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The Motor City Blight Busters are developing Veterans Village Center, which provides housing for veterans and the opportunity to work with their organization.The Center is currently under renovation. Its located in Northwest Detroit near other properties owned by Blight Busters.John George is founder and president of Motor City Blight Busters. The non-profit has a 25-year record of working to stabilize and revitalize Detroit through partnerships and volunteer efforts.Veterans Village Center is a partnership with ed Peace Relief, an organization that works with veterans to provide disaster relief around the country.George says, ;The disaster of Detroit, it took 50 years, a lot of times people dont feel its equivalent to a tornado or a hurricane but it is, and whats nice is the vets are working with us, basically using Detroit as a boot camp, to train the vets so when a disaster does strike, they could head out and help out.;George describes the veterans as having a leadership position within Blight Busters. The veterans help to organize the 10,000 volunteers that work with the organization annually along with working with youth in the area.;Its really a great opportunity for them to continue to serve and help locally.;201507/384974

  London Fashion Week伦敦时装周Rags to riches朱门华裳British fashion is becoming more hard headed英国时尚产业跨入高端大气上档次时代The Delevingne effect卡拉·迪瓦伊的美女效应WITH its whirl of frocks, models and million-dollar deals London Fashion Week has always been rather a closeted affair, accessible to few. Amateur fashionistas have had to wait for glossy magazines and blogs to tell them what to wear next. But at the second of Londons biannual fairs, which ran from September 13th to 17th, that was starting to change. Around half the shows were live-streamed to the internet and TV channels with bulletins broadcast to commuters waiting at underground Tube stops. A free pop-up cinema screened fashion-themed films.按照以往的惯例,伦敦时装周是裙裾飞扬的大牌成衣、魅惑性感的T台模特和投资上百万美元共同打造出的一场仅为极少数土豪奉上的时尚盛宴,而至于那些不入流的时尚人士则只能从铜版纸装订的时尚杂志和时尚达人的客中得知下一季的流行趋势。但是从9月13日至17日的这场时装周作为伦敦今年举行的两场中的第二场,则开始有了些许的变化。约有半数的秀场通过网络和电台进行直播,那些想和土豪做朋友的小伙伴们甚至可以在地铁站候车点的公告牌前、影院观影前荧幕弹出的时尚主题短片中观看走秀。This push to bring Fashion Week to a wider audience is likely to pay off. Though unaffordable to most shoppers, high fashion is the beating heart of high-street retail. More wearable versions of the transparent outfits that entertained audiences in London this month will soon appear in shops up and down the country. In the week following last Septembers shows, online fashion sales were up 45%, according to Ve Interactive, an e-commerce firm. Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council (BFC), which organises Fashion Week, expects that the digital buzz surrounding the event will push buyers orders well beyond £100m (0m).该做法的确为时装周吸引了大批消费受众群体,尽管对多数消费者来说要买的起这些时装至少要卖个肾,但这些高端时尚却是那些他们可以消费得起的高街品牌(如ZARA、BERSHKA或MANGO)的设计源动力。至于在本月秀场上的一系列令台下观众喜大普奔的透视时装将陆续出现在英国小伙伴们生活当中。据电子商务公司龙头企业——Ve Interactive的数据显示,九月时装周后一周的时间内,在线时装交易额同比上涨了45%。负责时装周运行的英国时装理事会(British Fashion Council)首席执行官卡洛琳·拉什(Caroline Rush)推测数字化的环境将推动超过一亿英镑(折合一亿六千万美元)的订单交易生成。The changes seen at the shows are part of a wider effort to bring a businesslike approach to British fashion. London has long been feted as a breeding ground for brilliant designers. Many of them, including John Galliano and Alexander McQueen, trained at Central St Martins, a college known for turning out skilful originals. But a tendency to focus on art over business has meant that too many designers have failed to make the most of their critical acclaim. London Fashion Week has long been seen as the tiddler of the “big four” global shows, overshadowed by the spectacles in Milan, New York and Paris.