policies during the presidential campaign. He also said he would unwind most of the Dodd-Frank financial reforms that were enacted after the financial crisis, adding that he would release detailed policies in the coming weeks. He recently complained that regulators were “running the banks 他还发誓要就去年12月达成的巴黎气候协议展开重新谈判,这番言论与他在竞选期间对奥巴Obama)政府环境政策提出的批评相一致。他还表示,他将废除本次金融危机后出台的大部分“多弗兰克Dodd-Frank)金融改革,并称自己将在未来几周公布具体的政策。他最近抱怨称,如今“运营”的是监管机构。His willingness to talk to Mr Kim would signal a 180-degree change from the administrations of George W Bush and Barack Obama where any discussions between the countries were conducted by much lower-ranking officials on both sides. While Mr Obama has made personal overtures to the leader of Iran, there is no record of the US president having made private contact with Mr Kim who replaced his father as the leader of the hermit kingdom in 2011. 特朗普与金正恩对话的意愿,是对小布什(George W Bush)和巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)政府政策的彻底逆转。在小布什和奥巴马任内,美朝之间的谈判都是由两国级别相当低的官员进行的。虽然奥巴马曾私下里向伊朗领导人示好,但没有记录表明他私下里与金正恩接触过。金正恩011年接替他父亲出任这个“隐士王国”的领导人的。来 /201605/444430

BEIJING: China will build its first long-term underwater observation platform in resource-rich South China Sea where it has territorial disputes with many south-east Asian countries including Malaysia the Philippines and Vietnam.北京:中国将在和马来西亚,菲律宾,越南等一众东南亚国家存在争议的海区——富饶的中国南海,建立自己的首个长期水下观测平台。The platform aims to observe underwater conditions in real time.这个平台旨在实现对南海水下环境的实时观测;Construction work on the long-term observation platform covering key areas in the South China and East China seas will be done with the help of Shanghais Tongji University and the Institute of Acoustics; Wang Pinxian an academic at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) said.”覆盖南海和东海关键海区的长期观测平台的建设工作将得到上海同济大学和中科院声学研究所的协力。”中科院的汪品先院士如是说。Building the observation network showcases that China is actively joining in the international competition Wang told scientific forum in Shanghai last Saturday state-run Global Times reported.根据国有媒体环球时报的报道,上周六在上海举行的科学论坛上,汪品先院士声称,中国水下观测网络的建立标志着中国正在积极参与到这一领域的国际竞争中。Institute of Acoustics refused to reveal the exact location and further details of the researches on the platform due to its sensitive nature it said.中科院声学研究所以存在敏感信息为由拒绝透露海洋平台的确切位置及更多细节。来 /201703/495716

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