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昆明唇部激光脱毛价格昆明红会医院下颌角下颚下巴太阳穴哪家便宜价格With over 300,000 plants species on Earth,theres no doubt that they have highly developed senses to stay alive and thrive.But while some of their features may be compared to taste,sight,touch and smell in humans,have you ever wondered-can plants think?世界上共有三十多万种植物,毫无疑问,为了繁荣昌盛 它们的感官都已高度进化。不过,尽管一些特征可以与人类的味觉 视觉 触觉和嗅觉做比,你是否曾想过 植物会思考吗?On land,the cumulative mass of plants is 1000 times highter than that of animals.But these plants are immobile and cant move around in their environment;which is,seemingly,a pretty big evolutionary disadvantage.This has forced plants to adapt in amazing ways that often go unnoticed by the naked eye.陆地上,植物总重量比动物高1000倍。但这些植物都是固定不动的,似乎在进化中这也很不利。这点迫使植物采取些容易被眼睛忽略的奇特方式。Smell something funny?Plants do too-and they react to these chemicals in the air.For example,when fruits start to ripen,they release a chemical called ethylene.And when neighbouring fruits sense this pheromone,they ripen faster,so that all fruits mature at the same time.Plants also give off scents which attract insects to sp their pollen.味道怪味了?植物也能闻,并会对空气中的化学物质做出反应。比如,水果在成熟时会释放出一种叫乙烯的物质。当周围植物感测到这种信息素时,它们会更快成熟,而所有的水果就能同时成熟了。植物也会释放出吸引昆虫传粉的气味。In particular,the amazing carrion flowers grow tiny hairs,feel warm and smell like rotting flesh in an attempt to mimic a dead corpse.This is to attract flies and beetles as pollinators.On the other hand,when a plant is attacked by an insect,animal or pathogen,it knows.When acacia trees are grazed by animals,they quickly react by producing chemicals called tannins,which make their leaves unappetizing and tough to digest.特别地 大王花会长出腐肉味的绒毛 籍此模仿死尸。这是为了吸引传粉者 苍蝇和甲虫。另一方面 当植物受到昆虫 植物或病菌的侵害时 它也知道。当金合欢树被动物盯上时 它也会立即产生单宁酸,这让它们的叶子更难吃 难以消化。Some even produce enough toxin to kill the animal.Perhaps more impressive are some corn and cotton plants,which when eaten by caterpillars,release chemicals in the air that attract parasitic wasps,who fly in and ultimately kill the insects.有些甚至会产生足以杀死动物的毒素。更惊人的是一些玉米类和棉类植物 在被毛虫啃咬时,它们会释放化学物质 吸引寄生蜂,后者受吸引而来 杀死昆虫。On some level,they communicate with the wasps.Crazy as it seems,even sound recordings of caterpillars chewing leaves,trigger this response.Without any from of touch,the plants react,as if they can hear.On a large scale,plants also work together.A web of underground fungi can connect tree roots in forests,allowing them to exchange nutrients and information.一定程度上说,它们能与黄蜂交流。让人诧异的是,毛虫啃咬叶子的录音也会引起这种反应。没有任何形式的触碰,植物也像有听觉一样做出反应。多数情况下,植物也会齐心协力。地下的真菌网会将森林里的树根相连,让它们交换养分和信息。Using radioactive isotopes,scientists discovered that trees share water and nutrients with others in need.Large trees nourish smaller shaded ones until they are tall enough to reach sunlight,And trees that stay green all year round share nutrients with trees that lose their leaves in winter,helping them through the season.Which is then repaid in the summer months,like a transactional exchange.Some scientist refer to this as the ;wood-wide web;.科学家通过同位素观测发现 树木会与有需求者分享水和养料。大树会与受遮蔽的小树分享养分 直到它们能受到日照。四季常青的树木会与冬季落叶的树木分享养分 帮助它们过冬。在夏天它们得到偿还的养分 像是生物交换。一些科学家称此为“树联网”。