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Living in a Billboard This has got to be recycling at its best. Why throw out perfectly good billboards when you can reuse them as a living space? 住在广告牌中广告牌最好能回收,当可以把广告牌当作住所时为什么要扔掉那些好的广告牌呢? 189There are plenty of things you can feel positive knowing about Garfield - the cat who loves lasagna, hates Mondays and adores a teddy bear named Pooky.在加菲猫身上我们能看到很多优秀的品质:喜欢吃千层面,讨厌周一和喜欢一只名叫布奇的泰迪熊But last week, without warning, there rose a strange and sudden debate around a question about the famous feline that even creator Jim Davis needed to weigh in on: Is Garfield a boy, a girl, or no gender at all?但在上周,突然毫无征兆地展开了一场奇怪的辩论,连创作者吉姆?戴维斯都卷了进来:加菲猫的性别是什么?还是根本没有性别?The argument appears to have begun when writer Virgil Texas came across a Mental Floss interview with Davis where he described his tabby creation as not really male or female or any particular race or nationality, young or old.这个争论似乎在年《心理牙线杂志作家维吉尔?德克萨斯采访戴维斯时就被提出,戴维斯形容加菲猫为“非男非女、不属于任何特定的种族或民族、没有年龄”In response to the e, Virgil wrote on Twitter: FACT: Garfield has no gender. This. Is. Canon.维吉尔在推特上回应戴维斯的话说:“事实上:加菲猫没有性别这是真正的标准”So sure was he of Garfield true gender status that Virgil even took it upon himself to update the Garfield character Wikipedia page with the inmation.维吉尔非常肯定加菲猫的真实性别状态,他甚至把这个信息更新到加菲猫维基百科页面上But it was quickly clear that not everyone agreed with Virgil hasty edits, and thus began a war over the Wikipedia entry edits.但不是每个人都同意维吉尔的草率编辑,这引发了一场对维基百科条目编辑的争论The Washington Post reported that the battle took place over 60 hours and eventually ended when Wikipedia shut things down by locking the page.据《华盛顿邮报报道称,争论超过60个小时,以维基百科锁定页面为结局One editor cited multiple moments when Garfield is referred to as he or him or even good boy by other characters in the comic strip.一位编辑表示,加菲猫被漫画中的其他角色多次称为“他”,甚至是“好男孩”Another user wrote: Garfield is male. Any other view is Fringe.另一位用户写道:加菲猫是男性任何其他观点都是不正确的”Others rooting the genderless option added that it shouldnt matter at all whether Garfield is male or female and the gender classification from the Wikipedia entry should be removed entirely.持无性别的网友则说,加菲猫是男是女根本不重要维基百科上加菲猫的性别分类应被删除The war became so overblown that even Capitol Hill appeared to jump in the fray, with Twitter boy chronicling Wikipedia entries made from US Congress IP addresses reporting that someone in the House of Representatives did some editing of their own.争论变得如此夸张,美国国会山都加入争论使用美国国会IP地址记载维基百科词条的男孩发推特表示,在众议院有人选择自己编辑As Virgil, he warded off plenty of naysayers over his theory bee writing: If one could locate another source where Jim Davis states, as explicitly as he states in the Mental Floss , that Garfield gender is male or female, then this would give rise to a serious controversy in Garfield canon. Yet no such source has been identified, and I highly doubt one will ever emerge.至于维吉尔,他避开了很多反对其理论的声音,写道:“吉姆?戴维斯在《心理牙线的采访中明确提到了加菲猫的性别如果他在别处有不一样的说法,那确实会引发严肃的争论然而,没有出现任何他的其他说法,我也不认为有出现的可能”It was a statement that soon appeared to have been made in haste as Jim Davis indeed soon joined the debate, shutting everything down in one line to Washington Post: Garfield is male.