时装秀观看模式的改变是英国时尚产业商业化的一场巨大变革。伦敦向来被誉为是盛产高富帅设计师之地,知名设计师包括John Galliano和Alexander McQueen等,他们均毕业于培养高技术水平设计师的英国圣马丁艺术学院(Central St Martins),但这种艺术形式商业化使得多数设计师都无法正确处理好外界的褒奖,无法从中真正获益。事实上,伦敦时装周一直以来都处于全球四大时装周之末流,与米兰、纽约、巴黎三大巨头的时装盛宴相比,实在太过逊色。The BFC wants to change that. Since , when it appointed Ms Rush (its first full-time chief executive) the council has pushed to make young designers more market savvy and encourage greater investment in fashion. In January it appointed a new chairman, Natalie Massenet, the American creator of Net-a-Porter, an online fashion shop that last year saw sales of 368m, as its chairman. Ms Massenet has said she wants to stop ;business; being seen as a dirty word in fashion.英国时装理事会(BFC)为了改变这一处境,自年起任命拉什女士为首位全职首席执行官后,便极力让设计师新秀们敏锐捕捉市场需求并且鼓励他们多多投资时尚事业。而理事会今年一月上任的新任主席—娜塔莉·马斯奈(Natalie Massenet)是全球化奢侈品网上专卖店Net-a-Porter的创办者,该网站去年创下了368,000,000英镑的交易额。马斯奈女士表示受任为该理事会的主席是想改变“商业运作”在时尚圈的恶名。That may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Britains fashion business adds about £21 billion to GDP. Oxford Economics, a consultancy, reckons that a good chunk of this is retail. But from designing clothes to selling them, fashion employs more people than any other creative industry in Britain. The designer end of clothes making has done especially well, growing 20% a year over the past decade. An increasing number of British designers have set their sights on overseas markets, especially in Asia. Paul Smith, for example, plans to open 20 new stores in China in the next five years. Attracting foreign talent, meanwhile, may soon be made easier with the introduction of a “London visa” for talented designers.事实也没有像马斯奈女士所说的那样严重,实际上,英国时尚产业为其国民生产总值增收210亿英镑。作为提供经济顾问机构的牛津经济研究院(Oxford Economics)日前表示该项收入很大程度来源于蓬勃发展的装零售业。从装的设计到销售,整个过程相比于其他创造型产业为英国民众提供了更多就业岗位,最为出众的是装设计师行业,其以每十年20%的增幅不断上涨,越来越多的设计师小伙伴们将目光对准了海外市场,尤其是盛产“大妈”的亚洲。据知名时尚品牌Paul Smith计划,中国在未来五年将陆续迎接其20家专门店的开幕。与此同时,英国或为引进海外人才而对杰出设计师放宽申请“伦敦签”的政策。(伦敦签——有才的你,值得拥有~)The renaissance of British fashion has been given a boost by some new ambassadors. The “Middleton effect”—a bump in sales attributed to the Duchess of Cambridges fashion choices—has had a beneficial effect on British brands in America. A new crop of British models, among them Cara Delevingne, bestrides the international catwalk. Now Boris Johnson, the floppy-haired mayor of London, has joined the campaign. At a fashion shoot to promote British menswear this summer he could not remember who designed the suit he was wearing but his words were on message. “London is to the suit”, he said, “as Parma is to the Parmesan cheese”.英国时尚再卷狂潮,新来的几位大使功不可没。—剑桥公爵夫人(Duchess of Cambridge)的时尚穿衣品味带动了美国发展的英国本土品牌,这就是所谓的“米德尔顿效应”(亦可称“公爵夫人效应”);英国模特后起之秀中的佼佼者,卡拉·迪瓦伊(Cara Delevingne)也在世界T台上掀起浪潮;而现如今伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)顶着他那头标志性的蓬乱金发也加入到该行列中。在今年夏季召开的一场提升英国男士装知名度的时装发布会上,这位不知道自己定制西装的设计者姓甚名谁的市长大人却讲出了“伦敦之于西装,恰如帕尔马至于帕马森干酪”。译者:尤熠 校对:徐珍 译文属译生译世 /201512/414510



