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昆明整形外科医院云南省人民医院做红色胎记手术多少钱昆明医学院附属延安医院激光去胎记多少钱 Jessica: Ashley, when you went to Kenya did you do a safari?杰西卡:阿什莉,你去肯尼亚的时候有去游猎吗?Ashley: Yes, it was incredible. Uh, we went of a five day safari. We were up every morning at 4:30 in the morning, um, to watch the animals and then we would have all day to kind of sit back and do nothing and then wed go on another animal drive in the evening because thats when the animals are eating, so cause its so hot in the day that they come out at dawn and dusk to graze. It was incredible. When we first started out, we werent even in the national park, we were on our way to the park, and we saw some zebras and we were screaming at our safari driver,;Stop! Stop! Theres zebras! Theres Zebras!; And hes like, ;Uh!;, hes like,;Youll be sick of zebras by the end; and we were so sure, like there was no way, we will never be sick of zebras. We will never be sick of zebras animals, its just, its just to foreign, to incredible to us, but by the end we were like,;Uh, another zebra; No, Im kidding, I mean still, it was incredible. We saw just lions and the whole thing, giraffes. Uh, to see giraffes run. Their necks, are just this wave. Its beautiful, so beautiful.阿什莉:去了,非常棒。嗯,我们参加了一个为期五天的游猎行程。我们早上4点半就起床去看动物了,之后我们就可以有一天的时间什么都不做,放松一下,之后晚上的时候我们可以再去观赏其他的动物,那是动物觅食的时间,因为白天太热了,所以他们都在黎明或黄昏时分出来活动觅食。那真是太不可思议了。刚开始的时候,我们都还没有进入国家公园,我们就在去公园的路上就看到了斑马,我们对这趟游猎的司机喊道:“停车!停车!是斑马!是斑马!”他当时说,“行程结束的时候你们会厌倦斑马的”,而我们非常确定,我们是绝对不会厌倦斑马的。我们绝不会对斑马感到厌倦,这对外国人来说,对我们来说简直太不可思议了,但是行程结束的时候,我们只是说,“哦,另一只斑马”。不是啦,我开个玩笑。我的意思是,那仍然令人难以置信。我们在整个行程中看到了狮子还有长颈鹿。嗯,看到了长颈鹿奔跑。它们跑起来的时候脖子就这样动。非常非常漂亮。Jessica: So were you most impressed with the giraffe or?杰西卡:那令你印象最深的是长颈鹿还是别的什么?Ashley: No, probably the lions. I mean, their the king. Just, we saw thirty different lions. It was, it was something out of a fairly tale. It was incredible. We even saw, we didnt see them make a kill but we saw them eating a kill, which was quite disgusting, but it was incredible to watch because there was a male lion who was, I guess he had aly eaten cause you know the men eat first and then they let their families eat, but there was another male, we were trying to figure out the dynamic of it because he wouldnt, the one male was keeping the other one away and keeping him away so his cubs could eat and they were kind of fighting, growling, I mean we were only ten feet away from them, not even that, like five feet. We were right there. It smelled cause it was a dead, I dont know, buffalo. It was gross. But it was incredible.阿什莉:不是,印象最深的可能是狮子。我的意思是,它们可是森林之王啊。我们大概看到了30种不同的狮子。它们就像从童话故事里走出来的一样。真令人难以置信。我们并没有看到它们捕杀的场景,但是我们看到了它们吃捕杀到的动物的场景,那非常恶心,不过看到这样的场景也很不可思议,因为那有一只雄性狮子,我想它已经吃过了,因为你知道雄性狮子吃完以后才会让家人吃,但是那里还有一只雄性狮子,我们试图弄明白它是不是还活着,因为它都不动,那只雄性狮子驱赶另一只雄性狮子,让它的孩子得以吃饭,它们进行了打斗,一直在咆哮,我的意思是我们离它们只有10英尺的距离,可能都没有,只有大概5英尺的距离。我们就在那里。我们能闻到味道,可能因为它已经死了,我也不知道,那是一只水牛。那场面有点恶心。不过的确不可思议。 /201311/2644749. Can I knock off early?我可以提前下班吗?还能这样说:Can I ring it out in advance?Could I punch out early?应用:knock the worry 摆脱忧愁;knock such notions 给人以深刻的观念;knock sth. on the head 破坏某事10. That gives me no other option but to walk.我别无选择,只能走路。还能这样说:I have no choice but to walk.I have nothing to take but to walk.应用:have no option but to (do) 除了……以外没有它法,只好;leave to ones option 任意选择;make ones option 进行选择11. I usually go to work by bus while I get off work on foot.我坐公交车上班,下班走路回家。还能这样说:I often take a bus to work, but I walk to go home.I usually go to office by bus; however I go home on foot.谚语:Better to slip with the foot than with the tongue.宁可失足,不可失言。12. Just give me a minute to log out.给我一分钟的时间退出电脑系统。还能这样说:Please leave me one minute to close the computer.I should pull out of the computer system for a minute.应用:You roll my log and Ill roll yours.你帮我,我也帮你;互相吹嘘(标榜)。 /201410/337717安宁市鼻梁鼻头鼻根要多少费用