这个声明很快就被明非常草率,因为吉姆?戴维斯确实很快加入了辩论,他用一句话终结了讨论,告诉《华盛顿邮报:“加菲猫是男性”The 71-year-old cartoonist also pointed out that Garfield has a girlfriend, Arlene, and claimed that his es had been taken out of context.71岁的戴维斯表示,加菲猫有一个女朋友叫阿琳并称在年的采访中,他的言论被“断章取义”I’ve always said that I wanted to work with animals because theyre not perceived as being any particular gender, race, age or ethnicity, he said. In that sense, the humor could be enjoyed by a broader demographic.他说:“我一直说我想和动物一起工作,因为它们不被认为是特定的性别、人种、年龄或种族这样可以为更多的人带来幽默”The news was enough Virgil to admit defeat in the argument, later taking to Twitter once again to say: Friends, we should not view the Garfield gender ruling as a loss. We should view it as a victory what matters most: Canon.这一消息让维吉尔在辩论中认输,此后他又一次发推特说道:朋友们,我们不应该把这次加菲猫的性别争论当作一次失败我们还是胜利的,因为我们认识到,‘标准’是最重要的” 73

Cheong-ah Hwang uses paper to make cool three-dimensional sculptures.Cheong-ah Hwang(韩国艺术家,译者注)用纸创作了各种很棒的立体形象The artist likes to create art from paper because it is versatile and people use this material every day. 该艺术家喜欢用纸进行创作,因为纸可以变化多样,是人们日常生活中常用的材料Alice in Wonderland爱丽丝奇境记Brazil takes pride in its five World Cup trophies, while Denmark relishes the title of ;World Happiest Country.; But not all records are positive. Here are you really wouldnt want your country to hold.巴西因其获五届世界杯奖杯闻名于世,而丹麦因;世界最幸福的国家;而被人称颂但并不是所有的纪录都是好的你肯定不愿意让自己的国家赢得以下种世界冠军.Austria--Most Smokers.奥地利--吸烟率最高As most people know by this point, smoking is essentially an expensive cancer lottery. But apparently Austria didnt get the memo, since it holds the record the highest proportion of smokers—around 36.3 percent of the population. With over a third of Austrians regularly lighting up, the wealthy European nation can claim the highest smoking rate in the world. An estimated 60 percent of the –50 age group—some .5 million people—admitted to smoking regularly or semi-regularly in . And things dont seem to be improving much—1 percent of the – age group are also regular smokers, while a further 8 percent admitted to sneaking the occasional cigarette.很多人都知道这样一点,吸烟是导致癌症的根本因素但是奥地利民众显然不理会这种说法,这个国家保持着最多吸烟者的记录--大约占人口总数的36.3%有超过三分之一的奥地利人吸烟,这个富裕的欧洲国家可以被称为世界上吸烟率最高的国家据估计,年有约60%的岁至50岁民众--大概50万人--承认经常吸烟或偶尔吸烟这种情况似乎并没有多大改善--1%的岁至岁年龄组的人也是经常吸烟者,另外还有8%的人承认偷偷吸烟The country nicotine fixation has created friction with its neighbors. In , Austria belatedly enced an EU anti-smoking directive requiring large restaurants and bars to set aside at least 50 percent of their seating area non-smokers. The move caused widesp outrage, with many business owners saying they would openly flout the law fear of losing their customers. In , only 19 percent of Austrians said they would support a full ban on smoking in restaurants and other enclosed spaces, leaving the country 3.5 million smokers free to continue their habit the eseeable future.奥地利因吸烟问题与邻国发生了点小擦到年,奥地利才执行欧盟的禁烟法令,要求大型餐馆和酒吧至少留出50%的非吸烟者座位区此举引发众怒,许多企业主公然藐视该法律,因为他们害怕失去顾客年,只有19%的奥地利人称他们持在餐馆和其他封闭空间禁烟,剩下的350万吸烟民众将继续他们的吸烟习惯9.Belarus--Heaviest Drinkers9.