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The names of Steven Spielberg and Halle Berry alone would make Extant, CBS’ new summer sci-fi drama, a must-watch. Their latest collaboration proves not only the magic of the talented duo, but also shows how delicate and inventive a summer series can be.史蒂文#86;斯皮尔伯格担任担任监制,奥斯卡影后哈莉#86;贝瑞担任主演,光凭这两个人名就足以使CBS暑期档科幻新剧《传世成为一部必追之作该剧不仅展现出这两位天才合作的魔力,更用事实明暑期剧也可以如此制作精良、匠心独具The Spielberg-produced series begins when astronaut Molly Woods (Halle Berry) returns home after a -month-long solo mission in space. While she’s struggling to fit back in with her family — scientist husband John and their “son” Ethan, an artificial intelligence robot created by John — Woods’ doctor drops a bomb: she’s pregnant.电视剧围绕宇航员莫莉#86;伍兹(哈莉#86;贝瑞饰)与身为天才科学家的丈夫约翰,以及他们的“儿子”——由约翰发明的人工智能机器人伊森展开剧集伊始,莫莉刚刚独自执行完为期个月的太空任务,回到家中;就在她努力想要回归家庭时,她的医生却告诉她一个可怕的消息:她竟然怀了!The show’s high-concept mystery at its center is quite intriguing, but judging by an early look at things after three episodes (the series premiered on July 9), what drives Extant isn’t the who’s-the-daddy mystery, but the show’s ideas.虽然《传世的高概念悬疑备受争议,但是从前三集(该剧于7月9日首播)中可以看出,该剧的主线并非“谁是孩子他爸”这一谜团,《传世的理念才是重点First, it establishes with several quick cues that you’re looking at the future: driverless cars, bathroom mirrors that turn into television screens at a touch, and garbage cans that compact trash elegantly.首先,该剧提供了未来生活的诸多展望:无人驾驶汽车,指尖轻触就能变成电视屏幕的浴室镜,以及可优雅压缩垃圾的垃圾桶Extant also combines a lot of sci-fi premises we’ve seen bee. example, Woods’ predicament, explored through flashbacks to her lonely time working in space, is reminiscent of 01: A Space Odyssey (1968), with a touch of Gravity () thrown in. There’s also the corporate conspiracy that recalls Alien (1979), and the series’ main plot is straight from Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence (01).其次,《传世还借鉴了大量其他科幻影片的元素,比如剧中关于伍兹在太空独自工作的种种窘境的镜头,让我们不由想起1968年的《01太空漫游以及年上映的《万有引力而剧中关于集团阴谋的情节则让人们想起1979年的电影《异形,而整个故事的主线则直接来自斯皮尔伯格01年的《人工智能Those ideas may not be new, but the creators deserve credit trying to revive this kind of classic sci-fi mystery, which it is hard to find new ideas .虽然这些元素略显老套,但是能再现这些经典的科幻悬疑元素本身就可圈可点,毕竟要想到新创意实属不易It’s way too soon to say whether the show will work out, but it’s promising that the early episodes seem confident enough to play it cool and create an atmosphere, rather than directly giving audiences many “wow” moments.该剧能否大获成功尚未可知,它展现的绝不是单纯几处惊艳瞬间,仅前几集就将氛围营造得恰到好处,引人致胜Despite starring an Oscar-winning actress, the first three episodes don’t offer many shining moments Berry, whose permance is reserved and quiet. But of course, Berry’s star quality is enough to keep us riveted and waiting whatever twist comes next.尽管该剧由奥斯卡影后担任主演,但前三集中并没有给贝瑞太多出的机会,相反,她的表演平静而克制但是,贝瑞的高超演技足以让我们继续关注该剧,静待剧情发展In the end, Extant may be going where many other sci-fi stories have gone bee, but a summer network drama, it’s at least trying to take a slightly different path. It certainly has the potential to be extant throughout the hot months.最后,《传世或许和许多科幻剧一样,但是对于一部夏季档网络剧而言,它至少尝试做了些微改变当然,《传世也有可能在这个炎热的夏季大放光 398

Actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga have led the winners at this year Golden Globe awards.莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥和嘎嘎在今年金球奖拔得头筹The actor - who is heavily tipped his first Oscar this year - won the gong best actor in a film drama his role in The Revenant, beating rivals including Eddie Redmayne who was nominated The Danish Girl.莱昂纳多凭借他在《荒野猎人中的演出斩获最佳男演员奖项,打败了埃迪·雷德梅尼等劲敌埃迪凭借在《丹麦女孩中的演出获得金球奖提名坊间盛传小李子有望在今年夺得他人生中第一座奥斯卡奖杯DiCaprio received a pat on the back from producer Harvey Weinstein and a standing ovation from the crowd as he collected the award best actor in a drama The Revenant.当小李子上台领取奖杯时,制片人哈维·韦恩斯坦兴奋地拍拍他的背,全场观众起立为他喝Arriving at the stage, he said: ;What an incredible honour, that meant a lot. Two years ago we found ourselves submerged deep in nature with all its complications and all the beauty that it gave us cinematically.站在舞台中央,莱昂纳多发言说:“这是无上的荣誉,对我意义重大两年前当我们置身于荒野当中拍摄电影,我们深深地被大自然的美丽和庞杂所感染;This film was about survival, adaptation and the triumph of the human spirit and more importantly it was about trust.”“这部电影讲述的是在荒野中求生存、适应自然以及人文精神的胜利,更重要的主题是信任”Pop superstar Gaga also took home the award best actress in a limited television series or movie her role as the villainous Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel. The Born This Way singer made an emotional speech as she was awarded a Golden Globe her role in the HBO hit.流行天后嘎嘎凭借她在HBO热门短剧《美国恐怖故事:旅馆中扮演的反面角色获得了最佳女主角的奖杯当她上台领奖时,她的情绪很激动She said she wanted to be an actress bee becoming a singer, but explained that ;music worked out first; bee adding: ;I feel like Cher in the film Moonstruck. It like one of the great moments of my life.;她称自己在成为歌手前本来是想当演员的,不过她的音乐事业先获得了成功她还说“我感觉自己就像电影《月色撩人中的雪儿这是我人生中最精的时刻之一”Kate Winslet also won the Golden Globe best supporting actress a movie her role in Steve Jobs. The actress remained in her seat looking dumbfounded after she was named best supporting actress in a film her portrayal of Joanna Hoffman in Steve Jobs.凯特·温丝莱特凭借她在电影《乔布斯中扮演的乔安娜·霍夫曼一角斩获金球奖最佳女配角奖项当她听到自己获奖时,她目瞪口呆地坐在椅子上不敢相信She said: ;I am extremely surprised and overwhelmed. I just want to start by saying what an incredible year women in film. These categories are so crowed and crammed with incredible integrity and skill and I feel prouder than ever to be included.;她说:“我实在太惊讶了,简直是受宠若惊我想说的是这一年对于影坛女性是极不平凡的一年各个奖项的角逐者的品格和演技都是那么出众,能够入选让我倍感骄傲”Matt Damon was named best actor in a comedy or musical motion picture his role as a stranded astronaut in The Martian.马特·达蒙凭借他在《火星救援中扮演的被困宇航员一角而荣获喜剧类最佳男主角奖项Jennifer Lawrence also took home the gong best actress in a movie her role in the critical darling Joy.詹妮弗·劳伦斯也凭借她在《奋斗的乔伊中的表演喜获最佳女主角奖项Rachel Bloom burst into tears as she won best lead in a comedy or musical TV show while Amazon show Mozart In The Jungle was another surprise victor at the awards show when it was named best TV comedy.当瑞秋·布鲁姆听闻自己赢得喜剧类电视最佳女主角奖项时,喜极而泣亚马逊节目《丛林中的莫扎特也意外斩获最佳剧集奖项The Martian was named best comedy or musical motion picture.《火星救援获评喜剧音乐类最佳影片Revenge epic The Revenant was named best drama picture and DiCaprio and Inarritu walked to the stage to collect it together.复仇史诗电影《荒野猎人获评剧情类最佳影片小李子和导演伊纳里图一同上台领奖Inarritu said: ;I got to thank all the native Americans who made this film possible. I cannot say how surprised I am and how proud I am to have survived this film with all these fellows.;伊纳里图表示:“我差点忘记感谢所有参与拍摄的美国印第安人了,没有他们,这部电影不可能拍摄出来我能够和这些人一起活着拍完这部电影,心中的惊喜和骄傲难以用语言表达” 03

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