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So you woke up with a hangover and the horrifying realization that you called or texted someone in your intoxicated state. Heres how to fix your drunk dialing or texting disaster.酩酊大醉之后醒过来,非常震惊地意识到,你在喝醉的情况下打电话或发短信给了别人。以下方法可以帮你应对醉酒后打电话或发短信的灾难。You Will Need你需要Email电子邮件Little white lie善意的小谎言Big lie弥天大谎Drunk-dialing app醉后防拨软件Steps步骤Step 1 Take stock1.审时度势Take stock of the situation. If you drunk dialed a distant ex looking for a little somethin somethin, just let it go. Calling back to apologize or explain wont improve the situation -- it will only make you look lamer. Consider deleting ancient history from your phone.评估一下形势。如果你醉酒后拨打了远在异地的前任的电话发牢骚,随它去吧。回电道歉或解释不会对形势有任何改善,只会让你看上去更加尴尬。可以考虑从手机上删除通话记录。Step 2 Heal the anger2.安抚愤怒情绪To repair an angry lash out, write the victim a brief, heartfelt email apologizing for your ugly, slurred words. If you have bad blood to settle, suggest a sober meet-up to hash it out calmly.如果你喝醉后破口大骂对方,向受害者写一封简短的发自内心的邮件,为自己的酒后失言道歉。如果非常不愉快,可以建议见面冷静地说清楚。Step 3 Control damage at work3.控制工作受损If your drunken digits involved a work colleague, youve got some explaining to do. Grab them the next day youre in the office and casually say youre sorry. Throw in a white lie for good measure -- an event like a bachelor or bachelorette party or a reunion with old college friends can often serve as a passable drunk dialing excuse.如果你醉后拨打的电话涉及工作中的同事,你必须进行解释。第二天在办公室的时候找到对方,正式道歉。说一个善意的谎言是个不错的办法——光棍聚会或者与旧同事重聚都可以作为酒后打电话说得过去的理由。Make sure your lie cant easily be discredited.确保你的谎言不会被轻易拆穿。Step 4 Lie big-time4.编个大谎话If you drunk dialed or sent a drunk text to a current love interest, its time for a real whopper. Tell them you were roofied, a friend stole your phone, aliens invaded your body -- the more extreme, the better. If you play your cards right(and your drunken message wasnt too obscene), they may laugh it off and give you another chance.如果你醉酒后打电话或发短信给正在追求的对象,这时候就需要一个弥天大谎。告诉他们你被催眠了,朋友偷拿了你的手机,外星人附体——越极端,效果越好。如果你的谎言恰到好处,他们或许会笑着再给你一次机会。Step 5 Get an app5.安装应用程序Protect yourself in the future with an app designed to deter drunk dials and drunk texts. There are ones that block you from using designated numbers for a set period of time; others that require a friend entering a password to override the block;and even breathalyzer apps that include drunk dialing and drunk texting lockdowns if youre over the limit. Of course, you could simply stay sober. But what fun would that be?安装一款应用程序,专门用来防止醉后拨打电话或发短信,以免将来再次出丑。有一些软件可以阻止你在特定的时间拨打特定的号码;还有一些软件要求朋友输入密码才能解除阻止;甚至还有一种体内酒量测定器程序,如果检测到你体内酒精含量超标,会制止你酒后打电话或发短信。当然,最简单的方法就是不要喝酒,保持清醒。但是这样还有什么趣味呢?95 percent of cellphone owners surveyed admit to having drunk dialed.95%的受调查手机机主承认曾经醉后拨打别人电话。视频听力由。201311/265002。

  • UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来“的时间到了。Chimpanzees are classified as which of these: if you think you know it then shout it out!黑猩猩是属于以下哪一类?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it monkeys, lemurs, apes or tarsiers? Youve got three seconds, go.是猴子、狐猴、猿还是眼镜猴?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Were not monkeying around when we tell you that chimpanzees are apes. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.当我们告诉你黑猩猩是猿类时,我们并没有在捣乱。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: So, chimpanzees are apes and they are primates. 因此,黑猩猩使猿类,是灵长类动物。They are not people, but one group thinks chimps should have some of the same rights as people, and now that debate could be heading to court.他们不是人,但是有一个组织认为猩猩应该有和人类一样的权利,现在这一争论走向了法庭。It may seem like an unusual statement that an animal should be recognized in some ways as a person.动物应该在某些方面被当作是人这一论述,似乎有些不太寻常。 /201312/267484。
