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昆明韩辰整形医院做丰胸手术多少钱昆明总医院祛眼袋多少钱昆明市官渡区人民医院激光祛斑多少钱 It took years of negotiation and diplomacy to bring about todays historic deal between Iran and world powers. Iran has agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for the easing of economic sanctions.Now, the White House has to sell this deal to Congress and it could wind up being one of the biggest political fights of the Obama presidency. Congress has 60 days to dissect the terms of the agreement.U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Zeeland, says that his initial thoughts on the deal arent encouraging.First, he tells us that Irans history of breaking and ignoring agreements is troubling.Additionally, Huizenga points out that Iran is viewed as the worlds leader in state-sponsored terrorism.;Im afraid that this may very well spark a nuclear arms race within the Middle East,; he says.President Obama has said that no deal would mean no lasting nuclear restrictions on Iran, and that could encourage other nations in the region to pursue their own nuclear assets, but as far as Huizenga is concerned the deal presented by the White House doesnt pass the smell test.;I just dont buy where the president is going with this, and theres just way too many pitfalls,; he tells us. ;We need to maintain that pressure rather than just turning it over wholesale and allowing, for example, arms to be imported.;Even as the two countries tentatively approach this deal, there are still American citizens being held captive by Iran.U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Flint Township, has been fighting for the release of former Flint resident Amir Hekmati and other Americans. Hekmati has been held prisoner since 2011 when he was arrested under suspicion of being a spy.But the release of Hekmati and others was not included in the nuclear deal. Kildee endorses this decision. While he has long been working toward their release, he doesnt want it to come at the cost of the U.S. giving into Irans demands.;We dont want to trade the freedom of an innocent American for a provision that makes the world a less safe place,; Kildee says.Instead, Kildee hopes the added spotlight on Iran will put pressure on them to release the individuals as a sign of their full intentions to adhere to the negotiated terms.Kildee says the captives freedom ;doesnt require any negotiations, it doesnt require a counter-party, it doesnt really require much other than their willingness to release these individuals.;Until Hekmati and others are released, Kildee intends to continue to sp their story, saying he wont allow it to be lost in the discussion of the deal.As for how he will vote, Kildee says he will be taking a closer look at the agreement ;to determine whether, in its totality, it makes the world a safer place.;;Well find out what exact details are in there to see where we can agree,; Huizenga says. ;Im just afraid in the broad brushstrokes at this point its headed in the wrong direction.;201507/385757Dont care about your kids,huh?,I got two,Alright.你是不怎么关心你家的孩子吧 我有俩呢 好吧iPhone users,this is in the news, iphone users are reporting that新闻报道 iPhone用户报道称Siri will correct them if they try to say Bruce Jenner instead of Caitlyn如果他们说布鲁斯·詹纳 会被Siri纠正为凯特琳In an alleged story,Siri is now asking to be adressed as Steve.相关新闻 Siri要求别人称他为史蒂夫Time,once again, ladies and gentlemen,for something that America cant get enough of.