白俄罗斯--最严重酗酒Alcoholism is heartbreaking on an individual level, but things can get even worse when a whole country seems to have a drinking problem. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the average Belarusian consumes .5 liters (3.9 gal) of pure alcohol every year, almost three times the global average of 6. liters (1. gal). If that doesnt sound bad enough, the average Belarusian male consumes 7.5 liters (6 gal) per year. Of the country total alcohol consumption, spirits ed 6.6 percent, while beer and wine made up a further .5 percent. A disturbingly high 30.9 percent of alcohol consumed was simply listed as ;other;—probably referring to the discount fruit wines and homemade vodka beloved by the nation 0,000 recorded alcoholics.在个人层面上,酗酒是令人心碎的,但当全国都有酗酒问题时,事情就变得更糟糕了世界卫生组织(WHO)公布,白俄罗斯人平均每年消耗纯酒精.5升(3.9加仑),近乎全球平均消耗6.升(1.加仑)酒精的三倍如果这听起来还不算糟糕,白俄罗斯男性平均每年都要消耗7.5升(6加仑)纯酒精在该国的酒精消耗总量中,烈酒占6.6%,而啤酒和葡萄酒占.5%而另外高达30.9%的酒精消耗量属于其他酒类--也许是水果酒和自制的伏特加,这由该国的0000名酗酒者保持着纪录Belarus government has disputed the WHO report, claiming that the actual figures are much lower. But the government itself came in criticism when it emerged that the lower average they provided included young children and newborn infants, who tend not to be heavy drinkers. Thankfully, the government has instituted a strong anti-alcohol program, including heavy fines drunk driving and a ban on homemade fruit wines. There are even plans to raise the drinking age from 18 to 1. Drink prices have also risen considerably, with the cost of vodka doubling over the last few years. However, liquor seems to be ingrained in the culture of Eastern Europe—according to the WHO report, the top five alcohol-consuming nations all hail from the region.白俄罗斯政府质疑WHO的报告,声称真实数据低的多当白俄罗斯政府提供包括根本不会喝酒的小孩和婴儿的数据被暴露后,遭到了人们的批评值得庆幸的是,政府已经制订了一个强有力的反酗酒法律,包括对酒后驾车的高额罚款和禁止自制水果酒甚至还有计划将饮酒年龄从18岁提高到1岁酒类价格也大幅上涨,在过去几年里,伏特加的成本翻倍然而,酒似乎在东欧文化里根深蒂固--根据世界卫生组织报告显示,世界前五名饮酒国家都来自该地区8.South Korea--Most Cosmetic Surgery8.韩国--最流行整容In a world where looks are seemingly everything, it not surprising that some people feel enormous pressure to conm to society standard of beauty—even if that means undergoing expensive, painful, and potentially dangerous surgery. Things are particularly bad in South Korea, where plastic surgery is practically an everyday occurrence. An estimated one out of every five South Korean women has had some cosmetic work, four times higher than the rate among American women. The country plastic surgeons have developed an international reputation—around 7.5 million people have traveled to Seoul to have work done, including many members of the Korean diaspora.在这个世界上,容貌似乎就是一切(看脸的世界)所以毫不奇怪,有些人在为符合社会审美的巨大压力下,接受昂贵的,痛苦的并且有潜在风险的整容手术在韩国整容尤其泛滥,整形手术几乎每天都会发生据估计,每五个韩国女性中就有一个就受过整形手术,高出美国女性四倍韩国的整形手术已经享誉世界--大约750万人去首尔接受整形手术,包括许多韩国侨民Why does South Korea have such an obsession with surgery? No one really knows, although anecdotal evidence suggests that Korean women feel heavily judged on their looks. Popular surgeries include procedures to enlarge eyes and reshape noses and jaws. As one plastic surgery patient told A News: ;I think everyone is trying to delete this Koreanness. In Korea, you go down the streets, you see this girl. And you walk down the street, and you see that girl again. It actually is a different person.;为什么韩国如此痴迷整形手术?