Perhaps the most shocking fact,is that some plants seem to have memory.Mimosa pudica plants,are those leafy plants that close up when touched.This reflex is meant to scare away insects that land on them.In an experiment on these reflexes,scientists notice that when dropped from 15cm.they would close when they hit the groud,Not so surprising.But after repeating the drop 4 or 5 times,some of the plants stopped closing.as though they had realized the stimulus wasnt harmful.If they were shaken istead,they would close,but any time they were dropped from this same height,they stayed open.this effect lasted for weeks-the plants had memories.更惊人的是 一些植物似乎有记忆能力。含羞草 一种受触碰时叶子会合拢的植物。这种反射是为了吓唬落在它们身上的植物。在一项关于这种反射的实验中 研究者发现从15厘米高出落下 它们的叶子会在落地时合拢 没什么奇怪的。但重复四五次后 一些植物不再合拢(叶子)了,似乎它们也发现这种刺激不会伤害它们。受到摇晃时 叶子就会合拢,但无论何时 从同样的高度掉下 叶子仍然张开。这种效果会持续数星期,植物也有。Of course,plants dont have brains or other cells and organs that we deem necessary for intelligence.Brains and neurons are irreplaceable,but plants are immobile and often attacked,so they must be able to survive after part of them is eaten,or destroyed.A brain just wouldnt work.But if you measure intelligence or thought as the ability to solve problems,interact with an environment,and even work in groups,then plants are incredibly smart.当然 植物没有大脑或者其他“智力”不可或缺的器官或细胞。大脑和神经无可替代,但植物无法移动,也常受攻击,在部分被吃掉或毁坏后 它们还得能活下去。大脑没什么用。但如果你将智力或思维视作解决问题的能力,与周围环境的交互 甚至团队合作力,那么植物相当聪明。Its something to think about next time youre munching down on a piece of broccoli!下次嚼西兰花时,好好想想这点吧!201503/361976昆明韩辰激光祛太田痣多少钱 A few years ago, the scale of this network这个网络非常复杂was graphically illustrated by a chance accident.一次神奇的事故形象地说明了这一点In 1992, a freighter hit a storm in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.1992年1月10日,一艘货轮在太平洋中间遭遇了一场暴风雨的袭击Containers of plastic bath toys were swept overboard.装着塑料玩具的集装箱掉进了海里29,000 plastic toys were now adrift in the ocean.现在有29000多个塑料鸭子正在太平洋里游荡The moment they hit the water,它们掉进水里的那一刻the toys joined a series of powerful ocean currents塑料鸭子就被卷入了一系列强大的海洋洋流which scattered them in different directions.将它们分散到不同的方向Since then, theyve travelled over 17,000 miles,从那时开始它们游荡了超过17000英里and washed up in places as far afield as Hawaii and Alaska.在遥远的夏威夷登陆了 甚至阿拉斯加They even crossed the frozen Arctic, to the Atlantic,他们甚至越过冰冻的北极进入了大西洋where they came ashore on the coast of Scotland.在苏格兰海岸登陆The ducks epicjourney vividly reveals the complex system of currents你知道,这些坚强的小塑料鸭子 生动地揭示了复杂的洋流系统that connect all the oceans together.连接了所有的海洋These currents are vital to life.洋流对于地球上的生命来说至关重要They carry nutrients and oxygen around the worlds oceans.它们可以带来滋养生命的养分和氧气201511/411198One study in the food and chemical toxicology journal analyzed这本化学和药理杂志组织的一项研究分析了the carcinogenic or DNA damaging effects of sucralose in mice.蔗糖素的致癌性和对DNA造成的损伤,This study lasted a 104 weeks,该实验持续了104周and was made up of three treatment groups and one control group.包括3个实验组和1个参照组The study evaluated for the formation of tumours.这项研究的目的是测评肿瘤的形成,To observe tumour formation the researchers handled要观察肿瘤的形成,研究人员每周对小鼠进行一次检查and palpitated the miceonce a week to look at for any abnormal growths.