昆明医学院附属韩辰医院丰胸多少钱嘉宾:Debbie Mason 话题:Life changes 年龄与梦想单词拼写: 1、Guernsey:a British islet belongs to the Channel Islands famous for its dairy food. 2、Patients:who are diagnosed with illness 3、Cider:apple juice /apple drink重点俚语: 1、The wrong peg in the wrong hole:what is wrongly matched or not fit 2、Farmers’ market:where organic products are available for sale by farmers问题: 1、How long had Fenella felt that she was the wrong peg in the wrong hole? 2、What does she say her main interest was? 3、How long has she been making cheese? 4、What does her husband do? 5、What does she say she smells of all the time? : 1、Fenella had felt that she was the wrong peg in the wrong hole by 20 years, though she loved the patients, she thought she should be a self employer, did not like to be a part in a huge organization.. 2、She says her main interest was food, as she had no land to grow apple trees, make cider, so she decided to make cheese. 3、She’s been making cheese for 2 years . 4、Her husband is an accountant. 5、She says she smells of sour milk all the time . /201311/263930昆明奥美定手术哪家好 场景设置:→初次见面1.Hello!你好!还可说成:Hey!Hi!应用:hello常用于比较正式的场合;Hi用语比较熟悉的人之间,比hello要随意一些;hey是熟人之间更随意的问候语,如果用在不是很熟悉的人之间,就显得不太礼貌。2.Nice to meet you.很高兴认识你还可说成:Glad to meet you!How nice to meet you!应用:met除了有“遇见,碰见;认识”的意思之外,常用的意思还有“满足;符合;运动会”等。如:To be a hostess, one have to meet certain physical standard. 要成为一名空,需要达到一定的身体标准。3.How do you do?你好吗?还可说成:How are you?How are you doing?谚语:Do in Rome as the Romans do. 入乡随俗4.Let me introduce myself.请允许我介绍一下自己还可说成:May I introduce myself?Allow me to introduce myself.应用:introduce oneself 自我介绍;be introduced into 被传入5.Can you introduce her to me?你能把她介绍给我吗?还可说成:Id like to know more about her.Has she ever been introduced? /201209/198088昆明吸脂抽脂脂肪溶脂要多少费用

石林县人民医院整形 Winter:So many qualities别致情趣的冬天Well, winter has begun!嗯,冬天已经开始了!And unless you are a bear and can hibernate for a long time, there is nowhere to run.除非你是冬眠很长一段时间的一只熊,不然你无处可逃。It can be avoided, so we might as well enjoy it.这是可以避免的,所以我们不妨享受它。I think every season is special.我认为每一个季节都是非常特别的。Each has its own flavours and colors and smells.每个季节都有自己的情趣、颜色和气味。I dont like it when my hands are really, really cold,我不喜欢我的手非常,非常冷,but I like eat hot sweet potatoes right from the fire with my friends.但是我喜欢与我的朋友们一起享用刚从火中取出烤好的红薯。I dont like it when my ears are stinging from the chilly wind,我不喜欢我的耳朵受到寒风的侵袭,but I like to listen to Christmas carols.但我喜欢听圣诞颂歌。I dont like it when I slip on the ice and bruise my butt,我不喜欢在冰上滑倒,屁股受伤,but I like to take a box and slide down a hillside.但是我喜欢拿个盒子,从山坡上滑下。I generally dont enjoy shopping that much,一般我不喜欢购物,but I love it when my kiss’s eyes light up when they open their gifts.但是我很喜欢当他们打开礼物后自己接受热情亲吻的感觉。Winter is a time to be grateful.冬天是一个应当心存感激的季节。I know there are people who have much less than I do.我知道有些人比我做的少得多。It’s a good time to give those you know and dont know.这是一个很好给那些你了解和不了解的时间。It’s a time to reflect... and maybe do a little extra for those in need.这是一个用来反省的季节…也许是额外为那些需要的人而准备。Talk about it:谈论下面的话题:Whats your favorite season?你最喜欢的季节是什么?Waht do you think of winter?你认为冬天如何?What do you enjoy about winter?你喜欢冬天什么?What do you not enjoy about it?你不喜欢它什么?Do you enjoy the holidays in winter?你喜欢在冬天的节日吗?What do you do on those holidays?你在那些假期会干什么?Do you eat differently in winter?你在冬天会吃的有所不同吗?How do you dress differently?你的穿衣打扮在冬天会如何不同?Some animals hibernate in winter. how does your rountine changes in winter?有些动物在冬天会冬眠。你冬天会做何改变?What activities do you do in winter that you are not able to do the rest of the year?你在冬天会做什么你认为在一年中其他时间中无法做到的活动? /201204/177946昆明医院去胎记多少钱昆明整容医院有哪些是公立的



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