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  • It’s clear anonymous social networks are growing quickly: Whisper has drawn 2.5 billion page views a month, while Secret has 3.5 billion page views; Snapchat has attracted 26 million users. Some call them online confessionals, others believe they’re merely a millennial fad, and most just see them as vehicles for inappropriate commentary. While that may be the case now, the noise will eventually die down. And more importantly, there is a larger lesson to be learned for companies looking to soon capitalize on this new and active audience. Like traditional social networks once were, anonymous ones are in their infancy, and the potential for services like Whisper is huge because there is legitimacy behind what people are saying.匿名社交网络正在快速发展:Whisper每月网页浏览量达25亿次,而Secret则高达35亿;Snapchat的用户也达到了2,600万。有人把匿名社交网络戏称为网络忏悔室,也有人认为它只不过是一股场千禧年的时尚风潮,而绝大部分人把匿名社交网络看成发表某些不当言论的工具。匿名社交网络现在的情况可能确实如此,但是针对它的非议在未来一定会烟消云散。更为重要的是,企业要想尽快利用这种活跃的新锐模式,还需要了解更多背景知识。和传统社交网络当年起步时的状况一样,匿名社交网络现在也正处于萌芽期,但是Whisper这类应用的发展潜力非常巨大,因为匿名用户的言论背后也会存在或多或少的合理性。企业对这种能够给予用户安全感的平台有强烈的需求,借助这个平台,企业就能够了解用户的反馈,从而将这些用户意见付诸实施。但是在做这些之前,让我们先来看看匿名社交网络兴起的原因。There’s a strong need for enterprises to be able to capture public input in a place where customers feel safe in order to turn that feedback into action. But, before that can be done, let’s look at why anonymous social networks are taking off.去年六月份,《卫报》和《华盛顿邮报》上登出爱德华o斯诺登泄露的文件。随着美国国家安全局(the National Security Agency)和其它政府监测项目丑闻的不断披露,人们在分享私人信息时越来越慎重。舆论对信息安全的争论陷入白热化,匿名社交网络却搭建了安全的平台,让人们安心分享信息。借助匿名社交网络,用户的信息不但更加私人化,而且他们发出的信息也无法再反向链接到本人。用户在键盘上敲出文字,发布到网上,没有人可以找他们。匿名社交媒体创造了一个完美的平台,为客户提供了安全共享信息的环境。This month marks the one-year anniversary when documents leaked by Edward Snowden began popping up in the Guardian and the Washington Post. Following the scandal and stories surrounding the National Security Agency and other government surveillance programs, customers are more reluctant than before to share private information. While the debate rages on, anonymous social networks make it easy for online users to feel safer about sharing their opinion. Not only will their information be private, but the information shared will never link back to them. There is no one to hold a user accountable for what comes out of their keyboard, creating the perfect platform for a safe sharing environment.Snapchat出现以前,图片和视频的分享局限于网络站点、网络务和应用程序。这些渠道鼓励用户持续不断地共享信息。人们创建一个路径,与另外的网络相连,其他用户仅需要简单的注册就可以点开他们想看的内容。网站通常会把用户信息转手卖给商业机构,用于定向的广告投放。有些用户因为害怕产生网络遗留内容,或者害怕让陌生人看到自己的私人信息,因而不愿冒险留下路径,匿名社交网络是他们的终极社交媒介解决方案。另外,对七杯茶(7 Cups of Tea)等提供匿名治疗的网站来说,匿名上网是它们持续发展的完美方式。Before Snapchat came along, sharing photos and s was limited to sites, services, and applications that encouraged ongoing information sharing. People created a trail, and that trail was linkable to other networks for an easy registration option. More often than not, that information was then sold to businesses for target advertising. For users that don’t want to risk leaving a trail for fear of creating an online legacy, or allowing strangers into their personal information, anonymous social networks are the ultimate social media solution. Furthermore, staying anonymous online is the perfect recipe for sites like 7 Cups of Tea that offer anonymous therapy.