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昆明做眼袋哪里好禄劝彝族县寻甸回族县玻尿酸原液优立塑v3优立塑4代要多少费用U.S. President Barack Obama is angrily blasting oil industry officials who he says are failing to accept blame for the massive oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico. The president says all parties need to take responsibility, including the government.President Obama says he is angry and frustrated by oil executives' response to the catastrophic spill, after a BP oil rig blew up last month off the Louisiana coast. In the White House Rose Garden, the president told reporters the finger-pointing needs to stop. "I did not appreciate what I considered to be a ridiculous spectacle during the congressional hearings into this matter," said Obama. "You had executives of BP and Transocean and Halliburton falling over each other to point the finger of blame at somebody else. The American people could not have been impressed with that display, and I certainly was not."Mr. Obama said some of the blame extends into his own administration. He said he will force government regulators to make it tougher for oil companies to get drilling permits."For too long, for a decade or more, there has been a cozy relationship between the oil companies and the federal agency that permits them to drill," he added. "It seems as if permits were too often issued based on little more than assurances of safety from the oil companies. That cannot and will not happen anymore."As the president spoke, robots at the bottom of the Gulf tried to move a tube into the pipe that has pumped millions of liters of oil into the water. BP said it hoped to know within hours whether the tube had successfully diverted the oil to a tanker at the surface.Mr. Obama admitted that there is uncertainty about exactly how much oil is being spilled. He said government efforts have been geared toward the possibility of a "catastrophic event.""The oil companies share it; the manufacturers of this equipment share it; the agencies in the federal government in charge of oversight share that responsibility," he added. "I will not tolerate more finger pointing or irresponsibility."The president said the system "failed and failed badly," and everyone involved bears the responsibility for fixing it. Mr. Obama called on Congress to quickly pass legislation to spend more money to clean up the spill, and to provide unemployment assistance and job training to people affected by the crisis. After the spill, the president asked Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to reform the government agency that oversees oil drilling. Salazar said this week the part of the agency which permits oil and gas drilling and collects royalties will be separated from the part which inspects the safety of oil rigs.Mr. Obama said he has enacted other reforms, including re-examining the environmental procedures for oil and gas exploration and development.201005/104020景洪市妇幼保健院做去眼袋手术多少钱 The immediate outlook for Asia's tourism industry remains bleak as most major markets report sharp falls in visitor arrivals. There are hopes a recovery will come in 2010.   因为大部分主要旅游市场的旅游人数锐减,亚洲旅游业短期前景仍不乐观。旅游业有望在2010年复苏。The Pacific Asia Travel Association expects visitor arrivals in Asia to fall by more than four percent this year, because the global economic slump and concerns about the swine flu discourage travelers.   亚太旅游协会预计,受全球经济低迷和猪流感的影响,今年到亚洲旅游的人数会减少4%以上。Greg Duffell, president of PATA, says rising unemployment in many countries are causing the decline.   亚太旅游协会主席杜弗尔说,许多国家不断上升的失业率导致了旅游人数下滑。"The majority of countries are still showing negative growth and the majority are not showing any sign of a turnaround at this point in time they're looking for," Duffell said.   