  • The Wuliangshan gibbons are unusual for their social structure.对它们的社会结构来说无量山的长臂猿是如此的与众不同。Most gibbons live in small family groups consisting of a mating pair and their offspring.大多数长臂猿生活在一个小家族之中,由交配的双方和他们的后代所组成。But these gibbons exist in troops. One male can have two or sometimes three females and all of these can have young.但是这些长臂猿也过着群居的生活。一只雄性长臂猿能够与两只到三只的雌性交配,而且这些雌性都能怀胎生子。Often even the juveniles stay in the community. Rarely glimpsed, this baby may be only a day old.通常这些小长臂猿都生活在族群之中。惊鸿一瞥,这只小长臂猿也许刚出生了一天。If it survives infancy, then it has a promising future in these few valleys with its close-knit family.如果安全度过了婴儿期,它将拥有一个充满希望的未来,与它组织严密的家庭共同生活在宛如世外桃源的山谷中。 /201405/298800。
  • Learn how to easily remove paint from any brick surface with this presentation from VideoJug and Aspect Maintenance.根据VideoJug和Aspect Maintenance联合提供的这段视频,学习怎样轻松去除任何砖瓦表面的油漆。My names Tom. I work for Aspect Maintenance. Im a decorator and Im going to show you how we take paint off brickwork.我是汤姆,在Aspect Maintenance公司工作。我是一名装饰家,向您展示如何去除砌砖建筑物上的油漆。So if we just look at this wall here, what weve actually got is just some emulsion paint or some oil paint. Possibly its just been dorked on the wall, the brickwork here. So if we wanted to get this off.我们看一下这一面墙,上面染了一些乳胶漆或者油漆。或许是不小心洒到墙上的。所以我们想要清理干净。its pretty tough, tightly on.非常坚硬,紧紧地粘在上面。the best thing to use is something like that which is basically a brick acid.最好使用类似这种砖用酸。When youre using brick acid you have to make sure your hands in particular are properly protected because if it gets on your skin it can irritate you. So use some proper industrial plastic gloves, protective wear; you should really use goggles as well if youre splashing it around. So if you put the acid in a bucket you need something to brush it on.使用砖用酸的时候,确保保护好双手,因为这种酸会刺激皮肤。可以戴工业用塑料手套或者保护装置。如果是大面积喷洒,最好戴上护目镜。如果是把酸倒在桶里备用,需要工具把酸刷到墙上。But also were just using an old broom head here. Because youre going to damage the broom anyways, so youre not going to reuse it for much afterwards. And well show you how it comes up.我们这里用的是一把旧扫帚。因为这把扫帚无论如何都要报销了,以后肯定不会怎样用了。我们来展示一下如何操作。Okay. And that is how you would basically clean the paint from brickwork.好了。这样就可以把砖上的油漆清理掉了。Thanks for watching How To Remove Paint From Brick.感谢收看“怎样清除砖上的油漆”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201307/248176。
  • A win tonight against Chelsea,如果今天战胜切尔西,and then at Stoke this weekend,周末再赢了斯托克城,and the pressure will be shifted back to Old Trafford.压力就将被送回老特拉福德球场,it could be one of the most fascinating end to a Premier season in years.本赛季英超可能会有个近年来最为迷人的结局。重点词汇: fascinating 迷人的例句:The very style of the book is fascinating.这本书的风格本身就会引人入胜。 视频介绍:老特拉福德球场(Old Trafford)是曼城队同城死敌、本赛季争冠最大竞争对手——曼联队的主场,球场位于英格兰大曼彻斯特郡,拥有75,957个座位,是仅次于温布利球场的英格兰第二大的足球场,外号“梦剧场”。201404/283140。
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