除匿名社交网络之外,难道还有别的平台可以让用户以诚相待、同时在不被人私下窃取个人信息的情况下畅所欲言吗?网络上自白式的言词并非完全可信,但是从商业角度来看,却是有待开发的资产。Secret联合创始人兼CEO大卫o布托就“诚实”举了一个极好的例子,他说:“有人会在Facebook上宣告刚刚订婚的喜讯,但是他们却不会发‘今天晚上我准备求婚’这样的话。”人类是社会性动物,需要分享(这也是Facebook、 Instagram等崛起的原因),但并不是所有事都能拿出来说。在Facebook、 Twitter和Instagram的发展初期,没有人理解社交网站背后的意义,而且几乎没有人相信这些公司除了让网民自我表达和自我陶醉之外还能有其它什么用途。时至今日,一切都清楚了,Facebook公司价值连城——堪称背投广告的领导者,2013年进账了27.5亿美元。据社交图片分享网站提供给《广告周刊》( Adweek)的数据显示,刚成立六个月、只拥有15个精选品牌的Instagram广告公司也已经展露出巨大的发展前景。If not for anonymous social networks, where else can users be truly honest and yet heard without being somehow profiled? There is some truth to the online confessional claim, but from a business perspective, it’s an asset not yet capitalized on. A perfect example of honesty, as Secret co-founder and CEO David Byttow put it, is “People go on Facebook and say they just got engaged. But what you don’t see is ‘I am going to propose today.’” As humans, we’re social animals and we want to share (hence the rise of Facebook, Instagram and so on), but sometimes we just can’t.用户和企业都不清楚如何利用匿名社交网络,但根据Facebook和Twitter的发展经验判断,匿名社交媒体的使用很快会爆发,各家公司必须时刻做好准备,迅速行动,用于市场营销活动。When Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram first launched, few understood the purpose behind the social sharing sites and hardly anyone believed that they were more than a place for self-expression and narcissism. But it’s much clearer today that Facebook is valuable—it’s a leader in display advertising, raking in .75 billion in 2013. Instagram ads, just six months old and limited to a select group of 15 brands, are aly showing promising results, according to data given to Adweek by the social photo-sharing site.在过去十年里,社会化、移动化和云技术的集合式发展培养了一批消息灵通的客户,在与某企业接洽之前,客户大体上做到了了然于心,他们的购买方式也相应地产生了巨大变化。客户再也不是被动的观察者了——他们变成了活跃的参与者。在通过社交媒介和在线网站购买商品之前,他们早已将商品研究了一番。People and companies alike aren’t sure just what to do yet with anonymous social networks, but as Facebook FB 4.60% , Twitter TWTR 2.61% and the like history shows, their usage will soon explode and companies will have to be in the wings, quick to leverage for marketing efforts.然而,部分客户仍然对他们的信息去往何处以及如何被使用心存芥蒂。匿名社交网络为他们提供了保护——为客户主动提供的信息构建了防御体系,使其免遭商业利用或监视;商业机构只能通过倾听和处理反馈信息的方式,认真对待匿名社交网络。Over the last decade, the convergence of social, mobile, and cloud technologies has resulted in extremely informed customers. Before ever engaging with a company, customers know almost everything they need to, leading to massive changes in the way they buy. Customers are no longer passive observers–they’ve become active participants, educating themselves about products prior to making a purchase via social media and online review sites.从市场营销的层面,匿名社交网络也有利用价值——只需思考下企业能够发起的所有话题,以及能从中捕捉的商业信息就能说明这一点。一方面,企业可以注册一个帐号,用来收集人们的声音。人们对某一品牌颇有微词还是非常欣赏?产品的某一部分是否需要改良?客户务是否需要继续改进?Still, there are many customers who fear where their information is going and how it’s being used. Anonymous social networks provide protection–a shelter for unsolicited information that won’t be used for advertising or surveillance; businesses have to start taking anonymous social networks seriously by listening and acting on the feedback.