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A U.S.-based research institute says new satellite imagery suggests North Korea has halted construction on a launch pad capable of testing intercontinental missiles.一家美国研究机构说,新的卫星图像显示,朝鲜停止了在一个可以试射洲际弹道导弹的发射台上的建筑活动。The website 38 North says the delay, possibly due to recent heavy rains, could push back the project#39;s completion by up to two years.“北纬38度线”网站说,这个可能由于最近下大雨导致的拖延可能会把朝鲜的计划推迟长达两年。The new launch pad, located at the Tonghae Satellite Launching Ground, had been scheduled for completion around 2015.位于朝鲜东海卫星发射场的新发射平台原定于2015年左右完工。But the group says the photos, taken August 29, also suggest Pyongyang is working on an existing launch pad at the same facility that has been used for previous missile tests.但是这家美国研究机构说,8月29号拍摄的照片还显示,朝鲜正在改建同一发射场内一座以前试射导弹时曾经使用过的发射平台。Although the report says no launch appears to be imminent, it says North Korea can still launch longer-range rockets at its Sohae facility, from where it conducted its failed missile launch in April.虽然美国的这家研究机构说看来朝鲜不会马上在那里试射导弹,但是朝鲜仍然可以在它的西海发射场发射远程导弹。朝鲜4月在西海发射场的导弹试射失败。North Korea said the April launch was aimed at placing a satellite into orbit. But the U.S. and others condemned the move, saying it was a pretext for long-range missile testing prohibited under U.N. sanctions.朝鲜说,四月的发射是将一枚卫星送入太空轨道。但是美国和其它一些国家谴责了朝鲜的行动,说它实际上利用这个借口来进行联合国禁止的远程导弹试射。Pyongyang has tested two nuclear weapons and says it has turned some of its stockpile of plutonium into bomb material. There are concerns that it aims to create a nuclear bomb that can be carried on a missile, though experts say they have not mastered the necessary technology.朝鲜进行过两次核武器试验,并宣称已经把一些金属钚转为可制造核武器的材料。人们担心,朝鲜的目标是制造一枚火箭可以运载的核武器。不过,专家认为,朝鲜还没有完全掌握相关技术。38 North, the website of the U.S.-Korea Institute of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, says the new launch pad at Tonghae is intended to conduct tests on ;larger liquid-fueled rockets, possibly with intercontinental ranges.;美国约翰霍普金斯大学高级国际政治研究院的美朝问题研究所网站“北纬38度线”说,东海发射场的新发射台是为了试射使用液体燃料的更大火箭,而且是洲际导弹的射程。It said the commercial satellite photos of the facility, taken by DigitalGlobe, also show Pyongyang has stopped construction on fuel and oxidizer buildings designed to support future tests near the new pad.这家网站说,“数字世界”拍摄的民用卫星照片还显示,朝鲜已停止建造燃料和氧化等原计划持新发射台的设施。The report said the exact cause of the delay is not clear, but that heavy rains may have damaged the dirt trail leading to the secluded construction site. It also said heavy construction equipment at the site may have been relocated to help repair flood-damaged areas.报告说,目前不清楚工程延期的确切原因,但是最近的暴雨可能损坏了通往建筑工地的土路,还可能是因为建筑地点的重型机械被送到受遭受洪水破坏的地区救灾。 /201209/201777。

Corruption in China just isn’t what it used to be. Austerity is breaking out all over. So as China’s politicians meet this week in Beijing for a session of their make-believe parliament, spare a thought for all those who would normally turn up to attempt to bribe them. Their job, too, just isn’t what it used to be.在中国,腐败形势今非昔比,到处都在奉行节俭。因此,两周前中国的人大代表们聚集在北京、像模像样地参加人大会议时,让我们匀一点心思给所有那些以往通常会现身、试图行贿的人们。他们的工作也与以往有所不同。A few months ago, nothing was simpler than finding out online how to bribe a government official. There were even special websites offering tips on gifting for influence – for those too squeamish for the bag-of-cash school of corruption.几个月前,在网上查找贿赂一名政府官员的方法是一件再简单不过的事。甚至有专门的网站为人们招,指导人们如何给那些不敢收现金的官员送礼。But then Xi Jinping, the soon-to-be-confirmed president, announced a campaign to attack the “tigers and flies” who feed off sleaze: government officials, low and high, whose greed, he said, threatens the very future of the Communist party.但随后,习近平宣布,要向那些通过腐败自肥的“老虎和苍蝇”发动一场战役。习说,这些政府官员(不论级别高低)的贪婪,威胁着中共的未来。And, lucky authoritarian that he is, the sounds of compliance were loud and immediate: lunar new year was all but called off this year, with government departments and state-owned companies pulling the plug on the seasonal banquet that is normally the high point of the work year. Rectitude such as that tends to have a fairly short shelf life in China. But for the moment, the nation is united behind the pretence that things have changed in the world of gifting.