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禄劝彝族县妇幼保健人民中心医院整形美容科昆明妇幼保健医院激光去痘手术多少钱First lady Michelle Obama knows she has star power, and she has used it four years to champion her causes of fighting childhood obesity and helping military families.美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马知道自己拥有明星影响力,在过去四年中她一直利用自己的这一影响力来持她抗击儿童肥胖和帮助军人家庭的慈善事业But now that she has successfully made it through the last political campaign her husband, President Barack Obama, the first lady is also having fun with her popularity - raising questions over whether she has gone too far in becoming a pop culture icon.如今她已经成功地帮助丈夫奥巴马总统赢得了最后一次竞选,这个第一夫人也开始享受自己的高人气带来的乐趣——这让人们质疑她是否在流行文化偶像这条路上走得太远了Her surprise appearance at the Academy Awards - where she was beamed in from the White House dressed in a sparkling evening gown to announce the Best Picture award - provided ammion her critics.她在奥斯卡颁奖礼上“意外现身”的视频——身穿耀眼的晚礼在白宫宣布最佳影片奖的得主——给批评人士们提供了话柄The first lady has enjoyed a steady positive approval rating over the past four years, even at times when her husband sank in the polls.这位第一夫人在过去四年里好评率稳步上升,即使在她丈夫的民调持率陷入低谷时也不例外But the Oscar appearance - coming on the heels of the ;mom dance; that she did with late night comedian Jimmy Fallon, which quickly went viral on the Internet - sparked a debate on the proper role of a first lady.然而,她在奥斯卡的亮相——此前她刚和晚间脱口秀节目的喜剧演员吉米?法伦一起跳过“老妈热舞”,该视频在网上迅速走红——引发了人们对第一夫人恰当角色的讨论Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy, who often writes about minority issues, described Obama Oscar appearance as ;unbecoming frivolity; and urged the first lady to ;raise her game; and take up a more expanded role in the second term championing more serious causes.《华盛顿邮报经常撰写有关少数种族问题文章的专栏作家考特兰?米洛伊将奥巴马夫人亮相奥斯卡评价为“不得体的轻浮”,他敦促第一夫人“提升自己的层次”,在奥巴马第二任期所倡导的重要事业中发挥更大的作用;Enough with the broccoli and Brussels sprouts,; Milloy wrote this week in the Washington Post. ;Where is that intellectually gifted Princeton graduate, the Harvard-educated lawyer and mentor to the man who would become the first African American president of the ed States?;米洛伊本周在《华盛顿邮报中写道:“关于吃花椰菜和球芽甘蓝的宣传,我们已经听够了那个智力超群的普林斯顿大学毕业生、毕业于哈佛的律师、美国首任非洲裔美国总统的良师益友到哪去了呢?”His column sparked hundreds of comments, ranging from people who thought Obama was doing a great job raising awareness about the childhood obesity problem to others who thought she was trying too hard to be like a Hollywood star.他的专栏文章引发了数百条,有人认为奥巴马夫人在提高儿童肥胖问题意识方面做得很棒,也有人认为她太努力地想使自己看起来像好莱坞明星The first lady said she was not surprised by the controversy over her Oscars appearance, but said she would use all ms of media to get out her message and would reach out to all demographics - including filmmakers who could help with her efts to introduce children to arts and culture.第一夫人表示,她对现身奥斯卡引发的争议并不惊讶,不过她说她会用各种形式的媒体来传达她的信息,并会向各界人士请求援助——包括能通过艺术和文化作品帮助她影响孩子的电影制片人;Anyone in this position has a huge spotlight,; Obama told a small group of reporters traveling with her on a three-city tour to promote her Let Move program to fight childhood obesity.在她前往三个城市宣传抗击儿童肥胖的“动起来”活动期间,奥巴马夫人告诉随行的一小拨记者说:“任何处在这个位置的人都会受到极大关注”;Weve always thought about that spotlight. And taking it, while it looking at you, to stand in front of something good so it shines on that too,; Obama said, bee jumping and dancing with more than 6,500 kids gathered in Chicago to highlight the importance of daily exercise.奥巴马夫人说:“我们总是想着那个注视着自己的聚光灯把这个聚光灯吸引过来,自己和美好的事物站在一起,让它们也能被照到”说完她又和聚集在芝加哥的6500多名小孩一起蹦蹦跳跳,突出日常锻炼的重要性 7973昆明整容哪里负责任 昆明延安大蒜鼻全鼻美鼻哪家便宜价格