以便及时发现任何异常的生长情况At the end of the 104 weeks an autopsy was performed on each of the surviving mice.104周结束后,每只存活下来的小鼠都接受了解剖检查The researchers grouped organs and body parts into 29 categories to search for tumours.研究人员将器官和身体组织分成29个部分进行肿瘤筛查At a 104 weeks在这104周中,the researchers determined the approximate average intakes of sucralose for each treatment group as listed on the sign.研究人员将每个实验小组的平均蔗糖摄入量都计算出来并且进行标注Also researchers complied the data from 29 organs or body regions同时,研究人员还编撰了29个器官和身体组织的研究数据,to compare the treatment groups to the control group.对两组进行比较The sucralose treatment did not significantly increase the number of tumours在此次的蔗糖实验中,实验组与参照组相比,or influence the types of tumours when compared to the data of the control group.肿瘤的患病率或肿瘤的种类并没有增加This study concluded that the results did not suggest研究结果表明any carcinogenic or DNA damaging effects from the sucralose.蔗糖并不会产生任何致癌效果或者对DNA造成损害作用Next we will review the consumption recommendations for sugars and sweeteners presented.下面我们来看糖和甜味剂的每天建议摄入量,The dietary guidelines for Americans and the World health organization美国饮食指南和联合国卫生组织的饮食指南对于have very different recommendations for added sugars.添加糖的建议摄入量有很大不同The dietary guidelines recommend less than 25% of a persons calories come from added sugar.根据饮食指南,每人每天的建议摄入量为饮食中来源于添加糖的能量应小于25%Although added sugar should be limited because it provides little nutrients besides energy.添加糖的摄入量应该控制在一定范围内,因为除了能量外,它能提供的营养很少The dietary guidelines focus on people receiving enough nutrients in terms of energy.饮食指南关注的是人们摄入的能量值The World Health Organization recommends less than 10% of a persons calories come from added sugar.世界卫生组织规定,每人每日从添加糖中获得的能量应小于10%This is to prevent diet related chronic disease以便预防与饮食有关的慢性病,along with maintaining a good nutritional status.同时保良好的营养状况In terms of a 2000 calorie diet a person could consume up to 500 calories from added sugar if following the dietary guidelines.根据美国标准,若一顿饭含有2000卡,那么最多有500卡可以来自添加糖But according to the WHO 200 calories or less would be allowed.但是根据世界卫生组织,来自于添加糖的最多只能有200卡201601/422742昆明妇幼保健院祛除腋臭多少钱

解放军昆明总医院口腔美容中心lt was quite painful, you can imagine.可以想象有多痛lf a large balloon of saline is placed beneath the skin,将一个大盐水袋植入皮肤下is blown up to perhaps 1000 cc of fluid,再灌进1000毫升的液体it causes quite a large amount of discomfort.一定很不舒l think afterhe got burnt,他灼伤后that was the first time he was exposed to strong pain medicine,首次体验了强效止痛药的作用because he did have a lot of pain in that spot for a long time.因为那次所承受的疼痛 持续了好一阵子People dont realise that his dependency on pills人们并没有意识到 他对药物的依赖was due to that one accident that changed his life forever.是源自于那一次意外 却改变了他的一生l used to give a lot of private parties for Michael我常帮迈克尔办小型派对because hed wanna meet somebody.因为他想多结交朋友My neighbour, when l was living in New York,我在纽约时was liam Neeson,跟连恩·尼逊是邻居and he loved liam Neesons work in schindlers list.他很喜欢连恩·尼逊在《辛德勒名单》的演出And l invited liam over我邀请连恩过来and some friends of mine.还有一些其他朋友You gave him a party, and l remember你帮他开了个派对 我还记得当天Michael McDonald sang, Gloria Gaynor sang.麦克与葛洛莉雅娜都有唱歌You and Michael were clowning, he had three bottles of wine, l think,你跟迈克尔两人打打闹闹 他好像喝了三瓶红酒and he was having a food fight.