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  Part . Eating right good health.A. Keywords. super food, powerful chemicals, protection, diseases, phyto-chemicals, herbs, cruciferous vegetable family, fruit, organic, Omega 3, soy.Vocabulary. vibrantly, phyto-chemical, dietician, boost, optimal, rosemary, thyme, turmeric, anti-inflammatory, colon, rectal, veggy,Brussels sprouts, cruciferous, lycopene, prostate, citrus, limonoid, phenol, inactivate, cantaloupe, carotenoid, flavonoid, ellagic acid,antioxidant, toxicity, flaxseed, Omega 3, fatty acid, osteoporosis, shallot.A1. In this section, youre going to learn a lot about super foods, look up the following words in the dictionary, match them with corresponding pictures.A. Now listen carefully to the passage, fill in the following chart with key words.Dont get to put the tips into practice your good health.In North Beach in San Francisco, where some pretty super food gets served every night.;Absolutely, very super food!; ;And I really like the taste of it!;But we are not just talking about taste.Research now shows some foods, including tomatoes, onions, garlic and olive oil, are among the super foods.Super foods are packed with powerful chemicals that may offer your body great protection against chronic disease. ;Including cancer, obesity, heart disease.Vibrantly colored red, yellow, orange and green all giving you different types of phyto-chemicals; 0197

  Fzq8EK(+)fyL)x+kP3!AfT])XTnyLp_8o*~yxKjOu%YSharon was five years old. Her best friend was Pam. They played games together. They played all kinds of games. They had fun together. But one day Pam pushed Sharon. “Why did you push me?” Sharon asked. “Because,” Pam said. Sharon told Pam not to push her again. So, Pam pushed Sharon again. Sharon pushed Pam back. Then Pam pulled Sharon’s hair. Then Sharon pulled Pam’s hair. Both of them started crying. Sharon’s mom came into the room. She told Pam to go home. Pam ran out of the house. “Sharon, you can’t play with Pam anymore,” Sharon’s mother said.AtZOoh%[)mp~Dx+wp@AuC~+-GIouaGPE5frLAW%X*1nWv;jwqH%_XlS]gx 38001。

  Listen to the dialogues and circle the correct answers.听MP3对话,并圈选出正确1.There is are (a) 3 (b) (c) 1 (d) 5 person people living in the apartment..He lives with (a) 6 (b) 5 (c) (d) 3 people.3.There are (a) (b) 7 (c) 5 (d) 6 people living in the house..Alice lives with (a) 6 (b) 5 (c) 7 (d) people.5.There is are (a) 1 (b) (c) 3 (d) person people living with him. 35

  Britney Spears is taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center a mental evaluationIt was sheer craziness, that's how people describe the scene outside the studio city home of Britney Spears last night. The pop star was detained by police at :30 and taken out of her home on a gurney. Witnesses say Britney was kicking and screaming while on the gurney, trying desperately to get away. But there was no escaping the dozens of photographers outside, all trying to get a shot of the pop princess once again, throwing a tantrum.Back off and clear the way!The paramedics drove Britney to Cedar Sinai, where police were hoping to find out what if any substance she was under the influence of when officers first arrived at her home at 8 o'clock. The call went out to LAPD as a custody dispute. Problems apparently arose when Spears refused to turn her sons over to ex-husband Kevin Federline's bodyguard. He was supposed to pick the children up at seven, but Spears reportedly refused to let them go. It wasn't until nearly , and after police reviewd court documents that the children were given back to Federline, but like Britney..Their youngest son, two-year-old Jadon also left by ambulance and there is no word yet on what he may have been treated , or whether he was injured in any way. Earlier in the day, Britney arrived hours late her child custody deposition, because she's defied court orders in the past, Spears's ex husband Federline has temporary custody of their sons. In this latest incident, this latest tantrum, may further hurt the pop star's chances of winning custody ever again. 519Z5J^io+npTO%vHcZ@W9+o]|6PbpAo@0J1V_QeL9Dotty looked at the door. It was a closet door. The door had a silver handle. The silver handle was round. The round, silver handle was a doorknob. One day she tried to turn the doorknob. She tried to open the closet door. But the doorknob didnt turn. She couldnt open the closet door. The closet door wouldn’t open. The door was locked. “Why is the door locked?” Dotty asked her mom. Her mom said it was locked her safety. “What’s behind the door?” she asked her mom. Her mom said a rifle was behind the locked door. Daddy kept a rifle in the closet.bGZcG^[Jhnac#7-dPuI+hszGnw39%Slw,K![1%0*#XI_^3NCd%r,6l*S|9wy#xKa 3900+*JK.czMSLNi]s7+0DN^9#LZ~NL0#oCFFmQZ@eqA51;QFiLucy went to the doctor. She didn’t feel good. The doctor asked, “What’s the problem? What’s the matter?” She said she didn’t feel right. “Do you hurt? Where do you hurt?” the doctor asked. She said that she hurt all over. She hurt everywhere. She hurt all over her body. The doctor said, “You have a big problem. I will fix your problem.” The doctor gave Lucy a shot. He gave her a shot in her left arm. “Do you feel better now?” he asked her. “No,” she said, “now my left arm hurts a lot.”6U~vG,*BO!3W_ue[~p+e)+9#Z|3S8(Y8cR_Y8fj6H1tCWB!j@7XzwJEmwk#+RH1%x_( 3850

