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American Airlines ends bereavement fares American Airlines is the latest major U.S. airline to stop offering bereavement fares. CNN#39;s Alison Kosik reports.A much appreciated convenience won#39;t be available from American Airlines anymore. The airline says it will no longer offer special fares to passengers who have to book a sudden flight because of a relative#39;s death. American explains to CNN why it made the decision, saying in order to have a single, consistent program for American and US Airways, we will adopt the US Airways#39; policy and now offer customers the option to purchase changeable and refundable fares.American and US Airways recently merged. And US Airways has no bereavement discounts, so essentially American will drop its special fare as well. Prices for walk-up tickets are generally higher and that puts additional pressure on passengers dealing with the loss of a loved one. Other airlines still offer bereavement fare. ed offers a discount of 5% on fares in the event of a death or serious illness of an immediate family member. Delta#39;s website says it offers additional flexibility on the best-published fare for such situations. So discounts are still available at least for now. /201403/278174。

  • Libellous posts can lead to 3 years in jail in China在中国发布“诽谤信息”可判入狱3年With Internet users in China exceeding 600 million, the speed with which online rumors can be disseminated has proven a headache for the government. Last September, the country#39;s top court and prosecutor came up with a regulation to further crack down on online rumors.随着中国网民超过6亿,网络谣言的迅速传播已成为政府的一大难题。去年九月,我国最高法院和最高检察院出台新规加强制裁网络谣言。The ruling said if one posts online rumors that harm the reputation of others, and the post is viewed 5,000 times or reposted more than 500 times, he will be charged with defamation and face up to three years in jail.这项规定显示,如果有人散布网络谣言中伤他人,并且谣言被浏览超过5000次或被转发超过500次,那么此人将以诽谤罪被判入狱3年。Those who knowingly provide funds, location or technical support for others to defame can be charged as an accomplice.Those who unknowingly sp a rumor will not be found guilty.那些为他人诽谤提供金钱,平台或技术持的将以同谋罪被起诉,而因不知情误传谣言者将被视为无罪。 Article/201404/289593。
  • Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet #39;On Autopilot#39;Australian officials say they are confident missing flight MH370 was flying on autopilot when it disappeared.新闻背景:北京时间6月26日,澳大利亚副总理沃伦·特拉斯在堪培拉议会大厦举行发布会,宣布马航MH370新的搜索区域。特拉斯称,对MH370的搜寻还未能确认飞机的下落,新确定的搜寻区也在印度洋西南部弧形区域内,深度可能达到3-4公里。新确定的搜寻区是在原搜寻区向南、向西延伸,中国和澳大利亚的船只将参与测绘。水下搜寻有望8月开始,可能持续12个月。新搜寻区面积6万平方公里,目前已经搜寻860平方公里。MH370最后可能是自动驾驶状态,直至燃油耗尽。马来西亚航空公司商业总监邓利维指出,失踪已超过三个月的马航MH370客机搜寻工作,可能需要10年才能完成。邓利维在接受英媒访问时表示,MH370客机残骸可能已散布在十分广大的海域,而海床的高山及深谷都对搜寻工作形成严峻的挑战。 The search is going to resume over the India ocean towards the southen end of that southen arc, you remember the plane flwe south of farest we konw, way down india ocean and the search is going to back to that point,beacause it has not effectively been on hold of last two or three weeks where the area the pings were detected,pings which were thought to be coming from black box, but in fact, were not coming from black box, so im many way, it is back to square one, this is Warren trust have to say. the new priority area is still focusing on sign seven arc in the southen india ocean with aircraft last communicate with satellite. we are now shifting our attention to an area further south along arc, broadly in the area, we have first search for the focus. waht he said the search is a daunting prospect in the right, the new area is 60000 square kilometers wide. at the moment, twe vessels around there mapping the ocean floor, the ocean is around 3 to 5 kilometer de pound there. what the ship is doing is to make a 3D map, it will take about 3 months after that, the actual specialize search equipment can be brought in. And that search could take anything up to a year, so we are still a long very way understanding exactly what had happened to this plane MH370, one of the interesting point that he did make is the fresh analysis that satelite data that all information that they have pretty confident that the plane was definitely on auto-pilot as it ended its journey. /201406/308532。
  • Since Levi Strauss invented jeans at the turn of the 20th century, there hasn#39;t been a more versatile fashion staple. So picking the right shoes to go with your jeans is the next logical step. Get it right, with VideoJug#39;s help on picking the right shoes to go with jeans.自20世纪初Levi Strauss发明了牛仔裤以来,就再也没有比牛仔裤更加多功能的裤子了。所以,下一步就是选择合适的鞋子来搭配。现在就在VideoJug的帮助下选择合适的鞋子来搭配牛仔裤。Step 1: Leather and Lace1.皮革和鞋带The thing about jeans is that you can mix your shoe fabric and the weight of your denim in almost any combination. For instance, heavy, dark denim can be dressed up with a silky top and a colorful heel. Additionally, a lighter weight jean can be worn with a tank top and flip flops or high heels.关于牛仔裤的优势就是,你可以将鞋子的布料和牛仔布的重量进行任何搭配。例如,颜色较深,质地较重的牛仔布可以与丝质上衣和颜色鲜艳的高跟鞋搭配。此外,重量较轻的牛仔裤可以跟背心式上衣,夹趾拖鞋或高跟鞋搭配。Step 2: Giddy-Up2.靴子Wear cowboy or knee-high boots with boot or skinny cut jeans. If you want to feature the boot your wearing, tuck jeans into mid-calf or tall boots. This is a great look and a nice twist on the traditional equestrian look.穿牛仔靴或及膝长靴来搭配靴裤或紧身牛仔裤。如果你想突出靴子,把牛仔裤脚塞到中筒或长筒靴里面。这是非常酷的造型,扭转了传统的骑手造型。Step 3: The Preppy Look3.更加时尚的造型Don jeans with loafers and match your socks to your shirt or try argyle socks for even more style.牛仔裤搭配拖鞋,短袜与衬衣搭配,或者尝试多色菱形花纹短袜,打造更加多变时尚的造型。Thanks for watching How To Pick Shoes To Go With Jeans.感谢收看“选择合适的鞋子搭配牛仔裤”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201306/243432。
  • Today China ushers in the Lesser Cold, which marks the beginning of the coldest season of the year.“小寒”意味着今年最冷季节的开始。The Lesser Cold is one of twenty-four traditional solar terms, and usually comes in early January. Experts are reminding people to stay warm and get more exercise to keep out the cold. Doctors say sunshine could help kill viruses, and guard people against diseases such as the flu, measles and meningitis.“小寒”是中国传统24节气之一,通常开始于一月初。专家提醒民众注意保暖并多锻炼以驱寒。医生表示,阳光可以帮助人们杀灭病菌并预防流感,麻疹及脑膜炎之类的疾病的发生。People also eat special foods during the Lesser Cold, like mutton soup, which according to traditional Chinese medicine, is warming. In South China#39;s Guangdong Province, people usually eat sticky rice, and people in East China#39;s Nanjing enjoy vegetable and meat porridge.在 “小寒”节气时,人们也应多多食用羊汤之类的食物,据传统中医药学的解释,羊汤可以帮助人们驱寒保暖。在中国广东省,人们通常会食用糯米来保暖,而南京人却较偏爱蔬菜和肉粥。 Article/201401/271636。
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