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  • Leading Nazis had gathered here to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Munich Beer Hall Putsch a sacred date for the Nazi party.纳粹头目聚集这里庆祝,慕尼黑啤酒馆暴动的15周年纪念,对于纳粹党而言是个神圣日子。On the evening of 9th November, they learnt that a German diplomat in Paris had been shot by a German-Polish Jew.11月9日晚,他们有消息称一位德国驻巴黎外交官被德裔波兰犹太人杀。Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister, a vicious anti-Semite himself, suggested to Hitler that Nazi Stormtroopers be let loose against the Jews of Germany.时任德国宣传部长的约瑟夫?歌堡本身就是邪恶反犹分子,他建议希特勒派纳粹冲锋队对付德国犹太人。This was how Hitlers charismatic leadership could work-he had a vision, he hated the Jews and wanted to get rid of them, but others suggested the ways in which this could be implemented.这是希特勒领导能力得以实践的方法,他憎恨犹太人,想铲除他们,但由其他人提出从而达到了目的。Hitler agreed with Goebbels idea and so, Nazi Stormtroopers ran wild on the night of 9th November, attacking Jews and their property.希特勒和歌堡一拍即合,于是纳粹冲锋队在11月9日晚疯狂袭击犹太人及其住所。Around 25,000 Jews were imprisoned in concentration camps and more than 100 were murdered.约有两万五名犹太人被送进集中营,百多名犹太人遇害。Shortly afterwards, the SS newspaper warned of terrible consequences if a Jew assassinated another leading German.不久,党卫军报刊登,称若再有犹太人刺杀德国高官后果将不堪设想。;There will be no more Jews in Germany.德国将不再有犹太人。;We hope we make ourselves clear!;我们希望你们能听明白这句话!They also threatened...他们还威胁...;Because no power on Earth can stop us, we will bring the Jewish question to its total solution.世上没任何势力能阻止我们,犹太人的问题将得到根治。;The programme is clear-total expulsion, complete separation.;我们的计划很明确-全部驱逐隔离。 译文属201604/438713
  • And so, he said you need to get away from your car immediately.然后他说 ;你得离你的车远点Your car is on fire.And I realized, okay, this is more than just a smoking vehicle.你的车着火了; 这时候我才意识到 好吧 这已经不只是辆冒烟的车了So I started to walk over to him and I busted into tears.于是我朝他走过去然后突然大哭了起来I was hysterical.And he said you have any belongings我那时完全歇斯底里了 然后他说;你有没有什么you know, that you need to get And I said, well, my purse and my medical my sons medical records are by my car.就是 财务需要拿出来; 然后我说 ;我车上有钱包和医疗记录 我儿子的医疗记录;He said we need to get them and as I turned to go get them他说那我们得去拿 我转身准备去拿的时候he kind of held his hand out firmly and said no, you have to stay here.And then he went for them.他坚定地伸出手拦住了我 说;不行 你得待在这; 然后他去拿了He put on the respirator mask to go get them. - Wow.他带了呼吸面罩去拿了 -哇塞His name is Joseph Stanpoly.You have not seen him since this happened.他叫约瑟夫·斯坦利 而你自从那天后就没见过他Joseph!How are you doing?You too.Great.约瑟夫 你好吗 很好 好极了First of all, uh,you did what anybody should have done but they didnt.首先 你做了每个人都应该做却没有做的事And you did.So good for you.And thank goodness you were driving by.Thank you, thank you.And that moment.你做到了 好样的 还好你当时开车路过 谢谢大家 谢谢 在那种千钧一发的时候 /201510/405750