女生们先生们 又一次到了美国欲罢不能的节目的时刻了Something we call, shut up.something we call fan correction.我们称之为 闭嘴 我们称之为 粉丝纠错This is a segment where viewers try to find mistakes on our show.这一节中 观众们将试图找我们节目的错误Real viewers try to find real mistakes.现实中的观众 真来挑错We are the only show that Dares our viewrs to find an error.Ok?只有我们节目敢让观众们来挑错 好吗That has the courage to do it.只有我们有这个勇气So far hundreds of challengers over the last several years, not one winner.几年来已有几百人挑战 但无一人成功Not one. No ones found a mistake.无一人 没人挑到过错误Tonight a fan named Braxton Anderson thinks he caught a mistake.今晚一名叫布鲁克斯顿·安德森的粉丝 自认为发现了错误He said it happened during one of our shows at Comic-Con last week.他说是发生在我们上周漫展节目的一期上Hey Conan, Last weeks episode you had a segment where you dressed a killer whale as Yoda from Star Wars. 嘿 柯南 上周的一集中有一节 你把一只虎鲸扮成了《星战》的尤达大师Pretty cool costume for Comic-Con. who are you? who are you supposed to be? 好酷的漫展装啊 你是谁 你扮演的应该是谁You gave him all-red life savers.Everyone knows volda carries a green lifesaver.你给了他一根红色电光剑 人人都知道 尤达大师的电光剑是绿的This is why I rcommend you go home,isolate yourself from friends and family所以我建议你回家 跟家人和朋友隔离开来and , watch, the trilogies and may the force be with you.好好把三部曲重新看一遍 愿原力与你同在201606/451675开远市人民医院美容中心

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文山州妇幼保健院美容整形科French economic policy法国经济政策Which way for Mr Hollande?奥朗德何去何从?Elected on the left,France’s president seems to be veering towards the centre左翼当选,而今法国总统似向中间摇摆THE longer Francois Hollande spends in office, the more it takes sharp eyesight and a clear head to follow his economic policy. Since his election last May, the Socialist president has mixed tax-and-spend measures with efforts to improve competitiveness. The rich feel squeezed; firms are annoyed by anti-business talk. Yet,with GDP shrinking in the fourth quarter of 2012 and job losses mounting, the man elected on a leftist programme is accused of a swerve to the reformist centre. What is Mr Hollande up to?奥朗德任职时间越长,他的经济政策就越发扑朔迷离。自从去年五月当选以来,这位社会党主席就一直采用量入为出的手段并辅以促进竞争的不懈努力。富人感到备受压迫;反商业会谈让公司恼怒不堪。然而,随着2012年第四季度GDP的缩水以及失业人数的增加,人们质疑这位因左派纲领当选的人向改革的中间方向摇摆。奥朗德先生该何去何从?In his first few months he ticked off items on his manifesto. He lowered the pension age for certain workers. He raised a family benefit. He capped petrol prices. He vowed to stop companies closing factories. He prepared a budget for 2013 that tried to keep the budget deficit to 3% of GDP, but chiefly through tax increases: it soaked the rich with a 75% income-tax rate, and hit companies and individuals with other higher taxes. Returning from his summer break, Mr Hollande seemed like a man with the luxury of time on his side.在上任之初的几个月内,他兑现了之前宣言上的条目。他降低了一些工人领养老金的年龄。他增加了家庭收入。他设置了油价上限。他誓言会阻止公司关闭工厂。他计划将2013年的预算赤字降低到GDP的3%,但主要的手段是增加税收:75%的所得税压得富人喘不过气,而公司和个人也遭遇其他苛税。结束了夏季休假的奥朗德有充裕的时间大展宏图。What followed in October was, therefore, sprung on an unsuspecting public. After a damning report on French competitiveness by Louis Gallois, a left-leaning industrialist, Mr Hollande announced 20 billion euros of tax breaks for companies employing low-wage labour, to compensate for high social charges. A sense of urgency and realism began to creep in. Mr Gallois talked of an “emergency situation”. For the first time, the government acknowledged labour cost as a factor behindFrance’s loss of competitiveness to Germany over the past ten years. Mr Hollande even started talking of cutting public spending, which accounts for over 56% of GDP. This was followed in January by an unexpected agreement with the unions to soften labour-market rules, making it easier for companies to reduce hours and wages in a downturn.