尽管有据显示韩国女性对自己的容貌非常苛刻,但没有人真正清楚最受欢迎的手术有放大眼睛,重塑鼻子和下巴一个整形手术病人告诉美国广播公司:;我想每个人都想删掉这个韩国标签在韩国,你会在街上看见这个女孩,沿着街走,又再次看见这个女孩事实上,这是两个不同的人;7.Honduras--Highest Deestation Rate7.洪都拉斯--最高森林砍伐率Deestation is a global problem, but some countries have it worse than others—and Honduras just might have it worst of all. According to the Global est Resources Assessment Report, the Central American country lost the fourth highest percentage of its ests between 1995 and , behind the Comoros, Burundi, and Togo. However, the total est cleared in Honduras dwarfed the losses in the other three—despite its relatively small size, Honduras was actually in the top countries total est lost. When the two measures are taken into , it seems like Honduras might well have the worst deestation problem in the world.森林砍伐是一个全球性问题,但有些国家更为严重--洪都拉斯就是森林砍伐最严重的国家根据全球森林资源评估报告显示,这个中美洲国家在1995年和年间丢失的森林比例中排名第四,在科罗,布隆迪和多哥之后然而,洪都拉斯的森林砍伐总量相较于其他三国,相形见绌--尽管国土面积较小,实际上,洪都拉斯的森林砍伐名列前国中考虑到这两个因素,洪都拉斯似乎就是世界上森林砍伐问题最严重的国家了An estimated 70 percent of the Honduran population lives in severe poverty, and firewood is often their only source of cooking fuel. Local coffee farmers dont always realize the effects of runoffs from chemicals used in the pulping process. There are more surprising reasons as well—an increase in drug smuggling through the country has seen deestation rates skyrocket. Clearing ests agriculture provides an easy way traffickers to launder their profits, and they usually have the muscle to ignore conservation groups and muscle indigenous groups off their land. Thanks to the ;narco-effect,; large-scale deestation quadrupled in Honduras between and .据估计70%的洪都拉斯人生活极其贫困,而柴火往往是他们做饭的唯一燃料当地的咖啡农并没意识到从制浆过程中使用化学物质的影响还有更让人惊异的原因--毒品走私的增加加剧了森林砍伐砍伐森林而转耕农业为走私者提供了洗黑钱的简便渠道,并且他们通常有能力忽视环保组织和驱赶本土民众离开他们的土地由于;毒品效应;,洪都拉斯的大规模森林砍伐率在年和年间翻了两番6.Chad--Lowest Life Expectancy6.乍得--最低平均寿命With a life expectancy of only 9 years, Chad is officially the worst country to be born in. Malnutrition is the largest factor in the country shockingly short average lifespan—as a desert nation, Chad is extremely susceptible to drought and other natural disasters. To make matters worse, the recent conflict in neighboring Sudan has created a devastating refugee crisis, with thousands streaming across the border in search of safety. Chad has also suffered from decades of civil war and a brutal conflict with the Libyan regime of Muammar Gadhafi.平均寿命只有9岁的乍得,被公认为寿命最短的国家乍得作为一个沙漠国家,营养不良是导致平均寿命非常短的最大因素乍得极其容易受到干旱和其他自然灾害更糟糕的是,最近的邻国苏丹冲突造成相当严重的难民危机,数千民众为寻求安全而越境乍得还遭受了数十年与卡扎菲政权的内战和残酷冲突As if that wasnt bad enough, Chad is in the middle of an HIVAIDS epidemic. An estimated 3. percent of the adult population are living with the disease and over 0,000 children have lost their parents because of it. Water is an increasingly rare commodity—only around percent of the rural population have a safe source of clean drinking water, leading to regular outbreaks of diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid fever. In a country where there is only one doctor every 38,000 people, these diseases are heartrendingly deadly.如果说这还不够糟糕,乍得还盛行艾滋病据估计3.%的成年人都患有艾滋病,并且超过0000小孩因为艾滋病失去父母日常用水也变得越来越困难--大约只有%农村人口有安全干净的饮水来源饮用脏水导致他们经常腹泻、霍乱和伤寒这个国家,每38000人中只有一个医生看病,而这些疾病都是致命的翻译:夏久梅 来源:前十网 3999