作为一个幸运的威权人物,习的呼吁得到了即时而热烈的响应:政府部门和国企取消了农历年底的宴请活动(这种活动通常是一年的高潮),令春节的味道大打折扣。在中国,这种正直风气的保质期通常相当短。不过就目前而言,中国正团结一致,假装送礼之风已刹住。So now websites are offering thoughts on how to win friends and influence leaders, without the use of a debit card. Liwuguo.com (Kingdom of Gifts) offers lots of dos and don’ts. First, don’t approach your target at the office. “You must go to the leader’s home to give the hongbao [a red envelope that traditionally signifies a present of cash in Chinese culture]. If you don’t know where he lives, you can ask your colleagues,” the site advised last month in response to a question from a user about how best to oil the wheels of business in the midst of a corruption crackdown.因此,如今的网站纷纷为用户出谋划策,指导他们如何不用借记卡来打通关系或求领导办事。礼物国网站(Liwuguo.com)就提供了许多高招和注意事项。上个月,一名用户问到,在反腐风头正劲时打点关系、促进生意的最佳办法是什么?该网站小编给出了以下建议:首先,不要去办公室找送礼对象。“因此我们给领导送红包要去他的家里,如果你不知道他家在哪,可以通过其他的同事打听到的”。“Wait near his home until you see him walking upstairs. Tell him you were just passing by, happened to see him walking upstairs and ask him if it’s convenient to have a chat,” the agony aunt of present-giving goes on, advising that the giver should make up something – anything – to avoid directly mentioning what he wants.网站小编建议:“最好在他家的附近等着,当他上楼了之后再给领导打电话,就说刚才路过这地方,看到你刚刚上楼了,想过去坐坐。”小编还建议,送礼者应该编些理由——随便什么理由——以避免直接说明来意。“You’d better come up with something else – for example, you missed the birthday of his family member and this is a late birthday gift, or you know his relative just got married and this is a late wedding gift, etc,” the site continues.网站小编接着建议说:“最好想一些其他的理由,比如说他的家人的生日不来得及买礼物,这个就当是补上的生日礼物了,或者他的亲戚结婚了,你说当时不知道没去庆贺,这个也算是晚到的祝福。”“Generally,” it concludes coyly, “he will know what you mean.”网站小编隐讳地总结道:“一般领导能看出你是什么意思的。”Want to “avoid the obvious stink of money”? Try a petrol gift card, the site suggests. The target might refuse cash but a gift card for fuel – what harm can there be in that?想避免“太铜臭味”?该网站建议,可以试试送加油卡。领导可能会拒收现金,但是收加油卡有什么关系呢?Even teachers and doctors have to beat off the gift-giving hordes. They may recognise that accepting a Chanel handbag from a parent is not exactly kosher; but they are often a bit hazier about the propriety of common practices as giving teachers supermarket gift cards or topping up the minutes on their mobile phones.就连老师和医生也有围着送礼的人群需要赶走。老师们也许能够意识到,接受家长赠送的香奈儿(Chanel)手袋不太合适,但对于向教师赠送超市购物卡或者为他们的手机充值这类常见行为,他们的态度往往比较模棱两可。For those who fail to see much difference between cash in the form of a plastic gift card and the kind with Mao Zedong’s face printed on it, there are always gym or spa memberships. Tmills and foot rubs are more discreet offerings than, say, a BMW but less than some other alternatives popular in the Xi Jinping era: porcelain and jade, American ginseng and sea cucumber, and local specialities such as Shaanxi green tea or Shangluo walnuts that are hard to price but easy to value.对那些认为送卡和送现金无甚区别的人而言,健身卡或水疗中心的会员卡总是可以送的。比起开别人送的宝马(BMW)——打个比方,用别人赠送的会员卡去健身房跑步、去水疗中心做足底的确没那么显眼。不过,在习时代,有一些更隐蔽的礼品颇受欢迎:瓷器、玉器、西洋参、海参和一些土特产,比如陕西绿茶、商洛核桃之类的土特产。这些礼品很难定价,但是人们都知道它们价值不菲。And if in doubt, there is always Chinese art. Given the gyrations in the mainland art market in the past few years, tigers and flies should have no trouble passing off their ill-gotten art collections as worthless. One user of the country’s favourite microblog, Sina Weibo, explains how that scam works. The official drops a hint about liking a particular painting; the would-be bribe-payer buys the artwork, discovering to his amazement that the price is several times its actual value; and everyone ends up with what they want in the end. Except Mr Xi.如果对以上这些方式还有怀疑,那么总还有中国艺术品可以选择。由于中国内地艺术品市场在过去几年里呈现出来的周期性特点,“老虎和苍蝇们”应该不难将那些来路不正的艺术收藏品伪装为一文不值的藏品。在中国最受欢迎的微平台新浪微(Sina Weibo)上,一名微用户解释了这种贿赂方式的门道:官员暗示自己喜欢某幅字画,有意行贿者去买这幅字画,同时惊讶地发现这幅字画的价格是其实际价值的好几倍;最终每个人都得到了自己想要的东西——除了习近平。But of course, inflating artwork invoices or investing in truckloads of sea cucumber are much harder work than whipping out that debit card. Delegates to this week’s political meetings used to be able to count on liquor, cigarettes and luxury goods delivered right to their hotel rooms. This year, the word from the political front is that the gifts and even the red carpets are gone. Watch out for a boom in gym memberships, though: maybe in the new China barbells will be the new banknotes.不过,抬高艺术品价格或者投资购买大量海参,当然比迅速送出借记卡要困难地多。过去,肯定有各种烟酒和奢侈品被直接送到两会代表们的房间里。但今年,据会场传来的说法,不仅礼品无影无踪,甚至连红地毯都不见了。不过,留点神,健身卡可能会销量大增:也许在新时代的中国,哑铃将成为新的硬通货。 /201303/231248。