  Robert Owen, a British mill-owner and reformer, treated private property, along with organised religion and marriage, as a social scourge. In 1825 he bought land for a farm-and-factory commune in Indiana. It attracted farmers, artisans and intellectuals. Tools, food and housing were free. The commune had mixed-sex schools and a library. It sponsored scientific research. Without a shared faith or purpose, however, the members split into competing groups. By 1827, Owens secular community had disbanded. The difficulty of pursuing micro-communism in a capitalist society also dogged Cabets American followers. His New World Icarians split into several rival groupings. Shakers, Owenites and Icarians focused, each in their own way, on duties. They sought to tame human selfishness. Gloomy as he looked in portraits, the Frenchman Charles Fourier concentrated on fun. His writings inspired the Brook Farm commune near Boston and, less directly, Oneida. Fourier wanted to free peoples instincts so that everyone, especially women, might lead a life of varied enjoyments and sensual delight. Stripped of emphasis on sex, Fouriers message that a good life was a cultivated life, not one of striving and work, appealed to New England intellectuals who formed Brook Farms core.罗伯特欧文是英国一个工厂的厂长,同时他也是一位改革家,他把私有财产同有组织的宗教与婚姻归为社会灾祸。1825年,他在印第安纳州购买了农场,建造了将农场与工厂集一身的公社,吸引农民、艺术家与学者前往。工具,食物与住房都是免费提供,还有男女混合制的学校与图书馆。此外,公社还赞助科学研究。然而因没有共同的信仰或目的,公社内部发生分裂,成员间相互争斗。到了1827年,欧文的这个非宗教团体也解散了。在美国这样一个追求内阁政策的资本主义国家中,想要追求微型公社,困难重重。欧文的新世界Icarians分裂成几个敌对群体。无论是震教徒,欧文的组织还是Lcarians,都以他们各自的方式关注职责,都寻求驯化人类自私的心理。法国人查尔斯傅里叶关注于这其中的乐趣,尽管他在肖像画里看起来很忧伤。但他的著作鼓舞了波斯顿附近的“小溪农场”公社,还间接影响了奥奈达一带。傅里叶想要解放人们的本能以便每个人,尤其是女性,都尽可能的过上享受多种与感官愉悦的生活。他传递的信息不再只具有强调性,而是指好的生活,即耕种生活,并不是奋斗与工作的生活之一,这一观点对于“小溪农场”核心力量,一些来自新英格兰的学者颇有吸引力。“Paradise Now” is more than a record of failed hopes. Some ideas sp to the mainstream. Fouriers feminism is a good example. Fourierist communes foundered across the New World and Old; his ideas about gender equality lived on. No society could improve, Fourier believed, until womens lot improved. “The best countries”, he wrote, “have always been those which allowed women the most freedom.” That is a common thought today. It was radical when Fourier wrote it in 1808.《现世天堂》不止记录了一系列破败的幻想,其中的一些想法也成为了主流。傅里叶的女权主义就是极佳的例子。虽然傅里叶公社在新旧世界都破产了,但有关于性别平等的想法仍在产生影响。傅里叶认为,除非女性的命运得以改善,否则整个社会难以得以发展。他写道,“最好的国家总是那些给予女性最大的自由。”而今这一想法已再寻常不过。但1808年,傅里叶写下的这句话却显得尤为激进。Women more generally are at the centre of the Utopian story. Some communes he writes about were democratic, some authoritarian. None was patriarchal. Mr Jenningss book is rich in fond hopes and improbable ventures. Rather than nudging ers to mock, which is easy, the author reminds them instead to remember that the maddest-sounding ideas sometimes become motherhood.女性更多的被置于乌托邦故事的中心。Jennings所描述的公社一些是民主的,一些是自治的,但没有一个是家长制的。他的书中记录了希望与不可思议的冒险。但作者却并不是去怂恿读者去模仿——尽管很容易,而是提醒读者要记得听起来最疯狂的想法有时候会变成为现实。翻译:邓小雪 amp; 颜琪琳 校对:杨霭琳 译文属译生译世 /201603/429255Many of Motowns greatest hits were written at a little house on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, the house known as Hitsville USA.Hitsville USA was Motowns first headquarters until Berry Gordy moved the label to Los Angeles 30 years ago this week. Later, 2648 West Grand Boulevard became The Motown Museum, drawing visitors from around the world.Hour Detroit Magazines Jim McFarlin, who recently wrote about the museums anniversary, says, ;It is a monument. To many people it is like Mecca.;The museum has stayed in the family over the years. Current CEO Robin Terry is the granddaughter of museum founder Esther Gordy Edwards.Robin says her grandmother was inspired to create the museum after many visitors came to the building simply wanting a peek inside Studio A.Studio A is still a part of the museum and tours allow visitors to stand in the exact spots of the legends who recorded there.;Theres nothing traditional about it. We sing, we dance, we clap. Its an experience,; Terry says of visits to the