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云南中西结合医院去疤多少钱东川区妇幼保健人民中心医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱5.Belladonna Drops5.;贝拉多娜的眼泪;Atropa belladonna, also known as #39;deadly nightshade,#39; is extremely toxic. In Greek mythology, Atropos was one of the three fates—the one who cut the th of life. Belladonna been taken as a hallucinogen, as medicine, and as poison. It was also added to eye-drops for its dilating effects. Belladonna contains a natural muscle relaxant that Venetians greatly appreciated. The name #39;belladonna#39; is an homage to the Italian Renaissance women who famously used it.颠茄,也被称作龙葵,是一种剧毒植物。希腊神话里,阿特洛波斯是手握生杀大权的命运三女神之一。颠茄制剂可以被用作迷幻剂、药物和毒品。更因其具有良好的扩散性,曾被添加于眼药水中。Large pupils were considered attractive, but that beauty came at a cost. Belladonna elevated heart rate and blurred vision. Women who used it too much went blind. Many other beauty products throughout have had the same effect. In 1933, Lash Lure Eyelash and Brow Dye caused 15 recorded cases of permanent blindness. The product contained 30 times the recommended amount of paraphenylenediamine.颠茄属植物中含有一种备受人青睐的天然肌肉松弛剂。西文名称;贝拉多娜;,意为;漂亮女人;。文艺复兴时期的意大利有人曾经提取颠茄的果实用于制作女性散瞳的眼药水,取这个名字是为了纪念这段历史。瞳孔大一些的动人双眸是会让女性看起来更楚楚动人,但是美丽需要代价,颠茄制剂会加快心率并且损伤视力。如果过量使用便会导致失明。还有许多其他美容产品也有类似的副作用。比如1933年就发生了15起因使用睫毛膏和染眉膏而永久失明的案例。原因这些产品中对苯二胺的含量超标30多倍。4.Foot Binding4.缠足Chinese foot binding is estimated to have begun in the 10th century, during the Song Dynasty. Women#39;s feet were broken with their toes were bent inward. At first, foot binding was a sign of high social status, reserved for women who didn#39;t have to work. Bound feet also showed that a potential wife would be submissive. This painful, severely disfiguring custom sp to the lower classes over time. It was finally banned in 1911, but still continued in rural areas.据说,中国的缠足这个习俗始于公元十世纪,大约是宋朝。缠足使女人的脚折断,并往里弯曲。缠足在一开始是社会地位高的标志,专门为不需要劳作的女人而设计的。被束缚的脚还意味着顺从,这是一个妻子必备的品德。但这个痛苦又极其变态的风俗习惯慢慢传到了下层社会。虽然它于1911年被废除,但在农村地区依然存在。The binding process began when a child was 5 or 6 years old. Smaller feet indicated higher refinement, which improved a woman#39;s marriagability. A three-inch foot, or ;golden lotus,; was ideal. Anyone who wound up with feet that were five inches or longer (i.e., iron lotuses) would have significantly fewer marriage prospects. The #39;lotus feet#39; tradition lasted through a millennium.因为小脚是高修养的象征,可以增加女人的;可嫁性;,所以很多女孩子从五六岁就开始缠足。;三寸金莲;最为理想。而有着一双五寸或更长的脚(也称;铁莲;)的姑娘的结婚机会将会变少。这种缠足传统延续了一个千禧年。3.Corsets3.束腰Corsets were bodywear that could be tightened to reshape the torso. Corset-created 13-inch waists were never the norm, but women did use corsets to squeeze their bodies many inches inward, causing negative effects on health. The pressure led to constipation and organ damage. Shallow breath caused dizziness and fainting. Women#39;s back muscles were also weakened by regular use.束腰是一种通过;拉固;来重塑体型的紧身衣。虽然;13英寸;腰围从来都不是标准,但还是有许多女人用束腰来把腰往里挤,这对她们的健康是非常不利的。来自束腰的压力会造成便秘,还会给器官带来损害。束腰带来的浅呼吸会使人头晕甚至晕过去。常常穿戴束腰还会使女人的背部肌肉减弱。Corset wearing has continued into the modern day. Waist training, also known as tight-lacing, is advertised as a way to shape the body; to flatten the stomach while maintaining desirable curves elsewhere. Some pros recommend women pair waist training with diet and exercise for the best results. Others recommend avoiding corsets altogether. Spanx are a type of modern-day corset, and they compress the body enough to cause nerve problems, stomach pain, and other bodily issues affected women who wore whalebone corsets not so long ago.束腰直到现在还是非常流行的。束腰,也叫紧身衣,打着;重塑身形;的广告,在保持别的完美线条的时候收紧腹部。有的持者推荐女人把束腰和平衡饮食还有锻炼相结合,以得到最好的瘦身效果。而反对者倡导完全摆脱束腰。瘦身裤是一种新型束腰,它对身体的压力足以造成神经问题、肚子痛,以及其它不久前鲸须束腰胸衣会造成的身体问题。2.;Toebesity; surgery2.缩趾手术Something of a new phenomenon, toe-besity surgery beautifies ;fat feet.; It allows people have more confidence as they wear sandals and show off their piggly wigglies. It also allows some to fit into high heels or other shoes that don#39;t conform to their natural foot shape. Surgery to shave toe fat and bone would have been considered ludicrous at the turn of the century, but this cosmetic procedure has been gaining traction over the last decade. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, foot surgery is usually performed out of necessity. People who elect to have any medically unwarranted procedure put themselves at risk. The dangers of surgery include infection, a negative reaction to anesthesia, unsatisfactory results, pain, and the unexpected need for more surgery in the future.从某种意义上说缩趾手术是一项奇迹,它可以使;巨足;变美。它使人们穿凉鞋时更自信也能让他们炫耀从小猪扭扭购买到的鞋子。同时它可以让某些人穿上高跟鞋或其他一些之前脚型不能驾驭的鞋子。在本世纪之交,足部矫形手术被认为是荒唐的,然而在过去的十年中,针对这类美容手术我们已经有了牵引治疗。根据美国足部医学协会的说法,足部手术通常被认为是不必要的。那些寻求足部治疗但没有任何正当理由的的人都会置身于风险之中。手术的风险包括感染、麻醉的不良反应、不理想的结果、疼痛、以及一些无法预料的后续手术。1.Breast Augmentation1.隆胸The first silicone breasts were implanted Houston, Texas in 1962. Now breast augmentation is the second-most popular elective cosmetic surgery performed worldwide. Countries that perform the procedure most include the ed States, Brazil, Italy, and China. On top of the normal risks of surgery, breast augmentation poses other dangers. Implants may last for decades. On the other hand, they can rupture in a matter of weeks, in which case another full-cost surgery is required.1962年在美国华盛顿德克萨斯州,第一例硅酮隆胸物被植入。在当今世界,隆胸在最流行的整容手术中名列第二。其中表现最明显的国家包括:美国、巴西、意大利、以及中国。隆胸手术除了一些常规的手术风险外还会造成一系列的其他危险。植入物可能只能维持数十年。另一方面,它们可能会在几周后就发生爆裂,这种情况下手术又需要重头开始。Women who have breast implant surgery may develop breast tissue atrophy, unpleasant changes in breast sensitivity, or scar tissue that causes pain. Asymmetry, unexpected deformities, and generally disappointing results are not uncommon. Breast implants have also been linked to cancer in rare cases. Those aren#39;t even close to all of the painful possibilities, but potential problems are often ignored in favor of a little extra bulk in the bra. Is it really that unusual? Clearly, people have been compromising their health for beauty for thousands of years.有过隆胸手术的女人很可能会发生胸部组织萎缩,胸部过敏会有不良反应,伤疤组织会引起疼痛。胸部不对称,意外的畸形,以及令人失望的结果都是很常见的。在某些案例中,胸部植入物也可能引发癌症。而这些还不是所有的负面可能性,然而为了内衣里那些额外填充物,这些潜在的问题经常被忽略。它真的那样非比寻常么?很显然,人们为了美丽已让健康妥协了数千年了。翻译:哈利小王子 来源:前十网 /201512/413910More good news on coffee: A large study has found that drinking coffee is associated with a reduced risk of dying from heart disease and certain other causes.现在又传来了有关咖啡的好消息:一项大规模的研究发现,喝咖啡的行为与死于心脏病等某些原因的风险降低之间存在正相关。Researchers followed more than 200,000 doctors and nurses for up to 30 years. The participants had periodic physical examinations and completed questionnaires on diet and behavior, including their coffee habits. The study is in Circulation.在长达30年的时间里,研究人员追踪了20多万名医生和护士的情况。参与者定期体检,并填写饮食和行为方面的问卷,其中包括他们喝咖啡的习惯。这项研究成果发表在了《循环》杂志(Circulation)上。Compared with abstainers, nonsmokers who drank a cup of coffee a day had a 6 percent reduced risk of death, one to three cups an 8 percent reduced risk, three to five cups a 15 percent reduced risk, and more than five cups a 12 percent reduced risk. There was little difference whether they drank caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. The association persisted after controlling for age, alcohol consumption, B.M.I. and other health and diet factors.在不吸烟的人群中,和不喝咖啡的人相比,每天喝一杯、一到三杯、三到五杯和五杯以上咖啡的人的死亡风险分别降低了6%、8%、15%和12%。不管喝的咖啡中是否含咖啡因,结果几乎没有差别。在对年龄、酒精摄入量、体重指数和其他健康及饮食因素进行了控制后,这种相关性依然存在。Coffee drinking was linked to a reduced risk of death from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, neurological diseases and suicide, although not from cancer.喝咖啡和死于心脏病、脑卒中、糖尿病、神经系统疾病和自杀的风险的降低有关系,但不影响死于癌症的风险。The association was not apparent in smokers, probably because death from smoking-related causes overwhelms the positive effect of coffee drinking.这种关联在吸烟人群身上并未观察到,很可能是因为,与吸烟有关的死亡,大大盖过了喝咖啡带来的积极效果。While the findings are encouraging, the lead author, Dr. Ming Ding, of the Harvard School of Public Health, cautioned, “Our study is observational, so it’s hard to know if the positive effect is causal or not.”尽管相关结果鼓舞人心,但论文的第一作者、哈佛大学公共卫生学院(Harvard School of Public Health)的丁明告诫,“我们的研究是观察性质的,所以很难确定这种积极效果是否属于因果关系。” /201511/411640东川市第一人民医院瘦腿针多少钱昆明延安医院激光去痘多少钱

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