他说:“大部分国家仍然显示负增长。而且目前他们寻找的转机还没有出现。”Many Asia tourism markets continue to see dramatic declines in traveler numbers. Singapore reports arrivals down more than 30 percent from a year ago. In South Korea, arrivals have declined as much as 40 percent some months this year.   许多亚洲旅游市场的旅游者人数仍在减少。新加坡报告说,旅游者人数比去年降低了30%以上。在韩国,今年某几个月的跌幅达到了40%。In Japan, foreign visitor arrivals in May fell by more than 30 percent.   在日本,5月外国旅游者的数量下降了超过30%。John Koldowski, PATA's director of strategic intelligence, says lower economic growth forecasts combined with a loss of business confidence and the sping H1N1 flu virus have hurt both the business and leisure travel markets.   亚太旅游者协会的战略情报中心主任张科德说,对经济增长预测偏低,商业信心的丧失以及H1N1病毒的传播都对商务旅游和休闲旅游造成了伤害。"We've actually got the economic situation out here - we've got this pincer movement with things like H1N1 coming in from the other side which is compounding that from a tourism perspective," Koldowski said. "It may not affect the GDP, but from a travel and tourism point of view all of these things make the traveller very, very nervous."   他说:“实际上,我们腹背受敌。一方面,经济形势就摆在那里。另一方面,从旅游的角度来说,H1N1病毒又加了进来。也许它不会影响国内生产总值。但是从一个旅行和旅游的角度来看,这些事情让旅行者非常非常紧张。”In Thailand, where foreign tourists contribute about six percent of gross domestic product, the number of arrivals is expected to drop to 12 million this year, instead of the 14 million originally expected.   在泰国,外国旅游者贡献了约6%的国内生产总值。今年,旅游者人数预计会减少到1200万,而不是之前预测的1400万。Thailand's tourism industry also has been hurt by the country's political protests and insurgent violence in the southern provinces. Protesters closed Bangkok's airports for a week late last year, and in April forced the cancellation of a regional leaders meeting.   泰国的政治抗议和南部省份的叛乱暴力活动也伤害了泰国旅游业。去年年底,抗议者将曼谷机场关闭一周并在4月强行取消了地区领导人会面。PATA's chairman, Phornsiri Manoharn, says tourists have been scared away.   亚太旅游协会理事会主席马诺哈恩说:"This year I consider the worst I ever seen in the industry for the past 39 years because it combined the southern problem and the political unrest all the time," Phornsiri said. "And the thing that stuck in people's mind about the closing of the airport, and also the financial crisis and H1N1, too."   “我认为,今年旅游业是我见过的过去39年来最糟糕的一年。因为今年既有南部问题又有持续不断的政治骚乱。同时,机场关闭这件事在人们脑中挥之不去,还要加上金融危机和H1N1流感。”Travel industry analysts hope that growing business confidence and the expanding domestic markets of China and India will help revive the industry.   旅游业的分析家们希望,不断增长的商业信心和逐渐扩大的中国和印度的国内市场能够帮助旅游业复苏。PATA's Koldowski says Asia's travel market should grow by about four percent in 2010 but that will still be half the growth rate of two years ago.   亚太旅游协会的张科德说,亚洲旅游市场估计到2010年可以增长约4%。但是这一数字只是两年前增长率的一半。07/77769Bush Speaks Out on Gaza Crisis布什指责哈马斯挑起加沙暴力冲突  For the first time since the start of the Israeli military offensive in Gaza, U.S. President George Bush has gone before television cameras to talk about the Mideast crisis. 自以色列对加沙开始发动攻击以来,美国总统布什第一次在电视摄像机前谈论中东危机。The president stayed quiet during the first week of the Israeli military operation. 在以色列军事行动的第一个星期,布什总统没有亲自发表讲话。He was on a holiday break at his Texas ranch, and let his spokesman speak on his behalf. 他当时在德克萨斯州的牧场度假,他让自己的发言人代表自己讲话。His voice was first heard addressing the situation in Gaza last Friday in his weekly radio address. On Monday, he went a step further - making brief comments to reporters called into his office to witness the final moments of a meeting with First Vice President Salva Kiir of Sudan. 上星期五,在布什每周一次的例行广播讲话中,人们第一次听到布什有关加沙局势的讲话。本星期一,布什又进了一步,他在白宫向记者发表简短。这些记者被请到白宫目睹布什总统跟苏丹第一副总统基尔会晤的最后一段时间。He said Israel was justified in taking action against Hamas militants in Gaza. 布什表示,以色列有理由对加沙的哈马斯激进分子采取行动。"I understand Israel's desire to protect itself, and that the situation now taking place in Gaza was caused by Hamas," said Mr. Bush. 