有时候,这些话是谁说的并不重要,重要的是这些话是否真实。另一方面,商业机构也可以主动发起讨论。譬如某零售商想知道客户对本季新推出的热辣颜色感觉如何。那么他们要做的就是发起这个话题,然后看看人们如何回应。尽管这种市场调研方法潜力巨大,但是调研结果仍然算不上精确。There’s also an opportunity to capitalize on these networks from a marketing perspective—just think of all the conversations a business can start and information it can capture. On the one hand, businesses can create accounts and tune into what people are saying. Are they complaining about a brand, or are they happy with it? Do parts of a product need changing? Does customer service need improvement?这也是为何在通过匿名社交网络调研的同时,商业机构仍然要和他们的客户直接沟通,以便顾客们之间可以互相交流看法。商业机构也可以借助其它公司进行调研,这些公司利用透视社区,即保密的线上环境,在使客户确信其资料不会被滥用或出卖的基础上,得到所需的信息。Sometimes it doesn’t matter just who is saying these things, it only matters if it’s honest. On the other hand, businesses can also create discussion. Perhaps a retailer wants to know what customers think about a hot new color this season. All they have to do is begin conversation and see people react. While there is big potential in this type of approach, ambiguity remains.本文作者安德鲁·里德是Vision Critical的创始人、总裁兼首席产品官。Vision Critical是一家云端客户智能平台提供商,总部位于温哥华。 /201406/305767
  • Personal-computer makers unveiled a range of unconventional devices on the eve of Asia#39;s biggest computer trade show as they seek to revive a flagging industry and stay relevant amid stiff competition.在亚洲最大的电脑展会开幕前夕,个人电脑制造商们纷纷推出了一系列不同以往的设备。这些个人电脑制造商正寻求重振一个日益衰落的行业,并在严酷的竞争中保持实力。Asustek Computer Inc. touted an everything machine that can do triple duty as a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. It runs on both Microsoft Corp.#39;s Windows and Google Inc.#39;s Android operating systems. Acer Inc. showcased a mini Windows 8 tablet that compressed the functions of a desktop into an 8-inch tablet. Both Taiwanese PC makers unveiled phone-tablet combos, and tablet-laptop crosses, as well as hybrids of other sorts. Dell Inc. is also expanding into new device forms with a thin laptop that can fold backward into a tablet, the company#39;s vice president of end computing sales, Kirk Schell, said Monday. The 11.6-inch XPS 11 is expected to ship in time for the holidays, he said.华硕电脑有限公司(Asustek Computer Inc.)展示了一款集平板电脑、笔记本电脑和台式电脑于一身的“全能设备”。它同时运行着微软(Microsoft Corp.)的Windows和谷歌(Google Inc.)的安卓(Android)操作系统。宏碁股份有限公司(Acer Inc.)展示了一个迷你的Windows 8平板电脑,这个八英寸的平板电脑拥有台式电脑的功能。这两家台湾的个人电脑制造商都展示了手机和平板电脑的结合体,以及平板电脑和笔记本电脑的“混血儿”,还有其他种类的“混合”产品。戴尔公司(Dell Inc.)终端电脑销售副总裁谢尔(Kirk Schell)周一说,戴尔也在向新的设备类型拓展,该公司展示了一款可以向后折叠成平板电脑的超薄笔记本电脑。他说,这款名为XPS 11的11.6英寸产品预计将在假日季之前发货。The only things in short supply were traditional computers.唯独传统电脑的数量寥寥无几。#39;The amount of innovation is more than what has happened in years,#39; said Gregory Bryant, Intel Corp.#39;s vice president in charge of Asian-Pacific operations.英特尔公司(Intel Corp.)负责亚太业务的副总裁布莱恩特(Gregory Bryant)说,此次展会上的创新规模超过了过去几年的总和。The products come as part of the PC industry#39;s efforts to reverse double-digit shipment declines amid worries that they have sat still while mobile companies such as Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. were quick to jump into the smartphone and tablet markets. Global PC shipments declined 14% in the first quarter, while tablet shipments more than doubled in the same period, according to market-research firm IDC. But PC makers could face a challenging recovery, with shipments expected to fall 7.8% globally this year, according to IDC.