  carburetor化油器,offensively冒犯地,definitely确实In the LakeMy wife came home yesterday and said, “Honey, the car won’t start, but I know what the problem is.”I asked her what it was, and she told me there was water in the carburetor. I thought moment, then said, “You know, I don’t mean this offensively, but you even don’t know where the carburetor was.”“No, there’s definitely water in the carburetor,” she insisted.“Ok Honey, that’s fine, I’ll just take a look. Where is it?”“In the lake.”在湖里我的妻子回家跟我说:“亲爱的,车发动不了了,但是我知道出了什么问题”我问她是什么问题,她告诉我化油器里进水了我想了一会儿说:“我这么说不是冒犯你,可是你连化油器在哪里都不知道”“不,化油器确确实实进水了”她坚持说“好吧,亲爱的,没问题,我去瞧瞧吧车在哪儿呢?”“在湖里”1. won’t start 发动不了在英语中表示机械类东西坏了的简单句子还有: It doesn’t work. It’s broken. There’s something wrong with it.. moment一会儿同义词还有:a little while, an instant, presently, soon3. offensively冒犯地,是由形容词offensive变来的Offensive remarks冲撞的话语,a sight too offensive to look at 不堪入目的景象,offensive weapons进攻性武器. definitely确切地Say definitely what you have in mind.把你所想的确切地说出来单独使用的时候表示肯定的回答:-“Is he coming?” “Definitely!”“他会来吗?”“当然会啊!”5. insist坚持作不及物动词时,insist onupon sth.表示坚持某事;而作及物动词时后面可加从句表述具体内容6. take a look看一看其实这里有一些省略,完整的应该是“I’ll just take a look at it.”省略了就避免了重复,使句子更简洁,不拖沓 7When I took over the family business three years ago, I didnt know what I was letting myself in .当我3年前接管了家族生意时,自己还不知道卷入的是个烂摊子My uncle, who ran the business bee me, established a clear chain of command, which I thought would eliminate infighting and bickering.在我之前执掌家业的是我的叔叔,他已经建立了一个十分明确的指挥系统,我觉得这能够消除内部纠纷和争吵I couldnt have been more wrong.但我却大错特错Despite clear lines of authority, family members tend to take sides and play the blame game whenever anything goes wrong.尽管权力划分明确,但家族成员们在出错时更倾向于偏袒和推卸责任In the end, they always look to me to resolve conflict, and I have no choice but to enter the fray.最后,他们总是指望我解决冲突,而我别无选择,只能介入纷争Another big problem is the hangers-on.另一大问题就是这些逢迎者们Those are the family members who arent suited this line of work, but who need jobs.这些都是不适合这一行,但却需要工作的家庭成员What do I do with them?我能拿他们怎么办?What do you do when everything falls on your shoulders?当你肩扛重担时候会作何抉择?Well, Ive developed a thick skin, and when someone inevitably reminds me that blood is thicker than water, I remind them that business is business.嗯,为此我学会了厚脸皮,当有人不可避免地提醒我血浓于水的亲情时,我都会告诉他们生意就是生意 68950