museum.McFarlin endorses this, saying, ;They really put you in the footsteps of the artist as you go through the tour and you must be prepared to sing.;The museum has drawn many famous faces and music legends throughout the years, including Michael Jackson. He became one of the museums first big contributors and the fedora and glove he gave the museum are still on display.But Motown was more than just a place to see famous faces, it was a place to come together as a community.;Most of the Motown artists came from within a five-mile radius of the Hitsville house,; Terry says.Now, according to McFarlin, the museum attendance is made up of 75% tourists.Terry is looking to bring back the community feel, saying ;It had a magnetic effect in the community for those who are creative and wanted to make music, and I think its important in terms of our programming that we continue to foster creativity in the Detroit community.;This month the museum is hosting a spoken-word series every Friday from 8 to 10 p.m. The series is in honor of Motowns Black Forum label, the spoken-word label that included recordings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Langston Hughes, Stokely Carmichael, and Elaine Brown.;Creating more programming like that, to give Detroiters a reason to come back to Hitsville and to continue to create and build on that phenomenal legacy that exists there, thats really what the future of the museum has to be about,; Terry says.201504/368553

  听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):As everyone knows, the first presidential debate since the primaries is tonight, the first head-to-head clash between the two least popular presidential nominees ever.The atmosphere is more like that surrounding a Super Bowl, or maybe the boxing match ;Thrilla in Manila,; than a normal political event, and it is expected to draw perhaps a hundred million viewers, far more than any other in the history of televised debates.After all, as a story in the Boston Globe said yesterday, ;all thats at stake is the future of the free world.; Regardless of whether you think thats true, it is unquestionable that these debates, which are really sort of televised joint news conferences, have often had dramatic impact.Who can forget a shifty-eyed, perspiring and nervous Richard Nixon, looking uncomfortable, his stubble showing, as the handsome and tanned John F. Kennedy stole the show and won the election. Weve seen Ronald Reagan destroying Jimmy Carter with his gently mocking ;there you go again,; and Reagan slip badly, then recover, when the issue of his age came up four years later in his debates with Walter Mondale.There have also been memorable moments in the vice-presidential debates. Bob Dole lost points by being too nasty and aggressive when he was running for the second slot in 1976. Years later, Dole, who had a better sense of humor than both this years candidates put together, told me, ;I went for the jugular in that debate – my own.;Lloyd Bentsen never got to be vice president, because he was running with the hapless Michael Dukakis. But he destroyed any hope Dan Quayle had for moving higher with his devastating line, ;Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, youre no Jack Kennedy.;But while we know these debates are crucial to the presidency, we often dont realize they can have consequences for other races as well. Four years ago, President Obama came to his first debate with Mitt Romney looking like he wasnt really prepared.The president seemed passive and inept, and observers