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I understand your concerns, but we really need the ratings ...我理解你们的担忧,但我们太需要收视率啊…… /201706/512703

【视频欣赏】How To Find a Job Online on Howcast(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】If you’re unemployed or y to make a career change, there’s no time like the present to use the internet to help you with your job search.You Will NeedInternet access E-mail account Discretion (optional) Step 1: Get familiar with career sites(经常登陆最常用的找工作网站)Familiarize yourself with job hunting sites like Careerbuilder.com, Monster.com, and hotjobs.com. These sites have enormous national databases filled with thousands of jobs. You can search jobs by various factors, including location, type of position, education level and more.Step 2: Create profiles(建立完整的简历)Create profiles on job hunting sites. Many sites allow you to create a personal profile and allow you to upload your resume. This will let prospective employers search for you. In order to create a profile, you will need a valid e-mail address.Always use discretion when entering personal information online to avoid identity fraud.Step 3: Browse Craigslist(浏览空缺职位)Browse Craigslist.org. Craigslist allows you to search, among other things, job listings by location. Craigslist is an excellent way to keep your job search local. You can also narrow your search by keyword and, in some cases, areas of a city.Step 4: Use social networking sites(多浏览一些社交网站)Utilize social networking for more than just fun. Social networking is a great way to keep up with friends, but they can also be valuable job search tools. Update your status to let your online family know you are looking for a job.Step 5: Use LinkedIn(登陆LinkedIn网站)Create a profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a free networking site devoted to career networking. You can upload your resume, update your status, and network with thousands of individuals. LinkedIn also has a job search feature.In 2010, the U.S. News compiled a list based on the Labor Department’s job growth projections. In the top five were X-Ray Technician, Veterinarian, Meteorologist, Software Engineer, and Firefighter. Article/201005/104084

Today in History: Wednesday, December 26, 2012历史上的今天:2012年12月26日,星期三On Dec. 26, 2004, a tsunami triggered by a powerful earthquake beneath the Indian Ocean left more than 216,000 people dead or missing, mostly in southern Asia.2004年12月26日,印度洋大地震引发海啸导致216,000多人死亡或失踪,受灾地区主要集中在亚洲南部。1799 George Washington was eulogized by Col. Henry Lee as ;first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen.;1799年,乔治·华盛顿被Col.Henry Lee称赞是“战时第一,和时第一,国人心中第一。”1865 James H. Nason of Franklin, Mass., received a patent for a coffee percolator.1865年,詹姆斯H·富兰克林获得咖啡过滤器专利。1893 Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong was born in Hunan province.1893年,中国共产党领袖毛泽东在湖南出生。1908 Jack Johhnson became the first black heavyweight boxing champion when he knocked out Tommy Burns in Sydney, Australia.1908年,Jack Johhnson击败澳大利亚悉尼的选手Tommy Burns成为了第一位黑人重量级拳击冠军。1917 The U.S. government took over operation of the nation#39;s railroads.1917年,美国政府接管国家铁路营运。1944 Tennessee Williams#39; play ;The Glass Menagerie; premiered at the Civic Theatre in Chicago.1944年,田纳西·威廉斯的戏剧《The Glass Menagerie》在芝加哥市民剧院首映。1947 Heavy snow blanketed the Northeast, burying New York City under 25.8 inches of snow in 16 hours; the severe weather was blamed for some 80 deaths.1947年,大雪覆盖了东北地区,将纽约市掩埋在25.8英寸的雪之下达16个小时之久,恶劣的天气造成了约80人死亡。1972 Harry S. Truman, the 33rd president of the ed States, died in Kansas City, Mo., at age 88.1972年,美国第33届总统杜鲁门在密苏里州堪萨斯城去世,享年88岁。1996 Six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was found beaten and strangled in the basement of her family#39;s home in Boulder, Colo. The slaying remains unsolved.1996年,在科罗拉多州波尔得市,6岁的选美皇后乔贝尔拉姆齐被发现在家中地下室遭殴打并被勒死。该谋杀案仍没有解决。2006 Gerald R. Ford, the 38th president of the ed States, died in Rancho Mirage, Calif., at age 93.2006年,美国第38届总统杰拉尔德·福特在加州Rancho Mirage去世,享年93岁。 /201212/217013