  流行音乐天后麦当娜,引领了一代潮流而她也是嘎嘎的偶像,今年更执导真实版不爱江山爱美人:电影《倾国之恋本期做客的她为你讲述那些照片背后的故事Weve gone back through the years. Boy Toy.我们回到很多年的过去That the day the MTV awards some TV awards. Yeah.因为在那天是MTV大奖和一些电视颁奖是啊Lost my shoes, did a stage dive, dress went up everyone saw my underpants, scandal, scandal, scandal. My manager told me that my career was over with.我弄丢了自己的鞋,于是大胆创意,穿着一身奇异饰,这是丑闻,丑闻,丑闻我的经理告诉我,我的职业生涯而结束And he was wrong.事后明他当时是错误的That?是吗?Remember that?还记得吗?Of course. That my ex-husband Sean Penn, very talented actor and director. And I think he was angry at a paparazzi. He was singing in front of us. I remember that, we were walking up from the theater, we did a play together.当然那是我的前夫肖恩bull;潘,很有天赋的演员和导演我认为他对仔队生气他在我们前面唱我记得,我们正在从剧院,我们一起演出All right, this one.好的,是这一个Uh, nice moment, good kisser.嗯,不错的一刻, 亲吻高手Good kisser?亲吻高手?Yeah, cool.是的,很酷You would, you would do it again?你愿意的话,你会再次这样做吗?No, I aly did it. I dont like to repeat myself.不,我已经做过了我不喜欢重复自己There Madonna.那就是麦当娜Oh my God. Laura was so little there. Oh.哦,我的上帝劳拉当时还很小哦And this is just .现在也只是年I know it crazy. Look at, look at how chubby David is. He a, he a stream bean now. It crazy. Look at David is aly saying no pictures, cute. I like that.我知道这很疯狂看看,看看胖嘟嘟的大卫他是一个,他就像个豆子这太疯狂了看看大卫,他说已经找不到照片,好可爱我喜欢那个Darling.All right, final one. 亲爱的好了,我们来看最后一张Oh God, I look tired.哦,上帝,我看起来很疲倦Directing?指挥吗?Yeah. 是啊No hair and makeup?没有弄头发和妆容吗?No.没有Do you feel more authentically you in this or?你觉得自己这样反而更真实?I feel authentically me when I am doing what I wanna do. So what is that directing a film, or being on stage, with my hair and makeup on. I mean it all when doing what I wanna do.我觉得我真正做自己想做的才真实所以那是导演一部电影,或站在舞台上,不凭借我的头发和妆容我的意思是,那才是做我想做的注:听力文本来源于普特 978。

  1. The expression better late than never means:a) it isn't worth doing something if it is lateb) doing something late is better than not doing it at all . In which of these situations could you say better late than never?a) the post brings a birthday card the day bee your birthdayb) the post brings a birthday card on your birthdayc) the post brings a birthday card the day after your birthday 789

    Cash Compliments  What does it cost to feel good about yourself in Japan, now that this once-proud nation is in economic recession and social gloom? About 95 cents. Two young Japanese men are turning compliments into cash with a professional flattery service. And in this traditionally reserved society, it seems to be getting on very well. The two flattery officers report a steady increase in business and recognition since the company opened a year ago.  In Tokyo trendy Shibuya neighborhood, -year-old Yuzo and 3-year-old Keiya take out the tools of their trade: a sign board ;House of Flattery, 0 yen a minute; and bright red T-shirt which ;Professional Sweet Talkers.;  ;Have you ever been flattered recently?; Yuzo calls out to the stream of people rushing by. ;Feel good about your hidden beauty...; Taeko, a -year-old student decides to try it out. Yuzo and Keiya compares her to a rock star, admires her great fashion sense and tell her she is stunning. ;How many carats in those diamond eyes of yours?; one of them asks. Combining quick wit, excellent timing, and a ton of praises, the two soon attract a crowd.  Sociologists say the Japanese are far less generous about compliments than people in many other cultures, in part because the society stresses mality. Compliments can be embarrassing in a Japanese society. A boss who praises his employee in public, instance, is setting that worker apart from hisher colleagues in a county where group identity is very important. In extreme cases, being singled out can result in bullying and becoming known as the boss pet. Yuzo believes these traditions no longer serve Japan well. He said, ;Japanese hold back their feelings too much. It areal shame. They should express themselves more.;  Many Japanese dont feel very good about themselves these days as they face job cutbacks, rising crime, weak political leadership and a loss of national confidence. With all of the problems in Japan, guys like Yuzo and Keiya can help brighten the atmosphere and lift the mood a bit. 181


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