是以,在十月份接踵而至的事,让不知情的群众为之一震。在路易斯加洛伊斯,一位左倾实业家,发表了一份报告谴责法国的竞争力,此后,奥朗德宣布给予雇佣低薪劳动力的公司200亿欧元的税收减免以补偿高额的社会负担费用。紧迫感与现实主义暗潮汹涌。加洛伊斯认为“事态紧急”。政府前所未有地承认劳动力成本是导致过去十年间法国竞争力逊于德国的一个因素。奥朗德甚至开始考虑削减公众开,而这占到了GDP的56%以上。紧接着的一月,法国出人意料地和工会达成了宽松劳动市场规则的协定,让公司能更轻松地减少工作时间和工资。In some ways, all this was just an inevitable encounter with economic reality. Mr Hollande had based his manifes to on growth in 2013 of 1.7%; in office, he revised this to 0.8%. Now the fantasy is over: this week Mr Hollande conceded, like most economists, that growth would be much lower. As a result, said the Cour des Comptes, the national auditor, in its annual report on February 12th, France has “little chance” of meeting its 3% target.在某种程度上,这一切只是无可避免地撞上了经济现状的高墙而已。奥朗德的竞选纲领建立在2013年经济增长1.7%的目标上;任职后,他把这个数字修正为0.8%。现在,美梦破碎,本周奥朗德一如众多经济学家般承认,增长率会低得多。而最后的结果,就像国家审计员Cour des Comptes在2月12日的年报中所说的那样,法国实现3%赤字目标的可能性“微乎其微”。Across the country, factories have been closing. Industrial production has stalled. Entrepreneurs feel penalised. Investment plans are on hold. Anecdotes abound of rich families leaving the country. Faced with this, and with poor poll ratings, Mr Hollande has begun to recognise the limits of state power, and of a tax-and-spend policy in a country that breaks records for both. Now Jean-Marc Ayrault, his prime minister, wants “to reinvent the French model”. Pierre Moscovici, the finance minister, even claims there has been a “Copernican revolution” on the left. By conceding the need for supply-side measures to reduce labour costs, he says, the French left has made a big shift. Indeed. Some say that those around Mr Hollande in charge of economic policy, including Mr Moscovici, Michel Sapin, the labour minister, and Emmanuel Macron, the economic adviser in the Elysee, have long understood what is really needed to solve France’s competitiveness problem.纵观全国,工厂纷纷关闭。工业生产陷入泥潭。企业家感觉受到严惩。投资计划搁置了。人们耳边充斥着富裕家庭离开国家的消息。面对这一切窘境还有消极的民调,奥朗德开始意识到政权以及量入为出政策的局限性。现在,总理让-马克·艾罗想要“重塑法兰西模式”。财政大臣皮耶尔 莫斯科维奇 甚至宣称左翼已经历“哥白尼式的变革”。他表示,通过满足供应方降低劳动力成本的需求,法国左翼已经完成巨大的转变。一些人认为在奥朗德身边掌控经济政策的人士,包括莫斯科维奇,劳务大臣米歇尔萨宾以及Elysee的经济顾问艾米努尔马克伦早已洞悉解决法国竞争力顽疾的良药。The trouble is that the rest of the Socialist Party, particularly in parliament, does not agree. Manuel Valls, the popular straight-talking interior minister, says that “The challenge for the French left is that we should have done this ideological metamorphosis during the past ten years of opposition.” Instead, “We are adapting our software while in office.” With its deputies supplied largely by the public sector, this is awkward. Aly, the left accuses Mr Hollande of giving in to “neo-liberal principles”. Thierry Lepaon, the new leader of the Confederation Generale du Travail, France’s biggest and communist-linked union, complains that he is doing “the opposite of his campaign commitments”.问题是社会党的剩余部众,尤其是在国会的那些人,并不同意。以直言著称的内务大臣马努尔 沃尔斯表示“对法国左翼而言,挑战是,我们应该在过去在野的十年内完成这种意识形态的变革”,但事实上,“我们上台之后仍在调整适应。”它的代表人主要是由公共部门提供产生的,这确实很尴尬。的左派已经控诉奥朗德向“新自由主义原则”让步。法国最大的共产主义工会,法国总工会的新领袖西里 莱帕昂抱怨道,奥朗德正和他的“竞选承诺背道而驰”。