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Can Democrats flip three Michigan districts in the 2016 election?Nancy Kaffer tackled that question in her recent column for the Detroit Free Press.In her column, Kaffer looked at the 1st, 7th, and 8th Congressional districts in Michigan. Voters in each of those districts elected Republicans in the last election, ;by pretty narrow margins.;But Kaffer says presidential years tend to see greater Democratic voter turnout. With three Democratic candidates running for these seats, ;all of whom have … the ability to raise the kind of money it takes to get a Congressional seat,; she reasons its not out of the realm of possibility that we might see the three districts flip next year.201508/395142


  The Next IdeaWhen the housing crisis hit in the mid-2000s, millions lost their jobs. Licensed home builder and Saginaw resident Jeff Little was one of them.Jeff lost his job in 2006, and soon his wife was unemployed as well. Struggling to make ends meet every month, he became self-employed and worked on and off while searching for a full-time job.For eight years, his efforts to land steady employment were unsuccessful until he got involved in an innovative public-private partnership developed to help create long-term career opportunities.Community Ventures, launched in October 2012 by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), helps eligible “structurally unemployed” people living in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw pursue career opportunities at Michigan companies.The program focuses on people with extended joblessness, low income, disability, limited education, or past incarceration.The goal is to place 1,000 structurally unemployed into stable jobs every year.To get there, the Community Ventures Team works cooperatively with local community and talent partners like Goodwill Industries, Jewish Vocational Services (JVS), Michigan Department of Human Services, Saginaw Business and Education Partnership, Detroit Employment Solutions, and others to find and screen eligible candidates.A connection is then made with participating employers, recruited by Community Ventures and MEDC, who commit to providing full-time (at least 30 hours) long-term positions that pay living wages. In order to minimize the hiring risk, businesses receive a stipend for each participant to pay for on-the-job training.As part of the program, local partners provide extensive post-employment support services like job coaching, transportation, workforce iness, child care, and adult education, depending on each participants needs.Last year, Jeff landed his first full-time job in nearly a decade.Working with the Saginaw Business and Education Partnership, Jeff was identified as a good Community Ventures program candidate and was hired at Nexteer Automotive, a Saginaw-based automotive supplier.More conventional workforce programs have focused on skills training that often doesnt support the local employers immediate needs.In Michigan, through Community Ventures, we have flipped that around by working directly with employers to ensure that participants gain high-demand skills and real jobs - jobs that set people on a sustainable path to independence.Its working. Nearly two-and-a-half years into the program, Community Ventures has placed more than 3,500 structurally unemployed people into long-term employment with more than 150 companies.This unique Michigan model could one day serve as a blueprint for a national program.So whats the Next Idea?There are about 300,000 people