葛洛莉雅娜唱歌当下ln the middle of Gloria Gaynor singing,他还在乱扔食物Michael threw some jellybeans at me,迈克尔拿糖扔我and then he started throwing them in the piano.然后开始把糖扔进钢琴And l remember Gloria Gaynor looking up, like, Whats going on? 我还记得葛洛莉雅娜一脸错愕l said, Hes just a kid at heart. 我说 他内心其实是个孩子201510/401744昆明市安宁市人民医院激光去胎记多少钱 How to Write a Resume如何写好履历表Hi, my name is Brad Bucklin, and Id like to tell you about writing a resume. First, I will go over what to include in a resume.嗨,我的名字是Brad Bucklin,我要告诉你如何写履历表。首先,我要谈谈应该把什么东西放在履历表中。First, you want to include obviously your name and your contact information, preferably at the top of the resume, because thats where they are gonna look for.第一,很明显地你要把你的名字和连络资讯放进去,最好是在履历表顶端,因为那是他们会去查看的地方。Secondly, you want to include an objective. Now, theres some controversy to this, but I say that an objective actually directs your resume, so that they know what you want. And be specific. Be as specific as you can. And dont say something like, ;Seeking an employment with an opportunity to...; Just say what you want: ;I want an administrative position.; Or ;Administrative position,; thats all you need to say.接着,你要加入一个工作目标。现在,这方面有些争议,但是我认为一个工作目标实际上会引导你的履历表,因此他们会知道你想要什么。然后要具体,尽可能的具体。不要说类似这样的话:“寻找一个录用的机会...”只要说你想要的:“我要一个行政管理职位。”或是“行政管理职位”,你只要那样说就好。The other thing is, to include qualifications-things that impress people about you. Now, you dont need to say things like...organized, unless you can back it up with organized...with the ability to do something in the organizational area.另一点是,加入你的能力资格--那些让人对你印象深刻的事情。现在,你不需要说些类似,嗯,组织性的事情。除非你有组织性...你有区域组织处能力作为靠山。Now, both things should go to top just so they have an idea of what your skills, abilities and talents are. And then you wanna include your...obviously, your job history. And it should be in reverse chronological order, which means the most recent first, working backwards.这两个东西都应该放到履历表顶端,以使他们了解你的技能,能力以及天分是什么。然后你要加上你的...很明显的,你的工作历史。而它应该是用倒叙法,也就是把最近的放在第一个,倒着走。Then, after that, you should include your education. Education should also be in reverse chronological order so that the most recent is first. Now, also you wanna remember to be as concise as possible, but get across what is going to be impressive to them, which includes achievements, things that you did on the job that are impressive, like you were employee of the month, or you save them quarter-million dollars, or you were top sales person, something that was an achievement. Those really drive a resume.然后,在那之后,你应该加入你的学历。学历也应该是倒叙式的,所以最近的放在第一个。现在,你也要记得尽可能地简洁,但是要传达那些让他们印象深刻的事情,包括你的成就,你在工作上做过让人印象深刻的事情,比如你曾是当月最佳员工,或你帮它们省了二十五万美金,又或者是你曾当选最佳销售员,那些曾有一番成就的事情。那些东西真的影响着一篇履历。So those are some of the basic things that you should include in your resume. If youd like to learn more about getting a job, click on any of the links above. Thank you.所以那就是一些基本你应该写到履历表里面的东西。如果你想要多学一点关于找工作的事情,点以上链接。谢谢。201506/378711楚雄州人民医院激光祛痣多少钱

禄劝彝族县妇幼保健人民中心医院祛疤多少钱英语非常道 第18期:(暗黑)你们真的会;玩;吗暗黑破坏神,魔兽世界,反恐精英,DOTA还有愤怒的小鸟和植物大战僵尸……这些游戏你真的都会玩吗?用游戏玩转英语,做个有品的酷玩家,不再只能听懂“game over”还有“go go go~”,跟张建宇老师探秘游戏中那些不为人知的英语小秘密,lets go!201509/389127 昆明光明中西医医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱昆明昆医二附院大蒜鼻全鼻美鼻哪家便宜价格



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