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1. Leather or not? Many Louis Vuitton bags are made of coated canvas, but the trim is leather. Before making a purchase, familiarize yourself with the style that interests you. If the trim is supposed to be leather, it should feel dry — not oily, slippery or sticky.1. 是不是真皮材质?许多路易威登手包使用涂层帆布制成,不过用真皮镶边。在购买前,先对你感兴趣的款式有所熟悉。如果手袋配边是真皮材质,那么手感应该干涩——而不是油腻、湿滑或粘连。2. Is the stitching even? It should be perfect.2. 车缝线如何?正品的缝线应该完美无缺。3. Are there sloppy spots? There should be no back-and-forth stitching – that#39;s a sign of sloppy construction that doesn#39;t meet Louis Vuitton#39;s high standards. Examine the bag carefully for this sign of a possible counterfeit. In this example, there is back and forth stitching under the tab.3. 是否有做工粗糙的地方?正品不应该出现回针的情况——这标志着做工粗糙,没有满足路易威登的高标准。仔细检查手包,寻找可能表明伪造的破绽。以这个包为例,在标签下面出现了回针。4. Does the pattern match? Look closely at the matching of the pattern in the outside seams. A company like Louis Vuitton, which values its logo, wouldn#39;t divide the letters in a seam. And where the pattern appears on either side of the seam, it should match precisely.4. 图案是否对齐?仔细检查缝线外的图案是否对齐。像路易威登这样的公司很看重标志,不会出现缝线分割字母的情况。不论图案出现在缝线哪一侧,都应该准确对齐。5. What color is the lining? It should be precisely the same shade as the real thing--not a close approximation.5. 衬里是什么颜色?内衬的颜色应该和真品完全相同——而不是非常接近。6. How does the hardware feel? It should be heavy — not hollow. If it#39;s imprinted with the Louis Vuitton name or logo, make sure it#39;s supposed to be.6. 五金配件的手感如何?五金件应该分量十足——而不是空心的。如果五金件上印有路易威登的名称或标志,确认真品是否也是这么做的。7. Are there imperfections in the print? This style, celebrating Japanese cherry blossoms, was a collaboration between Louis Vuitton#39;s creative director Marc Jacobs, and the artist Takashi Murakami, known, among other things, for his whimsical smiley faces. In the counterfeit shown here, the brown toile peaks through the pink--something that doesn#39;t happen in the original.7. 印花图案是否存在瑕疵?这款手包是为了纪念日本樱花而创作,由路易威登创意总监马克·雅可布(Marc Jacobs)和艺术家村上隆(Takashi Murakami)共同设计,以奇特的笑脸图案而著称。在这款假冒手包上,棕色印花图案的尖角穿过了粉色樱花——正品不会出现这种情况。8. Does anything else raise suspicion? This bag has leather trim, but there#39;s coloring outside the dark pink border on the blossom.8. 还有其他引人怀疑的地方吗?这款手包有真皮配边,不过颜色溢出了樱花的深粉色轮廓。9. Does the whole thing hang together? Don#39;t be fooled by the presence of a hang tag. Anyone who can counterfeit a handbag can fake that, too.9. 这个包整体符合标准吗?不要被吊牌的存在所欺骗,能够制作假冒手包的人也能仿造吊牌。10. Where was it made? Some counterfeiters routinely mark Louis Vuitton knockoffs ;Made in France.; But as it happens, this cherry blossom line was made in Spain.10. 这款包的产地?有些造假者经常在路易威登仿冒品上标注“法国制造”。不过不巧的是,这款樱花手包应该是在西班牙制造的。If you guessed that the bag on the right is the real Louis Vuitton, good for you. But it#39;s easy to be fooled by a fake, like the one on the left.如果你猜测右边这款包是路易威登的正品,那么恭喜你答对了。不过人们很容易被假货欺骗,就像左边的这个包。 /201302/226390。

The average cost of rehabilitate one seal after the Valdez oil spill in Alaska was ,000. At a special ceremony, two of the most expensively-saved animals were released into the wild amid cheers and applause from onlookers. A minute later, a killer whale ate them both.  阿拉斯加瓦尔迪兹发生石油泄漏之后,救援每只海豹的平均费用达到8万美元。在一个特殊仪式上,有两只斥资巨大而拯救回来的海豹,在人们的欢呼和掌声中被放回大自然。一分钟之后,它们双双被一头杀人鲸吞入腹中。  Two animal rights protesters were protesting the cruelty of sending pigs to a slaughter-house in Bonn. Suddenly the pigs, all two thousands of them, escaped through a broken fence and stampeded, trampling the two hapless protesters to death.  波恩的两名动物权利保护者正在抗议将猪送到屠宰场的残忍行为的时候,2000头猪从破篱笆里惊慌跑出来,踩死了那两名倒霉的保护者。  (这个这个......着实够倒霉......请童鞋们默哀。)  A woman came home to find her husband in the kitchen, shaking frantically with what looked like a wire running from his waist towards the electrical kettle. Intending to jolt him from the deadly current, she whacked him with a handy plank of wood by the back door, breaking his arm in two places. Until that moment, he had been happily listen to his walkman.  一位妇女回到家中,发现她的丈夫在厨房里疯狂地摇晃着,他的腰间貌似有根电线连着电暖壶。为了救他于危难之中,她顺手从门后抄起一个木板向他劈去,而她的丈夫的胳膊被劈成两段。其实他一直在听着随身听。 /201308/254727。

Brighton "healthiest" city in Britain  Brighton is the healthiest city in Britain with the highest level of personal trainers, yoga clubs and health food stores, according to a survey released on Friday.The seashore of Brighton, Britain.   The study, which looked at a range of 19 statistics covering health, fitness and environment, said the southern English resort had the highest number of residents who eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.  The research, conducted for the Sky Travel channel, compared 15 cities across the UK.   Bristol and London were the next healthiest cities, with Liverpool, Glasgow and Sheffield the least healthy.   It said Brighton residents lived to an average of 78 years, a year more than the average of the 15 sampled cities.   They are twice as likely to walk or cycle to work.   Compared to the national average, the resort has nearly a third more health food stores per head and two-and-a-half times as many personal trainers.   It had twice as many yoga clubs per head than the other cities sampled, while the level of obese inhabitants is below the national average.   Last year a survey found that Brighton residents had the best levels of cholesterol and blood pressure in Britain.   上周五的一项调查显示,英国城市布莱顿拥有全国最多的私人健身教练、瑜伽馆和健康食品店,因而被评为英国“最健康的城市”。   这项调查对健康、身体状况、环境等19项数据指标进行了考察,结果发现,这个位于英国南部的度假胜地每天摄入至少五份水果和蔬菜的居民数量最多。   这项为“天空旅游”频道所做的调查涉及英国15个城市。   调查显示,布里斯托尔和伦敦为仅次于布莱顿的两大健康城市,而利物浦、格拉斯哥和设菲尔德则是英国最不健康的城市。   调查表明,布莱顿居民的平均寿命为78岁,比15个抽样城市的居民平均寿命长一年。   在布莱顿,步行或骑车去上班的人数比例是其他城市的两倍。   此外,布莱顿的人均健康食品店数量高出全国平均水平近三分之一,私人教练数量则是全国平均水平的2.5倍。   布莱顿的人均瑜伽馆数量为其它抽样城市的2倍,城市居民的肥胖比例则低于全国平均水平。   去年的一项调查显示,布莱顿居民的胆固醇水平和血压状况为全国最佳。  Vocabulary:   personal trainer : 私人健身教练  portion : a helping of food(一份食物) /200803/28894。