这些产品是个人电脑行业为逆转出货量两位数的下降趋势所做努力的一部分。有人担心,在苹果(Apple Inc.)和三星(Samsung Electronics Co.)迅速进入智能手机和平板电脑市场之际,个人电脑产业仍然原地踏步。根据市场研究公司IDC的数据,第一季度全球个人电脑发货量下降了14%,而同期平板电脑的发货量增长超过一倍。但是个人电脑制造商的复苏前景可能充满挑战,根据IDC的数据,预计今年全球个人电脑的发货量将下降7.8%。Computex officially opens on Tuesday and runs through Saturday, with planned keynote speeches from Intel and Microsoft. Intel will unveil its fourth-generation Core processors, while Microsoft is expected to discuss its coming operating-system refresh called Windows 8.1. The annual event is the largest computing show in Asia, with about 1,724 exhibitors and more than 5,000 booths this year. It functions as a showcase for PC makers#39; new models that will hit shelves later in the year, as well as for components and other devices. Diversification in both chips and operating systems is a major trend at this year#39;s Computex after the industry relied for years on Microsoft and Intel.台北国际电脑展(Computex)周二正式开幕,将持续到周六。英特尔和微软按计划将做主旨演讲。英特尔将推出第四代的Core处理器,而微软预计将谈论升级后的操作系统Windows 8.1。这个一年一度的活动是亚洲最大规模的电脑展,今年有大约1,724名参展商,超过5,000个展位。这一展会展出的是将于今年晚些时候推向市场的个人电脑制造商的新产品,以及零部件和其他设备。芯片和操作系统的多样化是今年电脑展呈现出的主要趋势,这个领域多年以来一直由微软和英特尔主导。Acer Chairman J.T. Wang said in an interview Monday that the company is working on an Android desktop PC. The company on Monday launched its first #39;phablet#39; -- a mobile device that has functions of a phone and a tablet -- running a low-cost chip made by Taiwanese chip designer Mediatek Inc. The product line for Asus -- as the company is widely known -- was primarily based on Android, an operating system used almost solely in mobile devices.宏碁的董事长王振堂周一接受采访时说,这家公司正在开发一款运行安卓系统的台式电脑。宏碁周一推出了它的第一款“手机平板”,即同时拥有手机和平板功能的移动设备。该设备将搭载台湾芯片设计商联发科技股份有限公司(MediaTek Inc.)的低成本芯片。华硕的产品系列主要搭载安卓系统,安卓系统基本上只用于移动设备。Mr. Wang said that the death of the traditional PC is fast approaching, with touch-screen computers becoming the norm in three years, by his estimate.王振堂说,传统个人电脑的末日正在逼近。据他的估计,触屏电脑在三年后将成为主流。Many of the devices unveiled Monday haven#39;t yet been priced, and analysts said price will be a crucial factor in whether they sink or swim in the market.周一推出的许多设备还没有被定价。分析人士说,价格将是他们能否在市场上存活的关键因素。#39;Pricing is probably the key to determine who is going to win,#39; said UBS analyst Arthur Hsieh.瑞银(UBS)的分析师Arthur Hsieh说,定价可能是决定谁能够胜出的关键。The devices that have been priced include Acer#39;s Iconia W3, the small Windows 8 tablet, at 9. Asus only gave a price for its new low-cost Android tablet, the Memo Pad, which will be 9, with a 9 version for emerging markets.已经公布售价的设备包括宏碁的小型Windows 8平板电脑Iconia W3,这款产品的售价将为379美元。华硕仅提供了其新款低成本安卓平板电脑Memo Pad的售价,该产品售价将为149美元,新兴市场的版本售价为129美元。 /201306/242914
