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英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 My Birthday -- 18::37 来源: my birthdaytoday is my nineth birthday.my mother and my grandma buy a big cake me.when i get home,i see a cake on the table. there are nine candles on it and there is a present next to the cake.i ask my mother and my grandmother:"what's it?"they say:"can you guess?""yes,i can.is it a toy-car?""no.it's not."my mum says."is it a cap?""no,it's not.""is it a scarf?""yes,it is.you're so clever."i open it.hmm!there is a letter under the scarf.write :the weather is getting cold,please wear this scarf ,don't have the flu.""thanks mum and grandma.i love you very much!"。

考研英语 常见缩写词 -01- :50:3 来源: AD,A.DAnno Domini(in the year of the)  Lord;since Christ wasborn 公元  A.M.,a.m.ante meridiem(bee noon)上午,午前  Apr. April 四月  Aug.August八月  Ave.avenue林荫道,大街  BABachelor of Arts文科学士  ,B.C.bee Christ公元前  BS,BScBachelor of Science理科学士  C°,Centigrade摄氏度  cccubic centimeter立方厘米  CDcompact disk光盘,激光唱片  cf.confer(compare)试比较;参看  cmcentimeter厘米  Co.company公司  cocare of由…转交  cp.compare比较  Dec.December十二月  dept.,Dept.department部,司,局,系  Dr.doctor士;医生  e.g.exempli gratia( example)例如  esp.especially尤其是  et al.et alia(and others)其他的  etc.et cetera(and the rest)等等  FFahrenheit华氏的  Feb.February二月  ftfoot,feet英尺  g,gm.gram克  GMTGreenwich Mean Time格林威治时间  hr.hour小时  IDidentification card身份  i.e.id est(that is)那就是,即  in.inch英寸  Inc.incorporated股份有限的  Jan.January一月  Jr.junior小(用于姓名后)  Jul.July七月  Jun.June六月  kg.kilogram千克,公斤  km.kilometer千米,公里  l. liter升  lb.libra(pound)磅  Ltd.limited有限的,股份有限  m.meter米  MAMaster of Arts文科硕士  Mar.March三月  min.minute分钟  ml.millimeter毫升  Mon.Monday星期一  Mr.Mister…先生  MrsMistress…夫人,…太太  Ms.Mrs or Miss…女士  MS,MScMaster of Science理科硕士  Mtmount,mountain峰,山  No.number号码  Nov.November十一月  Oct.October十月  Ppage;parking页,停车处  par,paraparagraph(文章的)段  Ph.D,PhDphilosophiae Doctor士  pl.plural复数  PM,P.M.post meridiem(afternoon)下午  PRCPeople’s Republic of China中华人民共和国  Prof.professor教授  PSpostscript附言  Rd.,rdroad路  Sat.Saturday星期六  sec.second秒  Sep., Sept.September九月  sing.singular单数  sqaquare平方;广场  st.street街道  sthsomething某物,某事  Sun.Sunday星期日  t.ton吨  tel.telephone电话  ThursThursday星期四  TuesTuesday星期二  UKed Kingdom(大不列颠及北爱尔兰)联合王国,英国  UNed Nations联合国  US,U.S.ed States( America)美利坚合众国,美国  usu.usually通常  v,vsversus…对…  VIPvery important person重要人物,大人物  vol.Volume卷,册  W,wwatt瓦特  WCwater closet厕所  Wed,WedsWednesday星期三。


欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第1节】1.Her household bills piled up,along with the dishes and dirty laundry, bud it took near-constant complaints from her four daughters bee she realized she had a problem.英语四级译文:她有一堆没交的家庭账单,没洗的餐具和脏衣也堆积如山,然而在她的四个女儿不停地抱怨之后,她才意识到自己有问题四级词汇讲解:本句是由but连接的表转折关系的并列句第一个分句的主干为bills piled up,短语along with引导伴随状语;第二个分句的主干是it took complaints, from her four daughters为后置定语,bee引导的是时间状语从句,其中还包含realized的宾语从句she had a problempile up的意思是“堆积,积压”如:Complaints piled up against the service.有关务的投诉不断堆积英语四级考点归纳:bee作为连词弓}导时间状语从句时,通常包含以下几种意思:※ 意为“在……以前”如:Would you like to leave a message bee you go?你在走之前想留个口信吗?※ 意为“直到……为止,到……之前”如:It may be some time bee we really understand the problem.或许要过一段时间我们才能真正了解这一问题※ 意为“以免,不然”如:Put the scissors away bee you get hurt.把剪刀收好,免得你被伤到学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法。

英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 圣诞节美丽的夜景 -- 00:1: 来源: christmas is a christian holiday held on december 5 which celebrates the birth of jesus christ. eastern orthodox churches, which use the julian calendar to determine feast days, celebrate on january 7 by the gregorian calendar. both dates are merely traditional and neither is thought to be the actual birthdate of jesus. christ's birth, or nativity, is said to fulfill old testament prophecies concerning the coming of a messiah, or savior.  the word christmas is derived middle english christemasse and from old english cristes m?sse.[1] it is a contraction meaning "christ's mass". the name of the holiday is often shortened to xmas because roman letter "x" resembles the greek letter χ (chi), an abbreviation christ (χριστ).  in western countries, christmas has become the most economically significant holiday of the year. the popularity of christmas can be traced in part to its status as a winter festival. many cultures have their most important holiday in winter because there is less agricultural work to do at this time. examples of winter festivals that are believed by some to have influenced christmas include the pre-christian festivals of yule and saturnalia.  in western culture, the holiday is characterized by the exchange of gifts among friends and family members, some of the gifts being attributed to santa claus (also known as father christmas, saint nicholas, and father frost). however, various local and regional christmas traditions are still practiced, despite the widesp influence of american, british and australian christmas motifs disseminated by film, popular literature, television, and other media.。

