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昆明市活细胞丰胸价格昆明哪有打玻尿酸的昆明韩辰祛疤手术多少钱 What#39;s the smart buy for a smartphone this summer? The choices are better than ever.夏天到了,哪款智能手机值得拥有呢?今年可选择的手机的品质要远胜以往。As smartphone shipment growth ebbs, sales of large models— the so-called phablets— are expected to be brisk, seeing double-digit growth over the next several years, according to market researcher IDC. Not surprisingly, topping our list is a large smartphone. Here#39;s a brief roundup of the hottest smartphones to consider this summer.市场研究机构IDC表示,智能手机的出货量增长放缓,大号智能手机,即所谓的平板手机的销量在未来几年中有望实现两位数的增长。在此背景下,平板手机荣登本榜榜首便不足为奇了。下面本文将对今夏几款大热机型进行盘点:1.Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Best premier smartphone1.最佳首发手机:三星Galaxy S7 EdgeThis is the high-end smartphone to beat this summer. If it was strictly a design race between Samsung and Apple, Samsung would be the easy winner. The South Korean giant#39;s Super AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) 5.5-inch display has curves on two sides, resulting in a stunning design. It has a practical side too: the wrap-around display delivers added real estate for ;edge; apps. The S7 Edge also has one of the best cameras going and the best battery life yet for a high-end Galaxy model.在这款高端手机面前,炎炎夏日似乎也失去了热度。如果苹果和三星进行一场设计竞赛,三星将轻松胜出。这家韩国巨头的超炫屏屏幕的大小为5.5英寸,使用的材料的是超级有源矩阵发光二极体面板,边缘采用双曲面设计,整体效果令人炫目。这款手机屏幕的实际使用效果也相当不错:环绕式处理技术令屏幕边缘的应用程序也有了展示的空间。S7 Edge配备了最好的摄像镜头,电池寿命在高端Galaxy系列中也是最长的。A blow-by-blow comparison with iPhone 6s Plus yields a bunch of upsides, including 4GB of RAM (vs 2GB on the iPhone), wireless charging, and a microSD slot for upgrading the standard 32GB storage with, for instance, a 128GB microSD card that can also be configured with dual SIM cards.如果把iPhone 6s和G7 Edge放在一起进行详细比较,后者的优点非常突出:G7 Edge的随机存取存储器容量达到4GB(而6s的这一数据为2GB);具备无线充电功能;手机内存为32GB,可插入128GB的SD卡进行拓展。The only downsides are fingerprint smears and Samsung#39;s user interface – but the latter is vastly improved over previous versions. Retail pricing typically starts at between 750 dollars and 790 dollars at major carriers.这款手机仅有的缺点是指纹识别系统和三星人机互动界面的设计--但是后者的性能在近几个版本中有了极大的提升。大型运营商处为这款手机提供的零售价在750美元到790美元之间。2.iPhone 6s: Best mainstream phone2.最佳主流手机:iPhone 6sApple still has a lock on the mid-range, mainstream smartphone. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6s has a stiffer chassis than the iPhone 6, excellent front and rear cameras, a novel ;3D Touch; pressure-sensitive display for previewing messages, photos, and related links, and the new A9 processor makes everything very snappy. But let#39;s face the facts: While Apple makes great, high-quality hardware, many consumers choose iPhones primarily because they know they#39;re buying into probably the greatest selection of apps in the world. It starts at 649 dollars.苹果仍然牢牢把持着中等尺寸和主流智能手机市场。4.7英寸屏幕的iPhone 6s的底盘比iPhone6的更加结实,前置和后置摄像头性能良好,屏幕配备了新奇的;3D触摸;压力传感器和A9处理器,人们在浏览信息、照片和相关链接时会觉得非常顺畅。然而事实却摆在眼前:虽然苹果手机配备的硬件质量极好,但是许多消费者选择苹果的原因在于,他们清楚苹果能为自己带来世上最好的手机应用。iPhone 6s售价为649美元。3.Nexus 6P: Best pure Android phone3.最佳原生安卓手机:Nexus 6PThe Nexus brand has a following that, while a lot smaller, is not that unlike the iPhone#39;s following. That#39;s because Nexus phones maintain high standards, are designed in conjunction with Google, and made by world-class phone suppliers. Huawei— the third-largest global smartphone manufacturer behind Samsung and Apple according to IDC— now makes the best Nexus phone. Those specs include an excellent (and extra-large) 5.7-inch very-high-resolution AMOLED display, a good 12-megapixel camera, 3GB of RAM, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. The only notable downsides are a sometimes less-than-snappy camera experience and unneeded bulk in the chassis. But the best part is the cost, with a manufacturer#39;s suggested retail price of 499 dollars. But the 6P can often be found for under 450 dollars at retailers and even under 400 dollars at some stores.Nexus品牌系列手机的规模虽不比苹果,但在质量上却不遑多让。Nexus出产的手机一向质量上佳,不仅Google鼎力持,世界级的手机供应商亦为其保驾护航。据IDC称,位列三星和苹果之后的第三大智能手机生产商华为生产的Nexus手机品质最佳。这款手机的屏幕尺寸达到了5.7英寸(又是超大屏幕),使用的材料是有超高分辨率的有源矩阵发光二极管面板,其他硬件还包括1200万像素的摄像头,3GB的随机存取存储器和高通Snapdragon 810处理器。拍照反应较慢,底盘进行加重处理是该机型较为显著的缺点。Nexus最吸引人的是价格,其建议零售价仅为499美元,而一些零售商给出的价格仅为450美元,在一些门店更是低至400美元。4.LG G5: Best modular phone4.最佳模块化智能手机:LG G5Though overshadowed by Samsung, the smaller South Korean phone supplier has come up with a pretty radical smartphone. The killer feature for the 5.3-inch phone is modularity. By pressing a button, the bottom of the phone slides out, which allows you to not only swap in a fresh battery but add upgrade modules too. And the camera is different too. The LG G5 has both 8- and 16-megapixel sensors on the back, located on either side of the LED flash. The secondary 8MP sensor allows wide-angle shots. At retail, it ranges between 575 dollars and 625 dollars.笼罩在三星阴影之下的LG最近终于推出了一款颠覆性的智能手机。这款屏幕尺寸为5.3英寸的机型的最大卖点在于其模块化的手机结构。按下相应按键,手机底部会自动滑出,不仅可以更换电池,也可以装载其他升级模块。LG G5的摄像头也与众不同,在手机背面有两个分列于LED闪光灯两侧的传感器,像素分别达到8001600万,而800万像素的传感器赋予了手机广角拍摄的功能。这款手机的零售价在575美元和625美元之间。5.iPhone SE: Best small phone5.最佳小型智能手机:iPhone SEThe 4-inch SE is the best deal Apple has ever offered on a new iPhone: It#39;s not only the cheapest iPhone, but has cutting-edge internals. This is a more advanced phone internally than the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, and is on par with the iPhone 6s/6s Plus. And it has the same great rear-facing 12-megapixel camera of the 6s, with better battery life than both the 6 and 6s. The iPhone SE also excels at one-handed operation. It#39;s a cinch to do all sorts of things: thumb-scrolling, photo-taking, typing. The SE is also more pocketable than, let#39;s say, the large 5.5-inch 6s Plus. The icing on the cake is the price: it starts at 399 dollars for a 16GB version and 499 dollars for 64GB.屏幕大小仅为4英寸的iPhone SE是苹果公司出产过的最好的新手机。该机型是史上卖得最便宜的iPhone,内在配置也走在时代前沿。其配置令iPhone6和iPhone6 Plus相形见绌,与iPhone6s和iPhone6s Plus可谓旗鼓相当,1200万像素后置摄像头的配置与iPhone 6s相同,电池寿命却优于iPhone6和6s。iPhone SE的单手操作体验同样非常流畅,使用者能够非常轻松地用大拇指浏览网页,拍照,打字。相比5.5英寸的iPhone6s Plus,iPhone SE携带起来更加方便,价格更是该机型的加分项:16GB版本的售价仅为399美元,64GB版本的售价也仅需499美元。 /201607/452943昆明韩城整形美容医院丰臀怎么样