  • Boeing Co. has filed plans with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission for a secure smartphone designed for defense and security applications.波音公司(Boeing Co. ,BA)日前向美国联邦通讯委员会(Federal Communications Commission, 简称FCC)提交申请,计划推出一款针对防务及安全应用的安全智能手机。The phone, dubbed Boeing Black, is based on Google Inc.#39;s Android operating system and represents a new foray for the aerospace and defense company into adjacent businesses beyond its traditional slate of airborne products.这款名叫Boeing Black、搭载谷歌公司(Google Inc.)安卓(Android)操作系统的手机,再次凸显了宇航及防务企业打破传统航空产品框架,向相邻业务拓展的努力。Without publicly announcing the planned product, Boeing has posted a description of the device on its website, showing that it features a modular design that can attach sensors to its 5.2-inch tall body for functions such as advanced location tracking, solar charging, satellite transceivers and biometric sensors.波音没有公开发布产品声明,而在其网站上贴出了产品描述。根据其描述,该手机遵循模块化设计理念,其5.2寸机身可装载感应器,以实现精密定位追踪、太阳能充电、卫星导航以及生物传感等性能。Boeing filed the documents with the FCC on Feb. 24. A Boeing spokeswoman said in a statement the phone is #39;designed to meet the evolving security needs of defense and security customers.#39;波音公司于2月24日向FCC提交了申请。公司发言人在一份声明中称这款手机“意在迎合防务及安全领域的客户不断变化的安全需求”。The spokeswoman said Boeing spent more than 36 months researching and developing Black and what it calls the #39;PureSecure#39; architecture. The technology was developed out of a series of acquisitions by Boeing of companies such as Argon ST Inc., Digital Receiver Technology Inc., Kestrel Enterprises Inc., RavenWing Inc. and Solutions Made Simple Inc.该发言人称,波音公司历时超过36个月对Boeing Black手机进行研发,并开发出了被其称作;PureSecure;的手机架构。其技术研发自波音公司收购了的一系列子公司,包括Argon ST Inc.、Digital Receiver Technology Inc.、Kestrel Enterprises Inc.、RavenWing Inc以及Solutions Made Simple Inc.。 /201402/277639
  • Fred Vogelstein has a must story on the creation of the iPhone in the New York Times Magazine.在新一期的《纽约时报》杂志上,Fred Vogelstein有一篇iPhone创造的必读故事。It#39;s chock full of great little details, and you absolutely should it. Here#39;s one of many little nuggets from the story.里面充斥了很棒的小细节,你绝对应该读一读。这是许多小掘金故事中的一个。According to a senior Apple executive, the company likely spent over 0 million to develop the original iPhone.据一位苹果高管,公司可能花了1.5亿多美元来开发最初的iPhone。Considering how important the iPhone is for Apple, this seems like nothing for the company to spend. But, it#39;s still a fairly big number.考虑到iPhone对于苹果的重要性,这笔花费似乎对公司来说不值一提。但是,它仍然是一个相当大的数字。Apple invested more in the iPhone than money, though, reports Vogelstein. It also put its best people on the project.但是苹果投入iPhone的不只是钱,Vogelstein报告。它还将其最好的人才用在这个项目上。;Many top engineers in the company were being sucked into the project, forcing slowdowns in the timetables of other work,; says Vogelstein. If the iPhone were a dud, it put the whole company at risk because this is the only thing it was really working on.“公司很多顶尖的工程师被吸进这个项目,迫使其他工作的时间表放缓,” Vogelstein说。如果iPhone无用,它会使整个公司陷入危机,因为这是其唯一真正在做的事。And choosing top engineers caused a rift within Apple. The iPhone was a top secret project.选择高级工程师造成苹果内部的分裂。iPhone是一个绝密的项目。Andy Grignon, a hardware engineer in charge of the radios in the iPhone told Vogelstein, ; Everyone knows who the rock stars are in a company, and when you start to see them all slowly get plucked out of your area and put in a big room behind glass doors that you don’t have access to, it feels bad.;Andy Grignon,一个负责iPhone无线电的硬件工程师告诉Vogelstein,“每个人都知道公司里谁是摇滚明星,当你开始看到他们都慢慢退出你的区域,在一个玻璃门后面的大房间里,而你却进不去,那感觉糟透了。” /201310/258987
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