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Chinese cinemas took a record RMB6.87b in ticket sales in February, with the monthly box office overtaking that of North America the first time, official data showed on Tuesday.上周二发布的官方数据显示,在月份全国电影票房为68.7亿元,刷新了中国电影市场月度票房纪录并首次超越同期北美票房The box office, nearly 70 percent higher than in February , topped the North American market by about 50 million US dollars, according to the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT).根据中国国家新闻出版广播电影电视总局的数据显示,我国月份电影票房相比年同期增长近70%,比北美同期超出约.5亿美元Chinese sci-fi comedy ;The Mermaid; was the most popular film, pulling in about 3. billion yuan after opening on Feb. 8, or Lunar New Year Day.中国国产科幻喜剧《美人鱼是最受欢迎的电影,自月8日春节当天上映以来,拿下了31.7亿元的票房;The Mermaid; set a new Chinese box office record, surpassing another domestic movie, ;Monster Hunt;. ;The Monkey King ; came in second place, earning RMB1.b in February. ;From Vegas to Macau III; took in RMB1.b to place third in the month.《美人鱼票房超过国内另一部电影《捉妖记,创下了新的中国票房纪录《西游记之孙悟空三打白骨精在月份拿下了.6亿元的票房,排名第二而《风云3则以.9亿元的成绩位居第三More than 19 million people went to the cinema in China last month, according to the SAPPRFT. The market was largely driven by the movie-going fever around the Chinese New Year holiday and Valentine Day.广电总局表示,上月中国有超过一亿九千二百万人去影院观影市场在很大程度上是由中国春节和情人节的观影热所带动的Beating North America the first time will add to belief that China will soon become the world largest film market on an annual basis. Many observers think this will happen in .首次打败北美票房收入将使人们相信,中国将很快成为全球年度最大电影市场,许多观察员认为,这会在年达成 9999

April,1 is coming near. Haven't thought of any Pranks to pull on Friends and People April Fools Day ? Try this one out Its a tad bit messy, but well worth it the look of fear and surprise on your victim's face.四月一号愚人节就要到喽还没想好这么这一天要怎么好好愚一下你周围的各位?!先下手为强,赶紧准备给你的愚乐对象“喷”出一个惊喜吧!Step 1Go out to buy or find the tools you will need this prank.As stated you will need a bottle of diet coke , th amp; needle, scissors and one mentos candy.第一步为愚人节恶作剧准备工具做好准备你需要一瓶可乐,缝衣的细线和绣花针,剪刀和曼妥思糖 9773


  第1名——德国新天鹅城堡Germany's Neuschwanstein Castle 19。


  1. "How would you investigate a technology without letting anyone know you were investigating it?"你如何在研究一项技术的同时又不让任何人知情? This is a tough question. Apple doesn't want people to know what it's planning, so secrecy is key. 这是个很难的问题苹果公司不希望外界知道自己的计划,所以保密是关键问题 . "Describe the manufacturing process some of the components in an iPhone."请描述iPhone部分元件的制造过程 You'll need some seriously technical expertise certain engineering jobs. 要完成某些工程师的工作,你需要技术方面的专业知识3. "How do you test the prototype of the vending machine?"你如何测试一个自动售货机的原型? This prospective engineer was asked to solve a problem: "If vending machine takes 1$ bill and gives 75 cents worth product. But it doesn't gives out change. How do you analyze what has gone wrong. You don't have any access to internals of the vending machine." 有一个杰出的工程师被要求解决这样一个问题:如果自动售货机收入1美元,卖出75美分的东西,但却没有找零如果无法接触到它的内部构件,你将如何分析问题所在. "Why aren't you going to work at the place where you interned?"你为什么不打算在实习过的地方工作?5. "Write a function that calculates a number's factorial using recursion."写出一个用递归来计算阶乘的函数6. "In a stream of integers from 1 to n, only one number will be repeated. How can you tell what that number is?"在从1到N的整数列中,只有一个数字会重复,你如何知道是哪个数字? 6758A Japanese comedian nonsense tune that became an Internet sensation after Justin Bieber recommended it has entered the Guinness World Records as the shortest song to break into the Billboard Hot 0.经贾斯汀·比伯推荐后,日本一搞笑艺人的一首无意义的歌曲在网上走红由于它是进入美国公告牌百强单曲榜中最短的一首歌,还被载入吉尼斯世界纪录The the 5-second long ;Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen; has been viewed more than 67 million times since hitting YouTube in August, going viral after pop giant Bieber tweeted it as his ;favorite on the Internet;.《Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen(《PPAP)的歌曲视频时长为5秒,在流行巨星比伯发推文称这是他;最喜欢的网络视频;后走红,自8月在YouTube上被发布以来已被浏览超过6700万次;Im surprised by this sudden popularity,; said the 53-year-old comedian, who goes by Pikotaro.这名被称为Pico太郎的53岁搞笑艺人表示:;这首歌突然走红令我很惊讶;;Without Justin impact, I think only four people would have showed up in this room,; he joked.他开玩笑道:“如果没有贾斯丁·比伯的影响,我想可能只会有个人会出现在这个直播间”Last week, the song entered the US chart at No 77, marking the first time in 6 years that a Japanese singer moved into the Billboard Hot 0.上周《PPAP进入公告牌百强单曲榜,排名第77位,是6年来日本歌手首次进入该榜The features Pikotaro, dressed in his trademark garish animal print costume, dancing to nonsensical English lyrics such as ;I have a pen. I have an apple. Apple pen.;Pico太郎在视频中穿着标志性的花哨动物花纹装,随着;我有一笔,我有一个苹果,苹果笔;这类不知所云的英文歌词跳舞But despite the global sensation, Pikotaro told reporters that his life had not changed at all since the song became ;a worldwide phenomenon; last month.尽管引起了全球轰动,但Pico太郎在接受记者采访时表示,虽然上个月这首歌成为了“一个世界性的现象”,但是他的生活一点都没有改变 6980

