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昆明公立的整形医院解放军第四七八医院去除狐臭多少钱栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧! Article/201510/405028昆明那里有洗纹身的地方 Pym now knew he would have to annihilate Strafford if he was to defend parliament from this threat.皮姆明白消除威胁的唯一办法 就是扳倒斯特拉福德本人So in the spring of 1641, Strafford was impeached.因此1641年春 斯特拉福德遭到弹劾Sick and grey-haired,he proved frustratingly impossible to convict of treason,病弱苍老的他 因据不足而无法被裁定为叛国罪so Pym resorted to an Act of Attainder instead.于是皮姆转而诉诸褫夺公权法This merely required a burden of suspicion.该法案仅有些许嫌疑即可套用When Strafford had spoken of an Irish army reducing the kingdom,hadn#39;t he meant England, argued Pym.斯特拉福德说利用爱尔兰军队吞噬其王国 难道不是指英格兰吗 皮姆以此争辩But there was one problem:The Act of Attainder needed the signature of the king.可此时仍欠东风 依褫夺公权法定罪需要国王签字Poor Charles.Memories of Buckingham must have flooded back into his mind.可怜的查理 对白金汉的记忆一定又回荡在他脑海中了For a king obsessed by loyalty,how could he abandon Strafford, his most faithful ally?作为一位如此看重忠诚的国王 他怎能背弃最忠实的同盟斯特拉福德It was Strafford himself who spared Charles the agony of indecision.最终是斯特拉福德本人 将查理从两难抉择中解脱出来He knew that only his own death could save the king and the country from further upheaval.他清楚看到只有他的牺牲 才能阻止国王和国家陷入剧变In a final letter written to Charles,Strafford begged the king to do what had to be done.在写给查理的绝笔信中 斯特拉福德请求国王做出必要的裁决May it please your sacred majesty,I understand that the minds of men are more and more incensed against me,尊敬的陛下 我知道 民众对我的愤怒日益加深and to set your majesty#39;s conscience at liberty,请陛下不必为难和自责I do most humbly beseech your majesty, for preventing of evils that may happen by your refusal, to pass the bill.我恳请陛下以国家社稷为重 接受议会的提案Weeping, Charles signed the warrant.查理含泪签署了执行令Strafford was led out onto Tower Green,surrounded by jeering crowds, and beheaded.斯特拉福德被带上格林塔 在众人的嘲讽声中被砍了头 /201703/497861Thursday afternoon in a 60 zone, this 34-year-old motorcyclist was on his way home.星期四下午,在一条速限60公里的路上,这位34岁的托车骑士正在回家的路上It#39;s our job to work out why he never got there.让我们来说明他为什么回不了家The rider broke his neck on impact here, having crashed into this car that was turning right.这位骑士在撞击时弄断了脖子,他撞上了要右转的车By analysing the impact, we know he hit the car at 30km/h.我们分析了一下,他在冲撞时的速率是每小时30公里And these marks on the road tell us that he skidded for 21m, having braked hard here.从路上的煞车痕可以看出他在煞车后滑行了21公尺When he first reacted, he was doing 68.当他意识到前方车辆时,车速是每小时68公里But let#39;s change one small thing.现在来做一个小小的改变At 60, the driver would have had more chance to see him properly,若车速是每小时60公里,车上的驾驶将有更多机会注意到他he#39;d have stayed in control and reached this point a moment later.他也不会因此失控,并能安全渡过The car would have cleared his path and he#39;d be home by now.车子将不会撞到他,而他现在也已经安然无恙的到家了You decide on your speed. The physics decides whether you live or die.你可以决定车速。但物理定律将决定你的生死 Article/201612/485113昆明医科大学第二附属医院做丰胸手术多少钱

香格里拉妇幼保健院瘦腿针多少钱昆明铁路医院做双眼皮多少钱 The auroras dancing displays of celestial light在天空中熠熠生辉的极光are caused by particles from the solar storm smashing是太阳风暴夹带的微粒through the magnetic field at the poles.撞击地球两极磁场的结果When they strike the upper atmosphere它们撞击高层大气时they light up the polar skies.会照亮极地天空In the strongest storms at the peak of the solar cycle在太阳周期达巅峰时产生的强烈风暴中the Northern lights can be seen连雅典和古巴as far south as Athens and Cuba.都看得到北极光But the buffeting of the magnetic field has other unseen effects.但对磁场的冲击还有其他肉眼看不到的影响Migratory animals that navigate using the magnetic field利用磁场导航的动物can lose their bearings.可能会迷失方向Racing pigeons don#39;t come home.赛鸽回不了家And whale strandings have been鲸鱼搁浅的频率seen to increase with solar activity.会随着太阳的活动而增加But most worrying for us is the effect但最让我们担忧的是that the disrupted magnetic field can have on electronics.混乱磁场对电子系统造成的影响The strongest storms can damage强烈太阳风暴可能会破坏or destroy satellites with devastating effects.或摧毁卫星,造成严重影响We#39;re sort of more sensitive to the sun我们对太阳的敏感程度than we probably realise也许超乎我们的理解because when the sun releases these,因为当太阳以太阳闪焰和this magnetic energy in the form of solar flares and,日冕物质抛射and coronal mass ejections,的形式释放磁力时maybe you don#39;t notice it at first, but um,也许你一开始不会注意到the crackle on your cell phone但手机出现杂音or your cell phone going out或手机没信号may actually be caused by enhanced activity on the sun.很可能是因为太阳活动增强所致Mobile telephones, television,行动电话,电视airplane navigation even weapons guidance systems飞机导航系统,甚至武器导航系统all rely on satellite communication都仰赖卫星通讯and all can be disturbed by space weather.所以都会受到太空天气的干扰The more we are reliant on these systems我们越仰赖这些系统the more we will feel the effects of the sun#39;s tantrums.就越能感受到太阳发火的威力But we still don#39;t understand但我们对太空天气all of the effects of Space Weather.造成的影响仍未透彻了解No-one can explain the effect on the climate.没有人能解释其对气候造成的影响Or why the disappearance of sunspots should cause an ice age.或是太阳黑子消失为何会引发冰河时期It may not matter.也许已经无所谓了The small effect that solar variation has on the climate太阳活动对气候造成的微小变化has long since been drowned out by man-made global warming.早就因人为的全球暖化而相形见绌 Article/201504/370085云南整形医院打瘦脸针多少钱

