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Number 1, high fructose corn syrup第一 HFCSand corn syrup are the same. The truth is that和玉米糖浆是一回事corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup are different.真实情况是两者是不同的They are made from different components它们由不同的成分构成and serve different functions. Corn syrup is made up of有着不同的用途,玉米糖浆主要有葡萄糖构成mainly glucose and it does not taste sweet它的味道不是甜的and it is used most often as a thickener.通常用来做增稠剂Conversely high fructose corn syrup is made of不同的是 HFCS是由almost equal parts glucose and fructose葡萄糖和果糖以几乎相同的比例构成and is largely used as a sweetener as well as大多数时候被用作增甜剂other functions discussed on the previous slides.和其它我们已经在之前讨论过的用途Number 2, high fructose corn syrup is to blame第二 HFCS要为过度肥胖的负责for obesity. Theres currently a lot of media attention现在很多媒体将注意力on high fructose corn syrup and much of it is trying to集中在HFCS上place the blame for obesity on this ingredient.总是力图把肥胖的罪责怪在它身上The truth is that high fructose corn syrup as well as真相是 HFCS和其它any other single food ingredient is单个食物成分not uniquely responsible for obesity.并不是造成肥胖的重要原因Rather obesity is the imbalance of肥胖是卡路里的不平衡导致的calories when a person consumes more calories than当人们摄入的卡路里which they are burning. When this imbalance occurs比身体需要的卡路里要多,当不平衡产生时the body stores the unused calories as fat身体就会以脂肪的形式囤积没有消耗的卡路里which over time leads to overweight and later obesity.时间一长就导致了超重甚至后来的过度肥胖Additionally the US Department of Agriculture data此外,美国农业部数据显示shows that composition of high fructose当过度肥胖的概率corn syrup has declined while rates正在提高时of obesity continue to increase.Number 3,HFCS合成物的使用却在减少sugar is healthier than high fructose corn syrup.第三,蔗糖要比HFCS更加健康As mentioned before sugar and high fructose corn syrup就像之前提到的are nearly identical in composition. They are processed蔗糖和HFCS的成分组成几乎是一致的the same in your body and contain the same number of它们在人体内以相同的方式运作calories per gram. Your body cannot tell每克所产生的卡路里数量相同the difference between the two.你的身体是无法区分这两者的Number 4, high fructose corn syrup is high in fructose.第四 HFCS的果糖含量高As youve learned high fructose corn syrup就像之前了解的is approximately half glucose and half fructose.HFCS几乎是一半果糖,一半葡萄糖The name high fructose corn syrup was given将它命名为高果糖玉米糖浆because the parent product corn syrup has virtually是因为原始的玉米糖浆不含果糖no fructose and is not sweet. So when the newer product而且没有甜味was developed from corn syrup they named所以,人们将这个从玉米糖浆发展来的the product high fructose corn syrup because新产品命名为高果糖玉米糖浆by comparison to corn syrup the new product因为与玉米糖浆相比has a higher amount of fructose.它有更高的果糖含量The final misconception is that high fructose最后一个误区是HFCScorn syrup blocks the bodys ability to know阻碍人体得知自己已经吃饱when it is full. Studies have shown研究表明that there is no difference in satiety,在摄入HFCS,蔗糖和牛奶后the feeling of being full, or energy intake饱腹感或者能量摄取量after consumption of high fructose corn syrup,都没有区别sucrose or milk. So once again所以,再一次强调there is no difference. After learning它们是没有区别的all this information whats the bottom line在了解这些信息之后about what you need to remember about我们需要记住high fructose corn syrup? High fructose corn syrupHFCS的本质is in essence the same as table sugarHFCS在本质上与蔗糖相同and should be consumed in moderation just as就像所有甜味剂都应该摄入适度一样you should consume all sweeteners in moderation.HFCS也应该摄入适度The dietary guidelines of 2005 recommend2005年的膳食指南建议e ;a healthy eating plan is one that is low健康饮食应该少量摄取在饱和脂肪in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt and反式脂肪,胆固醇,盐分和糖类添加剂added sugars. High fructose corn syrupHFCS可以被视为can be thought of as one of these added sugars.;糖类添加剂的一种201509/399794Caterpillar and Snail同理心的力量--毛虫哥与蜗牛的故事In the garden, theres a caterpillar and a snail, and theyre basically best friends. They hang out 24/7. They do dinner, movie nights, crafts, oh, and theyre, like, really into cosplay on top of, like, whatever else caterpillars and snails do, like, eat leaves or something.花园里,有一只毛毛虫和一只蜗牛,它们基本上算最好的麻吉。它们二十四小时都混在一起。它们一起吃晚餐、看电影、做手工艺 ,噢,而且它们真的很迷角色扮演,除了其它毛毛虫和蜗牛都会做的事之外,像是,吃树叶还是什么的。