overwhelmingly agreed Romney had won. The advantage didnt last, however; Obama picked himself up and decisively won the final two debates, after Romney made his famous ;I have binders full of women; gaffe.After the election, I said to Congressman Sander Levin that the debates didnt seem to have had any lasting effect. ;Ah, but you are wrong about that,; he said.He said Obamas weak performance in the first debate caused worried Democrats to shift millions in campaign spending from congressional races to the presidential contest.That, Levin believed, might have cost Democrats a chance to take back control of the U.S. House of Representatives. Im not sure about that. But it might have made a difference in one Michigan race. Theres a retired legislator named Gary McDowell in the little Upper Peninsula town of Rudyard who might be in Congress today if things had gone differently.He ran for Congress up north four years ago, and lost by one-half of one percent of the vote. He ran well ahead of the President in his district, and a little more money could have made the difference. This year, Democrat Lon Johnson is trying for the same seat.You can bet hes hoping Hillary Clinton does really well.201609/468593

  The day shift is still here of course, its just hidden.当然白日帮也还在,只是藏了起来。But its difficult to find somewhere big enough to hide if you are the size of a turtle.像海龟这样的大家伙很难找到一个合适的地方暂时藏身。This green turtle has found himself a little ledge, and is tucking in for the evening.这只大海龟给自己找了块暗礁,暂时安顿过夜。Hello, big fella.你好,大家伙。Hes a bit drowsy and probably quiet grumpy.这只龟有点瞌睡,可能还有点床气。And we all get like that occasionally, dont we?这与我们人类的反应相似,不是吗?So Ill leave him alone. Lovely sight, sleep well big fella.我最好让它睡个好觉,真漂亮,晚安,大家伙。At night, many fish sleep, resting in safe nooks and crannies on the reef.晚上鱼儿栖息在礁石的缝隙和角落睡觉。Without eyelids, they enter a trance-like state, barely moving other than to keep water flowing through their gills.没有眼睑,它们看起来更像是在神游,除了呼吸用的腮外,它们几乎全身纹丝不动。But they do give off a scent, and that means they can be found.但气味依然会跑出来,而这意味着它们能被找到。This cone snail catches it prey in one of the most surprising ways imaginable, and specializes in killing fish.这只鸡心螺的捕猎方法是最难以想象的一种,尤其是杀死小鱼的方式。It sniffs them out whilst they are sleeping.鸡心螺趁鱼睡觉时循着味道找到它们。This goatfish may be asleep, but its aware of its surroundings.这只绯鲵鲣可能打着盹儿,但仍然对周围保持警惕。First, the snail must sneak close enough to bring its secret weapons into play.鸡心螺先悄悄地靠近猎物,它的秘密武器只有在近距离才能用得上。 201411/345029

  Maybe youre not the one Im thinking of.No ,yeah. Maybe not, maybe not.可能是我认错人了 是的 可能不是我Absolutely, we just listened to some FINE music. - That definitely happened.没错 我们是听了好听的音乐 -这是真事Its good.Ah, So ;Horrible Bosses;s very, very funny and Jen who...很好 ;恶老板;真的很搞笑 詹妮弗她Youre kind of the Brunt of her vulgarity.She does so many things to you. That must be really...你激发了詹妮弗粗俗的一面 她对你做了很多事 那一定That must be hard to deal with that.Yeah. Somebodys got do that.You know what I mean.Its strange, though.还是挺有难度的吧 对 总要有人做的 你知道我意思 不过感觉怪怪的Its strange hearing that stuff coming out of her mouth because and you know her better than I do.听她说出那种话 感觉很奇怪 你比我更了解她But it seems like its not the way she would normally talk.那应该不是她平常说话的风格Right? - No, its not.Yeah. She is...She seemed uncomfortable doing it.对吧 -是的 她平常不这样说话 她 她自己也觉得很别扭But of course, you know, but I get a kick out of it. - Right.但当然了 我听了还是蛮高兴的 -恩And, and honestly, that doesnt necessitate to be said,这种话不必多说but shes really the most lovely, sweet, wonderful person.但她真的可爱甜美 招人喜欢And Im through that Ive got to work with her twice.我很高兴能和她合作 我们共合作了两次She is. She is. But, there was...She texts me sometimes是的 但有时候 她发信息给我she takes a picture of what she has to and send it to me.拍了她要念的台词发来给我She goes this is the date of today. I have to say this.她说今天真是够受的 我要说这些台词Its so horrible. - Yeah.Its a, I mean its really disgusting but shes so funny.糟透了 -是的 台词挺恶心人的 但她很幽默Isnt she just so naturally funny and quick?她天生就如此机智有趣吧 /201512/414352。