Amid a sharp increase in sexual assault cases in Hong Kong in recent months, a top city official drew criticism this week for warning that women should drink less to avoid becoming victims.最近几个月香港的性侵案件急剧增多,本周,香港的一名高级官员因为警告妇女少喝酒以免成为性侵目标而招致了批评。#39;Some of these cases...involved the victims being raped after drinking quite a lot of alcohol,#39; Hong Kong security secretary Lai Tung-kwok said on Tuesday during a press briefing, in describing this year#39;s jump in sexual violence. #39;So I would appeal that young ladies should not drink too much.#39;香港保安局长黎栋国周二在一个新闻发布会上提到了今年性侵案件急剧上升的情况,他说,一些案件中的受害者都是在大量饮酒后被强奸的,因此我呼吁年轻的女士们不要喝太多酒。In the first quarter of 2013, government statistics show, the city#39;s number of rape cases rose 60% from the same period last year, up to 35. Incidents of indecent assault also rose by 18%, up to 367. Advocates for victims of sexual assault say the crimes are likely to be significantly underreported.政府数据显示,2013年第一季度,香港的强奸案数量达到35起,同比增长了60%。性骚扰事件达到367起,同比增长了18%。性侵受害者维权人士说,此类犯罪的数量可能被严重低估。#39;There#39;s a lot of stigma that#39;s given to the victims,#39; said Liu Si-si, director of the Hong Kong Federation of Women#39;s Centers. She cited the security chief#39;s remarks on rape as one prime example. #39;The remarks he made are proof of a culture that blames victims for doing something #39;wrong,#39; like drinking.#39;香港妇女中心协会(Hong Kong Federation of Women#39;s Centers)的董事刘思思(音)说,很多耻辱被强加给受害者。她认为保安局长有关强奸案的话就是一个突出的例子。她说,黎栋国所发表的言论是责备受害者文化的据,这种文化认为受害者做错了事情,比如喝酒。Other women#39;s advocates also criticized Mr. Lai#39;s remarks. #39;People aren#39;t being raped because they#39;re drunk or wear a sexy dress,#39; said Linda Wong, executive director of the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women.还有一些维护女性权利的人士也谴责了黎栋国的言论。关注妇女性暴力协会(Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women)的总干事王秀容(Linda Wong)说,人们不应该因为喝酒或者穿着暴露就被强奸。#39;Maybe he has good intentions, and he did not intend to blame the women or be unfriendly to them,#39; said Ms. Liu on Wednesday. #39;But if he continues to say things like this, I worry women will be less likely to report crimes because they#39;ll be worried about being blamed,#39; especially if they were drinking when victimized. Mr. Lai#39;s office did not respond to a request for comment on such concerns.刘思思周三说,也许黎栋国的意图是好的,他没有打算责备女性或对她们不友好。但是如果他继续说这样的话,我担心女性在受到侵害之后会不愿意报案,因为她们担心会受到指责,尤其是如果她们在受害时喝了酒的话。黎栋国的办公室没有回复记者就上述担忧寻求置评请求。It wasn#39;t clear whether this year#39;s rise in sexual assault cases was due to greater incidence, or more frequent reporting. Ms. Wong said that the number of rape cases in the city had held #39;quite steady#39; in recent years, and that the work of women#39;s groups and events such as the city#39;s recent #39;SlutWalk#39; might be helping encourage more victims to feel comfortable reporting crimes.目前还不清楚今年性侵案件数量增多是因为发生概率增加,还是因为举报比例上升。王秀容说,香港强奸案的数量最近几年一直保持平稳,一些妇女权益组织的工作,以及香港最近的“游行”(SlutWalk)一类活动让更多受害者有勇气坦然地举报性犯罪。Launched in Canada in 2011, SlutWalks--which aim to challenge the idea that rape victims were #39;asking for it#39; by drinking or wearing provocative clothes--have since been held around the world. During the so-called SlutWalks, women march through cities carrying placards with slogans such as #39;My clothes are not my consent#39; and #39;Shame rapists, not victims.#39;“游行”2011年起源于加拿大,目的是挑战一些人的看法,即强奸案的受害者是因为喝酒或衣着暴露才使自己成为性侵目标的。此后,这种做法蔓延到了世界各地。在所谓的“游行”中,妇女们在城市中游行,她们举着的标语牌上写着“我的穿着不代表我同意”或“可耻的是强奸犯,不是受害者”等标语。 /201305/240317。