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具有相同饮酒习惯的夫妻更幸福 -- 18::1 来源: 夫妻双方都喝酒或都不喝酒,他们往往比只有一方喝酒的夫妻更幸福原因在于什么呢?一起来看密西根大学教授们的实验研究 If you need an excuse to crack open a bottle tonight, this could be the perfect excuse.如果今晚你想找个借口开瓶酒,这是再好不过的理由Couples with the same drinking habits tend to be happier than those where only one partner drinks, a study has found.研究表明,有相同饮酒习惯的夫妻往往比只有一方喝酒的夫妻更幸福Whether they are heavy drinkers or tee-total, women in particular become dissatisfied if they drink and their husband doesn’t, researchers said.研究称,不论双方都酗酒或都是禁酒主义者,如果女性喝酒而她们丈夫不喝,女性尤其会变得不满意The amount people consumed was less important than whether both partners had the same habit of drinking or not drinking, they added.并且,饮酒量相对于夫妻双方是否同时喝酒或不喝酒来说,显得不那么重要The study’s author, Dr Kira Birditt, of the University of Michigan, said: ’We’re not suggesting that people should drink more or change the way they drink.该研究作者是密歇根大学的Kira Birditt士,她说:“我们并不是建议人们应当喝更多酒或改变喝酒方式”We’re not sure why this is happening, but it could be that couples that do more leisure time activities together have better marital quality.’“我们不确定其中的原因,但可能是由于经常一起从事闲暇活动的夫妻婚姻质量较高”In other words, drinking may not be the only reason they’re getting along, Dr Birditt said.换句话说,喝酒可能不是他们相处良好的唯一原因,Birditt士称To come to their conclusions, the team analysed responses from ,767 married couples who were involved in the long-term Health and Retirement Survey.为了得出结论,研究小组分析了长期参与《健康与养老调查的767对夫妻的反馈Between and , the people in the study had a face to face interview with researchers and answered questionnaires about their drinking habits.在至年间,参与该研究的人与研究者进行了面对面对话,并回答了关于饮酒习惯的调查问卷They revealed whether they drank, how many days a week they drank and how many drinks they consumed in a sitting.他们透露了自己是否喝酒、每周喝几天酒以及每次喝多少酒Couples were married an average of 33 years and about two-thirds were in their first marriage.参与研究的夫妻平均婚姻年龄为33年,其中三分之二是初婚They also answered questions about the quality of their marriage, including whether they thought their spouses were too demanding or too critical, if their spouse was reliable when they needed help and if they found their spouse irritating.同时,他们回答了关于婚姻质量的问题,包括他们是否认为配偶要求过于严格或挑剔,在他们需要帮助时配偶是否可靠,还有他们是否认为配偶易怒The researchers found that in more than half of couples, both spouses drank.研究者发现超过半数夫妻双方都有饮酒习惯Husbands were more likely to drink than wives. But particularly wives, there was a problem when only one of the spouses drank.丈夫比妻子更倾向于喝酒然而尤其对于妻子而言,当只有一方喝酒时会出现问题When wives drank and the husbands didn’t, wives reported they were more dissatisfied with their marriage.当只有妻子喝酒而丈夫不喝时,妻子对他们的婚姻更为不满The study shows that it’s not about how much they’re drinking, it’s about whether they drink at all,’ Dr Birditt told Reuters Health.Birditt士告诉路透社健康专栏:“该研究表明,问题不在于他们喝多少酒,而在于他们是否喝酒”But she claimed drinking is becoming an increasing problem among baby boomers as they ’seem more accepting of alcohol use’.但是她说,在婴儿潮出生的一代人中,饮酒越来越成为一个问题,因为他们“似乎更能接受饮酒”The study also shows partners influence each other while they are together, especially when they are retired and spending more time together, she says.该研究同时表明,伴侣共处时会互相影响,尤其在他们退休后相处时间更长的情况下,她说Dr Birditt suggests when one spouse has to stop drinking, it might be time the other to consider taking the same action.Birditt士建议,当一方必须戒酒时,另一方最好也考虑同时戒酒But an expert who was not involved in the study found the number of participants who were heavy drinkers more interesting.