昆明去除眉间纹哪家医院好Oscar-nominated actor Robert Downey Jr was pardoned, Thursday, a -year-old felony drug conviction.著名奥斯卡提名演员小罗伯特·唐尼于周四被赦免了长达年的毒品重罪The governor in charge of his case said Downey was among 91 people granted pardons criminal convictions.负责调查此案的官员表示,唐尼是今年共91人获得赦免中的一员It reported that Downey has also sent the Governor of Calinia a letter, elaborating on his deep regret drug taking, and its consequential harm to his family.据报道,唐尼也向加利福尼亚政府提交了一封长信,在信中他详述自己对之前吸毒历史的悔恨以及对家人造成的伤害He also proved the certificate of rehabilitation in the letter, to get the assurance of pardon from the governor.在信中他也实得到了成功戒毒的官方认书,希望能够得到法官原谅The 50-year-old actor is considered as one of Hollywood greatest success stories his career and addiction rehabilitation.这名50岁的演员的职业生涯和戒毒经历被人们认为是好莱坞最伟大的励志故事He is a two-time Oscar nominee the roles in 199 Chaplin and Tropic Thunder.小罗伯特·唐尼凭借199年的电影《卓别林以及年的喜剧《热带惊雷中的出色表演两获奥斯卡金像奖提名The actor has also gained critical acclaim his portrayal of the Iron Man in a series of Disney blockbuster films, including The Avengers, adapted from the Marvel comic books.此外,这名演员还凭借在超级英雄系列电影《钢铁侠以及漫威大片《复仇者联盟中扮演钢铁侠而广受好评 185昆明韩城医院打瘦脸针多少钱 They were once so close that Taylor Swift dubbed Selena Gomez the closest thing I have to a sister.泰勒·斯威夫特和赛琳娜·戈麦斯曾经一度交情甚好,泰勒甚至把赛琳娜成为关系最亲密的一位But Taylor has reportedly ditched her best friend following her decision to ree with bad boy ex Justin Bieber.但是最近据报道,因为赛琳娜打算与“坏小子;——前男友贾斯汀·比伯复合,使得泰勒与昔日最好的朋友赛琳娜分道扬镳Swift disapproves of her Come And Get It pal decision to get back together with the troubled Baby hitmaker, following his recent legal troubles and hard-partying reputation.泰勒相当不赞同赛琳娜所作的决定,她不希望赛琳娜再与那个老是惹麻烦的比伯在一起,他最近惹上了不少法律纠纷,还日日买醉狂欢,名声很不好Sources told Us Magazine that Taylor had begun distancing herself following Selenaa brief relationship with Ed Sheeran last year.据消息,自从去年赛琳娜与艾德·希兰有过一段短暂的恋情,泰勒就已经疏离了赛琳娜Sheeran is also a close friend of Taylor and Swift felt he was used by Selena to make Beiber jealous.因为希兰也是泰勒的好朋友,她认为赛琳娜利用了希兰,只是为了让比伯嫉妒And, the magazine revealed, the news that Selena and Bieber had spent the past weekend together was the final straw Taylor - who is disgusted by her mer pal decision.报刊继续揭露到,赛琳娜和比伯共度上周末这件事彻底刺激到了泰勒,她认为她昔日的做的这个复合决定“太令人反感了”The girls were once close friends. Selena said last August: I think girls need to be more supportive of each other. I definitely agree with that. Im all about that.这两位女孩曾经是感情超好的闺蜜赛琳娜去年八月写到:“我觉得女生之间需要互相持我非常赞成这种说法,我也有很多很持我的闺蜜”Taylor has been one of those girls. We have been friends five years. She is very strong. She doesnt care what people think and she inspires me.“泰勒曾是其中之一,我们的友谊有五年之久了她内心很坚强,她不在乎别人怎么想,这一点深深地鼓舞了我”The two were seen giggling together at the MTV VMAs last May, and enjoyed a girly sleepover together as recently as December.而去年五月她们在VMA颁奖礼上在一起笑得很开心而在最近十二月,她们还共度了“女孩之夜”,关系亲密昆明韩城整形美容医院祛除胎记怎么样

德宏大理抽脂瘦腿多少钱A photo of President Barack Obama hugging first lady Michelle Obama tweeted by the Obama campaign on election night has been retweeted nearly half a million times, likely making it the most shared tweet of all time.一张奥巴马总统拥抱第一夫人米歇尔被奥巴马竞选团队在竞选之夜放在推特上,这张照片呗转发了近一百多万次,可能使它成为共享最多的照片According to AllTwitter.com, the most popular Twitter message bee Tuesday was a tweet by Justin Bieber Avalanna Routh, a six-year-old fan of the pop star who died of cancer. “RIP Avalanna,” Bieber wrote on Sept. .,”i love you.”