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加拿大摇滚乐团Nickelback最新单曲Burn It to the Ground的MV一个live片段制作的MV.这首歌曲做为电影"变形金刚"的插曲收录在电影原声带中Nickelback - Burn It To The Groundwell it''s midnight, damn right, we''re wound up too tightI''ve got a fist full of whiskey, the bottle just bit methat shit makes me bat shit crazywe''ve got no fear, no doubt, all in balls out点击此处收看MVWe''re going off tonightto kick out every lightto get anything that we wantTo drink everything in sightWe''re going till the world stops turningwhile we burn it to the ground tonightwe''re screaming like demons, swinging from the ceilingI got a fist full of fifties, the tequilia just hit mewe got no class, no taste, no shirt, and shit facedwe got it lined up, shot down, firing back straight crownWe''re going off tonightto kick out every lightto get anything that we wantTo drink everything in sightWe''re going till the world stops turningwhile we burn it to the ground tonightticking like a time bomb, drinking till the nights gonewell get you hands off of this glass, last call my assno chain, no lock, and this train won''t stopwe got no friend, no tab, all in balls outWe''re going off tonightto kick out every lightto get anything that we wantTo drink everything in sightWe''re going till the world stops turningwhile we burn it to the ground tonightWe''re going off tonightto kick out every lightto get anyything that we wantTo drink everything in sightWe''re going till the world stops turningwhile we burn it to the ground tonight 50

【新鲜英语早知道】曾经那么喜欢啊 怎么就变质了呢 97美国少女跨界歌手安德丽娅·罗丝 Andrea Ross 演唱的Learn To Be Lonely《 学会孤独选自安德丽娅年3月5日发行的专辑Moon River 《月亮河《学会孤独是音乐剧作曲大师安德鲁·韦伯年特为根据著名音乐剧The Phantom of the Opera 《歌剧魅影改编的同名电影所作的片尾曲在77届奥斯卡颁奖典礼中,获得最佳电影歌曲的提名视频为电影的剪辑点击此处收看MVLearn to be lonelyChild of the wildernessBorn into emptinessLearn to be lonelyLearn to find your way in darknessWho will be there youComt and care youLearn to be lonelyLearn to be your one companionNever dreamed out in the worldThere are arms to hold youYou've always known your heart was on its ownSo laugh in your lonelinessChild of the wildernessLearn to Be lonelyLearn how to love life that is lived aloneLearn to be lonelyLife can be lived life can be loved alone 7595Benjamin Franklin本杰明·富兰克林Franklin life is full of charming stories which all young men should know-how he peddled ballads in Boston, and stood, the guest of kings in Europe; how he worked his passage as a stowaway to Philadelphia, and rode in the queen own litter in France; how he walked the streets of Philadelphia, homeless and unknown, with three penny rolls his breakfast, and dined at the tables of princesses, and received his friends in a palace; how he raised a kite from a cow shed, and was showered with all the high degrees the colleges of the world could give; how he was duped by a false friend as a boy, and became the friend of all humanity as a man; how he was made Major General Franklin, only to resign because, as he said, he was no soldier, and yet helped to organize the army that stood bee the trained troops of England and Germany.富兰克林的一生充满了迷人的传奇故事,青年人都应当知道:他如何在波士顿街头叫卖民歌唱本,而后来成为欧洲各国君王的宾客;他如何偷偷登船,然后做工抵偿船资才到达费城,而后来在法兰西却坐上了王后的轿子;他如何买了三个便士的面包卷当早饭、,在费城的街巷上走着,举目无亲,无家可归,而后来却成为公主筵席上的常客,并且在宫殿里会见他的朋友;他如何从牛棚放起风筝,而后来却荣获世界各大学所能给予的雪片般飞来的高级学衔;他在儿时如何受一个虚伪的朋友的欺骗,成年后却成为全人类的良友;他如何被任命为富兰克林少将,只因他说他不是军人而辞了职,然而却帮助缔造了那敢于同训练有素的英德联军抗衡的军队This poor Boston boy, with scarcely a day schooling, became master of six languages and never stopped studying; this neglected apprentice tamed the lightning, made his name famous, received degrees and diplomas from colleges in both hemispheres, and became ever remembered as ;Doctor Franklin;, Philosopher, patriot, scientist, philanthropist and statesman.这位几乎没有上过一天学的波士顿穷孩子后来精通六种语言,并且从未停止过学习;这位无人注意的学徒制了闪电,扬名全世界,赢来了东西两半球各大学的学位和书,成为人们永远铭记的“富兰克林士”、哲学家、爱国主义者、科学家、慈善家和政治家 30