in Michigan who meet the definition of structurally unemployed, and about 16 percent of our population lives at or below the poverty line.What if, instead of 1,000 people a year in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw, we targeted 10,000 to 15,000 people across the state? Imagine what would happen to unemployment and poverty in Michigan if 15,000 structurally unemployed people started finding opportunities for themselves.More conventional workforce programs have focused on skills training that often doesnt support the local employers immediate needs.Community Ventures doesnt have to be limited to just four urban areas. It can be expanded into any area where you have people who have chronically struggled to find jobs.The challenge now is to scale it on a statewide basis.In his 2016 budget recommendations, Governor Snyder has asked the legislature for million to continue the program in the four target communities. Expanding the programs reach, however, will require additional funding. With state budget priorities and realities as they are, relying on public dollars alone isnt feasible.We have to look outside the norm.One area we are looking at engaging is Michigans philanthropic community. Michigan is home to over 2,200 foundations providing hundreds of millions of dollars in grants every year. We feel that an economic development initiative like Community Ventures that promotes social enterprise would be a good fit for the mission of any number of foundations in the state.Another avenue we are exploring is social impact bonds. With this model, governments team up with service providers and private sector investors to create and fund innovative social programs. Investors are repaid only when the programs reach specific targets and tax dollar savings are achieved.A third opportunity we are looking at is crowdfunding. We know that a state-led crowdfunding effort can work. Our Public Spaces Community Places initiative has had tremendous success enabling local residents, businesses and other community stakeholders to use crowdfunding to support the development of strategic projects in their communities and be backed with a matching grant from MEDC.Today, Jeff Little is a machine operator at Nexteer.With the help of an onsite ;success coach,; he is thriving in his new position and has aly earned two raises. Little credits Community Ventures as a “total life change,” and getting up and going to work every day and providing for his family has instilled in him a new sense of pride and purpose.Jeff Littles story is about more than finding a job. It is about an opportunity to change a life for the better.With innovative thinking, we can take the model that is working to empower people in Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, and Saginaw who previously may have lost hope of ever making a living and bring it to other communities across Michigan.We have an opportunity to help write thousands of similar stories.Michael Finney is senior advisor for economic growth for Governor Rick Snyders administration and the former president and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.Join the conversation in the comments section below, on Twitter or Facebook, or let us know your Next Idea here.201506/378649。