根据AllTwitter公司提供的数据,周二之前最受欢迎的一条推特是贾斯汀#86;比伯发的一张一个死于癌症的六岁粉丝Avalanna Routh“安息吧,Avalanna,”比伯在9月日写到,“我爱你”While President Obama’s Twitter feed technically now holds the most popular tweet of all-time, Obama himself does not. Personal tweets from the president are signed “-bo,” published several minutes bee the photo, thanking his supporters. It : “We’re all in this together. That’s how we campaigned, and that’s who we are. Thank you. -bo” That tweet was retweeted more than 1,000 times.虽然奥巴马总统技术团队的推特现在保持着最受欢迎的,但是奥巴马本人的并不是来自总统的个人推特签名为“”,在照片发布前几分钟发布的,为了感谢他的持者它是这样写的:“我们一直在一起这就是我们的竞选,这就是我们谢谢你们——”这条推特被转发了十四万一千多次 1 Nothing gets a ;Vampire Diaries; fan attention like the mention of the Original vampires. Now that it looks like that family may get its own, Klaus-centered spinoff series, it can be hard to think of anything else.相信现在没有什么比《吸血鬼日记的吸血鬼祖先们更能让这部剧的粉丝们注意的了吧似乎现在吸血鬼祖先们也有自己的美剧了,一部以 Klaus为主角的衍生剧要诞生了tunately, it does not seem that ;The Vampire Diaries; showrunner Julie Plec is keeping quiet on her potential new series. The producer spilled a whole lot of beans about ;The Originals; when she gave an interview to EW.com.幸运的是,这部衍生剧的执行制片人,同时也是《吸血鬼日记的执行制片人Julie Plec对这部新剧的消息不是守口如瓶他在接受《周刊采访时很大方的分享了这部衍生剧的相关信息First of all, the basics on ;The Originals;. The show will center on Klaus (Joseph Morgan) as he travels back to New Orleans, a city he helped to found several hundred years earlier. Newly introduced werewolf Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) will also play a part in the story. The introduction to the spinoff will come in the m of a back-door pilot, set to air as a regular ;TVD; episode on April 5.首先,这部剧将会主要讲述“吸血鬼祖先们”而主角自然是Klaus,剧中Klaus回到几百年前自己曾经有份帮助建立的城市 ——新奥尔良新出现的狼人Hayley仍将会在这部衍生剧中出现《吸血鬼日记月5号播出的那一集将会为这部衍生剧做好剧情铺垫Marcel is another one of those fun vampires.Marcel(Klaus的徒弟)是个很有趣的吸血鬼We dont need to worry about Marcel being a serious or moral vampire in any way. If anything, we may be getting a new Damon in the spinoff. ;He is the life of the party,; Plec said of King Vampire of New Orleans. ;He is diabolical and dangerous and he is a rock star. If anything, he that kind of hard-partying, hard-living vampire who knows how to enjoy the most out of life.;我们完全不用担心Marcel是个很严肃或者很无趣的吸血鬼我们可以把他看成是这部衍生剧中Damon的角色“他是个派对控,”Plec是这样描述新奥尔良的吸血鬼之王的“他很邪恶、很危险,但也是一个十足的摇滚范儿他可以说是一个用力狂欢、用力生活的吸血鬼,他知道在怎样最大限度的享受生活The other Original siblings may have a part, but it not certain yet.其他吸血鬼祖先有戏份,但是必中不会太大When asked about the involvement of Klaus siblings Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt), Plec said:; there is always a role Elijah. It only a matter of whether in Daniel Gillies world there is an interest in having a job.;当被问到Klaus的兄弟Elijah和Rebekah的时候,Plec说:“这部剧始终都会给Elijah留个位置,不过不知道Daniel Gillies(Elijah扮演者)对这部剧、这个角色会不会有兴趣”As Rebekah, the ;TVD; showrunner remained coy. ;It really all comes down to Rebekah future, and all that stuff that remains undetermined.;至于Rebekah,Plec说:“Rebekah未来的剧情发展还要缓缓,我们现在对这个角色的发展还没有一个定论The werewolf remains a mystery.关于狼人的一切仍然是个谜Since all reports have included Hayley in the potential story of ;The Originals,; it is natural to wonder how the werewolf fits in. Plec isnt saying. ;That is all part of the big mystery,; she said. ;No one should assume anything about the way this is gonna play out, because with luck, it will be a nice surprise everybody.;所有关于《吸血鬼日记衍生剧的报道都指出,Hayley可能会出演该剧,大家自然就会想知道,狼人将会怎样融入这个故事呢Plec说:”这是这个故事非常神秘的一个部分,肯定没人能想到狼人的故事会怎么发展,顺利的话,狼人的部分将会让所有人惊讶到” 069云南昆明东川区丰唇手术费用云南省中医医院激光去斑手术多少钱




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