  A recent research has showed that the mythological date of the "end of days" may be off by 50 to 0 years.  一项最新研究显示,具有神话色的世界末日的日期可能要向后推迟50年到0年  To convert the ancient Mayan calendar to the Gregorian (or modern) calendar, scholars use a numerical value (called the GMT). But Gerardo Aldana, a professor at the University of Calinia, Santa Barbara, says the data supporting the widely-adopted conversion factor may be invalid.  学者们通常是借助一个被称为“GMT常量”的数值,将古玛雅历法转换成公历(现代历法)不过美国加州大学圣巴巴拉分校格拉尔多 阿尔达纳教授对此表示质疑,他说持广泛采用的历法转换数值可能是无效的 In a chapter in the book "Calendars and Years II: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient and Medieval World," Aldana casts doubt on the accuracy of the Mayan calendar correlation, saying that the prophecy as well as other dates may be off.  格拉尔多在其著作《历法与纪年II——远古与中世纪世界天文与时间中,质疑玛雅历法的准确性,他说年世界末日的日期以及其他相关日期可能都会有所延迟  The GMT constant, named early Mayan scholars Joseph Goodman, Juan Martinez-Hernandez and J. Eric S. Thompson, is partly based on astronomical events. Those early Mayanists relied heavily on dates found in colonial documents written in Mayan languages and recorded in the Latin alphabet.  “GMT常量”是为了纪念早期三位研究玛雅文化的著名学者约瑟夫 古德曼、胡安 马丁斯 埃尔南德斯和J艾瑞克S 汤普森而命名,“GMT常量”部分是基于天文学事件这些早期的玛雅文化学者在很大程度上依赖殖民档案文件中数据,这些数据是用玛雅文字书写和拉丁字母记录的 A later scholar, American linguist and anthropologist Floyd Lounsbury, further supported the GMT constant.However, Aldana found weaknesses in Lounsbury's work that cause the argument behind the GMT constant to fall "like a stack of cards."  后来一位学者、美国语言学家和人类学家弗洛伊德 劳恩斯伯里进一步持“GMT常量”但是,阿尔达纳发现劳恩斯伯里工作中的错误,这些错误导致了人们对“GMT常量”的质疑,就像是“一堆卡片”轰然倒塌 655Beautiful rocks covered with noble green lichen is a sure sign of good ecology.布满绿色地衣的石头,美丽而高贵这也说明这里的生态系环境非常好 637



  Sammi, Im in no rush to meet a guy!我对我超剩女的现状,还是很淡定的!But if I wait too long, Ill be gray-haird and wrinkled adn no one will want to date me!不过,我要是剩太久,又老又皱,就没人要了!But then the guys your age will be all bald and fat, so youll go together perfectly!没事,那是男的是又秃又胖,你是白云,他是黑土!Thanks, I feel so much better.你....太会聊天了 735


  It is one thing to learn a new piece of inmation, such as a new phone number or a new word, but quite another to get your brain to file it away so it is available when you need it.  学习新知识——比如记个电话号码或者一个新单词——是一回事,而将它们存进大脑并在需要时调用就完全是另外一回事了  A new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience by researchers at the University of York and Harvard Medical School suggests that sleep may help to do both. The scientists found that sleep helps people to remember a newly learned word and incorporate new vocabulary into their "mental lexicon".  英国约克大学和美国哈佛医学院联合在《神经科学杂志刊登的研究论文称,睡眠能够兼修学习能力和记忆能力科学家们发现,睡眠可以帮助人们记住新学到单词,并将其纳入“人脑词典” During the study, researchers taught volunteers new words in the evening, followed by an immediate test. The volunteers slept overnight in the laboratory while their brain activity was recorded using an electroencephalogram. A test the following morning revealed that they could remember more words than they did immediately after learning them, and they could recognize them faster demonstrating that sleep had strengthened the new memories.  在研究中,研究人员在晚上教会志愿者新单词,随后立即测试然后志愿者在实验室入睡,研究人员同时检测脑电波以观察他们的大脑活跃度次日早晨的测试结果明,志愿者睡后记住的单词比刚学完记住的单词还要多,并且能很快回想起新学单词,这表明睡眠有助于加强新记忆 7

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