但另一位未参与研究的专家发现,研究中大量饮酒者的数量非常有意思Dr Fred Blow, also from the University of Michigan, noted around per cent of men and 6 per cent of women were classed with a significant drinking problem in the study.Fred Blow士同样来自密歇根大学,他发现约%的男性和6%的女性被归为具有酗酒问题一类人群Heavy drinkers are known to have disruptive relationships with people, in particular their partners, he says as he called more research into the issue.酗酒者往往被认为与他人的关系具有破坏性,尤其对于他们的伴侣,他如此说道,并呼吁对该领域进行深入研究

马路上惊现悬崖?以假乱真街头3D --01 :6:3 来源:sohu 你有没有在街上看到过一些被画上艺术画作的建筑物外墙或行人道呢?你可能看到过,更对它们印象深刻其实全球各地也遍布着各种出色的街头艺术,有些壁画或画作甚至比平常的更特别,因为这些艺术品都代表着创作者丰富的想法 Have you ever been walking down the street and seen some amazing art on the side of a building or on the sidewalk? You probably have and you were probably very impressed. Amazing street art exists all over the world. Some murals or drawings are better than others—but chances are they all had plenty of thought put into them. 世界大毁灭是真的! The apocalypse is here! 原来圣诞老人的办公室是在邮筒下,读了我们寄给他的信..... He is always watching... 你会绕过它走吗? Would you walk around? 穿越回希腊风格 Flash to the past with a little Greek flair. 只是随便带我的宠物狮子出来散步,没什么大不了! Just casually taking my lion a walk. No big deal. 快点长大...快点长大吧! Make it grow! Make it grow! 没有食物的野餐...饿坏了! This is just like a picnic—but without real food. 这些3D街头艺术真是让人耳目一新!是不是又发现了拍照的新方式呢? 快点寻找你身边的街头艺术和它合影吧!

新一轮强降雨来袭 汛情再度告急 --18 :: 来源: 周日,国家气象局再次发布警报,从本周一开始到周三,四川盆地和长江中下游部分地区将再次迎来大暴雨,汛情再度告急 China’s weather authorities warned on Sunday that the Yangtze Basin will again be battered by heavy rain from Monday to Wednesday.中国气象部门在周日发出警报,从本周一开始到周三,长江流域将再次迎来强降雨袭击The National Meteorological Center said that from Monday to Wednesday, heavy downpours, thunderstorms and hale will hit parts of Southwest China’s Sichuan Basin and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, with precipitation expected to reach over 0 millimeters in some areas.国家气象中心表示说,从周一到周三,四川盆地和长江中下游部分地区将会迎来强降雨、雷雨和热带风暴天气影响,部分地区降雨量将达到0毫米以上It is likely small and medium-sized rivers surrounding Poyang Lake, Dongting Lake and Taihu Lake will overflow, said the center.据气象中心表示,届时鄱阳湖、洞庭湖和太湖周围的中小河流将会被蓄满溢出The center has renewed its blue alert due to thunderstorms Sunday morning, ecasting gale-ce winds, heavy downpours and hail in eight provincial areas from Sunday to Monday evening, including parts of Hunan Province in Central China, Jiangxi and Fujian Province in East China, Guizhou and Yunnan Province in Southwest China, and Gansu and Ningxia Province in Northwest China. Precipitation is expected to reach up to 0 millimeters in some places.气象中心在周日早晨再次发布了雷暴蓝色预警,预计从周日到周一晚间,8个省将会迎来大风、暴雨和热带风暴天气,受影响的地区包括湖南、江西、福建、贵州、云南、甘肃和宁夏部分地区降雨量预计将会达到0毫米A 30-meter-wide breach took place in the banks of the lower reaches of the Zhentian River in Huanggang, Hubei Province Sunday, affecting three nearby villages, 1,000 hectares of farmland and 67 hectares of fishponds. About ,300 people living in three villages will be evacuated, news site cnr.cn reported.上周日,湖北黄冈镇天河下游绝堤,形成一段30米宽的缺口,附近三个村寨受影响,00公顷农田和67公顷鱼塘被淹据中央人民广播电台报道,附近三个村落里的300多人将被转移撤离According to the China Meteorological Administration, this year’s rainfall level has surpassed that in any year since 1951. The heavy rain is putting pressure on flood control efts in the area.据中国气象局的资料显示,今年的降雨水平远超1951年以来的任何一年大量的降雨给该地区的防洪工作带来了极大的压力