布什说:“我理解以色列自卫的愿望。目前加沙的局势是哈马斯造成的。”The ed States considers Hamas to be a terrorist organization. And while he has urged Israel to do all it can to limit civilian casualties, President Bush has not called for a complete end to the assault. In his comments at the White House he made clear once again that he believes Hamas is using the people of Gaza to achieve militant ends. 美国认为哈马斯是恐怖组织。布什已经敦促以色列尽可能减少平民的伤亡,但是他并没有敦促以色列完全停止进攻。布什在白宫的讲话再次明确表示,他认为哈马斯在利用加沙人民达到军事目的。"Instead of caring about the people of Gaza, Hamas decided to use Gaza to launch rockets to kill innocent Israelis. And Israel has obviously decided to protect herself and her people," he said. 布什说:“哈马斯并不关切加沙人民。它决定利用加沙发动火箭攻击,杀害无辜的以色列人。很明显,以色列决定保卫自己的国家和人民。”He spoke as the Israeli military continued its assault on Gaza for a tenth straight day, and Hamas fired more rockets into southern Israel. 布什讲话的同时,以色列军方连续第10天对加沙进行攻击。哈马斯则向以色列南部发射了更多火箭。The death toll in Gaza now tops more than 540. The president said he remains concerned about the humanitarian crisis unfolding there. 目前加沙的死亡人数已经超过540人。布什总统说,他对加沙不断扩大的人道危机感到关切。"We care about the people of Gaza, and, therefore, have provided millions of dollars of fresh aid to the ed Nations to help," said Mr. Bush. “我们关切加沙人民。因此我们向联合国提供了数百万美元的最新援助。”President Bush stressed once again that while he would like to see the violence end, any cease-fire must be durable and respected by all. 布什总统再次强调,虽然他希望暴力冲突结束,但是任何停火必须是能够持久的,而且受到所有各方的尊重。He noted that calls for Israel to end the assault are coming from many quarters - both inside and outside the Arab world. He said those urging an immediate end to the fighting have noble ambitions. But he said any cease-fire must include conditions so Hamas can not use Gaza as a launch pad for rocket attacks on Israel. 布什指出,许多方面都敦促以色列停止进攻,这些压力来自以色列国内外,也来自阿拉伯世界。布什表示,那些敦促立即停火的人的目的是高尚的。但是他说,任何停火必须包括一些条件,要求哈马斯不能再把加沙作为向以色列发动火箭攻击的基地。01/60594昆明省妇保医院做丰胸手术多少钱

军区昆明总医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱戛纳电影节闭幕 娄烨《春风沉醉的夜晚》夺最佳编剧奖"阿特兰蒂斯"号航天飞机载着7名宇航员安全降落在加利福尼亚州爱德华兹空军基地,圆满完成了对哈勃太空望远镜最后一次维护的飞行任务。The space shuttle Atlantis has landed in California. It touched down at Edwards Air Force Base after a 12-day mission to repair the Hubble space telescope. The return had been delayed for two days because of bad weather. The Atlantis commander Scott Altman said he and six other astronauts were thrilled to be back.“Landing here I just felt great to everybody. So we're all thrilled to have the mission complete. It was a testament to the teamwork and cooperation of folks all across the country and we wanna express our thanks to everybody, especially to Edwards for all the folks who supported us, providing us a place to land and aren't too upset about us taking up their runway for a few hours today.”2008-赛季英格兰足球超级联赛第38轮结束了全部10场较量:已提前将英超冠军奖杯收入囊中的曼联队携手利物浦队、切尔西队和阿森纳队齐奏凯歌,四大豪门均以胜利结束本赛季征程;纽卡斯尔联队落败,米德尔斯堡队战平,两队与已经提前被判"死刑"的西布朗维奇队一同告别英超。On the final day of the English Football Season, Newcastle and Middlesbrough have been relegated from the Premier League to the Championship while Hull and Sunderland survived. For the fans, the fight to stay in the top tier of English football have been even more emotional than usual, as all four clubs threatened by relegation today were from the northeast of England.北京时间昨日凌晨,第62届戛纳电影节落下帷幕。德国导演迈克尔·哈内克凭《白丝带》赢得金棕榈大奖.中国导演娄烨的电影《春风沉醉的夜晚》获得最佳编剧奖。