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每天必做的十件事(双语) --1 :38:1 来源: Like the old saying, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life," it's never a bad time to start moving your career in a better direction.  就像谚语中说的那样“每一天都是余生的第一天”好的职场规划是必需的  1. Pay Attention in Class 投入精力   Treat every workday like a school day. Be sure you learn something and use it to make yourself more productive. It doesn't have to relate to your skills set. It may be as simple as understanding how to work with specific peers or emotional intelligence. Take mental notes. Don't sleepwalk through the day.  将每一个工作日都当成一个学习日每一天你都需要吸收新的东西,让你自己更有竞争力,不一定都得是硬本领,也可以是与同事相处,控制自己的情绪等等不要浪费时间  . Look the Next Rung 找升职的机会   You need to excel at your job. This is how you gain credibility. But understanding your next step is key to career happiness. Career pathing is critical to remaining engaged on the job. Schedule discussions with your manager to get clarity on the next challenge. If you don't get it on your team or in your company, it may be time to look elsewhere.  你需要将自己的工作做的很优秀,这样你就可以活得信任,但是记住升职是你工作中真正需要的这样你才有可能进一步在自己的职业道路上发展,抑或者是你并不适合自己的领域  3. Understand Company Goals 清楚公司的发展方向   Make sure you understand how your job contributes to your company's business objectives. Are you in a revenue generating role? A brand-awareness role? Is your mission to delight the customer? Knowing how your job fi ts into the big picture will give you inspiration and a sense of accomplishment — and will help you understand your job's impact.  弄清楚你现在所做的工作在你的公司中出于怎样的地位,你是否让公司增值了?还是与客户打交道?  . Be Ethical 诚实可靠   Bring integrity to your job. Whether you're running the company or cleaning its bathrooms, be honest in all you do. Don't call in sick just to get a day off — that's stealing. Put in an honest day's work. Be able. If you're working remotely, be sure you are. Do what you say you're going to do. Honesty and reliability mean a lot to your manager.  全身心投入自己的工作,不论你是公司的经营者,或者只是一个清洁工作者,务必做好你自己的工作,不要谎称生病,诚实面对自己,面对你的工作  5. Stay Fit 注意身体   Try to break a sweat minutes, three days a week. Go a walk at lunch. Join a gym. Lift weights. A healthy body makes a healthy mind. Exercising increases blood flow to the brain and gives you ideas. You'll be more productive at work, and best of all, you'll feel better.  每天花分钟锻炼,或者在午餐时间走走,最好办一张健身卡,锻炼可以加速你的血液循环,让你更好地投入自己的工作  6. Stretch Your Role 关注自己分外的事   Occasionally think how you can go above and beyond. Are there projects outside your defined role you could help with? Be proactive; ask to join. Come up with your own ideas, and work with your manager to implement them. If you're a hamster, step off the wheel and poke your head out of the cage. Stretch a little. This won't go unnoticed.  偶尔想想自己除了现在的事,还可以做些什么,是不是有些不是你岗内的事,要有提前意识,积极争取  7. Manage Up 和上司保持一致   Make sure you and your manager are in firm agreement on what you're doing. Be proactive and get on his calendar to ensure you're meeting or exceeding expectations. Don't assume he's paying close attention. There are bad managers. If there's a disconnect between what you're doing and what your manager wants, you're partly to blame. Don't wait until review time.  要确保自己和管理者在你的工作上达成了一致,知道他心里的最后期限,最好能提前完成他的要求如果你做的和你的上司想的不一样,你很可能被批评  8. Manage Across 和同事保持一致   Even if you work primarily alone, be sure to make time to understand your peers' roles and how they go about their jobs. Show an interest. Don't just choose a few friends and become part of a clique. High school is over. You never know when you may need people — or be reporting to them.  