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红河州妇幼保健院激光去黄褐斑多少钱楚雄州妇幼保健院脱毛手术多少钱Watch VideoJug#39;s gentleman#39;s guide to dealing with oily skin. Learn how to even out and combat your oily skin with VideoJug#39;s help.VideoJug这段视频中的绅士将指引你怎样应对油性皮肤。在VideoJug的帮助下,学习怎样中和与应对油性皮肤。Step 1: You will need1.你需要A good quality exfoliator,an oil control lotion,toner,a soap for neutral or oily skin,Face Cresm质量比较好的去角质产品,控油化妆品,柔肤水,适用于中性或油性皮肤的肥皂,洗面奶Step 2: Don#39;t touch your face too much2.不要太经常摸脸Try not to touch your face too much during the day. Leaning on your hand or playing with your face can lead to blocked pores which can turn into spots and blackheads, particularly if your skin is naturally oily.试着不要太经常摸脸。用手托着脸或摸脸会导致毛孔堵塞,从而出现斑点和黑头,尤其是如果你的皮肤天生是油性的。Step 3: Exfoliate3.去除角质In the morning, wash your face using the exfoliator with some warm water. Apply in a circular motion to all the affected areas - normally the forehead, nose and cheeks. This removes dead skin cells and unblocks pores.早上,使用去角质产品和温水来洁面。在所有油性部位以环形动作涂抹——通常在额头,鼻子和面颊。这样可以去除老死的皮肤细胞,疏通毛孔。Never use an exfoliator immediately after shaving, as this will cause redness and irritation. If you need to shave as well,apply the exfoliator only to unshaved areas of the face.千万不要在剃须之后立即使用去角质产品,因为这样会导致皮肤变红,受到刺激。如果你同时也需要剃须,只在面部没有刮的地方使用去角质产品。When you#39;re done, rinse your face with warm water.完成之后,用温水洗脸。Step 4: Apply lotion4.使用控油化妆水Apply the oil control lotion all over your face using upwards movements. You can also tap the skin to improve circulation.在整个面部从下往上涂抹控油化妆水。还可以轻轻拍打皮肤来促进血液循环。Step 5: Apply toner5.使用柔肤水Dampen a cosmetic pad by running it under warm water and then squeezing the water out of the pad. Apply some toner to the pad and then run lightly over your forehead, nose and upper cheeks. Avoid the beard area as the pad will snag on your stubble.You#39;re now y to don your suit and head out to face the day.把一块化妆棉浸入温水中,然后把水挤出来。向化妆棉上倒上一些柔肤水,轻轻地擦过额头,鼻子和面颊上部。避免长胡须的地方,因为化妆棉可能会刮到胡须断茬。Step 6: At night6.夜晚Before you go to bed, wash your face with soap and warm water. Use a soap designed for oily or neutral skin. This will be clearly marked on the packaging. Finally run over your face with some toner before heading off for that all-important beauty sleep.上床睡觉之前,使用肥皂和温水洗脸。要用专门为油性或中性皮肤设计的肥皂。包装上都有说明。最后抹上一层柔肤水,上床美美地睡一觉。Thanks for watching How To Deal With Oily Skin感谢收看“怎样应对油性皮肤”视频节目。 /201210/203383昆明第一人民医院眼尾纹眼周眼线眼纹多少钱 How To Improve Personality如何提升人格魅力 Here are some good tips that will help you create a personality you always wanted. If you are not satisfied and want to improve your personality, just follow some of these simple tips and you will experience an improvement in your personality.想让自己变得人见人爱吗?本篇视频将向你介绍几招提升人格魅力的途径,希望你们喜欢! StepsHow to improve your personality. We all have personalities and I believe all personalities are great. It's just our behavior sometimes goes a little off track, so when we talk about improving our personality, we're really looking at ways we interact with the world and each other and our own responsibility for how we react to any situation and how we exhibit our feelings and our states. We might find that at some point in life, we are struggling to deal with stuff. We might be feeling emotional or anxious or upset or angry with others in dealing with people badly. The first point to make is we are responsible for outbursts, no one else is. No one can make you feel angry or make you react in a particular way. You make you react in a particular way. So, we can decide how we respond to the world around us and we have to make better decisions. So if you want to improve, let's say, our personality, we just got to improve the way we react to the world. So if things come along that push our buttons, we can decide to react differently, just stay calm or not react at all or let it just wash over us. It may be that we decide we are going to not get angry or not get upset, not say what we want to say in a particular situation, maybe just walk away, for example. There are many ways you can deal with difficult situations. We can change our current personality by making shifts in the way we interact with the world. Every choice we make has an output, every thought and feeling we have, dictates the different state, point within us and we can choose who we are being at any point. We can change the version of us that we're being at any point. Someone may refer to it as they are angry or they are aggressive, it does not matter, we can change that. It's a choice point, we can decide to be a new version of us at any point and you can decide you are no longer going to demonstrate that particular version of your or that particular aspect of your personality and choose a completely different one. Surprise people we are lying with new version of you, make a new one up that feels and looks better, have a think about a perfect personality you would love to have and be that person, act like that person, feel like that person, speak like that person, have the emotions of the person you choose to be and before you know it, you are experiencing and reacting differently and people will respond differently to this new personality. So, it begins with how we think, how we fell, how we speak and our body language and we can make changes in any of these areas and when we begin to make changes, people will react differently to us and our whole world and our whole life experience changes as a result. Our personality is only who we are, being at any particular point, we can change it, it can be magnificent, it can go from terrible to magnificent and it is us driving our bus of life, make some good choices around it and you can choose any personality whenever you wish and just come from that place. So, personalities are driven by our own mind, so just create one that you are happy with and proud of and come from that place. |Here are some good tips that will help you create a personality you always wanted. If you are not satisfied and want to improve your personality, just follow some of these simple tips and you will experience an improvement in your personality. Article/201108/146931昆明祛痘坑费用

