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Bruce Lee has a fight with the guy and he doesnt beat him fast enough,so he goes off to rethink it all,and these tales all had the structure of myth and fantasy little parables about the master.李小龙击败了黄,但却略显拖沓,因此他开始反思总结。不过这些故事就稍带夸张意味了,就像寓言里的情节一般。He said, ;My training in Wing Chun, my classical art,didnt prepare me for this kind of a battle.;That was the beginning of the evolution of his own way of martial arts.他说,;我所钻研的经典武学咏春在实战中不够实用;。这就是他将之改进,最终发展出自己武学风格的开端。If you the notes that he left behind,1965 he starts to write,;My style is Western fencing,Western boxing and Wing Chun.;He said he owe our knowledge to the Wing Chun,but were gonna go beyond the Wing Chun.读读他生前留下的笔记就知道,从1965年他便开始总结;我的风格要融西方剑术拳击以及咏春为一体;。他说他的武术修为源于咏春但应该高于咏春Bruce Lee took a lot from boxing.He felt boxing was more realistic in that you were trading blows.He likes the boxing footwork.Cause its alive, its moving and it changes.李小龙从拳击中学到了很多,他觉得拳击在出拳时显得更加实用,而且拳击的步法也值得借鉴,因为它敏捷快速、灵活多变。He was totally invested in watching boxing films,going way back to Jack Gene Tunney, Dempsey.Johnson,当时他沉浸于观拳击电影之中,仔细观察了杰克·约翰逊、吉内·滕尼、登普西等人What he took from Dempsey was the kinetic chain,how to generate power, the importance of a good jab.Theres a lot about the alignment of the body.Bruce had a huge collection of boxing films,and he thought the world of Muhammad Ali.他观察了登普西的发力过程,学会了如何蓄力以及刺拳的要点。这其实更关乎整个身体的协调。布鲁斯收藏了大量拳击的影视资料,而且他尤其关注穆罕穆德·阿里。What he would do was very unique.I once came in, lights were all out.And hes watching this 8mm film and hes watching it backwards.他行事风格独一无二,有一次我去找他,他关上了房间的灯。他正在看八毫米胶片电影,而且是倒着看的。Ali had a left-foot forward stance and Bruce a right foot forward.So he would run the films backward in the film editor and study them meticulously.阿里习惯左脚在前的站位,而布鲁斯是右脚在前,所以他在编辑胶片时从后往前放,然后一丝不苟地研究。201311/264969

Ten million fruit bats are drawn to this tiny forest,数以千万计的果蝠降落在这片on the edge of the eastern savannah.位于东部大草原边界的小森林上The bats flock here to gorge themselves on fruit.它们贪婪地啃食着水果Its what the crowned eagle and her chick have been waiting for.那正是冠鹰和她的幼崽等待的时刻But theyre not alone.但捕食者并不只此一家Other eagles have flown in from miles around...其他鹰类早已从数英里外奔赴此地Fish eagles,有鱼鹰martial eagles,猛雕and theyre all after the bats.都准备尽享蝙蝠盛宴The gamble the crowned eagle took months ago by nesting here冠鹰在数月前冒险一赌 筑巢于此has paid off.现在终于有了回报She is the only eagle to actually nest in this forest.事实上 她是唯一一只在此筑巢的鹰类201312/269659

Its so many circuits.这有很多电路板Woz? Hey, its Steve.沃兹? 嘿 我是史蒂夫Thanks for saving my ass.谢谢你帮忙Of course. Were friends. Thats, thats what friends do.没事 我们是朋友 这正是好朋友应该做的I just cant work for other people.我实在没办法给别人打工I guess I need my independence. If that makes any sense.Uh-huh.我需要独立行动 如果这事儿合理的话。呃-哈That makes perfect sense.我觉得非常合理Im sorry for ruining your Friday night.不好意思 大好的周末夜被我毁了Are you kidding me? This is great.你在开玩笑吧? 这事儿很棒Id do this for free. I really would.我喜欢免费做这件事 真的But just out of curiosity, how much are we getting paid?但是 好奇的是 这个项目我们能拿多少钱?0.Some big bucks there.Shit.700美元,好多啊。靠This is good. Really good.I know.真不错 非常好。我知道Wow. Four days. You arent kidding around.喔 4天就搞定 你真不是盖的Ill have to show it to Nolan, but this is, this is good.我还得给诺兰看一眼 不过这真的很不错 /201404/284360

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