  One study found that people who smoke pipes or cigars are more likely than non smokers to have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.一项研究发现,抽烟斗或雪茄的人比非吸烟者患慢性阻塞性肺疾病的几率要更大。People with the disease have trouble breathing.患上这种疾病的人通常面临呼吸困难。Finally, if youre not aly convinced, pipes and cigars can be just as addictive as cigarettes.最后,如果你不相信,烟斗和雪茄会和香烟一样上瘾。After all, youre still smoking tobacco laced with nicotine.毕竟,你还在吸食着含有尼古丁的烟草。And even if you dont inhale deeply, the nicotine still seeps into your bloodstream through the lining of the mouth.即使你不是深深吸入一口,尼古丁仍然会通过口腔粘膜渗入血液。So bottom line, smoking tobacco is bad for you-period.所以底线是吸烟仍然对你的健康造成周期性的危害。Just because pipes and cigars may seem urbane, theres nothing harmless about them.仅仅是因为烟斗和雪茄看起来温文尔雅,表面看来并无危害。201503/361631

  听力参考文本:Whats being called a major battle over the states prison budget is taking shape in Lansing. To save money, John Proos, the chair of the relevant state senate subcommittee, wants to close two prisons, and lease and operate a now-private prison in Baldwin.However, those who run the Department of Corrections dont want to close any of the states 35 prisons, and say they need them in case the state prison population ever rises again.Michigan had more than 51,000 inmates nine years ago, but that number has declined by almost 10,000 over the last decade. Thats largely because violent crime has declined, and because we are less willing to sentence people to long prison terms for small amounts of drugs.Who says there isnt any good news? Still, 40,000 prisoners is more than twice as many as 30 years ago—and is a huge drain on state resources, costing us more than .2 billion a year, far more than the state spends on higher education. If I wanted to be nasty, I could say that Michigan places a higher priority on locking people up than on educating them.Naturally, Id never be the least bit sarcastic about state government. But I would tend to support closing two prisons and using the money saved—about million—to make badly needed repairs in other badly aging prison buildings. On the other hand, I think the legislature is wrong and fundamentally cruel in opposing money the governor has requested for a new drug to cure some cases of Hepatitis C, which is rampant in prisons.However, having said all that, this entire discussion misses the point. Michigan doesnt need to save nickels and dimes in our corrections system; we need fundamental sweeping reform.Basically, as any real non-political expert on prisons will tell you, we need to concentrate on locking up, as the saying goes, only those people we are legitimately afraid of, not all the ones we are mad at. Nor do we need to keep inmates locked up who may have been a threat to society in 1957, but who are now running up tremendous costs in geriatric medical care.We are paying far more for corrections than other nearby states, and there are all sorts of reasons why. We sentence inmates to longer terms, and make them wait longer for parole. A Bridge Magazine study last year found 11 inmates in the slam just for using marijuana.Locking them up costs us ,000 each per year. We could send them