Thirsty snakes are moving into north Queensland homes with two pythons recently found in toilets.口渴难耐的蟒蛇正溜进澳大利亚昆士兰北部的民宅近日,先后有两条蟒蛇在当地民宅的马桶里出现Snake catcher Elliot Budd spent minutes removing a .-metre carpet python from a Townsville U-bend on the weekend, a week after he released a three-metre beauty found coiled in a toilet by tradesmen.上周末,捕蛇手埃利奥特·巴德花了分钟,将一条.米长的地毯蟒从汤斯维尔的一个马桶U型管中移出一周之前,他刚刚移出了另一条3米长的蟒蛇,技工发现它时它在马桶里盘成了一圈All but the second snake head and cm of its body was inside the toilet piping.第二条蛇除了头部和厘米的身体露了出来,其余部分都在厕所的管道里Budd could not unbolt the toilet and said tugging at the creature would have caused it injury.巴德无法打开马桶的阀门,他说,把蛇硬拉出来可能会令它受伤;Its head was just sitting there looking right at you,; he said.他说:“它的头就定在那儿直直地看着你”;After about minutes of just holding him, he just came out by himself.;“我托着它大概分钟后,它就自己爬出来了”Budd said he had never pulled a snake from a toilet bee the first Townsville incident but he recently removed snakes from pools, kitchens, offices and gardens.巴德说,在汤斯维尔的第一宗案例出现之前,他从没从马桶里把蛇拉出来过但最近,他在池塘、厨房、办公室和花园都捉过蛇JamesCook Universityreptile expert Professor Lin Schwarzkopf said it wasnt usual snakes to go into toilets.詹姆士库克大学的爬行动物专家林·施瓦茨科夫教授表示,蛇爬进厕所并不常见She said they liked moist places with objects to hide under but had become more bold in the search water during a dry breeding season.她说,蛇喜欢潮湿且有遮蔽物的地方,但在干旱的繁殖季,它们为了寻找水源变得更加大胆了;They can fit in under doors,; she said. ;There not much you can do.;“它们能从门缝钻进去,”教授称,“对此你基本上无计可施”Schwarzkopf said dripping taps, pipes and sprinklers could attract snakes, which posed little danger as long as an experienced removalist was called.施瓦茨科夫说,漏水的水龙头、水管和喷洒器都能吸引蛇前来,只要请来有经验的捕蛇手将它们移走就没有什么危险 008

A French swimmer who has no arms or legs has announced his plans to swim around the world, Sky.com reported.据英国天空广播公司网站报道,一位四肢残缺的法国男子要周“游”世界Philippe Croizon and his partner Arnaud Chassery plan to link the world five continents, by swimming across the series of narrow straits that separate them.菲利浦·克劳森和伙伴阿诺德·乔瑟利计划通过穿越几条狭窄的海峡把被分开的五大洲连接起来The pair plans to leave France on May 6 the first leg of their journey, linking Australasia and Asia by swimming from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia.二人将于5月6日开启第一段征程——从巴布亚新几内亚游到印度尼西亚,把大洋洲和亚洲连接起来Over the summer, they will then cross the Red Sea (Asia to Africa), the Strait of Gibraltar (Africa to Europe), and the Bering Strait (Asia to America).夏天里,他们将游过亚洲和非洲之间的红海、非洲和欧洲之间的直布罗陀海峡、以及亚洲和美洲之间的白令海峡They plan to finish their tour by mid-August.环球“游”计划于八月中旬结束Having lost his limbs following an electrical accident, Croizon said he wants to prove he is still up the challenge.据悉,克劳森在一次电击事故中失去了四肢,他希望可以以此明自己依然不惧挑战 1875

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