  If ever there was a case of love at first sight, it happened on January 17, 1942 at a dance in Asheville, North Carolina.On that night, 21-year-old Billee Gray met 28-year-old Private Charles Kiley, and after just a couple of weekend dates, they knew they were meant to be together.It wasnt long before Charles was shipped off to fight in World War II, but the two stayed in touch and forged their love through hundreds of letters.Charles and Billees daughter, son, and son-in-law have brought these letters together in a book: Writing the War: Chronicles of a World War Two Correspondent.Their son David Kiley tells us he first found the letters in the 1990s, but only through some of them from time to time.It wasnt until after his father passed away in 2001 that he and his sister really started to dig in and sort through all the letters.;Theres over 800 letters. Many of them were handwritten. So we had to go through and because of age, you know, we had to copy all of them and scan all of them so that we could handle them,; Kiley says. ;So it was quite a project.;Kiley tells us that throughout the process of sorting through the letters and putting together this book, he learned a lot about his parents and saw a lot of himself in his father.;It was an amazing window,; Kiley says. ;I was able to discover where my dad came from emotionally, in his head, to understand him better.;David Kiley will be at Nicolas Books in Ann Arbor on November 2 at 7 p.m. to talk about and sign the book.Listen to our conversation above to hear Kiley talk more about his parents, about his experience ing the letters, and to hear some of those letters by U of M students Meredith Starkman and Graham Techler.201511/407511Leaders Business in Africa Making Africa work社论精粹 非洲商业 让非洲发展起来The continents future depends on people, not commodities非洲的前途依赖人,而非大宗商品“IS ANYONE here actually hoping to make any money, or are you all just trying to minimise your losses?”“在座的有没有任何人希望能赚到钱,还是大家都只是想把损失降到最低?”The question, asked at a dinner in London for investors who specialise in Africa, showed how the mood has changed in the past year.这个问题在伦敦一个为专事非洲投资的投资者举办的晚餐会上提出来,体现出过去一年的情绪变化。The financiers around the table—mostly holders of African bonds—all said they were simply trying not to lose money.在座的各位金融家大部分手中都持有非洲债券,他们都说自己只是想不要亏钱。Only a few years ago people were queuing up to invest in Africa.然而仅仅在几年前,大家都还挤破头要在非洲投资。As recently as 2012 Zambia paid less than Spain to borrow dollars.就在2012年,赞比亚美元贷款的利息比西班牙还低。Private-equity funds dedicated to Africa raised record sums to invest in shopping malls and firms making everything from nappies to fruit juice.专注投资非洲的私募股权基金筹得破纪录的资金用于投资购物中心和企业,这些公司生产的产品从尿片到果汁一应俱全。Business folk salivated at the prospect of selling to the fast-growing African middle class, which by one measure numbered 350m people.非洲的中产阶级正在快速成长,一项数据显示其人数可达3.5亿,商界人士一想到这些人是他们未来的销售对象便垂涎三尺。Miners sank billions into African soil to feed Chinas appetite for minerals.矿产公司也向非洲的土地中砸入数十亿美元以满足中国对矿产资源的需求。Now investors are glum. In the short run, they are right to worry.但现在投资者们个个愁容满面。In the long run, as our special report on African business shows this week, the potential rewards from a market of 1.2 billion people are too juicy to ignore, despite the risks.短期来看,他们确实有理由担心。长期来说,我们本周对非洲经济的特别报道显示,这个有着12亿人口的市场潜在回报巨大不容忽视,尽管风险也不小。From oil in the gears to sand in the wheels从一路顺风到磕磕绊绊For decades, sentiment about Africa has followed commodity prices, rising and falling like a bungee-jumper at Victoria Falls.数十年来,对非洲的投资情绪一直随大宗商品价格波动,如同在维多利亚瀑布蹦极跳一样忽上忽下。The recent plunge has caused a 16% drop in sub-Saharan Africas terms of trade (the ratio of the price of its exports to that of its imports).最近大宗商品价格大跌已令撒哈拉以南非洲的贸易比率(出口商品与进口商品价格的相对价格比率)下降了16%。Growth across the region will slow to about 3% this year, predicts the World Bank, down from 7-8% a decade ago. That is barely ahead of population growth of 2.7%.