鹦鹉可能成为凶杀案目击者 -- :59: 来源: 一只非洲灰鹦鹉在主人被杀后一直以主人的声音重复“他妈的不要开”这是否能够成为法庭据? Parrot called Bud keeps repeating ‘Don’t fucking shoot’ in the voice of his owner Martin Duram who was shot five times in his Michigan home.一只名叫Bud的鹦鹉不停地用主人Martin Duram的声音重复叫着“他妈的不要开”而其主人在密歇根家里身中五死亡An African Grey parrot. Budd, a parrot of the same species, may have witnessed his owner’s death.图为非洲灰鹦鹉Budd即为该品种的鹦鹉,它可能目睹了主人的死亡现场The ex-wife of a western Michigan man believes a parrot is repeating something said just bee his fatal shooting but a prosecutor is downplaying whether that could be used in court.一位西密歇根男子的前妻认为他家鹦鹉一直在重复致命杀发生前主人说过的话然而,检察官不确定该据是否能够在法庭上使用,因而进行了低调处理“I’m not aware of any legal precedent that,” Newaygo county prosecutor Robert Springstead told the Associated Press on Monday.“我以前从未见过类似的判例”纽威哥县检察官Robert Springstead周一告诉美联社“Certainly, as we work our way through the case, that may be something to look at, but I highly doubt there is any precedent that.”“当然了,随着我们对案件调查的进展,我们也许会注意这一点,但我十分怀疑之前是否有过类似的先例”Also, Springstead said, when a judge asks a witness to raise his or her right hand, “to a parrot, are you raising a wing, a foot?”而且,Springstead说,当法官要求目击者举起左手或右手时,“对一只鹦鹉,你难道要它举起一只翅膀或一只脚吗?”Martin Duram, 5, was shot five times in his home in Ensley Township in May . Then-wife Glenna Duram had a head wound but survived.Martin Duram5岁,于年5月在恩斯利镇的家里身中五他当时的妻子Glenna Duram头部受伤,但幸存下来Duram’s ex-wife, Christina Keller, now owns Bud, an African grey parrot that has repeated “don’t fucking shoot” in Martin Duram’s voice, she told WOOD-TV.Duram的前妻Christina Keller现在收养了Bud,她告诉WOOD电视台,这只非洲灰鹦鹉不停地用它主人Marting Duram的声音重复“他妈的不要开”But Springstead said he hasn’t heard it. “I tried to on my smartphone and online. I couldn’t get the audio feed to work,” he said.但Springstead说他从没听到过“我试着用智能手机和联网在线,但一直没有听到过”他说No charges have been filed in the case and Duram’s death remains under investigation. Springstead said his injuries appeared not to be self-inflicted.这起案件一直没有控告记录,Duram的死亡也一直在调查中Springstead说他的伤口不像是自己造成的“As soon as I receive the investigation, I will make a charging decision,” he said. “I expect that to happen in the next few weeks.”“一旦我接到调查令,我会做出控告的决定”他说“我希望能在接下来的几周内有所进展”

做好准备!十大最难答的面试题目 -- ::55 来源:sohu 见工面试的总是千篇一律 :''我是一个工作勤奋的人''、''我很高兴可以有新的机会去学习'',相信你也压倦这些一早准备好并可预测的吧? 其实很多机构招聘时怪招迭出,所以准备好被问到奇怪的问题吧! 求职招聘社区网站的年度报告总结了年十大最难答面试题目,如下: Tired of canned and predictable answers like“I am a hard worker” and “I am thrilled by the new opporty to learn”at job interviews? You should consider asking oddball questions. Glassdoor's annual report of the top toughest interview questions uncovered the following: 1. 你最想拥有哪种魔法力量? Topshop销售助理的求职者 “Which magic power would you like to have?” – Topshop sales assistant job candidate. . 如果你是一个水果,你想成为哪个品种,为什么?Topdeck旅行领队的求职者 “If you were a fruit, what kind would you be and why? – Topdeck Travel trip leader job candidate. 3. 如果你可以跟三位已经离世的演员共享晚餐,你会怎样选? 黑莓商务总监的求职者 “If you could have dinner with three actors that are no longer living, who would you pick?” – Blackberry commercial director job candidate. . 要用多少个小时才可以把伦敦每一个窗口都打扫干净?国际商业机器公司信息技术岗位的求职者 “How many hours would it take to clean every single window in London?” – IBM IT role job candidate. 