  • Atlanta’s zoo announced Thursday that its three-year-old giant panda twins will be leaving the zoo on November third. 亚特兰大动物园周四宣布,其3岁的双胞胎大熊猫将于11月3日离开动物园。The National Zoo in Washington said it will also be saying goodbye to panda cub Bao Bao in 2017. 华盛顿国家动物园表示,将在2017送走大熊猫幼崽“宝宝”。The zoo didn’t give a date but said the cub will move to China within the first few months of the new year. 动物园没有给出具体的日期,但表示新年的头几个月幼崽将运往中国。When they leave, there will only be a dozen pandas remaining in the ed States: four in Atlanta, three in Washington, three in San Diego and two in Memphis. 当它们离开的时候,美国就只有12只大熊猫了:亚特兰大四只、华盛顿三只、圣地亚哥三只以及孟菲斯两只。Both the Atlanta zoo and the National Zoo say that they’re preparing for the pandas’ departure. 亚特兰大动物园和国家动物园都表示,他们正在为熊猫的离开做准备。In Washington, a travel crate will soon be placed in Bao Bao’s habitat so she can get used to it. In Atlanta, a crate is aly part of the pandas’ enclosure.在华盛顿,一运输箱将很快被放置在“宝宝”的栖息地,所以她可以去适应它。在亚特兰大,一装货箱已经成为熊猫圈地的一部分。译文属。201610/473019
  • Our next guest is a hardworking third grade teacher,Who just won 0,000.今天 下一位嘉宾是一位辛勤工作的三年级教师 她刚刚赢得了15万美元But what she did with that money.但是她处理这笔钱的方式Got her an invitation to my show from Boston, Massachusetts.使她受到艾伦秀的邀请 来自马塞诸塞州的波士顿Please welcome the amazing girl called Nicole Bohlmann.大家欢迎棒棒的妮可·波乐曼Hello - Hi Well,youre just an amazing woman.大家好 -你好 你真的很出色First of all, teachers, um, I love teachers anyway,首先 你是一名老师 我喜欢老师It is a very important underpaid position.这是一个非常重要却薪资不高的工作I mean, youre, you are so important,I dont know why dont make more money,你们那么重要 我不明白为什么没有赚很多钱But anyway, so, so, how did you,how did you make the 0,000.但是 不管怎样 你是如何 你是如何赢得这15万美元的First,can I just say Im so excited to be here?首先 我想说我非常激动能够来到这里And thank you so much for having me. - You are welcome.非常感谢你邀请我上艾伦秀 -不客气You are such an amazing person, such an inspiration to me.你是个很棒的人 你不断激励着我You are amazing, you are the amazing one.你最棒了 你才是那个最棒的人So I entered a Capital One Facebook Contest called wish for others.我参加了一个在脸书上的比赛 叫做;为他人许愿;And I made my wish that my third grade adorable kids,我许的愿望是 希望我可爱的三年级学生们could have a book to take home with them over the December Break.在12月放寒假的时候 能够带一本书回家And I ended up with winning 0,000. -Right.So you win that.Yes结果我就赢得了15万美元 -真好 于是你就赢得了奖金 是啊 /201512/418564
  • Rural thefts农场里的失窃案On the lamb与羊有关The revival of an old crime旧罪新犯CRIME has been falling in Britain since the mid-1990s, with very few exceptions. Police fret about rising online fraud and phishing scams perpetuated by sophisticated global criminal networks. And then theres sheep rustling.自上世纪九十年代中期起,英国的犯罪率不断下降,只有极少数个案。但警方担心,全球的精密犯罪网络影响下带来的的网络诈骗和网络钓鱼犯罪数量会上升。然后就有了顺手牵羊。Between 2010 and 2011 the cost of thefts of farm animals shot up by 170%, according to NFU Mutual, which insures three-quarters of Britains farmers. They were up again last year, by a more modest 4%, when about 69,000 sheep were stolen. The rise continues, says the insurer. Over the past three years £413,530 (6,000) worth of livestock, mostly sheep, has been stolen in Cumbria. In November police in the north Pennines held a kind of reverse identification parade, asking farmers if any sheep recovered from thieves had been pilfered from their fields.全国农场主联合会保障了全国四分之三的农场主,根据这个联合会的数据,2010年至2011年间,农场畜牧的被窃成本飙升170%。去年,将近6万9千头羊被顺走,被窃成本再次上升了4%。保险公司说,被窃成本还将继续上升。在过去的3年间,坎布里亚郡有将近价值413,530英镑(约合67.6万美元)的牲畜被偷走,而且大部分都是羊。