世界估计整个地区今年的经济增长将会从十年前的7%到8%放缓至3%,勉强高于2.7%的人口增幅。Nigeria and Angola, two big oil exporters, will probably need bail-outs from the IMF within a year.石油出口大国尼日利亚和安哥拉恐怕年内就会需要IMF的紧急救助。Yet Afro-pessimists should remember two things about commodity busts.然而对非洲持悲观情绪的人们就大宗商品价格大跌的问题需要记住两点:They dont last for ever. And they dont hurt everyone:第一,价格不会永远下跌;第二,不是所有人都从中受害。17 African countries with a quarter of the regions population will show a net benefit from the current one, thanks to cheaper energy.由于能源价格低廉,非洲有17个国家(占非洲总人口四分之一)将会在这一轮大跌的情况下获得净收益。More important, by focusing on the minerals markets it is easy to miss some big trends that are happening above ground—and these are mostly positive.更为重要的是,过于关注矿产品市场会容易忽略矿产行业以外的一些大趋势—而这些趋势多数都令人乐观。The first is that Africa is far more peaceful than it was even a decade ago.首先,非洲要比十年前太平多了。The wars that ripped apart the Democratic Republic of Congo and sucked in its neighbours, causing millions of deaths, have largely been quelled. A few states, such as Somalia, South Sudan and the Central African Republic, are in chaos.内战曾一度令刚果民主共和国四分五裂,且波及多个邻国,令数百万人丧生。如今,战火已基本平息。But overall the risk of dying violently in Africa has tumbled.还有一些国家,如索马里、南苏丹和中非共和国,仍然处于混乱之中。The latest ranking of the worlds most violent countries by the Geneva Declaration includes just two African states (tiny Lesotho and Swaziland) among its top ten.但总体来说在非洲死于暴乱的危险已大为降低。《日内瓦宣言》最近列出的十个暴力情况最为严重的国家中,只有两个是非洲国家(小国莱索托和斯威士兰)。Africa is also far more democratic than it was.其二,非洲如今也更为民主了。In the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, only one sub-Saharan government was peacefully voted out of office.在上世纪六十、七十和八十年代,在撒哈拉以南非洲只有一个政府通过投票和平下台。Now nearly all face regular elections, which are harder to rig thanks to social media. Voters have real choices—one reason why policies have improved.现在几乎各国都会定期选举,而且在社交媒体的监督下,操纵选举愈发困难。选民们有了真正的选择—这也是政策有所改善的一个重要原因。Old-style governments favoured nationalisation, printing money and (in some cases) rounding peasants up at gunpoint and forcing them onto collective farms.老派的政府喜欢国有化、印制钞票和(在有些情况下)用杆逼着农民加入集体农场。 /201604/440364

  My generals should be like bull terriers on chains, and they should want war, war, war.我的将军们应像拴着链子的猎犬,他们应想要打仗,打仗,打仗。But what happens now? I want to go ahead with strong policies and the generals try to stop me!但现在呢?我想实施强有力的政策,但他们居然想阻止我!Within just a few months, three of those whod been unenthusiastic about Hitlers plans at the meeting were no longer in office.短短数月内,对希特勒的计划不强烈持的人中有3个被革职。But still, Hitler didnt feel able to be as ruthless with his military leaders as his fellow dictator Stalin did.但他不觉得自己像独裁者般对军队高官冷酷无情。Hitler needed the support of the German officer corps. The Chief Of Staff of the German army, Ludwig Beck, had welcomed Hitler as Chancellor.希特勒需要他们的持,德国陆军参谋长碧路维,一直很持希特勒出任总理。Like many generals, he wasnt against the idea of German expansion, he was just anxious that the German army wasnt strong enough yet to accomplish the task. But in the end, Hitlers sheer determination won him over.和其他将军一样,他不反对德国的扩张,而是担心陆军还不够强大,无法完成任务,但最终希特勒坚定的决心将他说。 译文属201512/418480