GreatBritain, and London in particular are expecting a huge boom in tourism this summer, as everybody looks to soak up a piece of the Olympic spirit. Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street and Westminster Abbey are just some of the capital#39;s main attractions.在英国,特别是伦敦,整座城市都在企盼这个夏季能为伦敦的旅游业带来大繁荣,因为每个伦敦人都在翘首企盼能够沾上点儿奥运的喜气儿。白金汉宫,牛津街和威斯敏斯特教堂仅仅是这里的部分名胜景点。London-- one of the world#39;s most exciting cities. And very soon, home to the world#39;s biggest event.伦敦是世界上最令人感到兴奋的城市之一。而且,它将很快作为世界最大体育赛事——奥运会的主战场出现在世人面前。Aswell as the athltes, hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to pack into the city during the 2012 Olympics.参赛运动员以及成百上千的游客会在2012奥运期间涌入这座城市。Butit#39;s not all about sport. The city itself has plenty to offer.然而,奥运会并不是这座城市的全部,这座城市可以展现给世人的还有很多。Witha history stretching back more than 2000 years, London is punctuated by iconic landmarks.作为一座拥有超过2000多年历史的城市,许多标志性的建筑都是伦敦的名片。There#39;s Westminster Abbey and there#39;s the newly opened ;Shard;, Western Europe#39;s tallest building.这里有威斯敏斯特教堂,还有刚刚开放的夏德大厦,它是欧洲最高的天大楼。MarkDi-Toro, Visit-Britain, said, ;We have got great cultural heritage here. Buckingham Palace, the Queen#39;s home is opened for two months in the summer. One of the most popular royal attractions in Britain. It#39;s a great place to visit. It#39;s hugely popular it brings about 600,000 visitors in only a couple of months which shows the great pull of event such as the Royal wedding, the Diamond Jubilee which we just had this year. Which will hope fully drive even more tourists to these places.;当地居民Mark Di-Toro说,“我们这里有很多文化遗产。白金汉宫每年夏天会对外开放2个月,这是英国最受欢迎的皇家景点之一,也是旅游的好去处。在今年举行皇室婚礼和女王登基60年庆典期间的几个月里,就吸引了近600,000名游客。2012伦敦奥运有望吸引更多游客。Andthen there#39;s the shopping.而且,这里还是一个著名的购物天堂。TheUK#39;s tourist board, Visit-Britain, lists Oxford Street as the fourth must-see location on any visitor#39;s check list.英国旅游委员会及来英旅游的旅游团都将牛津街列为来欧洲旅游的必去景点。It#39;shome to some 300 shops, including Selfridges -- the UK#39;s second largest department store.这里是300家世界知名品牌的基地,如英国百货商场巨头——塞尔福里奇。Butwhat about the UK#39;s famously unpredictable weather?但是,英国变幻无常的天气如何呢?Lena, Russian Tourist, said, ;There are great sites here to go site seeing anywhere, very beautiful parks really. We are just not very satisfied with the weather;.俄罗斯游客莉娜说,“在这里,任何地方都是可以游览的景点,真的很美。但是这里的天气真的很让人扫兴。”2011was a record year for UK tourism, with 31 million international visitors.2011年来英国旅游的游客达3100万之多,创造了史上来英旅游游客人数之最。It#39;s hoped the Olympic Games will exceed that number, as well as leaving London another legacy to take forward into the future.在伦敦奥运期间来英旅游的游客人数有望超过该数字,这也将成为未来英国史上又一历史遗产。 Article/201207/192318

Poor Madame de Maintenon had to do everything.可怜的德·曼特侬夫人身兼数职She had to act as a cook, plumber, gardener,她是厨师 水管工和花匠as well as a teacher and nursemaid.同时还是教师和女佣It was exhausting, and she did this so well尽管很辛苦 但她表现出色that Louis began to pay attention to her.路易开始注意到她He noticed this, this intelligent woman, this calm presence.他注意到了这位聪慧安静的女性Slowly, slowly Madame de Maintenon began to seduce the King.德·曼特侬夫人开始慢慢诱惑国王Rejected mistress Montespan was distraught.受到冷落的蒙特斯潘夫人心烦意乱I think it was the rise of Maintenon in the first place起初曼特侬的晋升惹怒了她which really riled her because she found she#39;d made a mistake,因为她发现自己铸下大错she#39;d underestimated another woman.竟然低估了另一个女人Maintenon was poor, and a widow曼特侬是个贫穷的寡妇and innocuous and very pleasant and intelligent.和蔼聪明 似乎对她没有威胁And she didn#39;t spot但她没有想到that Louis might actually fall in love with a woman路易真的爱上了like that, you know,那样的女人and it might be a very seductive thing to him,她对他来说充满诱惑in quite a different way from her own seductive past.与蒙特斯潘的诱惑截然不同And I think, for a couple of years at least,她的怒气she was extremely angry.至少持续了好几年When Louis#39; long-suffering queen, Marie Therese, died,被冷落多年的王后玛丽·特蕾兹去世后he was free to marry again.路易终于可以再婚了And he turned to the quiet governess.他把注意力转向了安静的女教师She#39;d not only won his heart,她不仅赢得了路易的心she#39;d convinced him she could help save his soul.也让他相信她能拯救自己的灵魂 Article/201204/177519

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