十一月,奔宁山北部的警察举办了一个类似反向识别的游行,问农场主是否有羊从他们的农场被偷走。August is a particularly bad time for thefts, says Steve Marsh of Dorset Police. Lambs are fat and y for slaughter. Thieves rarely have land on which to graze large herds so they need animals y to eat. Most are slaughtered quickly, he reckons, either in makeshift abattoirs or in slaughterhouses willing to overlook the animals lack of paperwork. The meat is then sold illegally. Unlike other easily nickable items, such as DVD players, the price of lamb has risen, making it an appetising option. In the legal market, prices have gone up from £6.77 a kilo in to £7.86, according to Kantar Worldpanel, a research firm.多赛特郡警察局的马什说,八月份是偷窃案极其猖獗的月份。羊羔们都长得肥肥壮壮等着被宰。小偷们没有地方饲养大群牲畜,所以他们需要直接就可以吃的牲口。大部分被偷的牲畜很快就会被宰杀,马什认为,要么是临时屠宰场,要么是非法屠宰厂会接受没有相关件的牲畜。然后肉也会被非法的卖掉。不像其他容易被偷的东西,比如DVD播放器,羊肉价格上涨了,使偷羊成为了一个极有诱惑力的选项。根据消费者指数研究所的数据,在合法的农贸市场,羊肉价格从年的6.77英镑涨到了7.86英镑。The nature of modern farming makes livestock rustling fairly easy. Sheep are often grazed in isolated fields far from the farmstead, or on common land where they are vulnerable to raiders. Farmers can no longer keep constant watch over their flocks. At least 160 sheep were stolen in the village of Wool in Dorset in early November. Police say they were nabbed between 8am on one Saturday and 2.30pm on the following Monday; they can narrow down the time no further.现代化放牧的特性使得偷窃牲畜相当容易。羊群常常在远离农场的一小片单独地域吃草,或聚在易被小偷得手公共草地。农场主已不再频繁看管他们的牧群。11月初,多赛特郡羊毛村至少有160头羊失窃。警方说,盗贼在一周六上午8点到下周一下午两点半之间得手的;而且不能再进一步的准确界定时间范围了。Meanwhile other rural thefts decline. Thieves used to winch tractors onto lorries before taking them to sell in eastern Europe, says Tim Price of NFU Mutual. But security on tractors has improved. Until recently the same key could be used to start vehicles on different farms. Manufacturers have fixed this and also added engine immobilisers. Insurance claims are declining. Stealing scrap metal is harder, too: dealers must now verify sellers identities and are no longer allowed to pay them in cash. Sheep rustling looms larger as a result.同时,其他的农村失窃数量下降了。全国农场主联合会的普莱斯说,盗贼们过去会用绞车将拖拉机拉上卡车,然后卖往东欧地区,但是拖拉机的安全系数有所提高,失窃率也降低了,直到最近同一把钥匙可以开两个不同农场的机动车。生产商已经解决了这个问题,并且还加上了发动机防盗系统。保险申诉变少了。偷金属废料也变得更困难:现在经销商必须要卖家的身份验,而且不再允许用现金付。这样顺手牵羊事件就凸现出来了。The thieves know what they are doing, says Rory Stewart, MP for Penrith and the Border, an area with a rich history of sheep theft (Wat Scott of Harden, a legendary Renaissance rustler, is said to have roared at a haystack: “By my soul, had ye but four feet ye shouldna stand long there”). They understand how to handle the animals and probably use quad bikes to round them up and shepherd them into lorries. They target sheep because unlike cattle, which have electronic ID tags and passports, sheep simply have ear tags which are easy to remove. The shear audacity.边界线附近彭里斯郡在历史上就常常出现羊失窃的事件,下院议员斯图尔特说,小偷知道自己在干什么, 他们知道对付牲口的方法:用四轮车把他们将羊群集合起来,然后再赶进卡车,他们总偷羊,是因为羊不像牛一样有电子身份标签和护照,羊只有简单的耳签,而且还很容易去掉。所以偷羊贼们胆子愈发大了。译者 周雨晴 校对 周晓青 译文属译生译世 /201511/408306
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