就算是一个你一人承担的工作,弄清楚其他同事的角色,他们都在做些什么  9. Communicate 交流   Don't leave people waiting answers. If you're in an e-mail environment, return e-mails promptly. Let people know what you're doing. If you're working on a project, always ask yourself who needs to know about it, then tell them. Talk to people; give them a heads up. And when someone helps you out, be sure to thank him. It's amazing this even needs to be on a list, but bad communicators abound. Don't be one of them.  不要让别人等着你的如果你可以发电子邮件,及时地回封电子邮件让别人知道你在做什么  . Make Time Play 劳逸结合   Have fun. Work hard, but smile while you're doing it. No one likes a grump. Approach each day with a positive spirit and stay loose. Enjoy your family and friends as well. Make time them — and you. It's called worklife balance. All work and no play makes life a chore.  快乐工作,辛勤工作的同事不要忘记微笑没人喜欢脾气暴躁的人。

经典译文:健康生活之圣诞老人的健康报告 --1 1:59:0 来源: 经典译文Pulling An All-Nighter开夜车The only way Santa to get the job done is to stay up all night on December — and that can lead to some serious health concerns. Sleep loss has a cumulative effect, and Santa has been working hard, likely cutting back on sleep, the entire month preceding Christmas. As people lose sleep, they have problems responding quickly to specific objects.圣诞老人要想把工作做好,唯一的办法就是在月日晚上开夜车而熬夜会引发不少严重的健康隐患睡眠不足会产生累积效应,而圣诞老人又是个勤快人,他要在圣诞节前的一整个月都熬夜工作如果人们缺少足够的睡眠就会导致对特定问题的反应速度减慢That Heavy Sack Of Presents背重物You should never carry something that weighs more than percent of your body weight, especially when one shoulder is taking on most of the burden. In fact, doing so can cause back strains and sprains, muscle pulls, back spasms, difficulty walking and tingling and numbness down the arms and legs.不要背超过自己体重%的重物,尤其不要单肩背背重物会导致背部拉伤和扭伤,肌肉拉伤,背部痉挛,行走困难,感觉刺痛,四肢麻木Excess Weight超重The health risks linked to obesity are well-known, including, among others, Type diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, certain types of cancer and osteoarthritis. And belly fat, in particular, can cause serious health problems, especially among men. Belly fat can increase risk insulin resistance, high triglycerides, heart disease and metabolic syndrome, among other problems — most increased risk happens with a waist size over 0 inches.肥胖的安全隐患众所周知,包括II型糖尿病,冠心病,中风, 高血压,部分癌症和骨关节炎腹部肥胖,尤其是男性,会引发严重的健康问题腹部肥胖会增加胰岛素抵抗力下降的风险,引发高血脂,心脏病和代谢综合症这些健康问题在腰围超过0英寸(尺95,98厘米)的人中尤其多发A Vitamin D Deficiency缺少维生素DLiving with the short days in the North Pole, not to mention working the night shift in December, can cause a serious deficiency of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, which has been linked to several health problems. Santa should aim to take a supplement that provides 1,000 IU of the nutrient. In addition, he should consider increasing his consumption of Vitamin D-rich foods, such as salmon or tified milk.圣诞老人住在日短夜长的北极,在月还要加夜班,这就会使他严重缺乏维生素D维生素D可以通过日晒获得,如果缺少维D,就会引起多种健康问题,圣诞老人每天要多补充00个国际单位的维生素D,还要多吃富含维D的食物,比如鲑鱼和强化奶Shift Work倒班制Santa’s not alone here, more than 8 million Americans perm shift work, which has been linked with serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, ulcers and depression, among others.圣诞老人并不是唯一需要倒班工作的人,在美国有超过800万人的工作都是倒班制倒班工作会引发严重的健康疾病,包括心血管疾病,糖尿病,溃疡,抑郁等词汇点津:stay up 熬夜shift work 倒班。