In reality, it is hard to detect a linear evolution, let alone a revolution. For one thing, Mr Hollande is a political animal who plays by the rule that it is better not to say too clearly what you are doing. He refuses to acknowledge a U-turn. He let Arnaud Montebourg, his industry minister, talk of the compulsory nationalisation of a steelworks, before ruling it out. He has pinned himself into a corner over the 75% tax rate, which was ruled unconstitutional in December, but which he cannot entirely bury without losing face.事实上,线性的演变都很难观测到,更不用说是一场巨大变革。一方面,奥朗德是一个政治动物,他不会把自己的底牌摊出来。他拒绝承认经济的U形复苏。他让工业首相Arnaud Montebourg谈道强制钢铁制品的国有化,紧接着又否决了这种可能性。他用75%的税率把自己逼入困境,而这一税率在十二月被判为违反宪法,而他也不能自圆其说,不失颜面地平息事态。It is also far from clear that Mr Hollande, even if he sees the need to curb public spending, is y to do it. In its damning report, the Cour des Comptes deplores the fact that tax rises make up three-quarters of 2013 budget savings, and urges a greater effort to cut spending. But this will require an overhaul of pensions and welfare spending, as well as civil-service staffing, none of which is on the table.而且,即使奥朗德看出有必要控制公共出,也很难说他已经做好准备。在谴责报告中,Cour des Comptes 强烈反对税收增长占到2013年预算储蓄的四分之三,并督促投入更大努力削减开。但这意味着在养老金,福利出以及公务员职务等方面会有大幅调整,而这样的调整并不在议程上。Mr Hollande could yet turn out to be a Gerhard Schruder a la francaise, willing to bring in deep reforms, as the former centre-left German chancellor did, to shake up the French welfare state and restore competitiveness. But a more likely outcome is that he will do just enough to keep the markets and the ratings agencies at bay, without ever fully confronting vested interests. “Whenever he can avoid hard choices, he will,” says somebody who knows him well. This may keep France from disaster. Whether it will reverse the slow decline of the past decade is far less certain.奥朗德可以成为法国的杰哈德施罗德,正如这位德国前总理所做的一样,他锐意进取,深化改革,改造社会福利,重塑国家竞争力。但另一种呼之欲出的结果是,他让市场与评级机构陷入泥潭,却没有和既得利益集团交锋。熟知他的人说,“他会尽其所能,避免”这也许能让法国免遭灭顶之灾。它是否能扭转过去十年间的缓慢滑坡尚不得而知。 翻译:袁航译文属译生译世 /201610/469165 Somebody went oop.But no,its...有人欢呼 不是的 是youre the kind of guy that,you are not uncomfortable being naked, you know?你是那种 你不介意裸体吗Well it depends on the setting.Sometimes its, I think its super funny.要看什么环境了 有时我会觉得这很好玩You think being mude is fumny? Very funny你觉得裸体很好玩 非常好玩Something I used to do a lot then I stopped was I thought,This could go anywhere.我以前经常做一件事 后来不这么干了 这后面的走势太不好说了It sounds like there are detectives watching that are leaning forward.听上去像是 在听节目的警探 都聚精会神了起来Ive been looking for that guy.我一直找这家伙呢I used to go into kind of like public restrooms.我以前会去公共洗手间Id stand at a urinal and pull my pants all the way down like a kid.站在小便器前 把裤子一直脱到脚踝 像孩子那样 Really? And stand like a little kid.真的 站姿也像小孩一样As a grown man I would do this and you dont expect to see it.Right.Its funny to me.但我是作为成年人这么做 这种场面不多见 是吧 我觉得挺好玩的I have to say a grown man doing that is funny but youre doing this in public?我得说 成年人这么做是挺好玩的 但你要在公共场合这么做Well, I was. Usually for the benefit of a friend that I might be peeing with.是啊 一般是为了跟我一起尿尿的朋友But, you know, the last time I did it I was on a, I was on a press tour我最后一次这么做的时候 我当时在进行巡回宣传and we were at this much music.I remember it was in Canada, it was like their mtv. We were in the...同行的有杰森·席格尔 我们当时在加拿大的“好多音乐” 就像他们那边的MTV台I had to go to the restroom before we go on air我说我们做节目前我得先去趟洗手间and I knew he was going to go too so I ran in first and I did it.我知道他也要去 我先跑进去 这么做了There was no one else there so I was bare ass standing at然后那么做了 当时厕所里没有别人201607/452332大理州妇幼保健医院打溶脂针多少钱西双版纳州景洪市人民医院祛眼袋手术多少钱



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