to college more cheaply. Two years ago, there was a growing bipartisan move for serious prison reform. The Lansing-based group CAPPS, Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending, put forth a reasonable blueprint for cutting the prison population by another 10,000 inmates.But any efforts at reform were torpedoed by Attorney General Bill Schuette, who wants to run for governor, and evidently feels it important to look tough on crime.Thanks to that attitude, we go on paying tens of millions every year in health care costs for hundreds of inmates in their seventies and eighties, and not properly fixing our roads. There are indeed words for such priorities.But irrational is the only one I can say on the radio.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201604/437894

  Britains aerospace industry英国航天工业Flight plan飞行计划Can Britain remain a planemaking superpower?英国能维持飞机制造强国地位吗?THE sleek de Havilland Comet, the worlds first commercial passenger jet, was designed and built in Britain 60 years ago. It is a dozen years since the last passenger jet, a small regional airliner, was assembled in the country. This would neatly illustrate a familiar tale of industrial tailspin were the industry not in such fine fettle. Britain is currently the worlds second-largest aerospace manufacturer, with 17% of the global market, behind only America. But staying at that altitude will be tough.哈维兰彗星型客机是世界上第一架商用客机,由英国于60年前设计与制造。距最后一架客机—一架小型线飞机在该国组装已经十几年了。要不是这个产业处于如此良好的状态,这将恰好呈现一个司空见惯的工业不景气故事。英国现在是世界上第二大航空航天制造商,占据全球17%的市场,仅次于美国。但要继续站在这个高峰困难重重。Britains aerospace industry has a few obvious champions: Rolls-Royce makes engines, BAE Systems makes fighter jets and AgustaWestland turns out helicopters. But much of it is hidden and unheralded. Its muscle is in unlikely places like Western Approach, an anonymous industrial estate near Bristol, where GKN crafts wing spars for Airbus. The long, slender beams that carry engines, landing gear and wing structure are made from light but tough carbon-fibre composites. GKN got the job because of its mastery of the material and its ability to produce in volume. GKN also makes parts for Airbuss arch-rival, Boeing.英国的航空工业有几个知名的的制造商:劳斯莱斯制造引擎,BAE系统公司制造战斗机,阿古斯特韦斯特兰公司生产直升机。但大多数是隐藏起来未公开的。飞机的撑部位通常生产在看起来不太可能的地方,如布里斯托尔附近的一家不知名工业园区西进口航道(Western Approach),吉凯恩(GKN)在那儿为空中客车公司制造翼梁。这种细长梁由质轻但坚韧的碳纤维复合材料制成,负责承载引擎、起落架和机翼结构。由于对材料有着出色的掌握并拥有批量生产的制造力,吉凯恩获得了制造权。吉凯恩同时也为空中客车公司的劲敌—波音公司制造零部件。Rolls-Royces engines now provide the thrust for half the worlds new wide-bodied jets. Around a quarter of Boeings 787 Dreamliner is made in Britain, including the landing gear, fuel pumps and some seats. British firms are world-beaters in avionics, the electronics that run a modern jet.劳斯莱斯的引擎如今为世界上大约半数的新型宽体喷气机提供推力。波音的787梦幻客机有约四分之一的部件在英国制造,包括起落架、燃油泵和部分座椅等。英国公司在航空电子设备业、制造现代喷气式飞机的电子工业中举世无敌。In short, Britain specialises in the complex guts of aeroplanes. Airbus completes construction of its wings in Wales before transporting them to southern France for attaching to fuselages. Bombardier, a Canadian firm, builds the wings for its new CSeries of regional jets in Belfast. Politicians in other countries crow as completed planes roll off production lines on home turf. French participation in the Airbus consortium was contingent on jets being put together there. But the British are quietly coining it: a measly 5% of the value of an aeroplane is added with final assembly.简单地说,英国专注于飞机复杂的内部构造。空中客车公司在威尔士完成机翼制造,然后才将它们运到法国南部装到机身上去。庞巴迪公司(加拿大一家飞机生产商)在贝尔法斯特为新型C系列的线飞机制造机翼。其他国家的政客们常常自鸣得意,因为最终完整的飞机是从本国的生产线上生产出来的。法国在空中客车合作中扮演的角色仅是飞机组装之地。