rather与同义词的区分rather作为独立的副词使用,可表示“相当”的意思其同义词有:pretty, quite, fairly它们表示“相当”的程度从强到弱依次为:rather, pretty, quite, fairly1. 当rather修饰表示批评、失望、惊奇等带有负面含义的形容词和副词时,该词传达说话人的一种否定、不赞成的态度,意为“颇为,在一定程度上”例如:This initially rather dull hobby had led him into fresh fields of enjoyment.这个刚开始颇无趣的爱好带他进入了一个全新的乐土. 与fairly的区别fairly也可表示“颇,在一定程度上”的意思,但通常置于一些带有肯定、正面含义的形容词和副词之前如果所修饰的形容词或副词为中性词,那么用rather,就会传达出说话人否定、不赞成的态度,用fairly则传达说话人肯定的态度北京的夏天太热了The summer in Beijing is rather hot.(The speaker dislikes it.)说话者不太喜欢北京的夏天挺干燥的The summer in Beijing is fairly dry.(The speaker likes it.)说话者喜欢这种适宜的感觉3. 与pretty, quite等的用法区别修饰单数可数名词时,fairly和pretty只能放在冠词之后,而quite 和rather 可前可后这是一部好电影It is quite a good film.It is a quite good film.It is rather a good film.It is a rather good film.It is a fairly good film.It is a pretty good film.rather习惯用语及搭配形式1. would rather 宁可,宁愿(1) would rather后接动词原形;表否定时,后接not +动词原形:Ill never be dependent on anyone again. I would rather starve (than be dependent on anyone else).我再也不依靠任何人了我宁愿饿死(也不靠别人)John really dislikes dancing. He would rather not go dancing with his wife.约翰确实不喜欢跳舞他宁可不和妻子一起去跳舞() would rather接that从句,从句用虚拟语气,即用一般过去时表示现在或将来的动作或状态,用过去完成时表示过去的动作或状态如:Id rather (that) you set out to do the task now.我宁愿你现在就着手这项工作(与现在相反用过去时set)Id rather you picked her up at the airport tomorrow morning.我宁愿你明早去机场接她(与将来相反与用过去时picked)与过去相反Id rather you had not told her the news that day.我宁愿你那天没告诉她这个消息(与将来相反用过去完成时had done)(3) 变体形式:would rather do ... than do ... 宁可……也不……I would rather die than surrender to the enemy.我宁可死也不会向敌人屈. rather than(1) 接形容词名词,表示“与其……,不如……”This pair of shoes is comtable rather than pretty.这双鞋与其说是漂亮,不如说是舒John is a doctor rather than a teacher.与其说约翰是个老师,不如说他是个医生() 接名词或代词,可表示“而不是”的意思,相当于短语instead of或in place of:I, rather than he, should be responsible this failure.该对这次失败负责的是我,而不是他(3) 接动词原形,表示“而不是”:Rather than allow the vegetables to go bad, he sold them at half price.他将蔬菜半价卖掉,而不是让菜坏掉3. or rather 表示“更确切地说”,起进一步解释说明的作用:She worked as a secretary, or rather, a personal assistant.她当了秘书,确切地讲,是私人助理. not ... but rather ... 表示“不是……,相反(而是)……”Their problem is not a lack of funding, but rather a lack of planning.他们的问题不是缺乏资金,而是缺乏规划5. rather than 与prefer 连用(1) prefer to do ... rather than do ... 表示“宁愿做……而不愿做……”:They prefer to repeat their mer experiences rather than take new risks.他们宁可重复以前的经历也不愿意进行新的冒险() prefer+名词... rather than +名词,替代prefer ... to的用法,如:I should prefer wine rather than beer.我宁愿喝红酒而不愿喝啤酒 9735讲解:Today key word is Blind date.Blind date 相亲A blind date is an arrangement made you to spend a romantic evening with someone you have never met bee.This explanation is given by Collins English Dictionary. But Im not sure if it is true especially in China now. At least, in today news, the blind date was definitely not romantic at all. But bee we go to today’s blind date, let take a look on how to use this phrase properly.Me and my boyfriend first met on a blind date arranged by my colleague.我和我的男朋友是由同事介绍相亲认识的If you think the blind date is always one on one, then you will be surprised by this special blind date.In the city of Hangzhou, more than 3000 single men and women have attended an untraditional blind date. All the single ladies in this event have to wash away all their makeup. And they need to let men to measure their chest size. It is said to be aiming at finding a potential boyfriend, who doesnt a judge a woman based solely on theirappearance (外表).What do you think about this blind date? If you are single, do you want to have a blind date? Or have you attended any blind date bee? 39838

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