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面试英语:巧用电梯原则 5句话“点亮”自己 -01- ::38 来源:   Everyone knows how to introduce themselves, right? It's just like those name tags organizers pass out at networking events, "Hello, my name is…" Untunately, a lot of job seekers have a tough time getting beyond that very basic introduction. Sure, they can chat about where they grew up or their favorite book or movie, but when it comes time to say something smart and relevant about their job search interests, it gets a littletricky.   大家都知道怎么做自我介绍吗?大多时候我们都像是给自己贴上宣传标签,“你好,我叫……”,悲剧的是,大部分求职者都很难跳出这个基本的框框当然,他们可以介绍自己来自哪里,或者喜欢的书籍或电影但当要他们表现一番,谈谈工作见地时,一切又好像变得复杂起来   Do you have a pitch about you, your skills, and accomplishments y to use the next time someone asks what you're looking ? While conventional wisdom used to dictate you prepare a two-minute "elevator pitch," most elevator rides don't last two minutes, and most people's attention spans certainly don't.   下次面试官问你想做什么的时候,你能对自己的特长和成就对答如流么?一般情况下你都需要准备一个两分钟的“电梯游说”(小编注:电梯游说又叫电梯法则,即假设你在电梯里,只有30秒的时间来向一位关系公司前途的大客户推广产品且必须成功) 但实际上正如电梯行驶不超过两分钟一样,人的注意力也持续不了这么久   Instead of the two-minute pitch, you should think about how to share relevant inmation about yourself quickly and succinctly so your target audience doesn't have time to start mentally planning out their grocery shopping list while they're waiting you to stop talking about yourself.If you can't introduce yourself to a potential contact in 30 seconds or less, you may miss some important opporties to impress someone important.   与其准备两分钟的自我介绍,你不如好好想想怎么在更短的时间内成功推销自己,这样才不至于使你的听众一边无聊地想着购物清单一边不耐烦地等你结束自我介绍如果你无法在30秒或更短时间内做完自我介绍,那么你将失去给别人留下深刻印象的机会   To create an impressive pitch, know the answers to the following questions:   要做一个让人眼前一亮的自我介绍,先回答以下问题吧:   1. What is your goal or objective?   1.你的目标是什么?   . What do you offer? Identify the skills and accomplishments that make you stand out from other people in your industry.   .你有什么与众不同之处?列举那些能让你脱颖而出的技能和成就   3. What do you do? Include inmation about your goal or objective as it relates to your target audience.   3.你能做什么?谈些让你的听众感兴趣的抱负或目标   . What problems do you solve? Every job description stems from a company's problem or specific need. Make sure you know how your contributions will make a difference the organizations you target.   .你能解决什么问题?每个工作岗位都是为公司的特定需求而设立的一定要知道你能为面试公司做些什么   5. What results do you create? Think about your accomplishments in your current or past positions.   5.你取得过哪些成绩?想想你在现在或过去的工作岗位上所取得的成果   Use this mat to plan your reply:   用这个模板来回答以上问题:   I work with (target audience) to (what problem do you solve). This is how (your results).   我到(贵公司)工作(所能做到的是),以下就是回答效果   I collaborate with non-profit organizations that support women's causes to create, organize, and run fundraising events that raise money from previously untapped donor bases. Last year, we increased donations by more than 50 percent and broke all of our fundraising records.   我和一个非营利组织合作,从潜在的人群中筹集资金,持女性创业去年,我们的筹款增加了50%,打破了历年的筹款记录   Keep in mind: One trick to a successful pitch is to eliminate jargon or other language your target audience won't understand. This is especially important career changers: don't rely on lingo from your previous career to appeal to new networking contacts. Focus your comments to appeal to your new audience and you'll be much more successful impressing them with your knowledge, skills, and abilities.   切记:成功面试的诀窍在于不要让你的面试官听不懂你在说什么这对转行的求职者来说更加重要:在网络面试中不要用你曾经工作领域流行的行话,而应该用自己独到的见地来使你的面试官对你的知识、技能和能力留下深刻的印象   With a well-planned, succinct, targeted introduction, you'll inspire additional conversation with your networking contacts. Prepare to ask a mal meeting to share ideas and insights, but always be y to detail your expertise in-depth and on the spot if someone asks. Always be y to answer questions about how you accomplished your goals and solved problems in the past and to explain how those experiences make you a good fit your targeted opporty.   有了一个精心准备的、简洁的和有针对性的自我介绍,你将会引起面试官交流的兴趣你也可以问问是否能够见面谈谈自己的想法,同时也要做好回答问题的准备,并给出让人印象深刻的时刻准备好回答这些问题,比如你所取得的成就,你过去解决的问题以及为什么这些经验使你成为最佳人选。

Twitter also sent out an apology because all of the retweeting disrupted service more than minutes after pm ET.。