昆明五华区去粉刺多少钱栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201506/379221 Herbal tea does not have necessarily草药茶也不一定the same health benefits as regular tea.和普通茶有一样的保健效果There are many types and varieties of herbal tea.草药茶有很多类别和品种Some may be combinations of herbal一些草药茶可能同时含有草药和and tea ingredients so labels carefully.茶叶的成分,所以要仔细阅读标签Tea contains polyphenols.茶叶含有茶多酚This class of compounds is found in most plants这类化合物存在于多数植物中and has been found to provide health benefits.有保健功效Polyphenols include a particular group of compounds茶多酚中有一类特别的化合物known as catechins. These catechins have been known叫做儿茶酚for their powerful antioxidant ability.这些儿茶酚有强大的抗氧化能力Antioxidants help to prevent or slow oxidative damage抗氧化物质通过减少自由基to the cells in our body by reducing free radicals.帮助阻止或减慢我们身体细胞内的氧化破坏White tea and green tea contain the highest levels of白茶和绿茶有着最高含量的catechins, in particular the catechins儿茶酚,特别是一种known as EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate.叫ECGC,或者儿茶素的儿茶This is due to the fact that这是因为white and green tea are the least processed.白茶和绿茶加工程度最低Other polyphenols found in tea其他在茶叶中发现的茶多酚are theaflavins and thearubigins,有茶黄素和茶红素these are highest in oolong and black tea.这两种在乌龙茶和红茶中含量最高This is due to the fact that they are more processed.这是因为它们加工程度更高In general these compounds通常这些化合物provide healthful benefits to tea.都使茶叶具有保健功效As mentioned before就像之前提到的tea has been found to contain powerful antioxidants.茶叶中含有很强的抗氧化剂This chart above is a great comparison of上面的这个表给出了一个鲜明的对比你们可以看到how many glasses of other beverages it would take to多少杯其他饮品才能有get the same antioxidant activity as in two cups of tea.和两杯茶相同的抗氧化活性As you can see,正如你看到的2 cups of tea is equal to 1 glass of red wine,两杯茶等同于一杯红酒3 and a half glasses of beer, 7 glasses of orange juice,三杯半啤酒,七杯橙汁12 glasses of white wine, or 20 glasses of apple juice.十二杯白酒,或者二十杯苹果汁There has been much interest in determining人们对于确定喝茶if tea consumption influences cancer risk.是否能影响癌症患病几率有很大的兴趣Researchers in Shanghai, China investigated中国上海的研究者们调查过the relationship between green tea consumption and在20岁到74岁之间女性中饮用绿茶breast cancer risk in women between the age of 20 and 74和患乳腺癌几率的关系About 3400 women have been diagnosed with大约3400名女性被诊断breast cancer, cancer cases为乳腺癌或其他癌症and a similar group were cancer free or control.另一组没有患癌症,作为对照组The participants were interviewed to determine他们采访了调查参与者来确定what age they began to drink green tea,她们何时开始喝绿茶frequently they consumed tea and经常喝茶what strengths and types of tea they consumed.及喝什么样的浓度和类别的茶In this population在这群人中women who regularly consumed green tea经常喝茶的女性had a 12% lower risk for developing breast cancer.患乳腺癌的几率低了12%In post-menopausal women更年期女性drinking green tea for less than 6 years喝绿茶少于六年的significantly reduced the risk of breast cancer.患乳腺癌几率显著降低Another interesting finding was that另一个有趣的发现是as the amount of dry tea leaves随着每月茶叶consumed per month increased摄入量的增加there was a trend toward decreased risk绝经前女性患乳腺癌的几率of breast cancer in pre-menopausal women.也趋向于降低Overall this study concluded that总的来说,这项调查作出的结论green tea consumption may be weakly就是饮用绿茶可能与associated with a decreased risk in breast cancer.降低患乳腺癌几率有轻微的联系 Article/201506/382036石林寻甸禄劝做隆胸多少钱昆明市韩辰医院减肥瘦身多少钱



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