  Barney frank coming out here.Terrific program all around.I want to mention something.巴尼·弗兰克也会来 今晚节目很棒 我想提件事Recently I heard about a popular new activity here in L.A.Its a new thing.Its called the escape room我最近听说了洛杉矶的一项新热门活动 是个新诞生的活动 叫做密室逃脱and I think its something that some people are in to.Maybe some of you have heard of it.Here they do.我觉得有人很喜欢这个 可能有人听说过 是这样It a real thing.They lock you in a room and you and your friends have to figure out puzzles and clues to find the key that gets you out of the room.这是真的 他们把你锁在一间屋子里 你和朋友们要解开谜题 找到钥匙 才能走出房间And its kind of scary sometimes.Sometimes its scary and sometimes there are different themes to different ones.有时候挺吓人的 有时候挺吓人 有各种不同的主题And I was intrigued.It sounds cool,and I hear a lot of young people are doing it,so I thought Id try out on a escape room.Why not?我觉得很有意思 听上去挺酷 而且很多年轻人都很喜欢 所以我就想去玩一次密室逃脱试试 有何不可呢I always want to be in on the new craze.Glom onto what the kids are doing.Exactly.So i thought I would do it.我一向喜欢加入新潮流的 跟上年轻人的潮流 是啊 所以我就去了I tried it with the help of one of my staff of associate producers,Jordan.There he is.我跟我们的联合制片人 乔丹一起去了 这就是他By the way,thats as natural as he ever looks like there in that photo.Thats him watching a sunset.另外 那张照片就是他最自然的样子了 他看日落呢Anyway,I took Jordan to check out one of these escape rooms.We took a camera crew.Heres what happened.我跟乔丹一起去了一个密室逃脱 另外带上了摄制组 请看发生了什么201610/474931

  There are many dung beetles competing for a limited amount of food at a dung pile, so whenan individual is finished rolling a ball of dung it is in its best interest to make a quick escape.And the fastest way to travel is in a straight path. Scientists noticed that when the moon wasvisible, these dung beetles did just that; they traveled in straight paths. But when it was acloudy night, the beetles paths became shaky and erratic.屎壳郎之间食物的竞争很激烈,往往是很多只屎壳郎齐齐盯上一堆粪。因此,当一只屎壳郎滚好了一个粪球后最好就是尽快离开。当然,最快的就是走直线了。科学家们发现,在月明星稀的夜里,屎壳郎就是这样做的,它们都走直线。但是,如果是在乌云密布的夜里,无法看到月亮,这个时候的屎壳郎所走的路线就会歪歪扭扭。To be sure the beetles were indeed using the moons polarization and not the moon itself, theresearchers used a filter that changed the pattern of the polarized moonlight by 90 degrees.The beetles responded by changing their course by 90 degrees.为了确定屎壳郎是凭借着月光的偏振作用而不是月光来看路,研究者们使用了一个滤光器,这个滤光器将月光的偏振改变了90度,这个时候他们发现,屎壳郎的路线也随之改变了90度。Scientists suspect that the dung beetle isnt the only animal to navigate by the moonspolarization and that more such creatures will soon be discovered.科学家们还推测,屎壳郎并不是唯一一种凭借月光偏振作用为自己“导航”的动物,相信很快也会发现其它的此类生物。201503/366774。


  The sting rays first defense line is remaining very still, in the hope that shark doesnt find it.刺鳐的第一道防御工事是保持不动,期待鲨鱼不会发现它。But the commotion warns other rays to escape, yet it atracts other sharks like Jaccos at a kill.骚动警告其他鳐赶快逃生,但是会吸引其他鲨鱼,就像屠杀中的豺。Dramas like this are played out every day on the floor of lagoon.这样的剧本在环礁湖底每天都在上演。But few people are threre to witness them.但很少有人能够目睹到这一切。It seems surprising the lagoon remains relatively unexplored environment.令人惊讶的是,环礁湖似乎相对较少被探索。But if you are a diver, why would you explored lagoon, it is relatively hostile.但如果是位潜水者,为什么会探索环礁湖呢?相对而言,它的环境恶劣。Particuarly when you compared it to the cristal clear reef that just shore boat right away.尤其是不远处清澈透明的珊瑚礁区相比较时。Yet there is plenty life down here,prong ,squid and all manners of fish species are caught by local fishermen.但这里同样有着丰富的生物,当地渔民能捕捉到明虾,乌贼及各种鱼类。Diving here is not easy, but its well worthy effort.在这里潜水并不容易,但值得一试。Dotted across this vast underwater desert are ghostly oasis where amazingly life forms are taking hold.点缀在广袤的海底沙漠中的是幽灵般的绿洲,神奇的生命在那里生根发芽。201501/353824