The Austrian director Michael Haneke's film the White Ribbon has won the Palme d'Or of the Cannes Film Festival. The film was set in a small town in Germany just before the beginning of the First World War. Christoph Waltz was named as the Best Actor and Charlotte Gainsbourg won Best Actress. A Chinese director Lou Ye won best screenplay for his film Spring Fever. Lou said he hoped to be the last Chinese director to be banned.B News.05/71829昆明韩辰整形美容医院割双眼皮好吗 Citigroup's global reach CNN's Jim Boulden reports on Citigroup's massive reach outside the ed States The ad of Bulgaria, or China, or Chile, or South Africa, the Citi name and random umbrella is easily recognizable and ranks right up there with other global brands like McDonald's and Coke. Citi group both nearly 200,000 customers in more than 100 countries including here in UK will not only has branches on the streets of London, but it employs thousands of people here in financial services at its Europe middle-east Africa Headquarters and those services are shrinking. Even before it fell out, Citigroup announced some 70,000 jobs cuts worldwide. Many are expected to go in its tall tower to the east of London. Biggest presence in London is an investment banking, now that by absolutely anybody's estimation, is going to diminish radically. C is going to be a lot emptier in . Analylists still expect as much of a cutback in Asia, where Citi has top competitors in HC and Standard Chartered. Citi's third quarter revenue fell 7 percent in Asia, compared to a 42 percent fall in North America, though its explosure to emerging markets once it attended of its massive grow strategy could make things even worse in Citi if a global resession does take hold. No matter, another light Sunday night fell out help European shares at least on Monday. Help because if Citigroup gone bust, the one of the world's largest banks, it not the biggest bank in the world, could really have caused devistation. Citigroup likes to say it focuses on upscale cutomers outside the US thought its rescue is being paid for by American taxpayers. Its success or failure will affect taxpayers around the world since Citibanks still have 300,000 employees worldwide. Jim Boulden, CNN, London参考中文翻译:在保加利亚,中国,智利或者南非,花旗的广告,名字和品牌都很容易识别,他的排名和其他国际品牌,比如麦当劳,可口可乐一样高。花旗集团在包括英国在内的100多个国家拥有20多万顾客。它不仅在伦敦市面上开设分机构,在欧洲,非洲中东地区的总部也雇佣了数千人从事金融务工作,而现在那些务正在缩减。即使在花旗大幅下跌之前,已经宣布全球范围内裁员7万。预计很多将会进入伦敦东部最大的投资,根据任何一个人的预估,该都将急剧缩减。花旗到年将只剩一个空壳。分析家仍然预期,花旗在亚洲也将要缩减,因为花旗在亚洲有着有力的竞争对手汇丰和渣打。花旗在亚洲第三季度的收入减少7%,而北美则下跌42%。由于之前采取了大规模的增长策略,导致花旗在市场的暴露度过高,如果全球经济继续衰退,花旗的形势会更加恶化。然而,周日却看到一丝希望,至少到周一,欧洲方面的股份将会受到帮助。因为,如果让这家世界最大的之一倒闭,会引起毁灭性的灾难。花旗集团表示,他们将集中经历于美国以外的高收入客户,尽管他们的救市主要由美国的纳税人来买单。花旗的成败将会影响世界范围内的纳税人,因为花旗在世界范围内仍然有30万名员工。200811/57313昆明省妇保医院修眉多少钱

军区昆明总医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱Twice a year, day and night, fall into balance, lasting for nearly equal length. Known as equinoxes, Latin for equal night, they occur in March and September and along with solstices mark the changing of seasons as Earth travels around the sun. Astronomers like to describe the equinox within the conceptual celestial sphere. Here the heavens are projected around the Earth, like an enormous planetarium. The model is bisected by the celestial equator, a projection of Earth’s own equator. The equinox occurs at the point at which the sun’s path or ecliptic crosses the celestial equator. In spring it is known as the vernal equinox, and in fall the autumnal equinox. The other two seasonal points on the sun’s path are the two solstices; in the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, while the winter solstice marks the shortest. The seasonal aligning of the sun has been more than just a unique celestial event for humankind throughout history. Ancient sites like Stonehenge in England and Machu Picchu in Peru have well documented solar alignments during the solstices. Similarly, the equinoxes have been associated with some amazing man-made phenomena. In the ancient Maya city of Chichén Itzá, the great pyramid known as El Castillo is oriented along cardinal axis. During the equinoxes, shadows cast by the railings create the illusion of a writhing