但是是英国在安静地创造它:最终的组装仅为飞机增加了5%的价值。Rising global demand for commercial jets means business will boom if Britain maintains its share of the market. Unfortunately, this is far from guaranteed. Companies are under-investing in research just as changes in the industry make it more vital.如果英国保持住了自己的市场份额的话,那么全球对商用飞机日益增长的需求意味着生意将会迅速兴旺起来。不幸的是,这一点远远得不到保。正当行业内变化使得研发投资尤为重要时,各公司在这一块却投资甚少。Aerospace is a conservative business, says Glynn Bellamy of KPMG. Projects often have lifespans of 25-30 years, and reliability is paramount. As a result the industry has globalised only slowly and Western incumbents have been insulated from the cold winds of competition. But several things are changing that.航天是一个保守的行业,毕马威会计事务所的格林·贝拉米说。项目通常都有25到30年的使用期限,可靠性是最重要的。这造成的结果是,这个行业的全球化进度很慢,西方的企业被竞争的寒风拒之门外。但是有些事正在改变这一状况。Some big commercial airline projects, such as the Airbus A330 and the original Boeing 777, are coming to an end, to be replaced by a new generation of narrow- and wide-bodied jets. That provides an opportunity for the big global manufacturers to look beyond their backyards for suppliers. Meanwhile the governments of emerging economies like China and India are eager to boost a high-tech, high-value industry.一些大型的商业航空项目,比如空中客车A330和最开始的波音777,正准备收尾,它们将被新一代的窄、宽体喷气式飞机所替代。这给大的国际制造商提供了一个将视线投向别处寻找供应商的机会。同时新兴经济体如中国、印度的政府也在发展高科技高价值的工业方面跃跃欲试。Technology is advancing and becoming far more costly. Andrew Churchill, who runs JJChurchill, a family firm that makes turbine blades and other high-tech kit, says capital equipment is ten times more expensive it was a decade ago. It also becomes obsolete more quickly.科技正在发展,也变得昂贵多了。安德鲁·丘吉尔运营着一家名为JJ丘吉尔的家族企业,这家公司主要制造涡轮叶片和其他高科技装备,他说资本设备比十年前整整贵了10倍。同时设备的更新换代也越来越快了。The solution to all these problems is the same: plentiful research and development to keep British companies at the cutting edge. At the biggest companies, long-term investment is taken for granted. Rolls is aly developing next-generation jet-engine technology. JJChurchill has ambitious plans to expand. But Mr Churchill says other small firms are failing to raise their game. If that continues, the industry will decline.这些问题的解决方法都是一样的:大量研究和发展来保持住英国公司的先锋地位。在大公司,长期投资被视为是理所当然的。劳斯莱斯已经在研发下一代引擎技术了。JJ丘吉尔有扩张的雄心壮志。但是丘吉尔先生说其他的一些小公司未能改进。长此以往,这个行业将走下坡路。Britain is home to 30% of Europes aerospace firms, according to Martin Wright of the Northwest Aerospace Alliance, a trade organisation. Germany has only 10% but they are over twice as big on average and invest twice as heavily.来自贸易组织——西北航空联盟的马丁·怀特说,英国是欧洲30%航空公司的所在地。德国仅有10%,但这些公司规模是英国的两倍,接收的投资也是两倍。Britains government has done a good job of nurturing aerospace, says Keith Hayward of the Royal Aeronautical Society. It has set aside cash for an Aerospace Technology Insitute and for large and small firms to invest in new technologies. ADS, an aerospace lobby group, would like to see Ramp;D tax credits increased from 10% to compare more favourably with other parts of Europe, as well as accelerated tax relief on new building to help smaller firms move and grow.英国政府在发展航空业上干得很好,来自皇家航空协会的基思·海沃德说。英国政府已经为一家航空技术机构和不同规模的公司留出了一笔资金,让它们投资发展新技术。ADS,一个航天游说团体,希望研发税能从10%提高到与欧洲其他地区相当的水平,同时也希望加快对新建筑的税收减免以帮助小型公司迁移和成长。That would help. But convincing small firms to grow is a tough task. The government can only do so much to reduce the powerful gravitational forces acting on a fragmented national industry. Like the Comet, nothing stays airborne forever.这将会有帮助。但是说小公司去发展是一项艰巨的任务。政府能做的只有减弱作用于这个离破碎的民族工业的强大地心引力。如同哈维兰彗星型客机一样,没有什么能一直停留在空中。译者:王颖 校对:周雨晴 译文属译生译世 /201510/404544

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