  Caring for amputees关爱截肢人士Life on a limb假肢上的生活A growing number of amputees is a sign of medical progress越来越多截肢者的出现体现了医疗水平的进步A GRISLY photo shows a soldier lying injured, the snow around him steeped in blood. Both his legs have been blown off. The blood is fake. His legs, however, really are missing. The picture is from a training exercise run by Amputees in Action, an agency for actors who have lost arms or legs. It provides limbless people to train the armed forces and the emergency services as they learn how better to deal with injuries sustained in the midst of fighting or accidents. Such training, along with improvements in care back home, mean that those who do suffer grievous injuries on the battlefield are more likely to survive.一张令人扼腕的照片为我们展示了这样一幅画面:一名负伤的士兵倒在被鲜血浸透的雪地中,纷飞的战火令他失去了双腿。事实上,照片中的血是假,而那位士兵确实是失去了双腿。这张图片来源于由“截肢者在行动”的培训机构所组织的一次表演训练,这家机构旨在为失去双臂或双腿的特型演员提供中介务。该机构为军队提供残疾演员,用以训练士兵以及教授急救措施,从而使他们习得在战斗或意外中如何处理其所受到的伤害。这样的培训再配以家中的精心照料,将意味着那些在战争中经受到严重创伤的人,将更有机会活下来。Of the 12,000-odd amputees reckoned to have come back to Britain from the second world war, almost none had lost three limbs, says Jerome Church of BLESMA (formerly the British Limbless Ex-Service Mens Association). Soldiers with such injuries died in combat. Even five years ago, they probably would not have survived such trauma. Today, it is normal to do so. That is a mark of medical improvements on and off the battlefield, says Keith Porter, a surgeon and professor of clinical traumatology at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Every year, people are surviving bigger injuries, says Professor Porter, and the rate of improvement is rapid. The treatments provided today do not appear in existing manuals: “We are writing the textbooks of the future.”为英国截肢退伍军人协会(BLESMA)效力的杰罗姆?切奇说,自二战以来,已约有12000余名截肢者回到英国,而他们之中很少有失去三肢或以上的人,因为通常受到这样等级外伤的士兵,他们通常面临的就是死亡,甚至在五年前,受到这种程度外伤的人也很少能够活下来。但是在现如今,对于这类人来说,活下来是一件再正常不过的事情。基斯·波特是一名在伯明翰伊丽莎白女王医院工作的外科医生,并且是一名专攻临床创伤的教授。波特教授说,“这种情况无论是在战场上或日常生活中,都是医疗体系进步的标志。人们能够经受住越来越严重的外伤并存活下来,最后得到改善的几率也在逐年迅速攀升。今天我们所实现的治疗方法在现存的资料或手册中却难觅踪迹。”波特士同时表示,“我们正在编纂相关教科书为未来的医疗事业提供帮助。”Overall, those fighting Britains wars make up a small proportion of the 5,000 or so major-limb amputations carried out in Britain each year, mostly as a result of diseases such as diabetes. But the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have led to a spike in the numbers of soldiers who have lost limbs. When Mr Church took over as chief executive of BLESMA in 2000, he assumed it was a fading organisation. Most members were elderly veterans of the second world war. Since then, its ranks have swelled by about 300. In 2006-09, 54 combatants sustained partial or complete removals of a limb as a result of injuries in Afghanistan. In -12 the number rose again to 192, almost half of them multiple amputations.综上所述,每年这些在英国战争中受伤而截肢的人,仅占了英国全年五千名截肢者中很小的一部分,而其他多数为诸如糖尿病之类的疾病所致。但是阿富汗与伊拉克之间的冲突战争却使很多战场上的士兵失去了他们的四肢。当切奇先生在2000年出任英国截肢退伍军人协会(BLESMA)的首席执行官时,他觉得该组织毫无希望可言,而且其中多数成员是经历过二战的退伍老兵。在阿富汗战争以及伊拉克战争爆发后,组织人数激增至300人,在2006—年这三年间,阿富汗战役中共有54名战士进行了局部或全部的截肢,在接下来的—2012年间,这一数据已增加至192,近乎半数人接受了多处截肢。Cuts to defence spending (8% in real terms by 2015) have had little impact on services for those afflicted. In February the government announced it would spend an extra £6.5m on advanced prosthetics for them. Armed with such technology, many can pursue active lives. Those working for Amputees in Action, for instance, act in mainstream films and TV programmes as well as training exercises. John Pickup, the agencys founder, says it can be difficult to attract veterans because the Paralympic team is so determined to get soldiers, sailors and airmen (and women) who have lost arms or legs to join its athletes. Thats welcome competition.削减国防开(预计至2015年将会下调8%)实际上并不会对这些截肢者的医疗务造成影响,因为在今年二月政府已经宣布,将会投入额外的6,500,000欧元为他们提供先进的假肢,通过医疗科技的帮助,他们得以继续自由行动和生活。“截肢者在行动”公司为截肢者提供诸如在主流电影或电视节目中演出的机会,当然还有培训练习。作为机构创始人,约翰·皮卡表示,能够招收到老兵很不容易,因为残奥会代表队十分渴望那些失去手臂或腿的士兵,海员以及飞行员加入到他们的运动员行列中,不得不说,这是一场皮卡先生的公司与国家队之间的人才竞争之战。译者:尤熠 校对:沈晓旭译文属译生译世 /201512/418767

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