Anyways, one day theyre on their way to a party thats right outside the garden, and they have to go through the fence to get there. So the caterpillar goes right through, but the snail is stuck. Her shell is just too big and it wont fit under the wire, so shes like, ;Crap! I cant get through! Maybe, like, can you lift up the wire, or maybe we can build a little bridge or something?; And the caterpillars like, ;Dude, just go under.; But she cant. Theres just no way that the shell is gonna fit.总之,有一天它们在前往花园外的派对的路上,而它们得穿过围篱才能到那。毛毛虫直接过去,但蜗牛卡住了。她的壳太大,那穿不过铁网下面,所以她就像这样说:“糟糕!我过不去!或许,你可以抬起铁丝网,或是我们也许可以建个小桥还是什么的?”毛毛虫这样回答:“好哥儿们,从底下过去就是了。”但蜗牛她没办法。那壳根本不可能过得去。And the caterpillars like, ;Go under, come on. Were gonna be late, and Im trying to hook up with that super cute ladybug.; But its not happening. The shell will not fit under the wire, and at this point, Snails getting kinda frustrated because its not like she doesnt wanna go to the party, but for some reason, Caterpillar just isnt getting it.毛毛虫就像这样说:“从底下过,快啊。我们要迟到了,我可是要试着把那只超可爱的瓢虫耶。”但蜗牛过不去。壳没办法从铁丝网下过去,此刻,蜗牛感到有点挫败,因为又不是说她不想要去派对,但因为某种原因,毛毛虫就是无法理解。;Yeah...its not that easy for me. I just cant crawl under the fence like you can, so I would really appreciate your help here. Maybe we can, like, go a different way, or the...; And this just, like, sets the caterpillar off.“是啊...这对我来说没那么容易。我就是没办法像你那样从围篱底下爬过去,所以我会非常感谢你此时此地的帮忙。或许我们可以,像是,走别条路,或者...”然后这就把毛毛虫惹火了。;What the heck! Just because I can crawl under stuff doesnt mean that I have it easy. Do you even know what its like to have 16 feet?! You dont, because finding shoes is a complete nightmare.;“搞什么!只因为我可以从那玩意底下爬过去不代表对我来说就很容易。你知道有 16 只脚是怎样吗?!你不知道,因为找鞋子是场全然的噩梦。”;Whoa, whoa, whoa, Im not saying you have it easy. Im just saying I cant go under the fence because of my shell, thats it. I have a shell and you dont, and theres some stuff thats easier for you thats harder for me, just like, I dont know jack about finding shoes because I dont have feet!;“哇、哇、哇...我不是说对你来讲很容易。我只是说,因为我的壳的关系,我没办法从围篱底下过去,就这样。我有壳而你没有,有些对你来说比较容易的事对我来说比较困难,就像是,我压根不了解找鞋子这回事,因为我没有脚!”Caterpillar thinks about this for a second and realizes the snail is right. I mean, hes never had to think about shells or slimy trails, and thats a privilege that the snail has never had because she has to think about that stuff all the time. Thats part of being a snail. And its kind of like that for everyone, right?毛毛虫想了会,发现蜗牛是对的。我是说,他从来不用考虑壳或是黏答答的足迹,但那是蜗牛从未享有的特权,因为她必须时时刻刻想着那玩意。那是当一只蜗牛的一部分。而对大家来说都有点像那样,对吧?I mean, we all have our own struggles and challenges, and some of them are small, and some of them are huge and really unfair and beyond our control. And a lot of the time, it can be hard to see what someone else deals with because youve never been in their shoes...or shell. I mean, like, maybe youre gay, or trans, have a disability, or different religion, or, of course, the obvious one, youre a member of a different race. I dont know what its like to be you, and you dont know what its like to be me. So its really important to stop and try and see the other side so we can help each other overcome those obstacles together. Its like sometimes youre the snail, and sometimes youre the caterpillar.我是说,我们都有我们自己的挣扎和挑战,那些事有些微不足道,有些则很庞大、且非常不公平、又超出我们的控制。很多时候,可能很难看见别人面临的困难,因为你从未处在他们的立场...或壳里。我是说,像是,可能你是同性恋,或跨性别者,有缺陷,或有不同的宗教信仰,或者,当然,很显然的那一个,你是属于不同种族的一员。我不知道身为你是怎样,而你也不知道身为我是怎样。所以停下来并试着看另一面是非常重要的,这样我们才可以同心协力帮助彼此克那些困难。这就像有时候你是那只蜗牛,但有时候你是那只毛毛虫。Oh yeah, okay so, then the snail and the caterpillar figured out that if they went to the other side of the garden, they could get through a little break in the fence. And while it took a little longer to get to the party, they did the trip together, which is what made it so great. So they got to the party. The caterpillar hooked up with the little ladybug. Snail taught everyone how to do the Wobble, and the party was everything.没错,好啦所以,接着蜗牛和毛毛虫想到,如果它们去花园的另一边,它们就可以从围篱的小缝隙穿过去。虽然花了比较多时间才到派对,但它们一起完成这旅程,那就是让这旅程如此美好的事物。所以它们抵达派对。毛毛虫和小瓢虫调情。蜗牛教所有人跳摇摆舞,派对棒呆了。The End结束This is illustrated by the very talented and lovely Kat Blaque, and written and narrated by yours truly, Chescaleigh. Please check out Kats channel and dont forget to subscribe. Byeee!这部影片是由才华洋溢又可爱的 Kat Blaque 绘制,由你真挚的 Chescaleigh 写下以及配旁白。请看看 Kat 的频道,还有别忘了订阅喔。掰掰!201511/408612


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