serpent body, descending the northern steps where it joins the carved serpent’s head at the base of the stairway. The cultural significance of the fall equinox and changing of seasons continues today, especially in the northern hemisphere, where the autumnal equinox occurs around harvest season. In fact, the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox is commonly referred to as the harvest moon. In China and other Asian countries, this time is celebrated with the mid-autumnal festival; the origins are linked to the birth of the moon goddess and festival traditions revolve around families with reunions and feasts and special moon cakes. In Jewish culture, thanks for the harvest is given during the week-long feast of the tabernacles or Sukkot. Families eat meals in temporary shelters outside, recalling the Israelites' days in the wilderness after the Exodus from Egypt.200810/52860 Iraqi Parliament Votes to Extend Presence of Non-US Forces伊拉克议会批准外国军队驻留议案 The speaker of Iraq's parliament has resigned, paving the way for lawmakers to authorize British and other non-U.S. foreign troops to remain in the country into . 伊拉克议会议长辞职,为议员们授权英国和其它非美国的外国军队年继续待在伊拉克铺平道路。The Iraqi parliament accepted the resignation of its speaker, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani after hours of behind the scenes negotiations and several days of debate. A quick voice vote followed to approve the presence of non-U.S. forces to remain in Iraq until July 31, . 伊拉克国民议会接受了议长马什哈达尼的辞呈,此前,议会经过了几个小时不公开磋商和几天的辩论。马什哈达尼辞职之举为尽快口头表决批准非美国军队在年7月31号之前继续留在伊拉克铺平道路。Mashhadani, his voice faltering and several times on the verge of tears, explained that he was resigning in the best interest of the nation after devoting 35 years of his life, many of them in prison and crowned by three years as speaker of parliament, to the service of his country. 马什哈达尼解释说,他把自己一生中的35年奉献给了这个国家,他的辞职符合国家的最佳利益,35年中他大部分的时间在监狱度过,最后担任了三年议长。他说话时声音哽咽,几度热泪盈眶。He said he played the role of an honest-broker and that he never opened a discussion without seeking consensus, despite harsh words or kind words all at the same time. He concluded that the most important thing is that he leaves with a clear conscience before God, since lofty titles and positions make no difference. 马什哈达尼说,他扮演了真诚的斡旋人的角色,在磋商中尽管他逆耳或者顺耳的言词都用过,但他向来都在寻求达成一致意见。马什哈达尼最后说,最重要的是,他将带着对真主无愧的良心而辞职,因为,崇高的头衔和职位对他来说没有什么区别。Colleagues of the Sunni politician praised his "devotion to his country," while others thanked him for his "sense of duty and honor" in agreeing to resign. 逊尼派政坛人物赞扬了马什哈达尼为国家做出的贡献,其他人则感谢他同意辞职是出于“责任心和荣誉感”。Following Mashhadani's resignation, the deputy parliament speaker gaveled the session back to order, placing Monday's resolution that non-U.S. foreign forces be allowed to remain in the country until the end of July back on the table. 马什哈达尼辞职后,副议长要求议会会议继续进行,把星期一的允许非美国外国军队在年7月底之前继续留在伊拉克的议案重新放到谈判桌上。Members of parliament then quickly voted to approve the resolution, allowing troops from Britain, Australia, Estonia, El Salvador and Romania to remain in the country after the U.N. mandate expires December 31. 伊拉克国民议会议员然后迅速表决,批准了这项议案,议案允许英国、澳大利亚、爱沙尼亚、萨尔瓦多和罗马尼亚军队在联合国授权12月31号到期之后继续留在伊拉克。The ed States and Iraq agreed to a new security pact last month, allowing U.S. troops to remain in the country until 2011. 美国和伊拉克上个月就一项新的安全条约达成一致,允许美国军队在伊拉克驻扎到2011年。British Prime Minister Gordon Brown declared last week, during a visit to Baghdad, that his troops would leave Iraq by the end of May . There had been concern that British and other foreign forces would be thrown into a legal limbo if no agreement was reached. 英国首相布朗上星期访问巴格达时宣布,英国军队年5月底之前离开伊拉克。此前有人担心,如果没有达成任何共识,英国和其它外国军队将失去驻扎在伊拉克的明确法律依据。200812/59577昆明opt祛斑哪家医院好景洪市妇幼保健院光子脱毛多少钱



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