考研英语 考研英语阅读模拟题 -- :56: 来源: 阅读理解是考研英语考试中的重点部分,需要我们不断练习下面爱语吧为大家整理了考研阅读,希望可以为大家带来帮助!  Plowing through the New York Times on a recent Sunday, I in the Metro Section that infertile couples in the market smart-kid genes regularly place advertisements in the newspapers of their own Ivy League alma maters offering female undergraduates ,500 a donated egg. Bee I could get that news comtably digested, I came across an in the Magazine section describing SAT prep courses which parents spend thousands in the hope of raising their child’s test scores enough to make admission to an Ivy League college possible. So how can people who have found a potential egg donor at an Ivy League college tell whether the donor carries genuine smart-kid genes or just pushy-parents genes?  The donor herself may not even be aware that such a distinction exists. After years of expensive private schooling and math tutors and tennis camps and SAT prep courses and letters of recommendation from important family friends, she’s been told that, unlike beneficiaries of affirmative action, she got into an Ivy League college on pure merit.  Since it is probably safe to assume that people intent on securing high-priced Ivy League eggs are carrying some pushy-parents genes themselves, their joining ces with a donor who got into an Ivy League college by dint of her family’s willingness to k over grand to an SAT prep course could result in a child with somewhere between a dose and a half and doses of pushy-parents genes. Apparently the egg seekers aren’t troubled by the prospect of having their grandchildren raised by this sort of person.  If you have any doubts about whether the dosages I cite are based on a thorough grounding in genetics and statistics and advanced microbiology, rest assured that I attended an Ivy League college myself. That was in the days, I’ll admit, when any number of people were admitted to such institutions without having shown any evidence of carrying smart-kid genes even in trace elements. Somehow, m  most of these dimmer bulbs managed to graduate——every class needs a lower third in order to have an upper two-thirds——and somehow most of them are now millionaires on Wall Street.  One element many of them had going them in the admissions process was that they were identified as “legacies”——the offspring of alumni. In Ivy League colleges, alumni children are even now admitted at twice the rate of other applicants. that reason, egg seekers may not actually need genuine smart-kid genes their children: after all, an applicant whose mother and father and egg donor were all alumni could be considered a triple legacy.  But how about the college-admission prospects of the grandchildren? As methods are perfected of enhancing a college application through increasingly expensive services——one young man mentioned in the magazine had ,000 worth of SAT preparation——it might become more important to have a parent who’s a Wall Street millionaire than to have smart-kid genes. Maybe it would be prudent to add a sentence to those ads in college papers: “Preference given to respondents in the lower third of the class.”  注(1):本文选自Time;99, p;  注():本文习题命题模仿对象为:1、、3题模仿00年text 1-3题;、5题分别模仿1999年text1第题和text第题;  1. In the author‘s eyes, a female student from an Ivy League college is__________.  [A] an ideal egg donor  [B] not necessarily an intelligent person  [C] more influenced by her parents than by anything else  [D] more likely to carry smart-kid genes  . According to the author, what may chiefly be the reason the donor‘s admission in an  Ivy League college?  [A] her own merits  [B] the affirmative action  [C] her smart-kid genes  [D] her parents‘ efts  3. Which of the following is true according to the author?  [A] American parents would send their children into an Ivy League college at any cost  [B] Ivy Leaguecolleges used to admit students who showed no sign of intelligence  [C] alumni children stand a better chance to be admitted than other applicants  [D]egg-seekers care nothing about the pushy-parents genes  . The author‘s attitude towards the issue seems to be ____________.  [A] approving  [B] objective  [C] indifferent  [D] ironic  5. It could be inferred from the text that____________.  [A] wealth is more important than intelligence in application Ivy League colleges  [B] Ivy League colleges are increasingly expensive  [C] egg-seekers can get better genes from millionaires  [D] the prospects of college-admission are gloomy  :B D C D A。


技巧 考试 中高 选项。

名师点津:新阅读核心词汇分类汇总 -- ::0 来源:qnr  思考类动词总结Thinkassumeconceiveconcludeexpectdetermineholdjudgepresumereckonseesensesupposecomprehendconsiderdeduceinferdeliberateevaluateexaminemeditatemullmull overmuseponderrationalizereasonreflectresolveruminatespeculatestudyturn overweighcontemplateconvey  思考类名词总结(观点概念理论)Notionideaviewconceptperceptionperspectiveobservationexaminationwitnessjudgmentapproachhypothesisimpressionsuppositiontheorythoughtapprehensioncomprehensionrealizationconsiderationinterpretationunderstandingspeculationversionpictureinclinationideology  持类单词总结Supportmaintaininsistholdupholdagreeaccedeadmitconsentassentverifyrevel inglory inbelieve indictatecelebratevalue  反对类单词总结Contradictdeclinedisagreedisputedissentopposeprotestrefuseabandonneglectdisapprovecondemn  核心的;主要的;基本的;内在的essentialchiefcrucialcorefundamentalmainkeyinbornprincipalelementaryprimaryindispensablecentralvitalunderlyinginherentintrinsicinborn  重要的;显著的importantvaluablesubstantialbigconsiderablecriticalcrucialdecisiveearnestexceptionalmarkedmeaningfulmomentousparamountsalientsignificantweightyeminentinfluentialoutstandingdistinctiveesteemedgrandhonoredillustriousleadingmajesticnotablepowerfulprominentremarkablesolidsuperiorconspicuous  限制阻挠limitconfinecompressdecreaselessennarrowbarbindcapcheckconstraintcurbimpedeinhibitobstructrestrictcrampdiminishblockchokefrustratehamperhinderretardstallthrottlethwart 词汇 名师 词汇 核心 新。

--5 00:9: 来源:。