5. 怎样才可以把一头大象放进冰箱? 金雅拓公司的软件工程师求职者 “How do you get an elephant in a fridge?” – Gemalto software engineer job candidate. 6. 如果现在是三点十五分,那时钟上的角度是什么? 标准集团产品控制求职者 “If the time is quarter past three, what is the angle measurement on the clock?” – Standard Bank Group product control job candidate. 7. 如果你有三分钟时间跟执行总裁独处在电梯,你会跟他说什么? 铁路基础设施公司管理会计师的求职者 “If you had three minutes alone in a lift with the CEO, what would you say?” – Network Rail management ant job candidate. 8. 有多少人在年出生被名为加里? 英国电信高级经理的求职者 “How many people born in were named Gary?” – BT senior proposition manager job candidate 9. 你会因为什么而声名远播? 安永总监的求职者 “What will you be famous ?” – EY director job candidate. . 英国一年平均售出多少块尿布? 英杰华集团研究生课程申请者 “How many nappies are purchased per year in the UK?” – AVIVA graduate programme job candidate. 你会如何回答上述问题?跟小编留言说说吧~ English Source: HumanResources

通州将成为北京新副中心城市 --9 :3:6 来源: 为缓解人口压力、优化城市布局、减轻大城市病,北京计划建设通州成为新副中心城市同时,中共中央做出指示,要坚持以人为本,建设通州作为京津冀协调发展的重要部分 Chinese President Xi Jinping has called people-oriented approach in planning and building a new sub-center the nation’s capital city Beijing.日前,北京市曾发布通告将建立一个新的副中心对此,国家主席习近平呼吁在城市规划和建设过程中要坚持以人为本的原则"Globally advanced energy-saving and environment protection technologies, standards, materials and craftsmanship must be extensively used to build a green city, a est city, a spongy city and a smart city,", Xi said Friday at a conference of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC).周五,在中共中央政治局会议上,习近平讲到:“(在新中心的建设过程中要)采用全球先进的节能技术和环境保护技术、标准、材料和工艺,从而建设一个绿色城市、森林城市、海绵城市和智能城市”The planning, design and construction of the sub-center must have global outlook and Chinese characters, use high standards, and stick to the concept of innovative, coordinated, green and inclusive development, said a statement issued after the meeting.会后有关部门发表了一份声明,指出副中心城市的计划、设计和建造必须展望全球,同时还要具备中国特色必须采用高标准,还要坚持创新、协调、绿色和包容性发展的理念"Planning must come bee construction, the use of every inch of land must be considered carefully bee construction begins, " Xi said. He urged city planners and builders to bear in mind that they are creating history and making an art piece.习近平说道:“规划必须要在施工前完成,在施工开始前,每一寸土地的使用都必须仔细考虑”习近平呼吁城市规划者和建设者要牢记,他们正在创造历史,正在创造一件艺术品The mater plan must take into consideration people’s needs to work, live and entertain. Transport, education and health service must be convenient. The sub-center must have Chinese elements and borrow from other cultures, Xi said.这个计划必须考虑的人们对于工作、生活和的需要交通、教育和医疗卫生务必须方便快捷习近平表示,副中心必须拥要有中国元素,还要从其他文化体系吸取经验The sub-center could help adjust the space layout of Beijing, rid it of mega city problems and promote the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Xi said.习近平表示,这个副中心可以帮助北京调整城市空间布局,摆脱(困扰)巨型城市的问题,并且促进京津冀地区的协调发展The meeting discussed progress made in implementing the plan in promoting coordinated development in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, hailing headway made in transport, biological environment and industry.中共中央政治局会议讨论了促进京津冀地区协调发展计划的执行进展,这项计划旨在促进该地区交通运输、生态环境和工业的发展"Benign interactions among Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei have made tangible results. Coordinated development has seen a good beginning," Xi said.习近平指出:“京津冀地区的良性互动已经收到了明显的成效协调发展有一个良好的开端”

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