云南平安中西医结合分医院做去疤手术多少钱利比亚反对派攻入卡扎菲最后的堡垒——阿齐齐亚兵营,卡扎菲的地下藏身堡垒被曝光,里面的通信设备一应俱全,里面还有一条秘密通道,卡扎菲可能就是从这条通道逃走的。 After Libyan rebels stormed Mummar Gaddafi's private compound in southern Tripoli, journalists have been allowed to enter the Bab al-Aziziya bunker for the first time. A mysterious place now revealed. A network of corridors separates a series of debris-filled rooms, communication centers and offices. One of the offices contains a strongbox and a number of arch lever files, as well as a fax machine and computer terminal. Letters in Arabic addressed to Muammar Gaddafi's son, Seif al-Islam are found. The finds indicate this was certainly a bunker used by the Gaddafi family, particularly Seif himself. A rebel fighter in Tripoli said, "Bab al-Aziziya, it's for Muammar house, you know that. Nobody can come in here. But now we are free we can do everything in his house. It's for the people now." Bab Al-Aziziya lies in southern Tripoli, and occupies an area of about six square kilometers. It is surrounded by anti-fire walls with sites for weapons. The walls are estimated to be four meters high and half a meter thick.For many years, the compound is regarded as Libya's political center and the symbol of Gaddafi's power. Buildings inside the compound are connected by extensive networks of underground tunnels that lead to adjoining districts and possibly stretch to the Mediterranean coast. Rebels found no sign of Gaddafi after storming his compound. Some speculate that he and his family have left Tripoli through the secret tunnels.词汇学习:1. storm n. 暴风雨(雪) vt. 猛攻 vi. 怒气冲冲地走 与storm相关的习语:a storm in a teacup茶杯里的风暴(小事惹起的轩然);take sth. /sb. by storm(以猛烈袭击)攻占某处或袭取某事物。2. compound n. 化合物;大院 a. 化合的 vt. 加重;使化合3. bunker n. 贮存燃料的容器;沙坑;地堡 v. 将燃料装进;把(球)击入沙坑4. anti-fire 防火的 anti-为前缀,表示“反对;防止”,例如anti-war 反战。 Article/201108/151113昭通市中医医院激光祛斑多少钱 White b is highly absorbent and therefore great at getting at tough wall stains, particularly fingerprints. Put your old b to new use with the easy to follow steps offered in this .白面包的吸附性很强,因此非常适用于清理墙壁上的顽固污渍,尤其是手指印。跟随这段视频,赋予旧面包新用途。You Will Need你需要semi-stale white b,soft cloth半陈旧的面包,软布Step 1: Prepare the B1.处理面包Remove the crusts of the white b to prevent scratching the walls. Roll the b into a tight ball. Dust the wall with a soft cloth.切掉白面包的外皮,防止擦坏墙壁。把面包紧紧地卷成一团。用软布擦拭墙壁。Step 2: Rub Against the Wall Stain2.再次擦拭Rub the b gently over the surface, rub in one direction to prevent streaks. Keep rubbing and watch the stain vanish.用白面包团轻轻擦拭墙壁表面,朝一个方向擦,避免出现条纹。一直擦到污渍消失。Thanks for watching How To Clean Walls With White B.感谢收看“怎样用白面包清理墙壁”视频节目。 Article/201211/209438大理学院附属医院抽脂多少钱

昆明韩城医院能不能祛痘坑 You can see that he did have a clear tendency可以很清楚地看到towards somesortof depression.他有明显的抑郁倾向For the rest of his life,他的余生he remains withdrawn, somewhat depressive,一直都很沉默寡言 甚至抑郁and obsessed with death.沉溺于死生之事Just as his courtiers were almost giving up hope for Louis,当朝臣们几乎对路易失去希望时he recovered his lust for life.他又焕发了生机The reason was a new mistress, nearly 40 years younger than him.原因是一个小他近40岁的新情妇I#39;m rather fond of Madame du Barry.我很喜欢杜巴利夫人She was as beautiful as an angel, and as stupid as a basket,她美若天使 却愚不可言but she made Louis very happy. She was utterly, utterly gorgeous.但她让路易非常快乐 太迷人了I mean, all the King#39;s所有国王们的情妇mistresses were always described as ravishing,都被描述为迷人but I think she was the one who truly was.但我觉得她恰如其分She was fabulously sexy.超级性感She was, I suppose,我觉得 她可能the 18th-century version of the tart with a heart.18世纪版的小骚货Madame du Barry had an instant effect on the ageing King.杜巴利夫人对年老的国王产生即刻的影响He could think of nothing else but her.他眼中只有她She was extremely beautiful.她美若天仙She was supposed to have looked like a kind of debauched angel.据称她就像是堕落天使Not toobright, but very good fun.不太聪明 但很有趣Madame du Barry sort of gives him a bit of a,杜巴利夫人真的让他a bit of a perk up, really.振作了起来 Article/201205/184308昆明医院祛眼袋多少钱云南蓝光祛痘效果怎样



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