开远市人民医院切眼袋手术多少钱;You married me--that proves you#39;re brilliant and a great judge of character.Put that on your resume!;你和我结婚了--这说明你很聪明且有很强的判断力!把这点写到你的简历中吧。 /201508/395517云南省林业中西医结合医院瘦腿针多少钱 昆明激光去毛排行

昆明激光去妊娠纹Samsung hopes to refurbish the 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 devices that it recalled after a battery fault led to some catching fire.三星计划翻新250万部Galaxy Note7手机,该系列手机由于电池起火被召回。If local authorities and carriers agreed, and there was demand, it may then resell the phones, Samsung said.三星公司表示,如果当地政府机构和运营商同意,市场也有需求,就可能重新出售该手机。It also unveiled two other proposals for recycling the devices, including detaching the components and retrieving the hardware’s precious metals.此外,该公司还发布了另外两项回收设备的建议:包括拆卸零部件以及取回硬件中的贵金属。Samsung had faced pressure from environmental campaigner Greenpeace.此前三星一直面临来自“绿色和平”环保组织的压力。The organisation had lobbied the technology giant over its plans for the devices, launching a petition and staging global protests including at the Mobile World Congress event.绿色和平组织就这家科技巨头关于本设备的计划进行了游说,发起请愿书,并举行全球抗议活动,包括在世界移动通信大会上进行抗议。;While we welcome this news, Samsung must share as soon as possible more detailed timelines on when it will implement its promises, as well as how it intends to change its production system to make sure this never happens again,; said Greenpeace East Asia campaigner Jude Lee.绿色和平组织东亚运动人士裘德·李表示:“虽然我们很高兴听到这个消息,但是三星必须尽快提供更详细的时间表,关于何时履行其承诺以及如何改变生产系统,以确保这类事件不会再发生。”Samsung said it would have to liaise with ;regulatory authorities and carriers; and measure local demand before determining where and when refurbished handsets would be released.三星表示,在确定何时何地重启翻新手机前,一定会与“监管机构和运营商”联络并衡量当地需求。 /201704/502084 昆明市做文眉手术多少钱昆明医科大学第二附属医院上睑下垂卧蚕眼周要多少费用



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